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  • Remake only. Jack and Hanpan describing "The Army of Vegetables' last stand", which is actually just describing how much of a Big Eater Cecilia is (She had ordered six plates of Chow Mein - one for Jack, one for Rudy, and four for her, and yes, she did eat it all).
  • ACF: Rudy is healed, and the first thing Jane does when she sees him is beat him up, then accuse him of only pretending to be in pain as he's hopping around on one foot in clear agony after Jane stomped on his other one.
    • Other than the initial example, Jane is involved in nearly every Funny Moment in the remake.
      • A good example is when the team returns from Fixing Rudy's arm and she sees them and waves. None of them react. Jane shouts louder and uses both arms. Jack sarcastically waves back. Jane runs up to them and tells them that the proper way to greet someone in such a matter is with a lot more enthusiasm.
      • When you first meet her in the Caging Tower, you're trapped and she extorts 5000 Gella to free shooting at the thing that was keeping you trapped. The game's observation?
    "You were ripped off!"
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  • Zed.
    "Juuuuummmp! Landed! Perfect!"
    (smashing through a wall) "Zeeeeeeeeeeeeddd!!"
    "Oooooooohh! Your insensitivity flies in the face of my sensitivity!"
    "Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate macho man!"

    Zed: (After losing a fight) I... think I left the stove on... probably. I should go check on it. (He puts his hand to his ear as if listening for it)...You escaped narrowly from death! You are powerless! With your strength, you cannot beat me! I decided! I will suspend your execution with mercy! Usually, I am not so lenient. Because of that, let's cherish today. You are free to go!
    (He walks off casually, even waves goodbye)
    Hanpan: He's more of a dishonest lawyer than a judge...
    Jack: Has he no shame? I really don't like him...
    Cecilia: I wonder if his stove was on...?
    (Jack sighs)

    Zed: (Showing off his One-Winged Angel form) Mmoooonssstter Zed!
    Jack: What happened to your sword?
    Zed: What?! I pull off this grand transformation and that's what you're worried about?!
    Cecilia: Looks more like a robot than a monster...
    And then he proceeds to kick your ass.

  • When you first arrive at Saint Centaur, we get a cutscene of the team walking through the entrance... when they are smacked backwards by the town's barrier. A townsman claims it was probably Hanpan's fault, at which he takes offense.
    • In Saint Centaur, you can talk to a woman who recounts her experience of being spirited away.
    "...It was Monday, Ladies' Night. I figured I'd go to the bar and get some free drinks. The next thing I know, it's Wednesday, Wet T-shirt Night..."
  • Jack's weird obsession with how long his legs are. In fact, it became his trait for The Cameo in 5.
  • "Fast Draw? More like fat draw!"
  • Berserk's plan to power up and defeat you without a problem backfires thanks to Calamity Jane, who saw the devices he's using for the power up light up and immediately started shooting.
  • Captain Bartholomew trying to bluff to Drake that Cecilia is his bride to be. In the original version, Drake's followers have to be dragged away because of how hard they're laughing.


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