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Funny / Wild and Crazy Kids

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  • On the first "Battle of the Sexes" episode, one of the challenges involved finding little baseball bats in giant haystacks. Omar talks to a kid on the boys' team:
    Omar: Do you think you'll be able to make it out of there alive?
    Boy: No.
  • The entirety of what was supposed to be the "Kids vs. Counselors" pie fight.
  • One early episode featured a kids vs. moms basketball contest. Each contestant was introduced with a stat screen with info as age, height, weight, etc. One of the moms put her age as "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" and her weight as "DEFINITELY NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS".
  • Brian Seeman's game of Simon Says
  • The opening teaser of one episode has the three hosts each throw a fruit at a trampoline and it bounce back at them as a tray of fruit salad. In the closing skit, Jessica has a water balloon and Omar has a melon and plan to throw it at the trampoline. Donny figures out too late that it bounce back as a watermelon, causing the hosts to run away before it hits them.