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  • Some of the descriptions for the I Points in Island Flyover are hilarious
    Crab Rock: Tourists ask why it is called Crab Rock. Locals only shrug.
    (In one hard to reach spot): Stop reading this and focus on trying not to crash!
    Camel Rock: Maybe they should change the name to "Not-Quite-A-Camel Rock"?
    Lava Monument: It's so hot in here! You could bake a pizza on these rocks...
    Mysterious Ruins: A pit was discovered in the ruins, but everyone is too scared to explore it!
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  • Just like in the original Wii Sports, if you throw the ball backwards in Bowling, the Miis behind you will jump and spin in the air.
  • Frisbee Dog giving the player a Disapproving Look if they miss so many times in a row.
  • Killing stronger mooks unintentionally in Swordplay Showdown, via hitting them when you're fighting another mook.
    • Bonus points if you kill the final boss this way.

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