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There have been so many funny moments in Whose Line Is It Anyway? that we had to separate the pages. Separated even more due to hilarity in the United States version itself. Here's the page for the series hosted by Aisha Tyler as shown on The CW.

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    In General 
  • The end credits reading of the Sheryl Underwood episode has Wayne and Jeff giving Colin and Ryan lap dances, whereupon Aisha joins in by pulling a "make it rain" maneuver with her cards. Which breaks Wayne's corpsing meter and leaves him laughing uncontrollably.
  • "I'm sorry, was that Bitch-Coin?"
  • In the first episode of season 3, Aisha began the show by saying, "Yes, I'm still alive."
  • In the second episode of season 3, after a game Aisha and the contestants got into a semantics debate about Adelaide Kane's name, and Jeff said, "Drew never got angry like this."
  • Pretty much everything involving Jaime Camil, who came prepared with hamtastic delivery and authentic Spanish.
    • "Living Scenery" had Colin and Ryan as two paramedics, which leads to Colin taking the victim (Wayne)'s temperature with a rectal thermometer (Jaime).
      • Right before that, Jaime as the oxygen mask involves putting his hand over Wayne's mouth and nearly putting a finger in his eye. Wayne briefly goes into Sammy Davis Jr. mode after that.
  • Speaking of which... here's the bloopers for the tenth season
  • Ryan's been upping his game where messing with the Title Sequence is concerned - in season 5, one episode starts with him leaning across of Colin when it should be Colin's name being read, then vice versa; another one has Ryan photobombing the other three guys' closeups, then deliberately staying out of frame when the camera moves to him. Cut to the camera on just the empty chair.

    Awards Show 

    Dating Profiles 
  • Colin, imitating a ventriloquist: "If you don't mind a guy with another guy... up his ass...". Cue Corpsing.
    • Wayne: "I don't have any pictures of myself, but I have plenty of you." (perfect rape face expression)
  • Keegan.
    (With creeper face on) "So how big are your hips?... Holy crap I creeped myself out!"

    Dead Bodies 
  • They wait till the third revival season to bring back this one, with special guest Kathie Lee Gifford for some reason. It's only a bad thing because Colin's clearly been out of practice, or maybe it's Kathie making things very difficult for him by going completely limp in all the most awkward ways you could possibly think of, times two. Doubles as Moment of Awesome for Kathie's surprising dedication to the whole thing.
  • Colin trying to carry Nina Agdal and Heather Anne in a "Cat Fight". Either the best job in the world, or the worst.
    Colin-as-Nina: I've got nails by Chanel!
    • Even before the actual game started, there's something the mikes unfortunately couldn't pick up, as Colin somehow gave Ryan a crick in the neck before he could get a word out.
    Colin-as-Ryan: I'm not really a teenager! I'm actually a mature student! [...] My last erection broke my hip!

    Doo Wop 
  • The song retains its context from the Drew version: a song about a lady who died doing a mundane activity. The first time Aisha pulls the game out, the crowd immediately suggests Lana for the lady's name. Aisha was not pleased.
  • One playing went from an exterminator accident to a lament about Zayn leaving One Direction.
    Colin: Oh Jessica, you were my habit/We made love like two little horny rabbits/But now you're dead, I've lost my erection/I haven't felt this bad since that guy left One Direction!
    Wayne: Oh Jessica, you're dead, and I'm so insane/Now you're gone...
    All three: ...but so is Zayne!

    Dubbing/Scene with Audience Member 
  • A Dubbing with Audience Member game based on The Walking Dead, which gets out of control when Wayne is "turned" and special guest Lauren Cohan resorts to kicking him out of frame. What follows is Wayne doing a girly shamble off the stage. This gets turned into an episode-length Running Gag along the lines of "Meow!" and "Africa is a country" from the old show—in a later game, where Cohan is a bird, Ryan warns Colin, "Watch out, that one looks like it could kick!" (in the context of a stray dog that may bite)
  • Kyle Richards of "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" surprisingly got one when she was a guest; on top of hamming it up (which is to be expected with Colin doing the dubbing), Colin then seemingly threw her a curveball by telling fashionista Wayne that he can't do the splits, "like this". Cue Kyle doing a perfect split, leaving the audience (and cast) in shock. Wayne then tries to do a split doesn't work.
  • The one with Darren Criss. Colin nearly crosses another line when he refers to Wayne as "Ro-Bro-cop".
  • The one with Mircea Monroe. She's supposed to turn into a werewolf, but from the looks of it, she's got no idea what that should be like, and from the sound of it, neither does Colin. Then it Crosses the Line Twice when Wayne joins in her pseudo-epileptic fit.
  • The one with Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice. Mel's undergoing therapy to boost her confidence in approaching men, implausible as it sounds, and then Wayne enters:
    Colin-as-Mel: I have all this confidence now... I'll start with him! I'll start small!"
    Wayne: (Death Glare at Colin)
  • The one with Jaime Camil cranked the hammometer straight into red, with Jaime auditioning for a "Latino boy band" and going a little overboard with the dancing.
    Wayne: It's ok, I don't need the job that bad...
    Jeff: He made Ricky Martin look lazy.
  • The one with Scott Porter, where Colin not only brings back picking Ryan's nose, but goads Scott into yanking Ryan's nose. Ryan responds by putting both his arms around Scott and flipping the double bird at Colin.
    • Before that, we see what happens when decades of repression take their toll:
    Wayne: Why am I a woman in every scene...
  • The one with Heather Morris is just chock full of this - even before it starts, where Ryan misheard "hunky gym coach" as "honky gym coach", which Wayne pounced on; Ryan somehow mispronouncing "Sheila" into "Shaneela" after he made up that name himself, which Wayne also pounced on; the very rare sighting of Ryan corpsing on stage; and finally Wayne faking a groin injury, leading Ryan to yell "you pulled your vagina!"
  • The one with NFL player Vernon Davis, who scores major points by matching Colin's Evil Laugh even after it became an Overly Long Gag.
  • The one with Tony Cavalero. Colin as his voice goading Ryan to "be one with the guitar" somehow leads to Tony molesting Ryan.
    Ryan: I think I'm pretty in tune, thank you!
    • Then an otherwise epic jam session involving all the guys and Laura Hall and Linda Taylor leads to a rare genuine fuckup from Ryan, when Colin-as-Tony yells at him to stop playing, and Ryan forgets himself and thinks it's meant to be Colin yelling at him. Colin has to wordlessly point him back on track before the buzzer goes off.
  • They shake up the formula a bit in 2019, finally putting Ryan in the voiceover role - at least if you forgot that the old Sound Effects already did that:
    • The game with special guest Tinashe proves hamtastic already, and Ryan manages to goad her into dancing - whereupon she drops into a split that gives everyone a jump.
      Ryan: (as Tinashe finishes with a ta-dah) Is THIS your watch?!
      Jeff: I pulled a groin just watching you do that...
      • Jeff then ramps it up by getting Wayne and Tinashe to perform what he called a pas de deux (which apparently confuses Wayne just from the pronunciation), which actually leads to Tinashe trying to lift Wayne Dirty Dancing style. Naturally it fails, leading to Ryan-as-Tinashe yelling "I pulled my vagina!" Complete with Tinashe acting like it's an actual groin strain before she notices Jeff, Wayne and Colin in the back in full Face Palm. And then THIS becomes the Running Gag of the week.
    • Guest Elizabeth Gillies proves that her Nickelodeon acting days aren't that far behind her, as Ryan keeps ending up in a shouting contest against Colin and Liz manages to follow along perfectly - then she's in a position where she has to yell over Wayne as her ex "Ronaldo", resulting in her just hopping up and down with Ryan loudly chanting "RONALDO! RONALDO! RONALDO!..."
      "Ronaldo": If you won't tell him, I will...
      Ryan-as-Liz: ...Ronaldo and I slept together 3 years ago.
      "Ronaldo:" Yes. And again 2 years ago.
      Ryan-as-Liz: That's the part I didn't want to tell him!...
      "Ronaldo:" And again 1 year ago... then six months ago... then...
      Colin: Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!
  • With Robbie Amell as an army soldier in basic training, they carry on a running gag of counting to 5 from his "Song Styles" where he couldn't remember how many One Direction members there werenote ).
    Ryan: How many years have you been in the army son?
    Colin-as-Robbie: 5 years sir.
    Ryan: 5 years?
    Colin-as-Robbie: Yup...1, 2, 3, 4, 5.[[Robbie starts cracking up as the audience goes into laughter and applause]]
    Ryan: Is there something funny about the US Army to you sir?
    Colin-as-Robbie: Absolutely not sir, it's just the number five makes me laugh.

    Film Dub 
  • In a scene where Ryan and his date Johnathon come home to see Ryan's wife waiting for him, Colin describes her love for pizza.
  • They get their hands on a REALLY old Japanese monster movie for this one.
    • Colin as the monster comes up with the rather mundane motive of getting skin cream (and maybe a manicure), leading to Wayne lending his voice to the classic superhero, Exfoliator Man. Complete with Mighty Mouse-style call!
    • And then Jeff as the guy dialing for American takeout winds up getting the Exfoliator Man hotline!
  • A hospital scene has Ryan as the guy leaning awfully close to a Bandage Mummy, which Ryan interprets as the guy feeling him up, which corresponds beautifully with the patient's death throes!
    Gary: He's gonna need a complete crotchectomy after that one.
    (after the scene ended)
    Wayne: They do it on Grey's Anatomy all the time.
    Colin: He's not happy about it though.
  • This one involves a slightly more recent Japanese movie - Ryan immediately gets his references cross-wired with a Hong Kong Dub voice, but Colin steals the show with a fantastic "WHO ORDERED PEPPERONI?!?"
    Colin: I'm sorry I was late, an ox was overturned on the 405 - Why do you have this lady tied up?
    (the samurai pulls the gag off the captive lady)
    Heather Anne: OMG, hey...
    Colin: Oh, now I understand.


    Greatest Hits 
  • "My Husband's Home" may be the finest example of Lyrical Dissonance to date, not to mention one of Wayne's best yet.
  • Colin: "We'll be back to the porn medical drama, Fifty Shades Of Grey's Anatomy in just a second..."
  • Wayne and Jeff as Kanye West and Neil Diamond debuting their duet: "I Pulled Down Sally's Pigtails." As soon as Colin announces the artists, the camera cuts to Wayne and Jeff doing rock-paper-scissors over the roles.
  • Wayne and Jeff's German Metal Song, "Kelp!"
  • Wayne as Amy Winehouse and Jeff as Christopher Walken doing a duet.
  • From the third revival season, Songs of New Orleans:
    Ryan: Irish rock, a music style and also one of the lesser-known wrestlers in the WWE circuit...
    (cut to Wayne corpsing)
  • One of the styles that Ryan and Colin suggest for "Songs of the Hospital" was K-pop. K-pop with Johnny Cash !
  • Witness ye the awe and splendor of Ryan fucking with Colin in the most epic way possible.
  • Sometimes it happens before the actual game starts.
    Aisha: Ryan and Colin are (loud badump as Colin's seat topples, Ryan looks exasperated) two television voiceover personnel who are extraordinarily clumsy.
  • One season 5 game has Aisha calling for suggestions for "someone who would rescue you", which starts sounding more awkward when she takes in too many ideas at once and just calls out "coast guard sailor guy", which Ryan and Colin immediately milk for all it's worth.
    Wayne: (singing) I don't want to raise a fuss, want to raise a racket, What some people will do for a lifejacket, ah aahh!
  • "Songs of the Water Park" started on an unusual note:
    Colin: ...But first have we got something for you!
    Ryan: (massive hissyfit) I got fired from the record company today, I'm just here to support my friend. (*Beat* as audience reacts and Aisha just cackles out loud)
    Colin: (to Ryan) Yknow, you can at least put a happy face on it...
    Ryan: NO.
    Colin: Alright. (back to audience) But we have so many great songs about the waterslide. Yknow, the first waterslide was invented in 1939...
    (Ryan gets up and leaves)
    Colin: He'll be back, he just needs a little time. Anyway, when the water park came out it was of course... first... first joined... with a...
    Ryan: (re-entering the frame) Well you really need me here don't you?! (sits) (smug) He can't talk without me.
    Colin: (smugger) I can work you like a yoyo.
  • They do the Bollywood thing with Jonathan alongside Wayne again in season 5, and for some reason the dance number still leads to Jon's face in Wayne's groin, but this time they just keep rolling with it - the song title is "Don't Peek at your Presents", and conveniently ends with Jon and Wayne both miming holding the same boxed present, or should we say, Wayne's package.
  • Four words: Whose Line Meets Hamilton. "I am not giving away my carbs!"
    Colin: Y'know, one of the happy stories of recent times has been the success of Hamilton on Broadway. I mean, it was a risky venture, especially with the colossal failure of Coolidge.
    Ryan: Quite a skater.
    Colin: It's not Scott Hamilton.
    • Since Jonathan is one of the performers:
    Jonathan: Look at my skin, oops, I've been miscast!
  • They deliberately shake up the formula in the 6th revival season with Ryan joining Wayne for the singing. We're really not kidding. And Colin and Greg deliberately screw him over with suggesting reggae style - whereupon Ryan manages to find his groove just by going "Oh yah!" at the appropriate moments.
  • "Songs of the Gym" turns unnecessarily dark, with a song about getting a hernia from weightlifting to one about getting a stroke on the treadmill!
  • From the 2020 season, "Songs of the Firefighter" leads to another historic moment not seen since the old US series, when Laura's music equipment suddenly konks out and both Wayne and Gary just go stock still, while Ryan claims that the song is on an 8-track and it'll pick up eventually. *Beat* before the music, Wayne and Gary are Un-Paused and go on to finish properly.


    Helping Hands 
  • The ep with just Keegan Michael Key may mark a first for the series, as Ryan finds himself spitting up something the moment it hits.
    "I wasn't actually expecting it to be real tequila! Wow!"
  • The one with Wilson Bethel. Despite just playing the barman on his own show, Wilson paid enough attention to the medical bits to do a very good game (aside from a wildly off the mark blood pressure reading, when he even had the numbers backwards,) even combining both aspects as he takes a swig of the prop urine sample like it was a shotglass.
    Ryan: "I am awaiting your diagnosis..."
    Wilson: "He's been smoking weed, sir."
    • Then later, Ryan (who's playing the doctor) attempts to taste some cough syrup, Colin dumps half the bottle down his throat, and he's visibly affected by it.
    Ryan: "Hm, I detect alcohol. Whoo, no wonder little Jimmy ain't coughing."
  • The entire scene with Michael Weatherly where he's been hauled over by Ryan who play as a Customs officer for showing a suspicious Chinese passport.
  • The scene with Rob Gronkowski:
    • Ryan tosses aside a chicken breast. Gronk: "I only eat other kinds of breasts." Later...
    • Ryan's "explanation" of electrolytes.
    • This exchange.
    Ryan: "Why don't you take 10 dollars from that $30 million and, I don't know, BUY A BOOK?"
  • Padme Lakshmi from Top Chef, not only for catching Ryan off guard by speaking more authentic French than him, but messing up his face even more after one of Colin's feeding sessions.
    (Colin holding a waffle full of custard and strawberries) "It's gonna be like a Hispanic tart, with my special pudding (sotto voice) You're gonna make-a me eat that. (normal voice) Okay..."
    • Colin's awkward handling of the icing bag.
    Ryan: "I have a similar problem. The prostate..."
  • The one with Kathie Lee Gifford. Not just for Kathie playing along perfectly, but for going the extra mile and taking what Colin normally fed to Ryan to feed Brad and Wayne in the back.
    • This moment before that:
    Ryan: The butter has to be warm... I have a special way of warming the butter... (Colin lowers the food down to groin level) NOO!! (Colin stops)
  • The one with Penn & Teller. Ryan is performing magic tricks for them. The duo decide to steal the show by pulling out colorful cloths from one of the eclairs. Ryan is so awestruck that he wanted them to teach him how to do it. Penn then handcuffs him then the two walk offstage and out of the studio, leaving Ryan and Colin stuck like that.
  • During the Italian Mafia gangsters one:
    Ryan: (to Aisha) When are we buzzin' this shit out?
  • Wil Wheaton's Genre Savvy comes to the forefront in one of the most epic games to date (ignoring the Fridge Logic of wearing your police uniforms on a stakeout):
    • Ryan realises that the megaphone on the table is loaded with batteries and working - then proceeds to croon Frank Sinatra-style into it.
    • Ryan accidentally brings up "negotiating with the hostages" instead of the perps, prompting Wil to pull a Stop, or I Shoot Myself! act, well enough that Ryan has to coax him out of it, all while Colin apparently randomly takes a banana from the table and starts peeling it. The moment Wil puts the gun down, Colin flings the banana and nails him.
    • Colin grans a sandwich from the table and Ryan gets the idea to share it with Wil, and both men realise that whatever's in the sandwich has gone off. Wil actually throws it to the floor and shoots at it furiously, while Ryan and Colin coordinate beautifully as Ryan spits it all out into the buns held open by Colin.
    Ryan: I'm gonna keep that for when I file my lawsuit!
    • The only really glaring flub is the cans of beer in an evidence bag, but leads to the guys ending the act with an almost literal bang as Wil goads Ryan into doing a fist-thumping cheer while holding said beer, and then cracking them open all over Ryan. Even Wayne and Gary in the back have to back off!
  • The one with Ralph Macchio is naturally a The Karate Kid tribute, with all the guys wearing authentic-looking gi and Ryan even getting a familiar-looking headband - but it's Helping Hands so naturally there's food and drink on the table. Colin gets the idea to hand one of the Japanese beers to Ralph, who clearly approves of the imported stuff... and then he lets out a massive burp.
  • The first game of 2019 leads to a first for the show, as Special Guest Chris Harwick gets to be a football jock, and one of the food props on the table happens to be a football-shaped custom cake. Ryan goads Chris into taking it and throwing it at him. And he does. The loud thump as the cake is obliterated seals the deal.
  • The first game of 2020 sees the producers go a little further than usual, with a framed photo of Colin as "Employee of the Month" rather than Ryan on the table, which Ryan points out by saying "I used to look like that, until I had a lot of work done!" Colin proceeds to make him pay for that, with a mouthful of whipped cream, two cake pops, even more whipped cream, a blueberry muffin...

  • It's fairly clear that the only reason they were able to get a Hoedown round into the new show was because Ryan was out sick for a couple of episodes. He hates the game that much.
    • Funnier yet, the audience roars at the news there is going to be a Hoedown.
    • And even when Aisha calls down the cast for the Hoedown, Colin visibly grimaces, since it's the one game that requires so much effort on his part not to screw up it really terrifies him.
  • They finally did a Hoedown in an ep with Ryan.
    "When he's eating cheese, it makes him really sick/and with that last remark, Colin, you can *bleep*bleep*bleep*" (suck my dick)
    • Hilarious in Hindsight- Ryan hated being the last man in "Hoedown" because he had to bring it on home and often felt he had to top everyone else's lyrics. For the first time, he's not the last guy in the lineup - that duty falls on Brad Sherwood's shoulders.
      • In the third season, Ryan returns to the fourth position for the first time in the new series, and it is glorious.
    "You're a beautiful woman, can I help you ma'am? May I just say a pork roast or maybe even ham, oh I've got everything, try some of my meat, my meatballs are gigantic and my sausage is real sweet!"
  • The first hoedown of season 5 makes history again, with the flubs being funnier than the actual punchline:
    Colin: I should've been thinking while you were singing...
    (Ryan's turn later)
    Ryan: I can see your bathroom, how it's really taken a toll / I can see your big, fat ass is stuck in that bowl
    I'll spread your ass with butter, and pop you like a cork / And (goes into an utter meltdown)
    Wayne: I wanna see where this is going!
  • In the episode with Chip as special guest, he joins the group for a hoedown in place of Colin, and...:
    Colin: Make 'em do a whole BUNCH of 'em!
    • In a later episode from the same taping, Jeff in the final slot goes into this deliberately gruff voice that had Ryan going into a full meltdown:
    My name is Captain Sully, I landed in the water / I cannot fly a plane, like I know I oughta
    I didn't get no kudos, I didn't get no thanks / But I don't give a hooey, I'm being played by Tom Hanks!
  • Ryan's disastrous attempt at a marriage hoedown verse, which even got the usually unflappable Colin to start Corpsing, as well as Laura Hall.
    ''I'm getting married, and she's a little messy/ At times she reminds me of a very young Joe Pesci//
    • And then again:
    ''I am getting married, and her name is Rhoda/ At times she reminds of a very young Abe Vigoda//
    Colin: Even Yoda would have been more appealing.
    Wayne: Google search engine is in overdrive right now.
  • The Astronaut Hoedown quickly gained steam for being one of the best in the show, thanks in no small part to some clever editing that allowed the home audience the chance to see Ryan steal Brad's rhyme twice, for a grand total of six aired verses. The second time around, we even get the privilege of seeing Brad's fingers turn blurry all over again!
    • Brad revealed on Twitter that Ryan actually stole his rhyme a grand total of four times, which is why he freaked out.
    • Brad actually makes up an entire verse while stalling to think of a real one.
      Brad: This really is difficult, it is such a crime / I'll come up with a good verse, but Ryan stole my fucking rhyme / So I'm just gonna stall some time and think of something else / You all just sit there clapping, playing with yourself!

    Hollywood Director 
  • The first new game with Keegan-Michael Key:
    • Just the fact that Wayne's idea of a 'bitchy fashionista' involved dancing around in the most pretentious fashion possible.
    • Keegan going into Jerry Springer mode far too easily.
  • In one scene, Colin instructs Wayne, Ryan, and Nyima Funk to play a Batman scene as high-energy game show hosts. Naturally, Wayne pulls an Actor Allusion to his gig hosting Let's Make a Deal before Colin gets the chance to cut the scene. Ryan hints to Colin about Wayne being on that show, but Colin gets the last laugh, slamming Wayne by saying "You're great on the show, especially since you lost all the weight." Needless to say, Wayne got crushed by this remark, getting his mutters bleeped, and the crowd was rejoicing at how they finally got a Drew Carey joke.
  • In the second season, one game has Colin simply telling them to "do as many impressions as you can". Wayne gets upstaged once again as Keegan-Michael Key steals his Bill Cosby act.
  • The Ryan-less episode has Greg and Jeff as airline pilots, when Wayne as the panicking passenger attacked by snakes enters the cabin. Wayne gets the idea to act as if the snakes are in his pants, resulting in a brief moment when Greg and Jeff really go for Wayne's pants when Colin yells 'cut'.
  • The one where Wayne ends up doing both his hillbilly and Blaxploitation acts.
    "You mean 'Appalachian brothers' or 'Appalachian brutha'?"
    • In the same game, Ryan did a duck call as John Wayne.
  • Ryan upgrades his "schlingdong" for the Notre Dame one. Then Wayne comes in with an exaggerated "donnggg...", leading to:
    • Which leads to Ryan and Wayne giggling like immature kids while Colin is apparently torn between mock disapproval and corpsing, forgetting the 'crap' jokes for the first time in a long time.
  • Heather Anne Campbell brought her A-game in her first second-season appearance - playing the "flirty housewife" role fairly straight, she caught everyone by surprise with her "possessed" act and "easily panicked" bit. There's also a rare cop-out from Wayne, who "panicked" so much he suffered a "stroke".
    • Even the intro before that has its moments.
    Aisha: "...flirty housewife Heather - hellooo [...] when hunky attendant Ryan, heh heh...
    (Ryan gives her a look)
    Aisha: "...when suddenly Heather's jealous and elderly husband Wayne... which explains the hair..."
    (Wayne joins in the cheesy laughter before giving her a Death Glare)
  • One game has Ryan and Jonathan as explorers in a cave where they find Wayne as a frozen Neanderthal, whereupon Wayne walks right into the scene and winds up bumping into Jon, who decides to hand wave it by saying "it's dark in here!" Wayne gives him a "son, you DID NOT JUST" look you may never see again.
    Wayne: (thawing out) Uuhhhnuuurh... uurrrrghuuurgh... bastard!
  • After one game, Aisha discusses watching other CW shows, and mentions that she has thirteen episodes of The Vampire Diaries to watch that night because she loves watching teenagers take their clothes off.
  • The one in the Jaime Camil episode was set in a pizza place, but somehow Ryan making a joke about a "yeast infection" rubs the audience the wrong way.
    Colin: Do it in the style of Sci-Fi. (*Beat*) Try not to offend too many people!
  • The first new game of season 4 bats it out of the park with Colin's suggestion of "just do impressions". Gary Anthony Williams delivers an unexpectedly accurate Matthew McConaughey, Ryan just taps into Jeff's moveset as Keanu Reeves, while Wayne is Gollum, which is rather appropriate with the Demonic Possession theme.
  • Jonathan Mangum goes above and beyond (and below, kinda) in season 4 when the style is "Chippendale dancers", leading to good ol' Jon getting out of his pants for a gag.
    Aisha: 3,500 points to Jonathan... for pulling a Neil Patrick Harris...
    Ryan: I almost pulled my Neil Patrick Harris!
  • They do something different for the 5th season - for the first time in history Colin is no longer the director. Presumably they're hoping to milk the Colin-Ryan dynamic a little more by making Gary Anthony Williams the director, who proceeds to do the whole thing in a more or less French accent. That's just the beginning.
  • Following the above, another episode has Heather Anne Campbell get the director role:
    • The scene specifically states "frolicking in the hot tub", which is interpreted by Colin and Ryan as just hopping around and giggling ad nauseum. Until...
    Colin: Look, all the water's drained out...
    Ryan: It's me! I'm retaining all the water!
    • The style is "Vegas performers", leading to Colin and Ryan doing Cirque du Soleil in the hot tub, which eventually morphs into synchronised swimming. Which makes perfect sense, though. Wayne just falls back on his Elvis impersonation, until Ryan says it's "Engelbert Humperdinck!". Cue Wayne corpsing too much to go on.
    • When they do it in cabaret style, it starts off deliberately slow until Wayne comes in, and starts getting Colin and Ryan to do that thing where every person grabs the long beer glass with one fist until they reach the top, and the last hand on it has to finish the whole glass... except that this is the part where they chose to speed it up, and all three men grabbing repeatedly and Colin's face make it look like something else.
  • As if sensing that they've used the "porn" or "horny as hell" suggestion too many times, one new-footage session of season 5 starts out by careening Off the Rails as Jonathan simply lunges over the desk and grabs Aisha, while Ryan simply grabs Colin (who's supposed to be the director!) from behind. Wayne is left corpsing too much to do anything... apart from helping Jon off that desk later.
  • In the ongoing vein of shaking up the formula, season 6 has Greg Proops in the director role for once. Overall a perfect fit, without having to bother with his Woody Allen impression (cos Woody really is a director):
    Greg: I'm reminded of Shakespeare - Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No, because a summer's day is not made of CRAP!
    Colin: Wow, I miss our old director. (massive audience laughter)
    Greg: Yes, he had to retire now because he was so old. (different audience reaction) Walk it off, biatches.

  • The first new Infomercial game, with the predetermined suggestion of "picking up girls" instead of some skin problem, treats us to a barrage of them. It must be seen to be believed.
    • "On the first date it's really hard to get..." and Ryan produces a toy animal head that can only be a beaver. Then Colin claims it's a 'crack-the-ice beaver', re. 'breaking the ice', leading to Ryan calling it a "crackhead beaver".
    • Ryan clearly trying to goad Colin into corpsing with his reactions to the cartoony pointer.
    Ryan: "Wet it first! Lick it!"
    Colin: (*Beat*) "We're helping them."
    • Ryan and Colin in bling. Gangsta rapping.
  • They wait till season 4 to bring this one back, and it leads to something of a Running Gag when Ryan gets his hands on those sticky gel "strapless" bra cups you might see on an actual home shopping show.
    Ryan: (holding both cups out in front of him) There's a procedure that men like to do, new-wave men, called the Ecuadorian. It's like a Brazilian but it's further down. [*Beat*] I'll let you imagine what that's like.
    • The fun doesn't stop after the buzzer, as Ryan deliberately brings one back to his chair to play with it a bit - first flinging it at the wall, where it sticks, then into the audience.
    Colin: Great catch!

    Irish Drinking Song 

    Let's Make a Date 
  • Colin is a love robot that recharges himself by kissing other people. In true Whose Line fashion, a lot of Ho Yay ensues.
  • Ryan as a moose attempting to mate bellowing from offstage and ultimately humping the camera at length.
  • The first one with Keegan Michael Key:
    • Colin is "all of Ryan and Wayne's previous flings", so naturally he breaks out his woman act for Wayne - then for Ryan, he's first an Abhorrent Admirer, then a sheep.
    Keegan: Wayne is a fashion photographer who photographs... (cautious tones) vegetables?... (normal voice) Colin is a teacher... with multiple persona- wait a minute who the hell are you Colin?!... think Ryan was a dragonfly who's a kleptomaniac?
    Wayne: Specifically good.
    Aisha: No.
    Keegan: You know what I think Ryan was? - Ryan was an angry talking bee who thinks people's possessions are pollen to be... he takes them to the queen...
    (Ryan acts all shocked without really bothering to hide the card he was showing Keegan)
    • "A thousand points to Keegan for being psychic, and a thousand points to Ryan for helping Keegan be psychic."
  • Wayne as a Thai beauty spa staff specialized (or should we say fixated) in waxing:
    "True love should be smooth! Like this! (touching Colin's head) With a little love on the sides, and smoooth all the way down!" (already corpsing)
    • And later we have Wayne popping up from under the desk for the first time since Drew.
  • From the Scott Porter episode, we have Colin as a "toddler still putting things in his mouth", which somehow leads up to breastfeeding from Aisha.
    Wayne: (writing) "Dear Aisha's Husband, You really need to come to a taping. Love, Wayne."
    Aisha: "Dear Wayne, Sorry but I can't look at this *bleep* no mo'. That bitch is all yours."
    Wayne: "Dear Aisha's Husband, (miming large letters) Thank you."
  • Brad nailing three guesses in a row has sadly overshadowed the actual game, particularly the ending with Ryan as a gazelle being hunted, apparently getting shot and falling backstage; Colin, a frantic castaway driven mad by hunger and lust, spotting Ryan and going at him, also backstage; Wayne as "RoboCop gone bad" getting off his seat to join them, and finally Brad just going "what the hell" and joining all of them back there. Any context had already left the building by that time.
  • From the ep with Kaitlin Doubleday, Colin as The Incredible Hulk may seem like a rehashed idea, mugging the camera or none - then Colin suddenly runs over to Aisha, hefts her onto his shoulder and runs all the way around the other guys, giving Ryan and Jonathan a genuine shock. Aisha's frazzled expression at the end is a thing of beauty.
  • The fifth revival season is off to another rocktastic start:
    • Wayne as a "horny werewolf", which he not only takes into the audience but brings back repeatedly during the rest of the episode.
    "I'm sorry, it only happens when I see the moo-" (freezes when he sees Colin's head, while Colin sports the most beautiful peed-off expression in history)
    • Colin noticeably corpsing when he realises he is now Tongue Man, the world's most useless superhero.
    • Ryan not only steals the show but part of the audience as a worker ant rallying his colony behind him.
  • The one from the episode with Chip Esten's surprise return easily counts as Awesome as well, for showing how Wayne, Colin and Ryan have gotten the interconnecting of their unrelated acts down to a fine art:
    • First off, Wayne as an "amorous TSA agent", who's basically molesting Colin the whole time...
    • Colin is a "doctor covered in velcro that keeps sticking to his patients", who naturally starts pawing at Ryan, admittedly not that unexpected... then Wayne goes right up behind him, possibly the worst time to get stuck to someone, ever.
    • Finally, Ryan as "the life cycle of a bald eagle", which starts out as hatching from the egg, then ends with Ryan having to birth the next generation by shoving Colin's head down and "nesting" it perfectly under his ass. And Colin can't just go away cos his "velcro" is sticking him there. And then Wayne goes up behind him...
  • Wayne is an "all-action lifeguard" who deliberately goes into the audience to pull a tubby guy from his seat and then drag him across the waxed floor in front of the stage before "giving CPR" - and doing chest compressions on the guy's belly instead, before rubbing his face on the guy's belly for no reason.
  • Ryan as a "chimp being launched into space", mostly for the moment when he makes frightened chimp screams when the shuttle takes off.

    Living Scenery 
  • Colin spending far too long with Kat Graham's leg wrapped around him. Unfortunate Implications ahoy!
  • The episode with the synchronized swimmers was especially great to see how awkward it made Ryan and Colin, due to the fact the swimmers were in their swimsuits. Colin mostly resorted to making some funny straight-faced double entendres (which he's usually not good at) instead of using them as props in awkward ways.
  • The episode where Verne Troyer was the special guest.
  • The one with Misha Collins. Wayne gets the idea to act as a famous fountain in Las Vegas by sipping and spitting water from his glass... and then Brad hands him the whole pitcher.
  • Colin sticking Scary Spice into Wayne's ass. That is all.
    • Ryan pointing out that Mel and Wayne are a "totem pole", whereupon Wayne just remains still and Mel, already on the ground, gets the idea to do a Leg Cling on Wayne. Cue Wayne's "thank you Lord" reaction.
  • The first new game of season 4, where special guest Alfonso Riberio is somehow overshadowed by the sheer amount of abuse Wayne goes through, from Ryan spending an inordinate amount of time in Wayne's "valley", to a twisted take on Laser-Guided Karma when Ryan fits his ass perfectly over Wayne's head.
  • The one with Lolo Jones, which veers into Cringe Comedy when Colin, trying to carry her around himself like a towel, fucks up big time and drops her. On Wayne. Who's not as miffed as you'd expect...
    Ryan: You killed your towel!
    (Wayne has both arms around her, trying to ease her shock a little too willingly)
    Colin: I just wanted the avalanche to have some fun! (Wayne shakes hands with Colin)
    (buzzer, scene ends, then...)
    Ryan: I love how the audience thought she might get hurt from that, and she's a bobsledder.
    Aisha: And on the news, "Olympic medalist Lolo Jones was injured tonight doing a little clown show, and is unable to compete..."
    Ryan: Won't it affect our chances of getting a medal...
    Colin: I'm Canadian! (feigning innocence)
  • They try out something different with three living props, Wayne alongside the Bella twins from WWE, while Colin and Ryan commendably stick to a sort of northern European accent the whole time.
    • Ryan is "stuck" under some snowfall comprised of both Bella twins, and demands that Colin "save himself", but Colin drags him away.
    • They enter a "chalet" and Colin has both Bella twins on one side, leaving Ryan with just Wayne as a "bear skin rug". Cue Ryan draping himself over Wayne on the floor, and rubbing a finger up and down Wayne's butt for far longer than he ought to. You may never see a bear skin rug kicking and squirming this much ever again.
    • Colin puts on his "longjohns", comprised of one Bella twin clinging perfectly to his body koala-style while the other does a Leg Cling.
  • The one with Chris Jericho. Yet again, Ryan and Colin get a scene where they're a honeymooning couple, which Ryan calls attention to. He then gives Colin a break by saying he'll play the woman this time ("It might be a little manly, but it's gonna be a woman."). Colin turns the tables immediately:
    Ryan: (effeminately) Did I say thank you for bringing me here this year?
    Colin: No, Tom.
    Ryan: Well Phyllis, I want you to know that we're gonna do this every year.
  • The playing with Danielle Panebaker has several great moments:
    • When acting as a giant clock, Wayne's clock hands bonce of Danielle's hip while ringing, leading Colin to remark that the clock looked less sexist on the brochure.
    • Ryan and Colin use Danielle and Wayne as parachutes. While Colin is able to lift the not-so-small Wayne onto his back with little trouble, the height difference between Ryan and Danielle results in her just dangling from his back for several seconds, before she takes the hint to jump up properly.

    Mixed Messages 
  • The concept in general. A variant of the Whose Line game and Two Line Vocabulary, two audience members donate their phones and the panelists can only say lines from their phones. The content may be quite revealing and they verbally say the emojis.
  • A scene from Jurassic Park has an urgent situation, but Wayne's not too concerned:
    Wayne: Mm-mm. Waitin' on my taco.
    • Later:
    Wayne: And she does the sex, lol.
  • The first game of 2019 takes a strangely positive turn when Wayne and Gary are up to bat, and Gary apparently has the phone belonging to this blonde girl who's been carrying out extensive research on Black History Month. This leads to the Running Gag of the week when the girl gets declared an honorary sista for the evening.
  • In the first episode of 2020, a round of Mixed Messages ends with Wayne revealing part of the conversation on the phone he was given; the phone owner had previously texted her sister saying that she was at a Whose Line taping, to which the latter responded, "Is that still a show?" In retaliation, Wayne FaceTimes the sister while the entire cast crowds around the screen to flip the bird.

  • Amazingly, they manage to outdo some of the classic ones like the maggots and skateboarding ones with dental work, from Heather Anne and the whole audience screaming in fear, Ryan managing to drop some hints amidst being squicked out himself, to Colin genuinely corpsing at all this. The Twitter hashtag shown on the screen is #DentalFears, which may well be an understatement given the reactions from everyone involved.
  • And somehow they managed to top THAT with what starts out as a montage of personal hygiene. It starts innocently enough with people taking a shower, shaving their armpits, etc. Then it becomes more nauseous with clips of peeling skin, pricking a wart with a pushpin until pus drips out, and POPPING A ZIT! Jeff says absolutely nothing throughout the entire sketch. He is that squicked out by the video. You can see him looking down and covering his mouth at one point!
  • In the third revival season, they have one that rehashes the well-loved bikini babes Newsflash from the old show, and Colin's clearly figured it out as well - then the clip has one of the babes splashed with some odd whitish substance that wicks off almost immediately, leading Ryan to say "just milk this for all it's worth, Colin". The look on Colin's face is priceless.
  • The one that uses footage from Basket Case ends with one of their more elaborate discussions - some Mock the Week seeping in there?
    Aisha: I don't wanna be a party pooper, but when a big head with no legs comes at you, run away... It has no legs. [*Beat*] It was literally biting the guy in his junk, and he was all like (mock-exaggerated screaming and retching)
    Ryan: Didn't he like grab his crotch? He didn't actually chomp on his crotch did he?
    Aisha: I think he just grabbed it with his hand.
    Wayne: He was strong though, he was a hand and an arm, he was strong...
    Jeff: Grabbing crotch is force times leverage, Aisha. (audience laughs)
    Ryan: She knows that. (audience laughs harder)
  • The kissing Newsflash is an instant classic, if not just for the wide variety of kisses involved (including pets and same-sex couples), but for the clips of Colin's kisses as well. The producers are closer than ever to getting Colin report on himself with his clothes off...
    Colin: People engaging in something, of a sexual nature...
    Aisha: Yes, of a sexual nature that might be safe for television. What would that activity be?
    Colin: ...Improv?
  • They have one with footage from a butcher and sausage factory, which was also quite informative (quite appropriate as the Special Guest was Bill Nye the Science Guy!)
    Greg: I wonder if you could describe for us what is happening right now.
    Colin: Absolutely. As you can see (roughly pointing) this is happening.
  • For some bizarre reason, in a montage of people smashing things with hammers, there's a woman who is attempting to break open a watermelon with her breasts. It comes up a few times, each time rendering Ryan and Jonathon bemusedly speechless. Remarkably, the woman manages it by the third time she appears on the screen.
    • Colin’s utter confusion whenever one of the “anchors” brings it up.
    Ryan: It’s melon versus melon, Colin, there’s no winner there!
    Colin: *utterly baffled* ...What?
    • Then, after Ryan explains it to Colin, he nonchalantly remarks "Oh, they had Mindy?"
  • The one with simulated footage of bombs and nuclear missiles dropping, mainly for Ryan and Aisha after the game:
    Ryan: (sarcastic smiling and pointing at the footage)
    Aisha: Oh God, yes, thermonuclear war!
    Ryan: Did you see when the world burned up?
    Aisha: Oh God.
    Ryan: That was a planet on fire!
    Aisha: Yes, it's hilarious, right?
    Ryan: Our next scene is called "Black Plague".

    Party Quirks 
  • Ryan the sperm cell. Bonus points for stumping Jeff, even with the "I didn't want to come" joke. You can see the realization on his face when he finally gets the joke. AFTER he sits down.
  • In the second episode of the third season, Wayne acting out all the parts in a Paranormal Activity film. The highlight is when he says with a raspy voice, "Why? WHY????"
  • Longtime viewers already know that Wayne normally slays this round, but the 6th revival season has one where he's "various celebrities getting sucked into a black hole", and for some reason he junks all the impressions he's known for and goes with Matthew McConaughey, Woody Allen (which was terrible), and at one point Robert De Niro, where he just went with the face and couldn't even think of the lines. And the whole time Colin and Ryan are being held up in the back, but the camera keeps catching them losing it each time.
    Greg: I've really gotta get that air conditioner fixed, I thought I had it on "blow" instead of "suck".
    • Also worth noting, a Call-Back all the way to the UK version where Greg as the host brings up the party theme.
    "It's a Fifty Shades of Greg party." (mimes spanking himself)
  • The first new game of 2020 puts Greg on the spot again, with Wayne as all of Greg's love dolls suddenly deflating. It leads to Wayne lying flat on the floor, and Colin, as a TV professor using other people to teach biology, immediately jumps at the chance by grabbing Wayne's ass. That's still nothing compared to the audience reaction when the screen displays Ryan's quirk - a series of woodland animals dying horribly.

  • Add four phallic-looking props and remove Ryan, and you still get one of the most NSFW games of Props ever.
  • This one. Just for Ryan corpsing thanks to Heather Anne's bizarre vocalization. And a rare copout from Colin:
    "Welcome back to 'What The *bleep* Are These?'"
    • The running gags with the brown V shaped props.
    (Ryan has the prop cover his legs)
    Ryan: (In a Western voice) What brings you to this town little woman? (Normal) They're chaps, not testicles.
    (Later, Heather wears the prop on her back)
    Heather: I'm the Poop Fairy!
    (Even later, Heather has the prop on her head as rabbit ears)
    Ryan: (immitating Elmer Fudd) Be vewy vewy qwiet,i'm hunting wasscally wabbits. Thew're not testicles, thew're wabbit ears.
    (Even later than before, Heather uses the prop as saggy breasts, Ryan wears his at his crotch)
    Ryan: Take it off baby! Now they are testicles.
    (Later still, Heather lies on the ground with the prop behind her)
    Ryan: Somebody shot the Poop Fairy...
  • A hilarious one with the bonus of being true to Greek mythology:
    Wayne: Zeus! You keep your lightning bolts out of my yard!
    Colin: Well you keep your wife out of my shorts!
    • In the same game: Wayne pretending to have artificial legs and saying in an African accent, "Your honor, I did not kill my wife."Note  It gets Aisha to Face Palm.
  • This one. From Ryan's nose hair to Wayne's manual boomerang. And this misfire:
    Wayne: Colin! It's quicksand! (mild audience reaction) Cos you're halfway in it! (more laughs)
    Colin: Keep explaining until they laugh!
  • Colin figures out how to stuff one end of one prop into its own loop.
  • In the Marisol Nichols episode, Jonathan wields an inflatable lollipop like a tennis racket, but performs a serve ends up whacking Ryan's prop rather violently out of his hands, catching everyone by surprise.
    Ryan: We gotta build a bigger tennis court!
  • In one round, Wayne and Colin get two golden cone-shaped objects, and at one point the former puts the cone over his body and does... something with it (Colin merely responds with "What a horrible birth!"). Aisha has to ask him what the hell he was trying to do.
    Aisha: Wayne, before I decide points, please explain to me what you were doing inside of that thing.
    Wayne (like a haughty actor in the middle of an interview): It's not necessarily what I was doing, it's what I represent.
    (Awkward *Beat*)
    Aisha: Alright, everybody else gets points, not Wayne.

    Questions (with Wigs) 
  • One game of "Questions with Hats" led up to Ryan attempting to sound hip, which then led to Aisha and Wayne ribbing at his Jive Turkey routine. Which is one thing, but then the "Duets" with Willie Robertson winds up leading to ribbing at Ryan again for no real reason.
    Aisha: I believe what the kids are saying is, 'quack is wack'.
    Jeff: Ryan says 'Quack is wack, jack'. (audience laughs)
    Aisha: Ryan doesn't know what 'quack' is. (audience sorta-laughs awkwardly) Soft bowl of oatmeal and an early bedtime for Ryan.
    (audience starts laughing again when Ryan himself mimics hobbling on a walker)
    Ryan: How would you know that?... My little soft bowl of oatmeal?
  • Season 4 is off to a rocktastic start with its first game, when Ryan saying "How about one gold penny?" somehow triggers the buzzer:
    Wayne: Did you see in The Enquirer where it says that Aisha Tyler can't tell what a f**king question is?
  • The first new game of season 5 has Colin very nearly bringing back the averse reactions above, with a wig attached to a stocking-mask that already has a silkscreened blow-up-doll face. Unfortunately Colin gets buzzed out by something genuinely hideous - Jeff's deformed-foetus mask that makes him look like Kuato.
    • Wayne gets a fancy tricorn hat and channels his inner Napoleon, by babbling on in made-up French for far too long as Aisha waits it out.
    Wayne: But for a second there you thought I was speaking French.
    Aisha: No, because I actually speak French and I knew that was not French.
    Wayne: ...Oookay.
  • A later game scores a first with an item too big to go into the box, a Mona Lisa replica with the face cut out. Ryan practically leaps at the opportunity.
  • The one about a plastic surgeon kicks off in a completely unexpected manner.
    Wayne: This is not what I was going for- F***CK!! It was QUESTIONS!! (buzzed out anyway)
  • The first game of the 2019 season leads to Greg finding a genie hat that looks suspiciously like one from the old show.
    Greg: Do you still dream of me? [...]
    Wayne: You wanna rub the bottle?
    Greg: Is it still as small as it was? (massive audience reaction) You want me to make it bigger?
    Wayne: (fighting corpsing) Only if... If... F*ck you!
    Greg: F*ck YOU!
    Ryan: You wanna touch my bulb and see if I'm still hot? (Colin touches his nose) Really?

    Scenes From A Hat 
  • All of the "Things You Can Say To Your [X] But Not Your Girlfriend/Partner" rounds from "Scenes From A Hat" have some of the raunchiest Double Entendres in the show's history.
  • The scene: "Unlikely Lines from Hair Commercials." Gary Anthony Williams, Wayne, and Colin step on stage and stand together. They don't say a word, and they don't have to.
  • "The spells Harry Potter tries when he thinks no one is looking." Two words from Wayne: "Erectus Giganticus!" Then "Erectus Blackmanicus!"
  • "Songs that celebrate divorce" could easily be a rehash of the old "ending a longterm relationship in song" one, but the guys can still keep a fresh spin on it:
  • "Flavors rejected by ice-cream chains"
    Colin:"Scoop of baboon ass?"
    Ryan: "Would you like a cone or a bowl of jock strap?"
  • What the guys say in their sleep. Starts off innocently enough, until they start joining each other in bed. And of course, Ryan swoops in at the end to deliver the cherry on top.
  • "Unlikely Greeting Card Messages":
    Greg: "Hooray for you! You finally dumped that loser you been with!" (Wayne comes in, grabs the card, and leaves in anger)
    • Then Jeff comes in bashing Greg:
    Jeff: "Hey Greg, funny joke!" (audience goes "OHH!")
    Jeff then bows.
    • Then, Wayne helps Greg get revenge:
    Wayne: "Hey, Greg."
    Greg: (walks to Wayne) "What is it, Wayne?"
    Wayne: "Won't you send this to Jeff?" (Gives imaginary card to Greg.)
    Greg: "Alright." (takes imaginary card)
    Wayne: "Why don't you open it? It's one of those pull-tab cards."
    Greg: "Oh, OK." (opens imaginary card, Wayne's censored middle finger pops up facing the camera) "Whoa!"
    (Audience loses it; camera cuts to Jeff laughing, then back to Wayne and Greg opening and closing the card repeatedly, then Wayne returns to his spot.)
    Greg: "Thanks, Wayne!"
    Wayne comes back and sardonically bows.
  • The entire game in Gary Anthony Williams' first Season 10 appearance. Aisha can't read a card without cracking up. BOING!
    • The Sammy Davis Jr. skit from the above. Wayne's stinger at the end is what makes it.
    Wayne: (as Sammy Davis Jr.) Right in my eye!
    • That same one, Wayne sneaks up on Colin and Ryan; when they see him, they go separate directions, even though they're in the same car.
    Wayne: "What car was that?"
    Aisha: "Someone should invent that car. If you get into a fight with your spouse, you can just eeehh. (uses hands to simulate car splitting in half)"
  • This one only gets 3 suggestions done, mainly because the guys go to town with the last one. Again, and again...
  • "Things Not To Say At A Wedding":
    Colin: I now pronounce you man and oyy!
  • "If the Old Testament were a Soap Opera". Colin wasted no time in depicting the Immaculate Conception as a case of infidelity.
    • Cain and Abel. Keegan milked Wayne's Epic Fail for all its worth!
      Wayne: Cain?
      Keegan: (looks at the audience in confusion) Yeah, Abel. What?
      Wayne: You're wondering why I brought you out here, aren't you?
      Keegan: Yes, I am.
      Wayne: Look over there.
      Keegan: Wait a minute, I'm confused. I'm Cain and you want me to look over there?
      Wayne: (realizing) Oh. (Keegan turns around) What do you see?
      Keegan: It doesn't matter - it doesn't matter what I see...
  • From the Robbie Amell episode, the "Letter H" gag returns, only this time Jeff's doing the bending instead of Colin.
  • "Unlikely Cosmetics Commercials":
    Greg: (He and Colin go out) Hi, I'm Before.
    Jeff: (Does the same thing with Wayne) Hi, I'm After.
    Colin: (bleeped out) FUCK OFF!
    (Audience gasps and ohhs)
    (Jeff looks away, all crushed and stunned)
    • Colin sounded genuinely angry at Jeff, almost as if he anticipated a bald joke, rehearsed it in his head, loaded his response, and was ready to fire if someone targeted his baldness one more time.
  • "Unappetizing Flavors of Potato Chips":
    Wayne: (eats chip) Mmm- "Balls and Vinegar". (struggles not to laugh at his own joke)
    Aisha: BUZZ
    Wayne: (eats a second and third chip)
    Aisha: Insistent BUZZ
    Wayne: You can't just stop at one! (cracks up laughing)
    (Audience starts cackling raucously; Greg is doubled over with laughter)
    Wayne: (pops chip lid) *POP* Mmm- "Shingles!" (laughing the whole time he tries to say it and afterward)
    (Aisha is laughing with her hand cupped up to her mouth; Jeff is tapping his nose as Wayne steps back still giggling)
    Colin: Well..(chuckles to himself at Wayne's remark)
    Colin: (eats chip, looks at package label) "Kardashian".
  • "Jobs That Shouldn't Be Done in a Sexy Way" (the entire segment can be viewed here):
    • Jeff mimes getting a bucket then milking a cow. What happens next?
    Jeff: (in a seductive manner) Don't fight me.
    (Ryan and Wayne walk up to him)
    Ryan: Jeff! That's a bull!
    Jeff: Oh! (Cringes, Wayne steps in as the bull and pops the head of his "disguise", grinning like an idiot before hiding back inside)
    Jeff: (Takes the bucket, and dumps its contents on himself)
    • Jeff Davis takes over a camera and zooms in a woman.
    • Ryan takes over Aisha's desk and starts repeatedly buzzing in a seductive manner. Aisha starts buzzing the same way, and then starts buzzing with her boob, all while staring unblinking at the contestants.
    • And then, after all is said and done...
    Wayne: (Pops up from under Aisha's desk) You finished now?
    Aisha: (Laughs, buzzes Wayne, then continues to buzz seductively before announcing a cut to commercial, followed by a Big "WHAT?!")
  • "Things you can say about your drink..."
    Heather Anne: I'm sorry, that's not stiff enough. (Aisha cheers)
    Colin: (corpsing for a bit) Can I have a little salt around the rim?
    Ryan: Who put a cigarette butt in there?!
  • "Restaurants You Wouldn't Eat At"
    • "Welcome to 'Canaball '. It's like Cannibal but pronounced differently to hide the fact we eat human flesh."
  • Things not to say when making love.
    • Aisha's reaction face really sells it.
  • Unappetising Flavors of Soups. The guys dance back and forth across the line so much you'd think it was the Riverdance bit again.
    Jeff: And for the lady, the poop du jour.
    Colin: Playtext wonderbroth.
    Wayne: *mimes holding a bowl in front of his groin before giving it to the customer* Your *beep*note  bouillon is ready.
    Jeff: *in response to Wayne* Wait a second, I ordered the *beep*note -in noodle soup.
    Ryan: *mimes throwing his genitals like a rope* I got your *beep*-in noodle soup over here.
    Aisha: (laughing) You guys are terrible human beings.
    Colin: Mmm... jam chowder.
    Wayne: *mimes using a urinal before presenting the soup* Leek soup.
  • Things you don't want to hear from your waiter:
    Colin: (hobbling) I've just been shot!
    Wayne: I just shot another waiter.
    Ryan: (condescending tones) Do you really think you need a dessert?
    Colin: Our best wine... (whining) I don't want to work tonight!
  • "If your favourite shows were performed Drunk". They wait 'til the end for Jeff to hit the show itself, yelling from the top of the stairs and hobbling all the way down to the desk. Then Aisha signs off for commercials also drunk, until she face plants into her own hat.
    Colin: Scotty, just fix the *beep*-ing engines!
  • From the Heather Morris episode:
    • "Lines You Wouldn't Hear In A Love Song":
    Colin: "You're the sweetest thing in all the land, Though you look like something I drew with my left hand..."
    Brad: (vaudeville style) "You've got a muffin top, a lazy eye and varicose veins!"
    Wayne: (R&B style) "I'm gonna make this last forever, I'm gonna make- *shudders* Ooh, sorry..."
    Ryan: (Frank Sinatra style) "What say I call some friends, To help make love to you..."
    • And the next one winds up in an epic derailment when Wayne somehow falters when he normally rules at this, with Ryan and Colin cheering him on while Aisha just waits and watches him squirm, leading to Wayne ranting and complaining loudly, Aisha forced to wrangle him off the stage, leading to Wayne rope-a-dopeing her and winding up at her desk where he starts doing his Aisha-as-secretly-a-man act again, whereupon Aisha starts aping Wayne as well, digging at his Painted-On Pants. No number of words can do it justice, but Ryan tries:
    "What is happening here?!"
  • "Jobs That Shouldn't Be Done Nude":
  • "Things You Don't Want To Hear At Christmas":
    • After the duet with Randy Couture, Jonathan disses Wayne for getting hurt in the suggestion, leading to Wayne getting him back with a crack about getting Jonathan's wife as a Christmas present. That's not the kicker. The kicker is when Jonathan points out his wife is actually in attendance. Cue a very surprised woman standing up at the back of the audience. Not missing a beat, Wayne runs up to her and repeats his joke.
      • There's also the way everyone was stuck in Black Comedy mode:
      Colin: We couldn't save Santa's leg.
      Ryan: Hello, 911? I ran over nine reindeer on the freeway...
      • And this :
      Jonathan: There's no such thing as... your parents. You're adopted! :D
  • And now Aisha taking her actions in Scenes From A Hat in Season 11. Most of her entries are hilarious which Wayne have to help her buzz. For example in one entry:
    • "Odd Things to be Turned On By": Brad starts with "watching" a video with Kathie Lee, joined by Ryan saying it's the one with Brad in it, then Wayne and Aisha, who starts getting so mesmerised she's touching herself. Wayne's Jaw Drop lasts till everyone else has left.
    • "Strange things to see on a Morning Show": Brad wastes no time in acting as Kathie Lee talking about the "encounter".
      • At least Colin and Ryan get some good ones in.
      Colin: It's midnight. (extended *Beat* before laughter starts)
      Ryan: (looking zonked out) There is... no traffic this morning. (points at the 'map' in the back, quietly mouthing) Two cars. Two. Cars.
  • In the episode where the guest are Penn & Teller
  • "Unexpected Things to Read in a First Aid Manual":
    • Ryan trying to goad Colin into joining his act as the "popup doctor", which never played out as Colin remained stubbornly offscreen, and Heather Anne stepped in instead - leading to Ryan remarking that she was really the nurse and not a doctor. Everyone noticed the Unfortunate Implications immediately, even before Wayne stepped in and was similarly rebuffed, leading to Heather Anne stepping in again to flip the bird at Ryan.
    • Which ties to the next scene, "If Medical Practitioners spoke like Dr. Seuss". Ryan's rhyme ends with:
    "Women can be doctors too!"
  • "Bad names for a battleship":
    Ryan: My sister went down on the U.S.S. Clinton.
    (Wayne bows)
  • "Bad times to break into a song-and-dance number:"
    Colin: "You're being robbed!" (snap)
    • "I'm paying my way through college..."
    • Ryan's execution song:
      Ryan and Colin: (as Colin is miming setting Ryan up in an Electric Chair) "Do you smell something burning tonight?"
      (Colin starts zapping Ryan)
    • The live birth song featuring Ryan and Wanye, plus Colin as the baby.
      Ryan: "Oh my God!"
    • Then Wayne comes up and starts singing a song about Erectile Dysfunction. Then Aisha joins, then the rest of the guys join in.
    • Finally:
      Colin: (pretending to be peeing at a urinal) "Guess who just had asparagus? Guess who just had asparagus?"
      • And once Colin exits the stage, Ryan's line seals the deal:
      '''Are you peeing from urinal to urinal?"
  • "Inappropriate times to give someone a kiss" may sound like it's been done, but the real focus here is everyone targeting Colin. It ends with a combination we haven't really seen before as Greg and Colin start making out on the stage, and we see Wayne's WTF face and Ryan trying to rub his eyes out.
  • Wayne Brady as a drill instructor giving birth to a baby
  • "Strange things for your priest to say":
    Ryan: (Southern Baptist style) Tell you the truth, I don't believe there is a God. I've certainly never seen him. (whisper) He's like the Tooth Fairy...
    (walks off, gets buzzed, whereupon he pretends it's the sound of thunder smiting him)
    Wayne: (normal style) The views of Ryan Stiles do not necessarily represent those of The CW or its affiliated networks.
  • "If boybands sang about embarassing problems":
    • Rather like the Aisha musical one, Wayne and the guys deliver their chart-topping hit "Smooth Down There", with Colin bringing his head down to Wayne's groin level to represent it... and remaining bent over in front of Ryan for quite a while.
  • "If famous TV shows were performed by drill sergeants": Ryan decides takes this opportunity to reference Aisha's other show.
    Ryan (gathering the others): Welcome to The Talk, girls! Why don't we all introduce ourselves? I'm Sharon Osbourne!
    Wayne: Aisha Tyler! (abruptly gets on the ground to do push ups)
    Colin: ...I'm one of the other ones!
  • "Dating videos of Star Wars characters": One of the rare instances where Aisha deliberately joins in.
    Aisha: Meesa Jar Jar Binks! Meesa not know why nobody liken me, meesa nice guy...
    (Wayne steps in and slits her throat)
  • "Songs from the Musical, "Aisha"". Jeff's song about her really being Drew Carey in drag is funny enough, but then Colin steps up to plate...
    Colin: I can't believe, they don't know about the penis!
    (Aisha and the entire audience explode with laughter, then...)
    Wayne: (looking aghast) You wouldn't believe, I just saw, the penis. (looking resigned) It's big.
    (Jeff joins Wayne and gets Ryan and Colin on stage as well)
    All: (barbershop quartet style) Ohh we've aaaaall heard about the peniiiiis, about the penis, about the penis...
    (singing mutates into pure cacophony as Ryan backs out, then walks across the back while miming carrying some sort of really huge stage prop overhead)
  • "Bad times to say what you're really thinking." Starts off innocently enough, before it goes completely off the rails.
    Jeff: "Hi I'm Aisha Tyler Whathappenedtommycareerimdoomed!" [runs offstage]
    Ryan: [imitates a cameraman] "God I can't get a good angle."
    • Culminating in Aisha making a race joke, and Ryan having to cut to a commercial from the desk.
  • Heather Anne Campbell steals the "terrible names for dogs" segment. First, introducing her dog "NO!" Then calling out for "Help! Help!"
  • "Weird ways for Aisha to start the show" brings back those "Aisha is secretly a man" jokes again.
    Ryan: How long before I'm on?... You can't see my d*ck in this can you? (buzzed)
    Wayne: (to Ryan) Hi, I'm your PA, I've been sent to cover up your d*ck...
    Colin: (joining Ryan) Hi, I'm Dick! (not bleeped)
    (Wayne motions draping something over Colin)
    Ryan: Now, I don't want anyone seeing you!
    Colin: Get off my back Aisha!
  • "If Olympics athletes were drunk":
    • Brad as a Pole Vaulter attempts to run up to the bar, somehow gets disoriented enough to turn himself around, and throws himself offstage.
    • Colin as the discus thrower somehow nails Wayne in the head. After which Colin throws up on him.
    • Ryan can be heard saying "synchronized swimmers" to all the other guys, which might look like a Don't Explain the Joke at first, but gets forgotten when the whole act descends into chaos as all the guys end up doing their own thing.
    • Colin at the 100m hurdles ends up climbing over them one at a time. Because let's be honest, most people would do that sober.
    • Brad and Wayne passing the bottle instead of the baton. Then Colin runs across, like they couldn't even decide what event that was. Making things worse, Ryan runs by with the Olympic torch (something that's usually done before the games start), and lights a cig with it.
  • "Strange things to see in a cooking show":
    Wayne: (sounding like Julia Child) You stir it for approximately 30 minutes... And let's sample the wares, shall we...? (tastes 'it', and immediately starts retching) Oh m - sh- that - oh my god, what the f**k... (buzzed, still hawking and yakking)
    Wayne: (mimes driving and running over something, then picks it up) First we'll start with our meat. (buzzed)
    Jonathan: And now that the pie is mixed, we'll put it in the oven for 2 hours. (does that) And we will wait. (goes stock still with Thousand-Yard Stare on, gets buzzed)
    Ryan: And now we put the cake in the oven... for 90 degrees at 360 minutes. (does just that before realising something might be off, gets buzzed)
    Jonathan: (to Wayne) All right Pablo, now churn the butter. (Wayne starts pumping up and down) Instagram! (mimes capping Wayne with a smartphone and leaves)
    Wayne: (still churning for a bit) Oh, I see. (leaves)
    Ryan: (looking into an oven) Only 300 minutes left!
    Colin: (mimes taking something out of a different oven, presumably) And now your TV dinner is ready. (*Beat*) And there's dessert!
    Ryan: (looks into the oven again and groans with boredom)
  • "Unlikely things in a biology class" manages to swat it out of the park despite being almost entirely dick jokes.
    Wayne: First, you'll need one of these. (pointing at himself, gets buzzed)
    Wayne: You'll need one of these (same as above), and two of these. (pointing slightly lower, gets buzzed)
    Wayne: (dragging Aisha on stage) You'll need one of these (again), and one of those. (pointing at Aisha down there, Greg buzzes)
    Aisha: (dragging Wayne instead) You'll need one of these (pointing at herself), and one of these. (raises her left hand) You don't need one of these. (pointing at Wayne, who looks aghast)
    Greg: (dragging Wayne with him) You'll need one of thi- Oh, this is microbiology. (Wayne looks speechless)
    [later, during "Unlikely opening lines from a news report"]
    Wayne: This just in: you need one of these.
    Aisha: I didn't have one of those, so I bought (holds up microphone) one of these.
  • "Inappropriate times to take your clothes off" sounds like it's been done before, so the guys put a fresh spin on it by dragging out something that started in an earlier "World's Worst" game (see below).
    Ryan: (stripping off) Don't you ever make me come to the principal's office again!
    Wayne: (stripping off) Mrs Johnson, I'm here to talk to you about your son...
    Colin: Lemme pick that up... (bends down and immediately recoils in disgust like something went off in his eye)
    (Ryan misses the cue and "shoulders his blaster", so to speak)
    Heather Anne: (stripping off) Mr Principal, I'm here to talk with my mom...
    Wayne: Read this paper, Timmy. (hands out something) Here it is...
    (Colin bends down to read it and Wayne "farts" in his face)
    Ryan: OOHHH! That's nor fair! That's horrible!
    Colin: That's my good eye!
    (buzzer goes off and everyone finally goes back)
  • "Things You Shouldn't Use Your Tongue For":
    Ryan: (swilling something in his mouth, then spits) OK, at your age you should really have that done twice a year. (massive squick from Aisha and audience)
    • Jeff using his tongue to hit the buzzer and doorbell buttons.
  • Bad racehorse names for an announcer to call during a race. It starts off fairly tame, with Ryan making the standard glue and hung like a horse jokes, then in comes Keegan Key who manages to take Motor Mouth racing commentary to its logical extreme, with almost 30 seconds of commentary disguised as horse racing jokes!
  • "If Sesame Street characters appeared on other shows"
    Wayne: Now that Elmo has killed the opposing families he's won the Game of Thrones.
  • "If people behaved like catwalk models everyday". Aisha joins in as she tends to nowadays, with a ridiculous saunter up and down the stage, miming carrying something that turns out to be a baby that she hefts up high and smacks on the bottom and declaring "it's a boy!" This just inspires Ryan to mimic her with an even more ridiculous strut up and down the stage.
  • "Stage musicals like Les Misérables about embarassing personal problems". Ryan mimics the waving of the revolution flag while declaring "This flag is the only thing that I can get up!" Apparently the audience can't get up much of a reaction, prompting Ryan to do the ridiculous strut again.
  • "If Elvis Presley had other jobs". Wayne as the dancing crossing guard is easily the showstopper of the week (and not that farfetched if you're in Thailand or the Philippines!)
  • "Pickup lines that won't work on Aisha".
    Keegan: And I be thinkin' of you the whole time we was makin' love. I mean, your voice and then the body of the cartoon from Archer.
  • "If fairy tale characters appeared on Jerry Springer".
    Wayne: So I was just laying there taking a nap, and he comes along and kisses me, like I wanted him to. He's like "Oh, you're awake!" Yeah I'm awake you son of a bitch, you kissed me!
    Colin (like a jittery drug addict): Man I just need the magic beans, y'know? I mean, I sold my cow to get them and I'm a farmer, I need the cow! But I need those beans man, I need those beans!
    • Keegan plays the troll from Three Billy Goats Gruff and proceeds to complain about the goats on his bridge. Realizing that the fairy tale he's parodying is rather obscure, he ends his bit with "Another thing is, I'm one of them fairy tales that nobody remembered!"
    • Finally, Keegan and Wayne play Jack Sprat and his wife. Colin interrupts as a heckling audience member who calls Ms. Sprat fat, igniting a classic Springer brawl between the two. Bonus points for Wayne's cussing getting bleeped as he attacks Colin, just like in the show.
  • "Things that don't sound right in an angry voice" gets one when Greg walks out and acts like a priest for a marriage after the couple said their vows ("I now pronounce you man and wife! (*Beat*) Kiss her!"). Ryan walks up after Wayne, and proceeds to do the same one as Greg. Everyone starts laughing and points this out to Ryan, who appears to of not noticed (He likely zoned out while trying to think of a suggestion). Ryan's response?
    Ryan I'm telling you all, I don't pay attention to shit on this show!
  • "Unlikely lines from Star Trek" has some gems:
    Brad: May the Force be with you.
    Colin: Aye, captain. More power? No problem. (pushes a button and crosses his arms)
    Wayne: Shaka Khaaaaaaaan!
    Ryan: (sitting) We're out of toilet paper. Can somebody beam me up some Scotty?
    Aisha: (to Colin) Captain Kirk, I'm a naked green woman from the planet Blorg. But I really just want to talk to you and get to know you a little better and be your friend, I definitely don't want to have sex with you.
    Colin: (imitating Captain Kirk) That's, all, I want!
  • "Unlikely Valentine's card verses":
    Jeff: Love is the greatest, love is the keenest, nothing is bigger... than Aisha's penis. (pulls on card to reveal that it's a fold-out image)
  • In the Bella Twins episode, Aisha announced the next game: "Oh!... "Scenes from a Hat"!" Ryan and Wayne were amused that the next game was apparently called "Oh!".
  • In the Wanya Morris episode: "If children's television shows were about embarrassing personal problems", Jonathan did a Big Bird impression but couldn't remember what the character sounded like and did a high-pitched voice, causing hysterical laughter from Aisha and the audience.
    Jonathan: What did Big Bird sound like?
    Wayne: Not like that!
  • "The Dumbest Ways to Die"
    Greg: (pretending to text) Dude what's up, I'm crossing the street (looks at camera) oh no...
    Wayne: Oh excuse me sister, may I touch your hair? (Aisha cracks up as audience applauses) Yeah, y'all get it. (points to audience) Y'all get it?
  • "The World's Least Sexy Adult Movies"
    Wayne: (seductively) Mmm...these spreadsheets ain't gonna do themselves.
    Jonathan: (excitedly) Watch. These spreadsheets are gonna do themselves!
  • "Strange things to hear on a makeover show."
    Heather Anne Campbell: Impossible! Go home!
  • "Dating videos of nursey rhyme characters."
    Heather Anne Campbell: Mary had a little lamb but now she wants a big one.
    Colin: I'm the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe. I'm looking for a woman.

  • The one based on Snow White, which starts with Colin as Snow White attempting to sing while dusting the house.
    • Note at this point that the new format involves a physical prop for a secret rather than something one of the guys think up. Which makes it especially delicious when Colin cracks the box open, revealing a LOT of booze, and then coming up with this.
    "None of you should be drinking! You're miners!" (perfectly timed *Beat* before audience goes wild)
    • Ryan as Grumpy owns up to the alcoholism, mentioning that Doc prescribed him "medical marijuana".
    Colin: "Was it Dopey's?"
    (game ends, then...)
    Aisha: "420 points to each of you." (audience laughs as the guys also get it)
  • The prop in the Peter Pan scene is enough to get Colin to corpse. It's a cardboard cutout of Colin's head on a muscular man's body.
  • The Robin Hood scene with what appears to be a lad mag with actual lads. And the proud title of "Male Order".
    Ryan: Turn to page 25.
    Colin: Sorry, but there's nothing you could to change my (looks) HOLY MOMMA!... Or papa!
    Ryan: That's how we defeat the sheriff.
    Colin: Man, that's a quarter-and-a-half staff!
    Ryan: We're gonna... get him aroused and [corpsing] launch rocks over the castle wall!...
    [audience explodes, Wayne in the back is laughing so hard he gets out of his seat]
  • The one about Star Wars, just for the elaborate reveal of the secret item, because Colin had to get all the parts out one by one. It's bondage gear.
    Colin: Is this the Aisha Tyler collection?
  • The one that spoofed Cinderella takes an unexpected turn when Ryan goes Prince Charmless, getting all domineering to goad "Cinderella" into leaving with the case. Then opening the case somehow takes it even further Off the Rails when it's full of money bags, balaclavas and shotguns.
    • Colin proves he still has what it takes to get a rise out of Ryan.
    Ryan: Touch me, Cindi...
    Colin: I know, I am...
    Ryan: Touch me in ways I've never been touched before. (Colin shoves a hand below frame) NO!!
    (*Beat* as everyone loses it)
    Colin: I'm sorry, I misunderstood. (longer beat) Wow, that's my second ball tonight!
  • Tarzan and Jane It starts off with Ryan as Tarzan going for a job interview at the bank and then discovering that the case is full of bundles of money and then confessing to robbery.
    • After being busted, he defends himself by saying that they're for One Direction tickets.
      • The real humor comes after the bit. note 
      Ryan: A lot of people don't realize that Tarzan and Tonto are related.
      Aisha: Same thinly veiled racial stereotypes.
      Ryan: How do you stereotype a "Man of the Jungle"?
      Aisha: Why da white man gotta be king of the jungle?
      (Wayne gets up in mock exasperation)
      Wayne: I've been saying that for years! FOR YEARS! YEARS! All of the natives, all those people-
      Jeff: (Interrupting) Can we have one show where we're not doing this?!
      Ryan: Sorry, he's right.
      Wayne: Johnny Weissmuller can kiss my behind. He was the original one, just so you know. note 
      Ryan: Well they needed someone who could swim.
      (Laughter from the audience)
      (Jeff makes a Big "OMG!" face, Wayne gets up and reluctantly applauds, Colin just shakes his head and Ryan starts bowing)
      Aisha: GET OUT! GET OUT! (Using the buzzer) GET! OUT!
      • Wayne then remarks about some black audience members going Ha ha hell!
  • The first new game for the 2018 season is one they've never really bothered with before, Jack and Jill of that nursery rhyme. What follows is a potential high point for the entire revival series, as Ryan and Colin spin a Fractured Fairy Tale in the Fantasy Kitchen Sink that can only be Whose Line:
    Colin: I'm leaving with Peter Peter...
    Ryan: For a little Humpty Dumpty?
    • Colin unknowingly addresses a common They Changed It, Now It Sucks! complaint about the game, when he pops open the case to reveal a pile of prop skeleton bones, and then makes up their origin immediately.
    Colin: These are all the king's horses and all the king's men! [...]
    Ryan: They couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again! They're useless!
    Colin: Well they're useless NOW! YOU KILLED THEM!!
    • Things go Off the Rails when Jack threatens to silence Jill to keep the secret, leading to Jill holding up a bone to Jack's throat.

    Show-Stopping Number 
  • They wait till the 6th revival season to bring this one back - and the combination of all the guys being really out of practice and Aisha getting a little triggerhappy with the buzzer leads to an early high point for the season.
    Ryan: (singing) I had, a little too much to drink, today... (realises it's incomplete and just waits for the next verse) I drank so much that I think I might be gay...
    (music sounds like it's stumbling, camera cuts to Laura and Linda laughing their heads off)
    • Colin is just begging for it by saying "three llamas and a goat":
    Colin: Those shoes are made from three llamas and a goat - I also had three monkeys make a nice coat
    They're really good... You are the bomb... You're gay?... That's dumb! (music ends)
    Ryan: So, what you're saying is you should sing faster.
    • Then Wayne chose to use the "cobbler elves" idea by claiming that said elves are on strike:
    Wayne: (singing) We refuse to be small for the big man - We refuse to go down on the tall man (very close to corpsing) [...]
    Ryan: Yknow what, I don't think I'm gay any more... There's only one test for that.
    Wayne: The elf test?
    Ryan: The Elf Test.
    (buzzer goes off, music starts)
    Ryan: (singing) Come on over, and lay one on my lips - I don't wanna hear any jokes or any quips
    Don't open your mouth, I don't want any tongue - Come around (Ryan and Wayne end up corpsing for real)
    (frame out to show Colin in full Face Palm)

    Song Styles/Duets 
  • Wayne and Gary sing to world champion sumo wrestler Byambajav Ulambayar. Wayne attempts to wrestle with him and Ulambayar shoves him to the floor. Wayne immediately scampers away from him and runs around Aisha's desk back onto the stage while she laughs herself silly. When he gets back on stage, Ulambayar pats Wayne on the back for being a good sport. However, Wayne timidly backs away from Ulambayar and doubles over in unstoppable laughter when Gary's lyrics change to pleas for Ulambayar not to wallop him like Wayne.
    Don't you hurt me, Byamba
    Don't you hurt me, no
    You broke Wayne Brady's neck
    (Gary starts laughing) I don't want that for me, no (Wayne loses it)
    Tell me how to say "Please don't do that to me" in Japanese
    Don't do the sumo
    No, no, don't do the sumo (Wayne joins in, still half-laughing)
  • The duet between Wayne and Jonathan Mangum to Rob Gronkowski ends with Gronk stiff-arming Wayne towards Aisha's desk, then bench-pressing Jonathan.
  • The duet to Robbie Amell spawns yet another running gag: Counting to five.
    • Whatever made Wayne sing this: "Because you have got that mind, and you've got telekinesis/You can just, see you dance, but don't show people your penis-" (corpsing ensues)
    • And then Ryan caps it off at the end:
  • The one with Scary Spice:
    Wayne: "I'm just like UPS, I'm about to show what brown can do for you!"
  • Watch Colin's face when Padme Lakshmi comes this close to grinding on Wayne.
    • When Wayne is first introduced to Lakshmi:
    Aisha: She is very beautiful.
    Wayne: I only notice the mind.
    Aisha: Oh my God.
    Wayne: And I don't mind tellin' you you're fine, what! (goes around to gets high fives from everyone) Oh no I did! Oh no I did! Yes I did! Yes I did! Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Hell yeah! (reaches Padme and suddenly goes calm again) I'm okay.
  • In the episode featuring Brian Shaw (AKA the world's strongest man), Wayne had to sing to him in the style of The Lion King, with the other three contestants as the animals. As a gag, Wayne would tell Brian to "lift the animals"; he then proceeded to lift Colin the gorilla, Heather Anne the mandrill, and eventually, Aisha the elephant. Of course, before Brian could lift Ryan the emu, the latter immediately ran off stage and continued to do so for the rest of the number (which is understandable, given his back problems). And with Aisha out of her seat, Ryan even sat at the desk and signed off into a commercial in her place. Watch it here.
  • The one with Kathie Lee Gifford, which somehow escalated into a threesome. By now you know someone's sweeping the Ludicrous Gibs from when the censors really exploded up in the booth.
  • Adelaide Kane gets a good one in her duet.
    Jeff: How old are you anyway?
    Adelaide: Don't you know, actresses cannot say!
    • This leads to a glorious talk where Aisha mistakenly believes Kane is an American playing a Briton on her show Reign (she's actually Australian playing a Scottish person), Jeff correcting her and Aisha snapping back on him.
    Jeff: Drew never got angry like this.
  • They manage to get Randy Couture on the show, which naturally leads to Wayne and Jonathan Mangum sorta-grappling with Randy, who immediately pulls some very quick takedowns on both of them. Wayne and Jon back up to the audience while Ryan rushes backstage.
  • We get a taste of Gina Rodriguez's impeccable flow when she raps (you read that right) alongside Wayne and Jeff - until a little flub causes it to devolve into a babble-off with Wayne.
  • The one with Bill Nye, which started out pretty awesome, and then Wayne got the idea to drag Aisha onstage to dance with him.
    Aisha: We also proved tonight, scientifically and beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that not all black people can dance.
    Wayne: Thank you, Exhibit #1.
    Aisha: I think my (battery) pack dropped down into the center of my pants, it was like a very warm...
    Ryan: (getting out of his seat) Did you get it out? Is it ok?
  • The one with Kaitlin Doubleday, which was also pretty awesome not only for having a proper premise (a message to adopt homeless pets) but for finding a way to involve Colin and Ryan anyways.
  • The one with Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser gets hilariously awkward fast, as Jillian apparently has never seen the show before, and just resorts to miming along with everything Wayne says. To her credit, she's fit enough to keep up with him.
  • The one with Wanye Morris of Boyz II Men fame. The epicness is guaranteed, so Wayne does something different and poaches the audience for a suggestion of an "unsexy job":
    Wayne: "Schoolteacher"?... Well hopefully not sweetheart!
  • They shake up the formula a little in 2019, making Wayne work for it by putting him in direct competition with the Special Guest:
    • Wayne has his work cut out for him when the guest is Chris Jackson, aka George Washington from Hamilton, and they rope in a lady from the audience, turning their song into a back-and-forth contest for her affections. Until Chris manages to bring up "a chart-topping hit with President Barack Obama", which puts Wayne into a Heroic BSoD for the rest of the act.
  • The return of Candice Patton in 2020 led to a historic event as her idea of a saucy superhero power (shooting lasers from her nipples) was shut down by the censors, the first time this has happened since the Cosby and Hitler incident!

    Sound Effects 

    Theme Restaurant 
  • They wait till late in the third season to bring this one back, with the slight upgrade of putting the Special Guest (Gina Rodriguez) as one of the diners, freeing up Wayne, Colin and Ryan'' to be the restaurant staff. You better believe it helps a lot.
    • Wayne, conveniently in a stylish jacket, as the maitre'd lights the candles on the table - which Colin immediately extinguishes. Cue Death Glare from Wayne.
    • They close off with an awesome moment when Ryan and Colin casevac the diners, Ryan risking his bad back to carry Gina while Colin hefts Jeff over his shoulder like that.

    Weird Newscasters 
  • In Jonathan Mangum's first televised game for Whose Line, he plays a game show host giving Colin away as a grand prize... and attempts to physically give him to Aisha. Unfortunately, Colin's heavier than he anticipated, resulting in a moment of pure Cringe Comedy.
    Aisha: I've never played GTA, so I had no idea what to say to you. What do women say in the game?
    (Wayne moans.)
  • Another Weird Newscaster business had Wayne doing an episode of "Oprah's Favorite Things" and even conned the audience into his act.
    • In the above game, Ryan was ugly outer space alien posing as a weatherman whose disguise is coming off – and attacked Colin twice.
  • They managed to make an epic one without Ryan - Greg is back in his element, Jeff goes over the top as a drunken frat guy, and Wayne scores an awesome moment of his own by dragging a multitude of audience members for his "family photo".
    "We only get together once every 4 years, because for legal reasons we can't be in the same place at the same time - This is the black sheep of the family..."
  • Before the actual game even starts, in the second Gary ep.
    "Wayne, you are the sportscaster who's going through an entire relationship with Aisha oh my god."
  • From the ep with Kunal Nayyar:
  • From the ep with leftover footage from the Robbie Amell episode:
    • Jeff goes over the top again as a Soap Opera doctor giving mouth-to-mouth to Colin. Later we see him already between Colin's legs.
    • Wayne goes into the audience again, scoring a jackpot by finding a guy ready to play along as the "perp" being taken in. He even goes the extra mile and uses his mouth because he's supposed to be handcuffed.
    • Finally, Ryan tries to line up a field goal with another audience member holding a water bottle as Jeff and Colin find themselves becoming the target - which Ryan misses by a mile.
  • They finally put Colin/Ryan to the test when Ryan performs in "Colin Mochrie: the Musical"!
    Ryan: (singing) "Memory... Where did my hair go..."
  • Wayne as "a day in the life of Aisha". Of all the things he could have gone with, he goes with depicting Aisha as secretly a man. A beer-swilling glutton of a man. Can you tell they miss Drew Carey already?
    Aisha: "When you least expect it, Brady...I'MMA FUCK YOU UP!"
    • Ryan swoops in to deliver the cherry on top by outing his and Aisha's "secret affair".
  • Wayne as "embarassing members of Aisha's family", which deliberately averts the Klump family thing some may have been expecting, going with the idiot cousin and doddering grandma instead.
    Wayne: "When you gonna get a real job?"
    (*Beat* as audience laughs and Wayne looks around like he just realized they were there)
    Wayne: "What are all these white people doing in my house?"
    • Jonathan as an "aggressive border patrol", which is basically just groping Colin all over. And then he puts his hand down Colin's pants, and you can actually hear Aisha going "oh no" off to the side.
    Jon: Do you have a small bag of change in there?
    Colin: You keep doing that, it's about to get bigger!
  • The first new game of season 4. Keegan's angry football coach ("Get down and give me fifty!") gets derailed by Colin milking it for an Incredibly Lame Pun (he mimes giving him US$50.)
    "GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 10!... But I want it in twos!"
    • Wayne's much-needed Take That! to those sob stories on reality shows is one thing, but then we get Ryan's idea of "a perfect day in the life of Ryan", which is Ryan just lazing about and watching tv. Until Wayne pops in to offer him a drink. The Unfortunate Implications get glossed over when Wayne says he was playing "his son Rodney", leading to totally different implications.
  • The one with Jonathan as "a toddler who thinks Colin is an ice cream", leading to him licking Colin's face and head. It may well be the first time we see Colin genuinely repulsed and peed-off at the whole thing.
    Jon: He's like a frog, I'm high!
  • Wayne as a "malfunctioning Aisha robot", which gives him the idea to perform a Kill and Replace on the real Aisha... until he gets within three feet of her and she fends him off with a Death Glare and a loud "I will f*ck you up!"
  • They do one with Jonathan as a "moose licking ice sculpture Colin". Yes, another one with licking of Colin. Fortunately they try to shake things up with Ryan in the sports commentator place and Wayne doing the weather:
    • Ryan is an "angry teenage girl", and instead of going in a "cash me ousside" direction he goes with being a jilted angry girl, pointing out the guy in the audience that she gave her number to, then chasing away the girl sitting with him before taking her seat, and getting a little too close to the guy. Wayne seeks vengeance for Ryan while "acting out a James Bond movie", ziplining down to the guy next to Ryan, and abusing his licence to kill.
  • One of the games with Ryan and Wayne trading places has Ryan as a bouncer, who somehow can attack the boom cam in his usual corner on the other side of the stage. Then things take a genuinely awkward but still hilarious turn when Ryan outs Aisha for having an additional drink hidden behind the desk - and due to its color it may very well be something she probably shouldn't be drinking considering the show's still on. Ryan immediately boots her from the desk and off to the side exit all while she complains that she's "got friends inside" - after which Ryan gleefully gets behind the desk and starts spamming the buttons.
    • Once the act's over, Aisha returns to the stage with a Purell bottle and starts dripping it on the buttons, at the same time that Ryan is revealed to be messing around with her handphone. Cue Aisha dripping the Purell on the phone too.
  • After a revival-series-long Running Gag about Ryan not knowing any of the movies being referenced, he's tasked with "acting out The Wizard of Oz in 30 seconds", and remarkably covers all the important parts of the movie sans musical numbers.
  • This one:
    Greg: I'm your anchor, Wayne Wayne Go Away. (cue a dejected Wayne walking off the set)
  • From the first new game of 2019, Ryan as all the presidents of America in 30 seconds - much like his Wizard of Oz act, he skeets through it in point form, mentioning wooden teeth and "I cannot tell a lie", "I am not a crook", even doing a Mic Drop (which gets cheers from the audience), and finally going "I have no idea what the f-ck I'm doing!" Unfortunately his picking up a dog gets next to no audience reaction...
    • On the other hand, Wayne is a player character in Fortnite, who goes from doing the Best Friends dance and flossing to outright admitting "I've never played this f-cking game..."

    What's in the Bag? 
  • In this game, Colin and Ryan have to act out a scene with a third performer, using items from two audience members' purses. During one round of this, Colin looks into the purse, says "Ooh, I'm ready for a date later", and closes the bag. Aisha (and the audience members) lose it.
  • In the episode with Maggie Q: Ryan pulling out a spray canister and spritzing it in Colin's direction to make a bad breath joke? Funny. The resulting mist wafting into Ryan's face and turning out to be pepper spray? Hilarious.
  • The one ending with Ryan sticking a car key into Wayne's butt.
  • One of the most incredible finds yet... handcuffs. And no indication if she's a cop.
  • One game involved Ryan using a "tongue depressor" on Wayne, by which we mean something that looked like an Ice cream stick but in pink. Nobody said it out loud, though in Wayne's case he was still in shock and dubious disgust at it...
    Wayne: I got just one question. The stick that was in my mouth...
    Colin: Congratulations, you're not pregnant!
    Aisha: As another woman I can confirm that was an emery board and not something that you pee on to find out new things about yourself. (*Beat*) You'll be fine!

    Whose Line 
  • In the scene where Ryan is Adam and Colin is Eve, this line says it all:
    Ryan: (To Colin) God created you and the first thing he do is look down and says to himself *as he open one of the paper lines* 'Damn You're Ugly!'
    • Which later after the game they joke that this is the HBO version of the testament.
  • In the scene where Ryan is Spider-Man going bad.
    Ryan: Just this morning I saw a baby outside a store and said *Opens one of his paper lines* can, uh, you rub it for me.
  • The Indiana Jones scene. It felt like something you'd see on the first American Whose Line series. Even better, one of the pre-written notes merely says "Ryan". Ryan runs with it and asks if saying his own name would help the situation.
    • In a Contrived Coincidence, when Ryan as Indiana announces to Colin as Marion that he's going to leave her.
    Colin: Oh you loved me last night when you were screaming out *opens one of the paper lines* 'Nice boobs!'
    (Ryan stops to check the paper like "wait, really?" then has a satisfied "okay then")
    • And one Colin gave that was not a paper line:
    Ryan: Your boobs are attractive but they're no treasure. And I must seek treasure that's my job.
    Colin: What a DICK!

     World's Worst 
  • Wayne did this in the first game on the World's Worst commercial by trying to sell shit and even self-chiropractic.
    • This completely accidental moment:
    Wayne: "Are you..." (starts corpsing, chooses to back out)
    Colin: (mock agitated) "Well, are you?!" (buzzed)
    Wayne: "I am." (buzzed)
  • Colin Mochrie counting to five in the World's Worst Talent Show act.
    Aisha: Jeff Brian Davis.
    • Then he does his "OW!!" again. And hey, at least we've learned his middle name. He can now join the "I've Had My Middle Name Used On Whose Line Club" up there with Drew Allison Carey.
  • "World's Worst" Newscaster:
    Colin: We are standing out here, reporting on the snipe- (headshot, keels over dead)
    Gary: ...and so the brothers fell 50 feet from the tightrope. And now for our black audience: Them bruthas be trippin' yall...
    Ryan: There is a dark storm cloud moving over Pimona, which is where my ex-wife lives - Bitch gonna get wet.
    Wayne: This just in from our sister station - Bitch gonna get wet!
  • World's Worst Roommate is just one hit after another, but just to name a few:
    • Heather Anne brings her A-game again, starting out with one where she's flat on the floor, supposedly under the bed; a stereotypical, hippie vegan; and a squicktastic one where she's clearly deranged amidst her own corpsing, offering "vomit or sex" instead of rent. Wayne takes her up on it.
    • Wayne as an annoyingly hyperactive guy, which he resurrects to join Ryan in his even more annoying "Good Morning" song. And Aisha just waits it out...
    • Speaking of squicktastic...
    Colin: Don't ask how; I accidentally pooped in all your underwear.
    Colin: Hey! Can I borrow your testicles for like an hour?
    • Another hit from Ryan, which loses some impact thanks to the audience:
    Ryan: (mimes cooking) No, I haven't seen the dog. (audience reacts) I'm not barbecuing the dog! I just said I haven't seen the dog, I just happened to be barbecuing at the same time... (buzzed)
  • "World's Worst" Cop Show, which starts getting anvilicious all of a sudden:
    (Ryan gets Wayne, Jonathan and Colin into a police lineup)
    Ryan: Ma'am, can you pick out the man who robbed you?
    (Wayne looks aghast as Jon and Colin shiftily point at him)
    (buzzed, everyone walks off normally, but:)
    Wayne: Yall know that's f*cked up, right?
    Ryan: That's how it is in the world today!
    • Wayne gets his revenge, kinda:
    (Aisha pulls Jon, Colin and Ryan into the lineup)
    Aisha: (to Wayne) Sir, can you pick out the man who embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from the company and then made you pay for it?
    (Ryan and Colin point shiftily at each other)
    Wayne: You mean after systematically devaluing my education and relegating me to certain neighborhoods where I couldn't receive the education needed to reach a certain fiscal position in this country?
    (Jon and Colin back out)
    Aisha: And also preventing you from getting any loans, or homes, or jobs, or businesses, or car lease...
    (cut to Jon spamming the buzzer)
    Wayne: (singing a jingle) Police officer by day - And masseuse by night - "Cop-A-Feel"! Coming to The CW!
  • "World's Worst" Relative. Heather Anne has her Captain Obvious shtick honed down to a point.
    Heather: (burly tones) Hey - you wanna have sex? (slight *Beat* before audience reacts)
    Ryan: (throws up both hands) That's what I was gonna do... (backs out)
    • Then Wayne and Colin are both under the impression that Ryan just forfeited his turn, leading to all three of them stepping out:
    Wayne: I would like to propose a toast, to th... what the hell...?
    (camera cut to Ryan just walking around aimlessly as Colin follows him very very closely Rain Man-style... and then Wayne joins them)
  • "If Celebrities Were Doctors". Wayne chooses now of all times to bring back his Bill Cosby impression.
    Wayne: I'll be your doctor for today... I'm doing the surgery on you, all you gotta do is drink this!
    (buzzed, goes sullen and walks off the stage despite tremendous applause)


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