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From the comics

  • Dark Matt's first attempt to ambush Matt and Collin during the "Galaxina's Inside Story" story arc.
    Dark Matt: Okay, gotta be sneaky... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Drunk Driving with Tora. Epic Fail only scratches the surface.
  • In Scoot-a-loo, Cosmo chases after Collin. The joke comes from the fact that Collin is running away on a chair!
  • In "X, Y U No here yet?", Damien and Nessie crash into a GameStop to buy Pokemon X & Y without knowing the release date.
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  • The fact that post-time skip Tori is literally a fat cat.
  • During Christmas, Dark Matt gave Devin a Wii U; her idea on a return gift?
    Devil Devin: Stab him!
    Angel Devin: Shoot him!
  • An early comic is called "It's a PDGM". What does PDGM stand for? Poorly Drawn Giant Mecha.
  • The cartoonist doesn't keep himself out of a few gags. One example is a meme template about how he recently got into DDR. The last image is of a rock with the caption "What my dance skills feel like right now."
  • The comic which compares Galaxina to Bella Swan. The whole thing is one massive hilarious Take That! at Twilight.
  • "Blindly fooling thyself" gives us a look into a drunken Collin's head. He views Tora's death threats as offers to listen to his problems because his alcoholism is a sign he has a serious problem.
  • Several comics have the cartoonist taking the place of the Avatar from Fire Emblem Awakening. The gags typically come at his expense, such as him using a thunder tome as toilet paper.
    • Another has him have a breakdown trying to pair off Nowi.
    Author's Comment: I need a little boy! 61! La Li Lu Le Lo.
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  • Timeskip Matt has a badass scarf and a new jacket. But in combination they resemble a certain Ice Cream-loving Vocaloid.
  • Priscilla tried to dye eggs with Ophelia once. The eggs suspiciously disappeared into Ophelia's mouth.
  • The author comments typically hold ridiculous comments on the situation. "Crybaby", for example, says that Matt (who is bawling his eyes out) has more important things to worry about. Specifically the ice cream right in front of him.
  • Cosmo deconstructs They Bleed Pixels.
  • Ophelia's bio ends with Ophelia telling Eloria to stop trying to "be replacement mom".
  • "Flight Formation" ends with Ivy being blown away with Sky and Matt getting dragged along with her.
  • "The Award Of Not Doing Much At All", while being a joke at the time Ms.Piggy won a feminist award, establishes Caroline's status as Butt-Monkey.

From the roleplays

Note: the folders are arranged in the chronological order of the roleplays. This means that pre-time-skip roleplays are listed before post-time-skip ones. Some of the folders are empty for the sake of maintaining the proper order of the roleplays. Also, the roleplays are named based on the comics/bios/supplementary materials they're attached to, but do not take place in quite the same order.

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     "Dark Matt Bio" 
  • Dark Matt becoming an X-Naut.
    Dark Matt: *wearing X-Naut uniform* I already hate this job.
  • Luigi poking Ganon with his Winter Sword. Ganon reacts much like you'd expect.
  • Matt and Dark Matt KOing each other with frying pans.
  • Dark Matt trying (and failing) to capture Sonja as Goemon.
  • Annie's stream of non sequiturs after being driven insane by Mysta using Reisen's Spell Cards. Or, more accurately, she ends up hallucinating and perceives everything that everyone else says as a non sequitur, which she repeats back to them in a futile effort to distinguish between her hallucinations and reality. It is much, much funnier than it sounds, simply by virtue of the misheard statements being incredibly random and nonsensical.
    • There's also a few instances of Delirious Misidentification, most notably Annie mistaking Tails for Dr. Eggman.
    • The joke is prevented from going on so long that it becomes tragic by virtue of Artemis punching Annie so hard it knocks her back to her senses after five or so "roleplay turns"note . And she started coming back to her senses on her own two turns before then (the stuff she misheard people saying at least rhymed with what they actually said).
    • Annie's reaction to the others' reactions once she stops hallucinating.
    • Artemis herself being utterly insane as a result of Mysto and Mephiles' Combination Attack stirring her memories of Altair. note 
  • Dick Dastardly Pack.

     "It's A PDGM" 

  • After Cosmo gets poisoned (and only saved due to Mighty witnessing the poison beginning to take effect by peeping on her in the shower), Mighty asks the Heroes' League who wants Cosmo dead. Charmy's first guess? Wendy Witchcart.
    • Mighty has no idea who Wendy Witchcart is, or why she'd want to kill Cosmo. Luigifan tells Mighty to ask Tails about it.
  • Luigifan and Garcia (both of whom are biologists) explaining how the poison works, and only realizing the full implications after they're done explaining.
    Garcia: I just finished analyzing the poison. It seems to be a mixture of three compounds - one to digest chlorophyll, one to digest cellulose, and one to permanently bind to RuBPcoase.
    Everyone except for Luigifan, Annie, Tails, and Luther: *confused*
    Luigifan: *sigh* Cellulose is the material that plant cell walls are made out of, chlorophyll is the pigment that plants use to absorb light energy, and RuBPcoase is the enzyme that fixes CO2 into sugar.
    Everyone except for Garcia, Annie, Tails, and Luther: *are even more confused*
    Garcia: In short, the poison is designed to kill plants, specifically by crippling photosynthesis and making the plant fall apart.
    Luigifan: Yeah, it's just a question of whether the plant starves to death before or after it disintegrates. ... *realizes what he just said* Oh dear.
    Ray: *begins panicking*
    Tails: *faints*
  • Flora becoming nervous at the sight of Entegra, resulting in Phillip trying to kill the drider with a can of Raid.
  • Wario trying to ambush Annie with a Ground Pound from high up in the air, only for Annie to spot him crashing down towards her and dive out of the way, leaving Wario to piledrive part of the couch she was sitting on into the ground.
    • Cream, who was sitting on the other end, getting catapulted away and hurled into a wall.
      • Mario distracting Wario from chasing Annie by mentioning Captain Syrup appearing on a talk show in Rogueport shortly after the events of Wario Land: Shake It.
    • Lindsay blowing up Wario's castle to stop him from chasing Annie (after Mario already stopped the chase with the aforementioned distraction) and subsequently getting chased by him.
      • Synder trying to get Wario to leave Lindsay alone, only to get tossed into Annie. Twice.
  • Pommy trying to troll Sonja in the worst possible way after she randomly passes out.
    Sonja: *has randomly passed out and begun having prophetic dreams*
    Pommy: *begins to open his mouth*
    Bomberman: No, it cannot be "raep tiem", you little psycho.
    Reuben: ...Er, what time?
    Luigifan: *notices that Sonja is unconscious* I think Pommy was about to troll Sonja in the absolute worst way possible.
    Cassandra: And if Collin knows what's good for him, he won't even try it...
  • Entegra taking notice of Flora's arachnophobia and deciding to mess with her.
  • Matt muting everyone when they start making so much noise that Tails can't concentrate on hacking into Artemis's computer.
    • Annie freaking out when Luigifan accidentally gives her the impression that coyotes are nearby.
    Luigifan: *holds up a sign* Why do I feel like I'm in a Wile E. Coyote cartoon?
    Annie: *holds up a sign* Coyotes?!? Where?!?
  • Matt misinterpreting the evidence Tails found through his hacking to pin Entegra as the poisoner.
    • Luigifan defending Entegra by pointing out that she has no logical motive for trying to kill Cosmo.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors at Dark Matt's house.
  • Artemis's nude pictures of Matt and Cosmo. They are both understandably freaked out by this.
  • Altair's response to Pommy telling him that Lily is pregnant in a side rp.
    Altair: They're breeding!
    Matt: And [there's] nothing you can do about it, seeing how witches were actually saved because they were expecting.
    Altair: FFFFFUUUUUU-!
  • Entegra and Collin getting confused by the Pichus that live in the Pikachu Cave.
    • Entegra and Collin accidentally frightening the Pichus into attacking them, kicking off a prolonged (and pathetic) fight scene.
  • The poison that nearly killed Cosmo and kicked off the roleplay? Turns out it was made by Dark Ben as a benign herbicide. Then Devin, who was carrying it, lost it, and Collin mistook it for rancid soda and dumped it into the Pikachu Cave's water supply. Matt's reaction to finding all of this out was epic.
  • A member of the Tom-Tom gang hitting on Sonja. She tries to politely turn him down at first, but when he doesn't listen (and gets increasingly lewd), she eventually resorts to whacking him in the groin, then picking up his motorcycle and dropping it on top of him.


     "Devin Bio" 
  • Luigifan and Pommy making Shout Outs to the Narm of Mega Man X4.
  • Entegra's mood swings when Matt holds Devin near and far away from her.
  • "Hackey-Snow party at the Mobian Museum!"
  • Luigifan just keeps saying inappropriate things... Garcia is not amused.
  • Captain Whisker's "crotch log".
  • Devin and Tora turning the fight against the Ghost Pirates into a competition between them.
  • Pommy anticipating a Cat Fight and throwing gelatin at Felicia and Entegra.
    • Devin then proceeds to eat the gelatin.
      • She overeats and gets so sick that she actually throws up, and then proceeds to conclude that Dark Matt has control over her vital organs.
    • Kirby, watching Devin eat the gelatin, asks the others to remind him not to challenge Devin to a Gourmet Race. Matt then proceeds to point out that Kirby is... overestimating Devin, or at least her control over her appetite.
      Matt: Kirby, we'd all know what would happen if you and Devin did Gourmet Race...
      *scenario of the unlikely event*
      Devin: NOM NOM NOM!
      Waddle Dee: Um... You're supposed to keep going...
      Devin: Stupid thing shut up and let Devin eat!
      Matt: I mean it's not like she eats everything whole... well most everything... (I'll never forgive her for eating my cheese wheel.)
  • Sonic pratfalling after Damien Kane loses his concentration on keeping him in the air.

     "A rare moment indeed" 

     "About dang time" 

     "Tori Bio" 

     "Altair Bio" 
  • Mighty and Altair brawling over Altair nearly killing Galaxina in his previous roleplay appearance. note 
  • Mighty gets hurled out of the church and crashes into Lily, landing on top of her. He uses this as an opportunity to cop a feel, then runs back into the church before Lily can react, leaving her fuming outside.
  • Altair trying to kill Lily with a goheinote , which only makes her wonder what he's doing.
  • Altair terrorizing the Koopalings, whom he has mistaken for demons.
  • Lindsay humiliating Regulus in increasingly audacious ways, culminating in spray-painting his armor to make him resemble a clown and somehow stuffing him in a tutu.
  • Mysto describing her efforts to kill Jesus Christ.
    Mysto: Every time I struck him down, he was back on his feet, alive and kicking, in just three days!!!!!!!!!
    • The Heroes' League deciding to run like hell when Mysto and Altair start brawling.
    Luigifan: Bail?
    Annie: Bail.

     "Fatty vs. Fairy" 

     "And that's why he shakes" 

     "The maid" 

     "Pay Day" 
  • Depowered Altair making a fool of himself by trying to take on Mysto, and getting his ass kicked horribly.
  • Luigifan and Flora pissing off Brauner by revealing what becomes of him and his "daughters".
    • Marcus's complete lack of surprise at the revelation that Brauner is Donald Stuffner's cousin.note 
  • Lily, Legault, and Carnation beating the crap out of Luigifan for almost killing Carnation with his Ultimate Rage Bursts.
  • Artemis's reaction to seeing Perun and Veles.
    Artemis: Whoa, when'd you two get back? You've been missing for almost as long as I can remember!
  • Altair's reaction to being kissed by Mephiles. (Not that Mephiles did it willingly.)
  • Cassandra insulting Mysto in her native language.
    Cassandra: Na koliny, suka!
    Mysto: ... ... ... *pissed* WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?
    Heroes' League: *confused*
    Cassandra: ...Let's just say I used a very strong Ukrainian phrase implying that we made Mysto our bitch.
    Mysto: Zamknesh!!!
    Luigifan: ...What?
    Cassandra: ...I don't know much Ukrainian, but I believe she just told us to shut up.
    Randy: Well, you did call her a whore and tell her to get down on her knees and beg for mercy...
    Luigifan: *facepalm* I don't want to know.
    Sonic: *Sonic falls into a hysterical laughing fit at this, and Tails winds up having to drag him out of the way of an Avascular Mass spell.*
    Mysto: Yes, I said shut up!!! *Mysto begins hurling spells at Sonic and Cassandra, apparently trying to kill them as painfully as possible.*
  • Blake trying to help Mysto nuke Tori, and just annoying Mysto instead.
  • Luigifan trying to pass on a hint as to what Annie should name her daughter... by singing snippets of songs from Anastasia. Nobody else gets it. Except for Mysto.
    Luigifan: Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg.
    Annie: *confused*
    Luigifan: Dancing bears, painted wings! Things I yearn to remember!

     "Mrs. Clause" 

  • "The voice of reason is unconscious."
  • Manny, Wrapsodi, and Valdez panicking upon finding Natural Gropius Harmonia (a.k.a. N) and Zekrom in their hideout.
    • Bonus points since said hideout is the former Team Magma hideout, so N has more reason to be there than Wrapsodi does.
    • Bonus bonus points for N being perfectly polite during the entire exchange, and (understandably) being utterly bewildered when Manny, Wrapsodi, and Valdez flee.
  • Valdez, Manny, and Wrapsodi steadily getting more and more freaked out as the heroes pursue them.

     "Disgaea: Wedding Bells" 
  • The premise of a demon wedding.
  • The Lord of Ruin and Necrongius are taken progressively less seriously as the roleplay continues.
  • "Oh. I seem to have been impaled."

     "Drunk driving with Tora" 
  • Luigifan revealing that he showed the infamous Sonic Advance 2 Retsupurae to Cream. note  Legault, Tori, and Boar are understandably horrified.
  • Luigifan calling Bowser Jr. "B. Junes", and the latter's incredulous reaction.
  • Disrupting Flora and Phillip's date at the movie theater.
  • Rudy vs. the Injun-Hunter. The confrontation is almost entirely verbal, so it contains some epic lines. For instance:
    Injun-Hunter: Are you messing with me, or are you really that stupid?
    Rudy: Are you messing with me, or are you really that racist?
    Lindsay: Oooh, burn!
    Maya: If you didn't want to be used as training for a guardian angel, then maybe you shouldn't have been such a huge jerk! I'll draw it out so you understand. *Maya doodles Tulip and Lily* Once upon a time these two girls ventured out into the world of technology. *Doodles Tulip and Lily marrying their spouses* They married some dudes and learned all sorts of things. *doodles the Injun-Hunter, he looks really dumb* Then the big bad racist showed up. He claimed all the land belonged to his people, even though the people didn't care. *doodles herself being given orders by Galaxia* So sensei instructed me to come to this universe and KICK YOUR ASS! *the last page has Maya punching the Injun-Hunter in the face* And then everyone but you lived happily ever after. *bashes the Injun-Hunter in the face*
    Tora: Whoo! Violence!
    Boar: Stop being a "bro", Tora.
    Maya: Your critique is welcome.
    Legault: ...That seems oddly poetic...
    Luigifan: *Luigifan, who has been desperately trying to hold in laughter as he watched the Injun-Hunter making a fool of himself, now completely loses it and drops to the ground, convulsing in laughter.* I know love conquers all, but this is completely ridiculous!!! The feared Injun-Hunter, vicious and remorseless serial killer, defeated by sappy romance!!!! Now this is what I call a fairytale ending!!!!
  • Boar punching out Luigifan for calling Japan weird.
    Boar: Stop being stereotypical! There's more to us than tentacles and lolicon.
    • Except if one remembers his, ahem, "reading material", Boar shouldn't be the one talking.

     "Library work" 
  • Traveling Vegetarian Vampire pack, do not kill.
  • Teresa sleeping on the job, to Persephone's displeasure.
    • Lily swiping and destroying the Light Demons' cocaine from right under Teresa and Persephone's noses.
    Lily: Hey jerkfaces! I'm in your base, erasing your coke!
  • Teresa's reaction to Anya stabbing her in the crotch.
    Teresa: You do not mess with a rabbit's ovaries!
  • Kirby getting increasingly incredulous as his allies make mistakes against Necrodeus.
    Kirby: *facepalm* Dagnabit!
  • Lillian blasting Phillip when he questions her and Patrick's relationship. Repeatedly.
    • Phillip, refusing to take the hint, ultimately gets himself knocked unconscious.

     "Love at First Blindsight" 

     "Pretty Fly for a... Fly" 

     "The meaning of a song" 
(Warning! This roleplay is not safe for work! Spoiler warnings conceal NSFW material!)
  • Amy trying to beat Sprout to a pulp.
  • Matt going insane as Krieg.
    Matt: Meat bicycles! Come back when thou obtain the fluffiness of a skag!
    • According to Cosmo, his ramblings are him complaining about people finding Toriel sexually attractive.
  • Entegra telling Cream exactly what happened to her. (Warning: NSFW!!)
    Entegra: *to Cream* There is a pretty good chance [Sprout's] body committed pollen rape on you.
    Cosmo: Entegra..!
    Entegra: *mockingly* Yes, that is my name. Telling things bluntly is my game.
  • How William and Serena arrive. They accidentally come in through a portal Luigifan opened. Followed by a mafia car that was chasing them. The car promptly crashes.
    Luigifan: *opening a portal to Westside Island* Can we just get to Linus's place already? *Just then, two biker foxes - a female fox and a male hedgefox - come crashing through the portal. Followed by a car full of mafia goons. The bikes manage to swerve, but the car wipes out and crashes into a nearby wall.* The hell-
    Lindsay: *facepalm* William and Serena pissed off the mafia again?!?
    William: Hey! Our latest package turned out to be something they didn't want delivered!
    Lindsay: Every other package you two deliver turns out to be something the mafia doesn't want delivered.
    Serena: True. Hey, thanks for opening that portal right in front of us. We probably wouldn't have gotten away from those goons without your help.
    Luigifan: You're... welcome...?
    Luigifan: Just how badly did you piss off the mafia this time?!?
  • Collin's suggestion for how to deal with the mafia.
    Collin: I vote we raid the "hammer" base and have an awesome explosion ridden movie made about it. With a sex scene between the two guys who just showed up. Will and overly complicated name girl.
    Cosmo: Serena isn't overly complicated.
    Collin: Shut up Cos... Coz... Cosmo.
    Cosmo: *facepalm*
    • Lindsay quickly volunteers to supply the explosions.

     "For tuna the can tolls" 
  • Tori's cat antics.
  • Tori is in complete control over Matt because of her necromancy powers. One thing she forces Matt to become? Neco Arc Chaos.
  • Luigifan's reactions to nearly causing Tulip's death.
  • Randy accidentally molesting Tori.
  • Felicia crashing Boar's car. Shadow sums it up best:
    Shadow: She knows how to hotwire a car... but not how to drive one. What the f***.
    • Luigifan making a Call-Back to "Drunk Driving with Tora":
    Luigifan: Well, at least it didn't end up crashed into an upper-level apartment this time.
    Flora: I don't even want to know.
  • Julie-Su begrudgingly admitting that Vector has a point when he protests to her plan of using her sawed-off shotgun to shoot at the Ant God,note  but then immediately taking a potshot at him:
    Knuckles: Hey Jules, what are you going to do?
    Julie-Su: Well, I'm the firearms expert of the Chaotix, so I'm going to the roof-
    Vector: With a shotgun?!?!?!?!? Are you nuts?!?!?!?!? You're going to end up shooting our fliers!note 
    Julie-Su: Can it, Vector! ...Wait, I'm sorry, you're right. For once. *sigh* Next thing we know, we're going to see Dark Matt and Artemis in parkas.
    Vector: Huh?
    Vector: Oh. Wait, hey!
    • Immediately afterwards, Julie-Su announces her change of plans, but makes an Accidental Innuendo. Mighty, being Mighty, just has to lampshade it:
      Julie-Su: Sure, I can handle a sniper rifle just fine, but I know Rad Red here's going to be in the thick of the action, and my sawed-off shotgun is my favored weapon... plus Shadow's probably up there with a sniper rifle already. I'm going down with Knuckles-
      Mighty: *facepalm*
      Julie-Su: What?
      Mighty: Just don't lay an egg while you're at it!
      Julie-Su: o_e; *Completely red in the face, Julie-Su slaps Mighty and heads down to the street in a huff.*
      Knuckles: *sweatdrop* *Knuckles quickly follows Julie-Su.*
      Galaxina: *to Mighty* What did you say that for?
      Mighty: "Going down with Knuckles"? Really? We're here to make war, not love! As much as I'd prefer to be making love...
      Ray: >_<; I'll... I'll just be leaving now. *Ray flies out the window.*
      • Sonja and Reuben think that Mighty's remark was Actually Pretty Funny, but have the sense to wait until the Chaotix are out of earshot before bursting out into laughter. Unfortunately, they didn't wait for Galaxina to be out of earshot, and she is not amused.
  • After Margaret gets distracted by Todd yelling at Boar and the Sewer Spider turns the tables on her, she realizes that she's likely to be killed... as she laments her fate, however, she's rescued by Bomberman, then carried to safety by Kirby. That belongs on the Awesome page, not the Funny page, though. What does belong on the Funny page is what happens after Kirby has reunited Margaret with Randy:note 
    Kirby: *running into the house* Uh... Annie? Margaret's been hurt pretty bad-
    Margaret: I'm not... hurt that bad... I can still fight... if someone would only untie me first...
    Margaret: Oh... *sniffles* Oh, Randy... I'm sorry... I heard Todd screaming about Felicia getting hurt, and I got distracted... and before I knew it, I was being wrapped up and I couldn't fight back... *Margaret begins crying in shame.* I'm sorry, Randy! I... I screwed up... I let you down... If Kirby and Bomberman hadn't been there, I would have died, and you never would have known... *sob* If only I'd kept my attention on the fight...
    Randy: Margaret... Oh, dear... Don't cry, please... I'm just glad that you're safe... *Randy holds Margaret close for a few moments, before realizing that she's still wrapped up and unable to hug him back.*
    Kirby: Um... Well. This is awkward.
    Randy: Kirby, thank you... for rescuing my beloved...
    Kirby: It was no problem. Ribbon and I are gonna go back to fighting the Sewer Spider, 'k? *Kirby and Ribbon hop out the window and fly back towards the Sewer Spider.*
    Randy: *sigh* Margaret... Is... Is it safe to untie you? Because if you've been badly envenomated, it'd be better to leave you like this until you've been healed...
    Margaret: No... I'm still fit to fight... This venom doesn't affect me too badly. It's mostly my pride that's been wounded. The lack of oxygen in the webbing would have killed me long before the venom would have, so it wouldn't start digesting me until after I was already dead...
    Randy: ...Oh... Oh dear... wait. Did you just say that the lack of oxygen would have killed you?
    Margaret: *sniff* Y-yeah...
    Randy: ... ... ...Excuse me for a moment, darling. *Randy returns to the roof, but his scream can still be heard in the house (as well as everywhere within the surrounding ten blocks).* GODDAMNIT, ARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU WE HAD TO SAVE MARGARET FIRST!!!!!!!!
    Annie: O_o
    Lily: Ow! My ears!!!!
    Flora: What the heck, Randy?!?
    Sonja: Er... Let me guess, you just found out Astrals can drown?
    Margaret: ...He still hasn't let that go, has he? *sigh* ...Could somebody please get this webbing off of me?
  • When Annie learns that the Ant God has abducted all of the Heroes' League's children — including her own daughter, Anastasia — and is currently mashing the poor baby into paste, she flips out, and gets so pissed off that she briefly lapses into Angrish:
    Marcus: Um, didn't you hear Luigifan?
    Annie: No... I was healing Tulip... What?
    Marcus: It turns out... the Ant God... somehow... got... your daughter...
    Annie: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? H-h-h-how did this happen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Rudy: ^^; Uh... I guess we all took a nap at the same time, and it somehow got in and stole her without anyone noticing...
    Annie: ...What?!?!?!? How could you- whatthehellRudy- Ighaghu... Dyah!
  • After Todd helps restore her will to live, Felicia has quite the... interesting reaction to his affirmation of his love for her, which causes everyone else (other than Margaret) to crack up.
    Felicia: *As Felicia gazes admiringly at Todd, she suddenly notices his multiple stab wounds. After briefly gaping at him in surprise, she cries out in alarm.* TODD!!! What happened to you?!?
    Todd: Oh, I just got into a fight to the death with Boar to defend your honor. He stabbed and slashed me a few times, no big deal.
    Felicia: You what?!? Todd, how could you be so stupid?!? For one thing, Boar could easily have overpowered you-
    Todd: *Todd is actually grinning ear to ear, as Felicia's outburst of Anger Born of Worry (and Righteous Indignation) is a sure-fire sign that her self-confidence has been restored; the woman he loves is back and better than ever.* Are you kidding? I was the one who overpowered Boar. He only managed to hurt me 'cause he had a sword; I would have killed him if Cassandra didn't stop our fight-
    Todd: *Todd claps a hand over Felicia's mouth to stop her from screaming and force her to listen to him.* Felicia, babe, I'm not smiling because I nearly killed Boar. I'm smiling because you're screaming at me... more precisely, because I know from experience that you're angry for any of three reasons - one, that you're afraid for my safety; two, that I did something morally questionable; or three, both. And that means that your screaming is a good sign that the high-spirited, sweet, intelligent, kind, sexy, agile, cunning, beautiful, non-suicidal, and overall downright amazing Felicia Fox I know and love so dearly is back! *Todd grabs Felicia around the waist, holds her very close (and as tight as he can without hurting her), passionately kisses her on the lips (holding the kiss for several seconds), then releases his hold.* I love ya, honey. *Todd quickly kisses Felicia again, then leaves the scene, departing from the roof and entering the house.*
    Jumpy: H-hey Todd, wait, don't you need those stab wounds taken care of?
    Felicia: *Felicia spends several seconds blushing profusely, staring blankly towards the entrance of the house, and making odd squeaking sounds, not able to come up with an articulate response. Finally, she whispers Todd's name, shudders in delight, squeals, kisses Margaret (mainly due to Margaret being within arm's reach), and faints. In exactly that order.*
    • After Cassandra and Sonja observe that Felicia is probably going to be impregnated later that night (read: she and Todd are probably going to have sex), exasperating Margaret, she turns and notices that everyone else was watching the whole thing, and they all have some witty commentary. She quickly flies away in embarrassment. Todd then returns to find everyone else turning to stare at him, and has no idea why.
  • Tails, after being incapacitated by the Ant God post-One-Winged Angel, freaks out when Margaret zaps him awake.
  • Even during his grand finale, Luigifan can't seem to drop the Idiot Ball.
  • Phillip and Flora begin to cuddle rather... intimately once the battle is over. The reactions of the others, especially Luigifan and Annie, are priceless.
  • The entire scene where Luigifan apologizes to Tulip:
  • Luigifan letting Xerneas out of its Pokéball... in Boar's house. Ceiling damage ensues.
    Boar: Are you always this dumb or are you playing stupid to get on my nerves?
  • Boar disapproves of Matt and Tori's relationship. Tori disapproves of Boar's disapproval. Boar is oblivious.
  • After Luigifan explains a vision Sonja had (which perfectly predicts a future event in "Esther Bio"), Boar asks Luigifan if he's on hallucinogens.
    Boar: If a man talks about you're [sic] sister marrying a man and then their daughter being chased by one of their friend's son and it involves the man trying to make your sister marry the man then make their daughter fall in love with the friend's son but fails completely, you don't take his word for it, you question it!
    Boar: *To Luigifan* What in the nine hells are you talking about? We are talking about dreams of the future, not the dreamer's daughter. Honestly how do you confuse the word dream for a person?
    Tora: What if that was that person's name?
    Matt: What kind of a name is I?
    Boar: I hate you.
  • Pommy sends Flora a racy picture... of a girl tied up and about to be eaten by a spider. note  Flora, being arachnophobic (and scared of arthropods in general), promptly faints.
  • Lindsay scaring Legault half to death by explaining why she is completely unimpressed by Pommy trying to scare her with a picture of a girl Strapped to a Bomb.
  • The X-Nauts blowing up the ceiling of Tori's house in an attempt to kill Tulip.
  • Luigifan trying to convince Boar to accept Matt and Tori's relationship by revealing the events of "Pay Day", only for Boar to staunchly refuse to believe that they happened.
    • Matt actually takes Boar's side on the argument when reminded that his future self dealt with the Avascular Mass spell.
      • Boar claiming that Garcia's Celebi is a fake, which Celebi is offended by.

     "Boar Bio" 

     "Future: A shocking diary" 

     "Full moon empty stomachs" 
  • Matthew Prower running headlong into the wall of the Mokarays' house and knocking himself out after being startled by Saru.
  • Due to pommyman screwing up a post and Author!Luigifan taking it at face value, the Prowers think that Tora, not Saru, was the one who threatened to eat Matthew. This leads to Tora showing up, completely drunk off her rocker, and proceeding to make outrageously inappropriate (and hilarious) comments.
    Tori: *to her children, who are insulting Matthew and Annie* I can't believe I raised all of you to become so critical and thoughtless towards others. Matthew spying on us may have been wrong but you don't need to take it out on Annie.
    Tora: Yeh, jus pown Madfew an ged on wif lief.
    Tori: That is horrible advice.
  • Uma's reactions to being hit on by Matthew Prower.
    • Uma attacking Matthew after he accidentally peeks up her skirt.
    Tora: You are now a woman Uma.
    Tori: Beating up stalkers has nothing to do with physical maturity!
  • The flashback to Michael and Miledy's senior prom. Which Saru decides to use as inspiration to keep her parents from messing with her prom.
  • Matthew Prower's stream of unintentional Double Entendres. (He's referring to his Gigalith, not his penis.)
  • Matthew Mokaray going into full-blown Overprotective Dad mode.

     "Esther Bio" 
  • Matthew Prower dropping Brick the Gigalith on Altair's truck (and squashing Priscilla) is funny enough, but Artemis's angry ranting afterwards is utterly hilarious. As is Dark Matt rewriting the events so that Matthew gets hurt instead.
    Artemis: *is quivering with anger* You... Child molesting... Psychotic... Murderer! You're going to prison! No trial! No excuses! And I am going to watch you get shanked to high hell before i finally tear out a messily devour your soul for this and I mean your SOUL!!
  • Dream's constant inappropriate remarks are great for a laugh.
  • Uma completely rebuffing Matthew's attempt at Rescue Romance.
    Uma: *calmly gets up and dusts herself off*
    Inu: *waits for Matthew to recover before speaking* Were you by any chance using this attack to further your lewd goal of taking away my sister?
    Uma: *seems to only view Matthew in a slightly better light*
    Priscilla: Be proud dear foolish Matthew, your desire for four year olds allowed you to do something actually useful. But next time use more flattery.
    Uma: This moron could flatter me for a year and I'll still find him undesirable. *to Matthew, but not facing him* I have no interest in obsessive book dumb foxes.
  • Matthew Prower being freaked out by Priscilla's Precocious Crush on him, only made worse by Dream explaining it to him in the most awkward way possible. Artemis, needless to say, is horrified. And Priscilla herself doesn't help.
    Dream: Oh my. Is Priscilla wet for Matthew?
    Anastasia: *shocked* DREAM!!!!!
    Janine: ...You did not just say that.
    Tails: *facepalm* Ugh...
    Artemis: *has a "WTF?!?" expression*
    Matthew: *confused* ...What does that even mean?
    Dream: It means she has a crush on you.
    Matthew: Er... what?!?
    Dream: Oh for crying out loud! She feels for you like you do for Uma!
    Janine: Phrased in a way that made it sound like she ejaculated. Somebody get me some brain bleach.
    Artemis: *is still appalled that Priscilla is displaying interest in Matthew* But she's... Only a year old...
    Artemis: Please no...
    Priscilla: Untold riches...
    Artemis: Let me calm down...
    Priscilla: Sexy wife!
    Artemis: No, just no. Don't ever say that while you're still so young.
    • The last one is soon proven false, as an adult Priscilla shows up, but it turns out she inherited her mother's "assets".
  • Matthew Mokaray is still overprotective, leading to frantic efforts to keep him from finding Matthew Prower apparently dry-humping Uma thanks to Mysto's magic. The characters involved have some really great lines. Highlights include:
    Dream: You have to give Mysto props, that was quite creative. I'm sure we'll all find this hilarious in about ten years.
    Uma: I am really uncomfortable with this!
    Saru: *to Matthew* Either you're just weak willed or I'm going to assume you're enjoying this.
    Artemis: Dream, I would prefer it if we figured out a way to keep the man capable of turning into Superman from finding out Mysto is trying to make an innocent kid into a sex offender.
    BILL: I am not okay with sexual harassment.
    Matthew: Enjoying it- are you kidding? This takes the concept of "awkward" to frightening new levels!!!! Yes, I like Uma, but this is ridiculous!
    • Later, after Matthew Prower is pried off of Uma (and Dream has half-jokingly accused him of masturbating):
    Uma: If you value your life you will NEVER mention this.
    Artemis: Right if Matt finds out about this. well, I hope you're good with block puzzles.
    Uma: I was thinking more about tearing him apart myself.
    Inu: Uma, you can't even cut cardboard very well.
    Uma: *to Matthew* MY. SELF.
    • The Yandere Song.
      Matthew: I really don't like this song anymore...
      Synder: I guess we have no choice but to humor him. Annie, Tails, I am so very deeply sorry for the insults being thrown at your son.
      • Which is quickly replaced with Goodbye by Save Ferris.
      • After Ben threatens to smash Matt's guitar.
  • Luigifan attempting to get Uma to fall in love with Matthew Prower with a homemade love potion. Luigifan is not a chemistnote  and has no idea what he's doing. Hilarity Ensues.
  • An adult Priscilla helps Luigifan finally understand a strange message he received with the hidden message "Help Ophillia my daughter". Luigifan is raring to save the incorrectly named girl, only for Priscilla to reveal that child services already gave custody of Ophelia to her.
    Luigifan: ... ... ...I have no idea how I should feel about this.
  • Alen is immediately one-shotted (literally) by Ben right when his theme music starts playing.
    • Dream (who Alen was about to fight) then points out that she would have kicked Alen's ass anyways... but that the way Ben did it was funnier.
  • "What's a penis?" note 
  • When Memori shows up and starts trying to get Winter killed, Luigifan freaks out and thinks she's possessed by the Watchers. He then tries to "exorcise" her with the Chant of the Watchers.
  • Blake summons the Knights of the Round (which he stole from YUFFIE) to kill Winter. Unfortunately for him, Arthur is rather unnerved by Synder and focuses on keeping his weakest knight out of her sight.
    • It's stated that the 13th knight is a new recruit who replaced the last 13th knight after he got hit by a stray supernova.
    • Mordred and Miriam confuse Arthur for their father, Arthur, albeit only briefly.
    • Dream steals the materia from Blake. He doesn't notice until the Knights of the Round turn on him.
  • Dream intentionally telling Artemis about Mordred's attempt to kill Damien so that Artemis will kick his ass for it.
  • Alen and Elan's reactions to learning that they've been sent on an utterly pointless distraction mission.
  • Luigifan tossing Damien at Lysander to retrieve Dark Matt's book and save Dream's life, only for Dream to point out that Damien is now in danger.
  • After Miriam gets way too awkward with Ne (including talking about her breasts), Ne gropes Miriam in an effort to "unlock the beast within". Miriam promptly faints. And then, after waking up, tries to get him to grope her again. And then Cassandra shows up, thoroughly pissed off and demanding to know who molested her daughter.
  • Mildred yells obscure hints at Dream for several turns on how to get rid of Blake. When Alen asks where she gets all the air for yelling:
    Mildred: From your heads.
    Elan: Oohh...
  • Dark Matt to Artemis after she makes an off-color comment: "You ate a drug dealer again, didn't you?"
    D.Matt: Natural beauty comes from within! The girl is flowing with inner beauty!
    Artemis: Who cares about inner beauty when you can make your boyfriend bend head over heals (sic) for you? In less than a decade he'll be doing anything to get closer to that rack!
  • Luigifan accidentally tipping Tails off to the maid's true identity, at which point she makes good on her promise from "Pretty Fly for a... Fly" and tries to kill the fox.
  • Artemis suddenly trying to encourage Dream and Damien's relationship... which only succeeds in making them uncomfortable.
    Damien: My bits feel cold and shivery for some reason.
    • Dream babbling in panic about how it's unrealistic to expect her to have a lot of children.
      • Dream fainting as a result of Artemis's "queen bee" attitude and, according to Ben, treating her like a guinea pig.
    • Luigifan wondering how the hell Artemis plans to have so many kids before deciding that he doesn't want to know.
      • Luigifan squicking himself and Damien out by wondering what Damien's penis looks like.
      • The maid bluntly informing Luigifan that Damien's penis is no different from a normal human's, and upon asking why nobody asked her, is told by Esther that it's because she's a jerk.
  • Uma inexplicably shows up to criticize Matthew's persistence. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Matthew was afraid that she'd been killed by the stinkbomb. Uma is promptly tackled by Matthew and hugged tightly enough to crush her ribs.
    • Then, after Matthew lets go of Uma and gets up to yell at Luigifan over the stinkbomb, Matthew is nearly driven to tears by his own rant and tries to hug Uma again. Uma steps away, resulting in Matthew hugging Janine instead.
    Janine: Holy crap this is tight!!! No wonder Uma hates being hugged by you... Let me go! I can't breathe!!!
    • Uma immediately proceeds to verbally thrash both Matthew and Luigifan. Which is followed by Matt physically thrashing Matthew.
  • Ne smooching Miriam to mess with her.

     "In your base, drinkin' your booze" 
  • Pommyman had no idea how to continue after Author!Luigifan's vague starting post. So instead he starts with a short paragraph of Nessie worrying about Damien.
  • Dream continues to be a one-girl comedy squad, and with the first half of the roleplay focusing on her, she has a lot of great moments. Highlights include:
    • Dream pointing out that Lydia just had her first period last night.
    • Dream exasperating Lydia with nonstop Cool, but Inefficient antics.
      • Performing Link's arm-twist throw from Soul Calibur 2.
    • Dream making Lydia freak out by claiming that Damien is going to eat her after the X-Nauts take her hostage. She does get taken hostage, but all that happens to her is some broken ribs and crushed hands courtesy of the maid.
      • All the while, Nessie keeps telling Dream that Damien wouldn't do that because he'd get sick and start vomiting people left and right, and when told how bad adding holy to the raw live meat would be...
    Nessie: "Lydia would smell very bad... Hee hee. Holy vomit."
  • The characters' reactions to the back half of the Astarte manor exploding. Especially Dark Matt.
    D.Matt: *walks around to the backyard* And just exactly who...DESTROYED THE HOME I BUILT?!
    • Which has a Nichijou icon of all things in it.
  • Crump's reaction to Dexter Lionel attacking the X-Nauts.
  • Tulip needlessly worrying about Dandelion's safety.
  • The maid verbally abusing Lydia.

     "Professional apologizer" 

     "Blindly fooling thyself" 
  • Luigifan's Vomit Discretion Shot after Dream reveals what Mr. Snow plans to do to Memori. note 
    Luigifan: There's cruelty, and then there's that. Excuse me for a moment. *runs inside the house, into the bathroom, and throws up*
  • Saru's extreme violence against the Sectras/Antrs that try to attack her.
  • Kirby wonders whether or not Queen Sectonia is on Pop Star. He is immediately called by King Dedede and Taranza, who inform him that Queen Sectonia is on Pop Star.
  • After Matthew rescues Uma from Wrapsodi in a manner most awesome, he then tries to make sure she's okay in a manner most awkward.
    Annie: *regarding Matthew treating Uma's injuries and getting Wrapsodi's webbing off of her* Please tell me that didn't involve any bad touching...
    Uma: It's involving a lot of bad touching!
  • Uma misinterpreting Matthew's "World of Cardboard" Speech in which he promises to do his best to earn her love.
    Uma: Oh wonderful Matthew... For rescuing me you have earned the right to stop caring about me as a person while I prepare myself to become your bride. Is not what you are getting. Outdated concepts such as making me your property simply because you saved me won't work on me. All it does is prove that you are selfless. Not that I have to marry you.
    • In Uma's defense, Matthew phrased his speech in a way that implied that Uma wouldn't have any choice in the matter, without even realizing that it could be interpreted that way. He was quite shocked and apologetic when Uma pointed out the Unfortunate Implications.
      Matthew: *to Sonic and Noah, while removing Wrapsodi's webbing from Uma and unwittingly touching her in inappropriate ways in the process, and also making the mistake of speaking about her as though she's not right in front of him* I know full well what this looks like, and rest assured, I'm not actually making any moves on [Uma] - I think I need more time to grow up before doing that. Well, that, and I need to train my brain more. But... when I saw her in trouble... I know, she's not going to be that impressed... but still... I can't just let Uma die. I love her, Uncle Sonic. And I know I'm not worthy of her yet. But I'm trying my best, and someday... I swear, someday, I will be. That day is not today, and it will not be tomorrow. It will not come for several years. But I am preparing myself. And I will eventually make myself worthy to take Uma as my bride.
      Noah: *sweatdrop* Matthew? You really shouldn't have said that out loud...
      Matthew: Why not?
      Sonic: *sweatdrop* You do know she's still right in front of you, right?
      Matthew: What? *Matthew looks down at Uma, who has a very skeptical (and slightly frightened) expression on her face.* *blush* Eep! *Matthew quickly resumes untying Uma.* Damn, Wrapsodi wrapped you up tight... Don't worry, I'll have you out of that webbing in a few minutes. Uh... forgive me for being so earnest... Um... Uh... Yes, I meant all that - the good and the bad... about myself, I'm talking about myself! You're wonderful!
      Uma: ...
      Matthew: *still blushing madly* Yeah, I still want you, but I can't force you to like me, I have to earn it... *blush* ...Wait, what did I just say?!? *facepalm* God, I sound like a creep... I'll just shut up now. *Matthew stops talking and focuses on unwrapping Uma.*
      Noah: *Noah sighs and runs off to fetch Anastasia so she can heal Uma properly.*
      Luigifan: *arriving along with Kirby, Saru, Esther, Priscilla, Mighty, Galaxina, Morgan, Mordred, and Meta Knight* Atta boy, Matthew! *thumbs-up* We overheard the entire thing!
      Matthew: *Matthew looks up and realizes that the new arrivals include Saru, Esther, and Priscilla (who look angry, exasperated, and heartbroken, respectively).* Oh God... *extremely nervous* Don't hurt me!
      Mordred: After everything Michael, Esther, and I said to you... You're still going after her?!?
      Matthew: Er... Sort of. I'm not "going after her" just yet... I just stepped in to stop Wrapsodi from killing her. I'm going to work towards becoming smarter and more competent before trying to win her over again. And I know I can do it - I'm the son of Miles "Tails" Prower, after all!
      Sonic: *chuckling* That's the spirit, kid.
      Luigifan: *thumbs-up* Atta boy, Matthew!
      Matthew: *facepalm* God help me. How can I become smarter when I'm surrounded by idiots?
      • Even better, pommyman didn't realize he was pointing out any Unfortunate Implications. As far as he knew, she was simply overreacting to him trying to be selfless.
  • Uma's reluctance to show Matthew any gratitude for saving her life.
    Uma: *to Matthew* ... Mature or not, I have no intentions of marrying you. Friendship is the start and end of this relationship.
    Esther: Yeah, Uma, don't you think you're forgetting something?
    Uma: I refuse to put my lips on him.
    Esther: No, something less related to love. Something your mother told you to say when someone helps you. Like say, what Matthew just did right now?
    Uma: *mumbling* Thank you.
    Esther: Urgh, you are insufferable... He saved your life simply to save your life this time. He's not trying to force you to marry him this time.
  • Priscilla being driven to tears by Matthew's determination to earn Uma's love. Not because it's heartwarmingnote , but because Priscilla herself wants him.
  • Luigifan accidentally jinxing Matthew and Uma's relationship by expressing curiosity about how they'd engage in foreplay. And then attempting to explain himself by saying that it's For Science!. Matthew doesn't take it well.
    Luigifan: I'm a biologist, I'm curious! So sue me!
    Matthew: You're- what?!? *steaming* You're curious to see how we'd screw?!?
    Luigifan: Curious for the sake of science, not perversion!
    Matthew: Oh, science! Science! So you can tell all your sex-starved nerd friends about it!
    Luigifan: Sex-starved nerds?!? What the hell, Matthew?!? That is a cruel and vicious stereotype!!!
    Matthew: You're talking about watching me and Uma having sex!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!?
    Luigifan: It's for science!!!!
    Matthew: If we ever do get married, you are so not getting invited to the wedding at this rate!!!
  • Matt steals Collin's thunder by using an EX Burst on an already defeated Snake-Jawnote , causing Collin to lament that now no one will find his birthday joke funny.
  • Saru believes that Jonah is the guy she's been trying to work up the courage to talk to at school. One of her first actions is to ask Luigifan if he's into "T" or "A". As Luigifan has no understanding of the lingo, she simply yells out to ask whether he is into breasts or butts.
    • After narrowly avoiding creeping out Jonah, Alison assumes out loud that he's into DFC.
      • Luigifan doesn't know what this means either, so Alison tries to explain, only to be interrupted by Saru stomping on her foot.
  • Dream blurts out the maid's real name in public. The maid goes berserk and promptly shoots herself, only to be revived by Dark Matt and storm off.
  • Plumbing is Serious Business.
    • Priscilla humiliating Uma.
      Priscilla: Ducky lover, ducky lover!
      Uma: *storms off in embarrassment*
      Dark Matt: I have unleashed a second brat upon the world.
  • The elven catfight between Myla and Charmory. (Bonus points for Myla being a hedgecat.)
    • Dark Matt trying to end the fight with a Game Face, only for it to pick right back up when Charmory claims that Dark Matt's not that scary and pokes fun at Myla for being terrified.
  • Matt threatens Miriam with a "nice game of Slender", scaring Miriam badly and confusing Cassandra. When Luigifan explains what Slenderman is, Cassandra is outraged at Matt for using him to threaten Miriam.
  • Justin and Lydia arguing about Prince Sunlight.
    • Dark Matt trying to end the argument, only for it to pick right back up. And the argument also prompts similar arguments between Phillip and Flora (which ends on its own) and Luigifan and Kirby (which doesn't).
      • Meta Knight says what everyone not wrapped up in the arguments is probably thinking:
  • Damien Astarte unexpectedly arriving just as Dream has put her foot in her mouth regarding her crush on him. Dream promptly faints.
  • Monstro is listed as one of the reasons why Damien is anti-humanitarian (in the TV Tropes sense).
  • Uma upstaging Matthew when he tries to personally defend Priscilla. And then proceeding to explain that she's trying to drive Matthew away by making him useless.
    • Uma then proceeds to be extremely mean to Matthew, while Priscilla tries to defend him.
  • After Maxmillian and Diego rescue Esther from Necrodeus, Maxmillian gets a little too up close and personal when asking if she's all right, causing everyone to realize that Maxmillian has a crush on Esther. Everyone, that is, except for Maxmillian himself, who has no idea what a crush is.
    • Luigifan approves. Matthew and Uma do not. Justin is just exasperated. And as for Lydia, she's kinda on the fence about it, but doesn't hesitate to point out that she noticed said crush instantly.
    • Luigifan had been calling Ben to inform him of what was happening to Esther. Due to several miscommunications, Ben briefly thinks that Luigifan killed Esther. Thankfully, the misunderstanding is cleared up before it escalates to violence.
  • Justin and Lydia's reaction to Archer Kirby's ability to completely avoid all harm simply by hiding beneath cardboard cut-out camouflage.
  • When Torch arrives to back up the heroes, Matt immediately proceeds to verbally attack her, due to Leila making him think that Torch had been "molesting Inu again".
  • Synder raging at Lillian for failing to save Esther, due to Lillian making Synder think that Necrodeus actually killed Esther.
    Lillian: Don't burn me! I'm just the messenger!
  • Matt using Necrodeus's homing plasma orbs against Torch, to the latter's horror.
  • Priscilla is confident that Necrodeus cannot harm her because she has minions. Saru immediately calls her out on it.

     "Sneaky little rat" 

     "Artemis Bio F" 
  • Nikolai is dumped into a cell with some criminals with some... less than criminal qualities.
    Inmate 2: I've been banking on getting out through good behavior and I'm still stuck in here.
    Inmate 1: You got a life sentence Frank. People don't like it when you kill the president.
    Inmate 2: If they didn't want me killing the president, then why were they saying he should go die?
    Inmate 3: Because you're an idiot.
  • The inmates' response to Nikolai explaining why Leila dropped him in the prison.
    Inmate 1: Kid. You're an ***.
  • After Carnation protests Nikolai's imprisonment by pointing out that not only is it unlawful, his parents don't know about it and will file a missing persons search, Artemis calls them to tell them about it. Carnation is unamused.
  • The inmates are squicked out by Artemis mentioning that her husband is good in bed.

     "May the odds not be in your favor" 

     "Inu & Uma Bio" 
  • Matthew looking up the actual deviation post and Eric claiming "Romance" should be added to their dislikes.
    Eric: "On second thought, no, it's not romance they hate so much as perverted morons."
    Torch: "... Did you just call me a moron?"
  • Matthew being just as mean to Torch as Uma is to him. Eric then says that maybe Matthew is Uma's soulmate.
  • The Maid's take on this whole thing.
    Maid: "I have no idea what either of your problems are, but must I remind you two that children make bad spouses?"
  • "Yandere Conversion started."
  • Lydia, Ivy, and Sky consistently being a step behind the Prowers and Astartes, and Justin being two steps behind Lydia.
  • Gardon's reactions to Justin making death threats against Prince Sunlight.
  • The Maid's interactions with Wally Skuttla make for some good Black Comedy.
  • Dream enthusiastically hugging and kissing Damien after being rescued, to Damien's confusion.
  • Torch learns of the truth about Sky's "courage" due to the Maid using Eustace's Mask.
  • The introduction of Mickey.
  • Matthew once again puts himself in an unfortunate situation with Uma.
  • Mickey's antics with Torch.
    • The best parts are probably:
      • Mickey proclaiming "The only one feeling Torch up will be me"... within earshot of Torch. She quickly takes offense.
      • Mickey grabbing Torch around the waist from behind, only to be flung away by her psychokinesis.
      • Mickey calls Torch a "delicious-looking little cutie", to the disgust of pretty much everyone, especially Torch (who asks Sunlight to remind her to take a shower when they get back home).
      • Sky, of all people, punches Mickey out for saying this.
    • Even Garcia doesn't pull any punches in calling Mickey out on his bad behavior, actually agreeing with everyone else's criticisms, and Mickey's his son.
  • Matt mimics Avdol and uses his power over fire to stop Mysto's fire attacks, and answers her shocked reaction with Avdol's Gratuitous English.
    Matt: "Yes! I am!"
    Tori: "Dear... That's not exactly a full sentence."
  • Tori and Artemis's horrible teamwork.
  • After Uma crosses a terrible line and makes Matthew go into a despair coma, Katelyn tries to get her and the rest of the Mokarays to apologize by messing with their emotions. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Valley Girl Saru scares Matt and Ne:
      Saru: Oh Ne, we are, like, gonna have so much fun giving you a make over. The other boys will be soo jealous of your handsomeness.
      Matt: Yep, that line will haunt me in my nightmares.
      Ne: Saru, no! I don't want to be handsome!
    • The best part of it is probably Saru acting like a stoner.
      Saru: *Calm to the point that she seems to be on some sort of drug* Mom... Just shut the *** up and enjoy the day, ya know...
  • Matthew and Torch's displeasure at everyone trying to get them to be a couple. Which becomes Hilarious in Hindsight once they actually do.
  • Maxmillian has no idea what sexual harassment is. This prompts the Maid to explain it to him.
    Maid: *to Maximillian* [Sexual harassment is] basically making another person very uncomfortable. Aka, half the stuff Matthew does.
    Artemis: You are exaggerating here, Mrs. E. It's more like a fifth or so of what he does.
    Damien: Am I the only one here who doesn't hate him and isn't a family member?
  • Ivy reminding Justin that absolutely nothing happened to her while everyone was fighting Mysto. Repeatedly.
    • Jonah being similarly paranoid about Saru's safety when the Myth-Eater is brought up (Matt already killed it by this point... over eight roleplay turns ago, and over four roleplay turns before Jonah even showed up), prompting Justin to hastily vouch for Ivy's innocence. Saru responds with scathing sarcasm.
  • Mickey falls for Ne's rubber mouse trick almost immediately.
  • Saru's superb Precision F-Strike.
    Tori: How can one child ruin friendships forged over years in just a few months?
    Saru: Simple, he single mindedly focuses on ***ing the little girl.
  • When it comes to light that Zharnev and Trapestry are conducting their ritual on Miriam, Luigifan quickly volunteers Ne to save her. Ne is confused.
    Ne: Okay... Back to the subject, who is Miriam anyway?
    Everyone: ...
    Ne: ...
    Inu: Was worried sick when you "died".
    Ne: ...
    Sky: Is a mimic. Like you.
    Ne: Oh, that Miriam! The creepy one... Why do I have to save her?
    • Uma calls back to Luigifan's desire to see her mating dance with Matthew. This puts Matt in an incredibly foul mood.
    Matt: Regardless, we shouldn't just waste time here. You guys go on ahead, I'd like to speak with Luigifan in private.
    Tori: ... I'm not allowing you to fight him.
    Matt: Oh come on! He's trying to force our children onto the children of our friends, forcefully! He's been begging to get his face punched for weeks now.
    • When Ne asks why he should save Miriam, Uma makes suggestive hand gestures.
  • Tori reveals that she is a slight conman when it comes to her pawn shop right in front of Dark Matt, whom threateningly asks if she thinks it was a good idea to reveal that information to him. She dismisses him with a yes.
    • Luigifan also reacts poorly, but nothing comes of it.
  • Luigifan reveals that he has a cunning plan to save Miriam. Dream, who suspects that it involves throwing Ne at Miriam (and forsees that it'll just get Ne killed), briefly tries to dissuade him, and when that doesn't work, shouts at Matt to alert him that Luigifan's up to no good. Thankfully for Luigifan, Matt's not listening.
  • Ne saves Miriam almost immediately at the start of the second battle with Trapestry and Zharnev. As a result, the fight is less of a rescue mission and more of a Humiliation Conga for the bad guys. Highlights include:
    • When the Chi Trinity tries to kill Ne, and Miriam leaps to his defense, Ne complains that she ruined his plan to counterattack. They spend a few posts arguing about it before Ne ultimately concedes, albeit with a heavy dose of snark:
      Ne: Your logic is correct but unneeded right now. What is needed is punching people.
    • Dark Matt "revives" Wrapsodi as part of a "bargain" with Trapestry. Wrapsodi's soul is immediately claimed by Eloria, Auren, Zel, and Kris, who proceed to fight over it while Trapestry tries to get it back. Trapestry eventually succeeds, only for the four demon nobles, plus Anastasia and Noah, to join forces to wipe the floor with her. And then Marcus (not Luigifan's one) and Priscilla join the fun.
    • Tori spends most of the battle standing on top of Malthus. Considering Tori's weight, this renders Malthus all but completely helpless.
      • Tori also briefly uses Zharnev as a shield against the Chi Trinity's attacks. Zharnev (who is already down an arm thanks to Damien) is less than pleased with this.
    • Persephone calls Tori a whore. Tori reacts... badly.
    • Cackletta makes the mistake of blasting Mordred for laughing at her. This simply pisses Cassandra off.
      • When Cackletta gets swatted towards Sky, Sky immediately swats her back, leading to Cackletta getting stuck in the ceiling.
    • Orion tries to lift Tori, only to get crushed beneath her weight. To add injury to insult, she's offended by him grabbing her butt, and immediately begins to beat him senseless.
    • After Artemis has shot at Saru a couple of times, to little effect, Saru threatens to tear Artemus's head off and ram it up her ass. Artemis shoots Saru again anyways, which looks like it incapacitates her, only for Jonah to carry the threat out in Saru's stead. Then Saru turns out to be perfectly fine when the smoke clears, and swats Orion to the ground as he tries to rush to Artemis's aid.
  • During the battle with Mysta, Torch stops Sky from running away with her psychokinesis and starts trying to coach him. This gets her and Sky exploded.
    • Earlier, both Sunlight and Torch conk Mickey over the head with objects they were carrying with psychokinesis. Sunlight does it for Mickey implying that he'd have absolutely no problem with leaving Lydia to die, while Torch does it because Mickey tried to grab (read: molest) her again.
    • Mordred continuously makes threats against the Mokarys, to the immense displeasure of said Mokarys, the rest of the Calibur family, and Matthew Prower.
  • Inu and Uma deconstruct Miriam's relationship with Ne. This ends... poorly.
  • Miriam decides to weaponize kegare against Mysta, and proceeds to begin badgering Inu and Uma with questions to learn more about it. This leads to quite a bit of awkwardness when she barges into Cosmo's house.

     "Freddie Fun Fest" 
  • Though the animatronics are rightfully treated as being on Terminator levels of invincible... they aren't exactly on Terminator levels of deadliness, or at least, Bonnie isn't.
    • To explain in further detail, Chica is quickly able to detain Leila. Bonnie attempts to skip to the chase and kill Damien... only to fail on account of there not being any "surprisingly deadly Freddy masks" in the area and decides to just tear his head off. But...
    Bonnie: *futilely trying to break Damien's neck. Apparently, it's attached firmly*
    • Chica, similarly, is distracted by a slice of pizza.
  • Damien calls out Dream for "hurting Bonnie". I don't have to post anything else about how oblivious Damien is.
  • Eloria follows the great tactics of Joseph Joestar. As in, running away.
  • Mysto summons Springtrap to kill the cast once the original animatronics begin to fall behind. Damien calls her out for "inserting a stupid darker and edgier OC into the series".
    • The head Maid tries to persuade Damien against outright eating Springtrap by informing him that Lona is watching him. She simply refers to the time he ate an entire extra large pizza in a single bite and claims she's "desensitized".
      • In the end, Damien plays support by hugging Freddy and denying that there is anything wrong.
  • The freaking PUPPET gives some juicy irony by tackling a haywire Foxy.
  • Priscilla defeats the Purple Guy with Megidolaon. Eloria's reaction is priceless.
    Eloria: I can't feel my retinas!

     "Scaredy Fox Training" 
  • Amy bashing the fourth wall for calling her a stalker.
  • Pommyman asks for a do-over after his first reply ends up bad.
  • Uma immediately attacks Matthew with a Custom Robo. Though it slowly becomes less funny over the course of the roleplay.
  • Mickey really isn't helping his case when he blasts Amelia through a wall, immediately leading to...
    • Tori promptly goes through said hole to attack Mickey.
    Mickey: Argh!!! Why are all these cats turning against me?!?
  • The Call-Back to a late scene from "Professional Apologizer".
    Torch: If anyone makes a comment about "beautiful firebird babies", I am going to scream.
  • "So you can take your bloodline, your "maturity" and your desire to *** me up your a-".
  • The Head Maid shows up to give early Christmas gifts (in November). Inu's response?
    Inu: Begone from here demon!
  • Damien apparently gives everyone a chocolate bar for Christmas, with Dream being the exception. She gets two chocolate bars.
  • Uma admits to wanting to murder Matthew.
  • Justin shows up a moment too late to warn Uma about Cashmere (who was chased off by Tori). Instead, he gets into yet another argument with Prince Sunlight.
  • When Nikolai shows up, desperately needing to use the bathroomnote , Janine insists on making sure he's not up to anything funny. This leads to her screaming at him to hurry up:
    Janine: *yelling at Nikolai* What's taking so long in there?!? You'd better not be booby-trapping the toilet!!! I swear to God, if I hear of Tori's kids being assaulted by homicidal plumbing, I will cripple you!!!
  • Inu calls Torch a bimbo, which leads to her hurling Inu into a wall, much like her father once did to Sonic. Inu is less than pleased.
  • Ne freaks out so much over the conversation about Mogeko Castle that he begins speaking in Non Sequiturs.
  • When the cast decides to go to Mogeko Castle to rescue Momoko, they meet up with Artemis and Ben. Artemis has been apparently been planning to enter the castle in order to see if the Mogeko can be "domesticated". Ben is there simply because he can.
    • The train ride itself is amusing because the heroes simply will not stop arguing with each other, forcing Artemis to submerge them all in her shadow in order to preserve her sanity.
    • Upon arrival, the Mogeko attempt to "play with" the new female arrivals. This ends disastrously for them, as Artemis has her own "game" in mind.
  • Damien is already somehow in Mogeko Castle and believes the whole thing to be a dream. He ends up spilling his inner secrets to the cast in a nonchalant manner, with the biggest one being he wants to learn a shrink spell so Dream can put him between her breasts.
    • Needless to say, Luigifan immediately wants to share this secret with Dream.
    • It was revealed that Damien somehow managed to sleepwalk into an open portal. All the while under his mother's own nose!
    • Dream foresees Damien being attacked by Moge-ko and immediately brings the matter to Dark Matt's attention. This leads to Dark Matt panicking.
  • When Torch tries to flirt with Matthew, Janine and Matthew point out that she flung Inu into a wall. This evokes exactly the response you'd expect from Matt.
  • Mickey announcing his intentions to use the Mogeko to kill Amelia... while Amelia and Pipsy are right next to him.note  The only reason he's not beaten to a pulp for it is the fact that Miriam immediately charges into Mogeko Castle and starts slaughtering Mogekos.
    • Later, Mickey actually tries it... with the Mad Mogekos on the third floor. Needless to say, this backfires horribly.
      • Amelia and Torch mercilessly mock Mickey for his stupidity after the Mad Mogekos are dealt with.
      • Mickey remains terrified of the Mad Mogekos for the rest of the roleplay.
  • Damien has a brief mental breakdown on the subject of eating cows and chicken.
  • Mogecuckoo unsettling the heroes by demonstrating his mind-reading abilities.
    • Mogecuckoo later aptly calls Moge-ko a "clucked up person".
    • And when the heroes are fleeing from the monster on the fifth floor, he says that the heroes are "so clucked".
  • Practically every time Damien and Dream interact with each other is perverted and silly. Some examples are:
    • Damien quickly turns a hug into something more perverted. Dream's reaction is not what one would expect.
    • When Luigifan mentions some of the things Damien said about her, Dream quickly starts trying to get someone to teach Damien a shrink spell because she thinks Damien's secret wish is cute.
    • Damien offering up the recently (not quite) dead Moge-ko's panties as a gift to Dream, whom happily accepts.
    • Dream takes Damien's off the wall comment that she "has the best butt" (by virtue of having a tail) very well.
    • Damien proposes to Dream. She's so taken by surprise that she utterly freezes up, and when Anastasia tries to rouse her by poking her, she just falls over.
    • Damien makes yet another off the wall compliment to Dream's breasts. While the fight with King mogeko is raging on in the same room!
  • When Moge-ko yells at Damien for hiding Momoko in his stomach, Momoko makes a rather unfortunate statement to explain it.
    Momoko: All I know is he got me in more easily than he got me out.
    Alyah: That's disgusting!!!
  • Moge-ko read Luigifan's Super Smash Bros. movelist he came up with for her. I repeat. Moge-ko's fighting technique used in the roleplay is canonically from Smash Boards.
  • Anastasia being squicked out by the Mogekos' intentions for her.
  • Bill Stuffner shows up and attempts to attack, only to be driven off by Foam. The reactions of the rest of the cast are priceless.
  • The other BILL demands to be reset to factory default because the Head Maid re-coded him with an "anti-non-perv" mode. This becomes a bit of heartwarming when it's revealed she did this precisely to stop him from interfering with Damien and Dream's "romance".
  • Tails is less than impressed by Miriam's plan to kill King mogeko, but ends up calling both her and Matt out for it. It turns out that Matt's repeated abuse of Matthew has finally caused Tails to snap. (Though Tails is completely right about King mogeko exploiting Matt's Overprotective Dad tendencies.)
  • Matt and Miriam begin to get more than a little pissed at Moge-ko's inability to die.
    • Moge-ko even briefly quotes Demoman in her dazed stupor as she gets back up.
    Moge-ko: Gonna kill you and kick you and-
    • Artemis shows up at that moment and goes ballistic on Moge-ko for trying to hurt Damien, ranting that it took 23 "boosters", as she called them, to finally get her body ready to even conceive Damien.
      • Once Moge-ko is captured in Artemis's shadow, she turns to Dream and then proceeds to offer her access to the same "boosters", and casually mentions drawing the Mark of Fertility on her if she wishes. Which, according to Artemis, is drawn on the hips...
      Dream: *thinking* That was awkward...
      • Later, Artemis continues piling on the awkwardness:
      Artemis: Why do you feel so opposed to being naked around family? As I am already your mother in law you should be more open to me. What is a bit of bare skin between mother and daughter in law?
      Matt: Quite a lot really.
  • After Matthew announces that he's going to break up with Uma for the sake of her safety, Torch gets into an argument with Matthew by making a death threat against Uma. Matthew is absolutely livid.
    • It turns out that Torch only made the death threat for the sake of starting an argument so she could call Inu and Uma out on their Jerkass behavior. However, it quickly evolves into a debate about Sky, and ends with Matthew acknowledging Torch's intelligence... and promptly kissing her.
    • Mickey is absolutely outraged by the kiss, and begins making death threats against Matthew. Tails is the only one to take said death threats seriously.
  • Mofurru and Mogecuckoo try to play the role of Shipper on Deck for Nikolai and Leila. It becomes very, very awkward, very, very fast.
    Mofurru: *thinking* Okay, here goes nothing. *aloud, to Leila* Leila Belnades-Dawn, I understand that you don't trust Nikolai, and you have good reason to be mistrustful, but he truly means you no harm. Indeed, he wants nothing more than to be at your side always, to keep you safe from danger, like your father did for your mother.
    Leila: *skeptical*
    Nikolai: *blush* *thinking* Oh, come on! Why are you being so difficult, Leila? I love you... I want to raise a family with you... Killing you was never the way to restore my family's glory! It was meant to be through you... through our children... wait. I'm getting ahead of myself! And that was totally raunchy! I've gotta think of something more romantic-
    Mofurru: *thinking* What? She's still not impressed? Argh, I've gotta find something that will reawaken her love for Nikolai! *Mofurru reads Nikolai's mind a little further, and catches the bit about the children. He then turns back to Leila.* ...Apparently, he also wants to sire your chil-
    Nikolai: *thinking* Too crude, too crude! Abort, abort, abort! *Nikolai quickly lunges at Mofurru and clamps his hand over his mouth, blushing profusely and looking incredibly embarrassed.* THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!
    Luigifan: ... ... ... *bursts out into uncontrollable laughter* I FREAKIN' KNEW IT!!!!!!!
    Lindsay: *is completely speechless*
    Luther: *aside* Somehow, I'm not surprised... a bit skeptical, but not surprised.
    Sunlight: *to Harry* ...Er, it means being the father of a female's offspring-
    Harry: O_o He wants to what?!?
    Nikolai: *sweatdrop* *thinking* Aw, crap.
    Mofurru: *sweatdrop*
    Mogecuckoo: *facepalm*
    Leila: *shocked* Huh- but- whaaaaaa?!? N-no way, I can't believe this!!!!!!
  • King mogeko is pretty much walking Black Comedy Rape. It starts with his incredibly unsubtle summation of his desire for Miriam (which squicks Miriam out to no end), and gets worse from there.
    • Randy elaborates on Luigifan's proclamation (and Momoko confirms Randy's statements), causing Anastasia, Janine, and Alyah to complain about receiving Too Much Information.
  • During the fight with King mogeko, King mogeko threatens to kill Ne if Miriam doesn't surrender to him. This turns out to be a very stupid move on King mogeko's part.
    • Leila, Ben, Ryu, and Saru go just as berserk as Matt and Miriam, and proceed to lay waste to King mogeko's army. Nikolai openly drools and fantasizes about Leila as he watches from the sidelines, creeping out Luther, Lindsay, and Harry.
      • Saru even goes so far as to call herself a "flat chested god of war".
  • Matt and Miriam's combined laser attack is so strong, it interrupts the Hashaskys in the Mogeko Kremlin.
  • Artemis yet again makes an incredibly awkward moment when attempting to teach Damien how to properly pleasure Dream, and naturally gets called out by her husband for being so disturbing. And a blood-soaked Saru.
    D.Matt: The more you talk the more disturbing you become.
    Saru: *covered in blood* Yeah Artemis, have some decency for once.
  • Abridged!Avdol's memetic line is apparently popular in this series.
    Myla: I have learned over time that the only way to defeat a curse is to BURN IT.
  • The Mokary household is revealed to be haunted by a poltergeist. A poltergeist that Tails made by accident. note 
    Myla: How do you accidentally make a poltergeist?!?
    Eric: No clue.
  • Saru's outburst when she learns that her father is a Blood Knight has some amusing reactions from the others.
    Saru: I already hit that you hunk of junk! Just because I don't have big honkin' ***s like your mistress doesn't mean I'm prepubescent!
  • Viv, the aforementioned poltergeist, is unsettled by realizing that Tori is a necromancer. This doesn't stop her from making some... very distasteful remarks about Miriam, as she's a Yandere towards Ne and despises Miriam for (as far as she can tell) making Ne's life hell.
  • Ryu's attempt at destroying pornography of Momoko as a means of overcoming his recent "interest" in her ends up making Momoko actually become slightly attracted to him.
  • After the plot branches into three paths when Miriam returns to the Mokarys' house, a Light Demons mook peeks out of the bushes, attempting to make Ne's head asplode with a headshot. He gets thwarted in an entirely different way in each plot branch, and all of them are hilarious.
    • In the "Ne accepts Miriam" branch, Miriam blocks the shot by mimicking Morpheus Duvall and using his bioelectric field to stop the bullet. However, in the process, she accidentally zaps Ne and messes up his hair. Meanwhile, the mook is literally torn to pieces by an extremely irate Matthew Mokary.
    • In the "Ne rejects Miriam" branch, the mook gets intimidated into running away by Cassandra walking up behind him, while mimicking Guts Man, and threatening to drop a very large rock directly on top of him. To add injury to insult, he is then chased down by Miriam, who delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown until Cassandra stops her, allowing the mook to crawl away. But his luck soon runs out, and he is torn to pieces by an extremely irate Matthew Mokary.
    • In the "Ne goes Ax-Crazy and tries to kill Miriam" branch, the mook doesn't even get to line up his shot, instead electing to slowly back away as mayhem erupts at the Mokary household.
  • From the "Ne rejects Miriam" branch, we have this exchange:
    Artemis: I can see the passion in the eyes of Nikolai. He will repent as much as he feels he needs to so that he might grace Leila with his-
    Dark Matt: No.
    Luigifan: *staring at Artemis in shock* Can we please keep things under triple-X level?
    Luther, Lindsay, & Harry: *also staring at Artemis in shock*
    Artemis: *flatly* -love... *Artemis notices Luther, Lindsay, Leila, Harry, and... well... pretty much everyone giving her funny looks.* What? Were you expecting me to say something else?
    Dark Matt: Actually, yes. Though I'm glad that we weren't on the same page this time...
    Luigifan: *Luigifan wipes his brow in relief.* I totally thought she was going to say "pen"- *smacked by Luther* Ow!

     "Flight Formation" 
  • Vaati kidnaps Ivy... and accidentally brings Sky along for the ride.
    • Even better, he also grabs MATT!
  • The RP introduces the Batman-esque vigilante, Troy. Damien attempts to recruit her in the ancient way of questioning her badness.
  • Troy believes Blake to be mentally handicapped.
  • Just like Moge-ko in "Scaredy fox training", Vaati's fighting techniques are largely derived from a Super Smash Bros. moveset Author!Luigifan devised.
    • Later on, he also starts using the abilities of a Dungeons & Dragons class also designed by Author!Luigifan.
  • Flumpty Bumpty shows up chasing Viv, intending to abduct Ne... and along the way, breaks the fourth wall and starts arguing with Author!Luigifan.
  • Tora proposes for Miriam to marry both Sean and Ne when she starts angsting about having to choose between them. Everyone present, including Tori (actually, make that "especially Tori") calls her out for this. Then the events of "Important Character Updates" happen...
  • Matthew panics when he realizes that Inu and Uma might be in danger.
  • Birthday Boy Blam is described as "innocent" before getting his face thrown into a wall.
  • Ne's plan to fight Flumpty fills the room with dozens of alternate timeline versions of himself.
  • Collin gets increasingly disturbed by Flumpty's shenanigans, as well as the heroes getting more and more serious to match him. By the time Miriam decides to mimic Photoshop Flowey, Collin is in pure-panic mode.
    Collin: What the hell is thiiis?!? Why is this happening?! Where the hell is the exit to this horrible nightmare?!?

     "Growing Pains in the Neck" 
  • Maxmillian gets distracted by Esther's new assets and walks into a wall. He also doesn't understand why he's behaving this way, not even when when his pelvis feels funny.
  • Leila making fun of the implications coming from the fact that Bowser Jr.'s latest torture idea just so happens to be a popular internet fetish.
  • Randy goes too far in keeping Ryu away from Momoko, prompting Luigifan to call Rosa. Everyone is horrified by this, especially Ryu himself.
    Ryu: Kh! N-no. Don't let her see me like this. Just please, someone end this.
  • Esther and Ben let slip that Ben and Synder actually have six kids. Saru and Tora's reactions are priceless.
    Esther: *berating Lindsay for pulling a Fake Kill Scare for the lulz* If one of my little siblings died I'd just have a heart attack and die.
    Lindsay: One of?
    Ben: Esther... We only revealed Cecil's existence earlier. Not the other four.
    Saru: You've been hiding FIVE kids?! I don't know what's more outlandish, the fact that we never knew about them or the fact that you had that many!
    Tora: Considering who Synder is, I'm not surprised. She's preggo like 24/7 like she had some sort of fetish for that stuff.
    Ben: *to Tora* Never say that sort of thing again.
  • Dream comically overreacting to the news that Damien has a vore fetish. Specifically, a fetish for being eaten.
    Dream: Wha- but- how would that even-
    • Damien takes the news that Dream's not interested in literally eating him surprisingly calmly:
      Damien: *gauges Dream's reaction with some confusion* ... So that's a no? Alright.
      Maid: ... That's it? No screaming or disappointment or anything?
      Damien: It's just a fetish. They're like, the bonus points of romance and stuff so it isn't important if Dream doesn't want to do that. If she doesn't want to, we don't have to.
      Maid: Someone pinch me. Damien is trying to be some kind of intimacy philosopher or something.
      • Bear in mind that just prior to this, Damien's state of mind could be compared to a cat in heat.
  • Luigifan sings brief snippets of "Fixer Upper" while Leila and Nikolai argue (and Dream, Damien, and Artemis are trying to get them to reconcile). However, he fails to change the lyrics of the song to fit the new context, and Hilarity Ensues.
    Luigifan: His peculiar brain, dear, his thing with... wait, what...

     "Scardey Fox Training 2" 
  • Remember that phantom copy of Artemis that was made to rule Mogeko Castle when the cast killed King mogeko? Well, she's back, and seems to have taken on a new persona as Mogemiss.
  • "I'm a nice girl who enjoys napping and murder!".
  • It turns out that Mogemiss has some... very odd ideas of how to run Mogeko Castle. Not only does she treat the Mogekos like they're literally her children, but... well...
    Mogemiss: I'm showing affection for [Moge-ko] because she's my daughter! Even if it's not biological I give all the love and sexual abuse a daughter needs!
    Cosmo: That... That is completely inaccurate...
  • Moge-ko taunts Matt over torturing Inu and Uma, which naturally pisses him off. Not just because she hurt his kids, but because there was also a one trillionth percent chance of him having a heart attack upon hearing that and takes it as an actual attempt at murdering him. Which means anything he does after that is justified self defense.
  • Natascha and Lysander reveal that they've kidnapped Damien. Needless to say, Dream, Artemis, and Dark Matt flip out, and... it ends poorly for Lysander. Very poorly.
  • Artemis apparently has most of her prison escapees turned into marble statues, and when asked why, she simply states that taxidermy is creepy.
  • Saru gets into an argument with pommyman and WINS.
  • When the Maid pops in at another location far from where she was previously, she notes that she barely made it in time for the transition.
  • Cosmo's understanding of "The Worst, Most Despair Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind".
    Cosmo: It sounds like some little kid's attempt to come up with a name for a bad birthday party...
  • According to Matt, one of the things he used to stop Monokuma was a Norton Antivirus program. It's even labelled as a Joke Item!

     "Important character updates" 
  • Ne's fourth-wall-breaking comic hacks continue into the roleplay itself, giving the characters titles such as "Compensating for Something" (Artemis), "Stress Eating Master" (Tori), "Diaper Butt" (Priscilla), "Jonah's Whale" (Saru), and "Rainbow Sparkles" (the Maid).
    • Just when you think it's over, Cosmo gets referred to as "Flying Squirrel Trap".
      • It happens again when he gets caught and tries to pull it as a distraction. It doesn't work.
  • Dream mentions how she is really not looking forward to Eloria's attempts to seduce Damien. When Lydia calls her out for being weird, Dream throws it right back into her face:
    Lydia: *stares blankly at Dream* ...Are you being weird again?
    Dream: *somewhat coldly* No weirder than you'd be if some freak were trying to rape Sunlight.
    Sunlight: *spit-take*
    Lydia: :O_o: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
    Miriam: :? I am so confused. Also, ew.
  • Memori brings up the time she almost got tortured by Mr. Snow, and Dream describes how he was going to torture her for Sunlight, Torch, Ivy, and Sky's "benefit". Sky reacts exactly like you'd expect.
  • Damien apparently learned a growth spell and promptly gets trolled on by the Maid concerning its "uses".
    Maid: Like using it on those two certain parts on you and Dream?
    Damien: Actually I was thinking more like your butt. Because you're a huge ass!
    Maid: I know you want to test out the perverse aplications[sic] of your new spell, but I don't think it's a good idea to test it out while your girlfriend is watching.
    • The conversation eventually leads to Dream's desire for a "strong, in charge boyfriend" and Damien's complete cluelessness as to what that means.
  • Justin is utterly convinced that he didn't get horribly distracted by Ivy's chest back in "Growing Pains in the Neck".
    Lydia: ...You were drooling.
    • The resulting attempts to prove him wrong trigger Saru's A-Cup Angst. Torch tries to cheer her up by pointing out that her mother isn't flat, so Saru shouldn't stay that way either. Saru's remark is quite caustic.
    Saru:*to Torch* Oh gee, that's reassuring. Only 10,000 pounds and four children to go before I can be a C cup.
    • Sunlight eventually tricks Justin into admitting it by claiming that Ivy must be downplaying her chest size. Justin falls for it without a second thought.
      • As the conversation goes on, Ivy reveals that she's actually been giving Justin Panty Shots on purpose recently and is actually annoyed that he no longer notices her flashing him.
    Cosmo: And I think I'm the only mom who's ever thought "I should ground my daughter for using telekinesis to flash her boyfriend".
  • Artemis shows off her locating abilities by pinpointing the direction Nikolai is in, his current action, heart rate, fur growth, and when his testosterone will next spike.
  • The jet Viv hijacked is revealed to belong to the Pilot from Enterthe Gungeon, which promptly confuses almost everyone listening to him. Artemis in particular is confused about the "gun" part.
  • Dream pokes fun of Matthew's obvious crush on Torch:
  • Priscilla takes offense to Torch's crush on Matthew and proceeds to threaten her. Torch manages to twist this into a thinly-veiled accusation that Priscilla murdered Uma. Matthew immediately panics, while Sunlight takes offense to Torch's underhanded tactics.
    Matthew: I find intelligence and logic attractive, okay!! Of course I want to see who comes out on top here!
    Uma: Intelligence? Logic? Those two?!? Are you kidding me?!?
  • Inu and Uma are revealed to have been hiding from everyone because their titles are "I love Torch" and "I love Matthew" respectively. Despite the obvious, Matthew and Torch fall for it anyway and assume the titles are telling the truth.
    • Matthew only falls for it at first. He quickly points out how Out of Character this is for Uma. Meanwhile, Torch rudely turns Inu down flat.
  • When Leila calls out Matt for his actions in "Growing Pains in the Neck", he immediately starts crying that he went back to being good.
  • Sky and Matt once again confuse Mysta for Mysto. Once pointed out, Matt says that at least the comic doesn't have this problem. Cue Luke and Luka showing up.
  • After Viv accuses Miriam of wanting to get in Ne's pants for the umpteenth time, we get this Literal-Minded exchange:
    Ne: *to Viv* What are you talking about? Miriam can't even fit into my pants. Why would she try to wear them?
    Uma: She's referring to sex!
    Ne: ... What?
    Inu: Well, there you have it Viv. Your entire argument about how Miriam is corrupting Ne to her side for rampant adult activities has been shot down with one sentence. Ne doesn't even understand what you're talking about.

     "Easter teeth" 

     "Hardly partying" 
  • "Why aren't they knocking? ...Do you think Manah might have forgotten how to knock?"
  • Ophelia calls Eloria "Replacement Mom".
  • Saru's basic understanding of the situation.
    Saru: So basically, we are going to put our life on the line for people who despise us like we're the ***in X-Men, is that it?
  • Eloria notes that Saru is pregnant and begins to question if it would be a good idea to bring her along. Rather than argue over it, Priscilla goes into full gossip mode.

     "Ophelia Memory 1" 

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