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Funny / What's Opera, Doc?

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  • The entire cartoon is one long funny Deconstruction of opera.
  • The horse Bugs rides when dressed in drag- as a subversion of the stereotypical "fat opera lady on a horse", skinny Bugs Bunny rides atop what may be the fattest horse in animation history.
  • Bugs Bunny doing what Bugs Bunny does best: dressing up as Elmer's love interest.
  • Elmer demonstrates the power of his "spear and magic helmet" to Bugs, who runs off. Then Elmer looks dumbstruck at the camera.
    Elmer: Dat was da wabbit!
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  • After taunting him with long, silly rhyming songs up until then, Bugs' reaction to Elmer's demonstration of his helmet's ridiculously over-the-top power is just a flat "Bye!" as he runs off.
  • Bugs does his famous "enter scene from another hole just offscreen", and walks over to where Elmer is trying to "kill da wabbit". In the middle of his attack, Elmer just freezes in midair with the goofiest look on his face.
  • The dead Bugs recovering to subvert the legitimate Tear Jerker of an ending with the final line.

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