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  • In Chapter 8, Sarah gets dragged out of bed in the middle of the night to help Foggy extricate Matt from underneath some collapsed scaffolding. To discretely move him back to his apartment, they end up having to haul him back in a homeless guy's shopping cart, covered up in a blanket. The whole time, Sarah is glancing around nervously hoping that they aren't spotted by any cops.
    Foggy Nelson: We're lucky no one is around, because you are acting so suspicious right now. Can you just—act normal?
    Sarah Corrigan: Normal? I am helping push a passed out vigilante around Hell's Kitchen in a stolen shopping cart at three in the morning. With a stranger. In my pajamas! This is the least normal thing I have ever done.
    Foggy Nelson: Alright, alright, fair point. But can you just stop looking around every other second like the FBI is going to drop down on us?
    Sarah Corrigan: Sorry, sorry.
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  • To Sarah's disbelief, Foggy apparently thinks that Matt's espionage meetings with her involve the classic setup of them sitting back to back at adjacent booths in some cafe, wearing big hats and sunglasses.
    Sarah Corrigan: [laughs in disbelief] Really? The man literally wears a masked costume, but the disguise you imagine him in is sunglasses and a big hat?
    Foggy Nelson: I'm sorry that I'm not as schooled in the art of spying and surveillance as the two of you apparently are. And anyway, he usually already has the sunglasses on, so it'd be easier.
    Sarah Corrigan: Fair enough. [shakes her head] But that's…not really how it goes. It's more like him sometimes knocking on my window late at night, and then me telling him what I know. Which is usually boring stuff about paperwork. Sometimes there are threats. From his side, that is. Well, sometimes me, lately. And, um…then he leaves. That's about it.
    Foggy Nelson: That's much less exciting. I'm going to continue imagining it the way I was.
    Sarah Corrigan: That's fine. It would probably be more fun if it really happened that way.

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