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What Katy Did

  • The serious but droll Doctor Carr imitates how the infamous Imogen Clarke walks by mincing into the room.
  • Dorry's journal is hilariously sparse and consists of little more other than what he had to eat that day.
    March 12. - Have resolved to keep a jurnal.
    March 13. - Had rost befe for diner, and cabage, and potato and appel sawse, and rice puding. I do not like rice puding when it is like ours. Charley Slack's kind is rele good. Mush and sirup for tea.
    March 19. - Forgit what did. John and me saved our pie to take to schule.
    March 21. - Forgit what did. Gridel cakes for brekfast. Debby didn't fry enuff.
    March 24. - This is Sunday. Corn befe for dinnir. Studdied my Bibel leson. Aunt Issy said I was gredy. Have resollved not to think so much about things to ete. Wish I was a beter boy. Nothing pertikeler for tea.
    March 25. - Forgit what did.
    March 27. - Forgit what did.
    March 29. - Played.
    March 31. - Forgit what did.
    April 1. - Have dissided not to kepe a jurnal enny more."

What Katy Did at School

  • Rose Red is a walking Crowning Moment Of Funny.
  • When Katy asks where Lily is on the first day of school, Rose Red is able to describe where she will be and exactly what she will be doing; down to the very last detail. She's right. A perplexed Katy asks if Rose has already been to see her, turns out that Lily does this every single time she returns to school.
    Rose Red: Do you want to know? I can tell you. She's sitting on the edge of one chair, with her feet on the rung of another chair, and her head on the shoulder of her room-mate (who is dying to get away and arrange her drawers); and she's crying.
  • When the school walks across town to use the local bath house, they're instructed to carry a towel, a sponge and a bar of soap with them. Rose goes one step further and fastens all three to her hat, the towel as a veil, and the soap and sponge as decorations.
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  • At Hillsover School, adjoining rooms share a drawer space, to the extent where there's a hole in the wall if both sets of drawers are removed. Rose takes it upon herself to try and crawl through during study hour, only to get stuck when she's startled by Miss Jane. Katy and Clover then have to watch in horrified amusement as Miss Jane pulls Rose out.
  • Rose Red sends a poem to Miss Jane on Valentines Day; from the cannibal that had apparently eaten her fiancé while he was working away as a missionary. She even includes a lock of his hair. Cruel as it seems, it was done in retaliation for Miss Jane not believing Katy or Clover when they were falsely accused of writing notes to male college students.
  • When the inexperienced Miss Nipson takes over the school, she makes it so that the girls only have meat a couple of times a week during the summer, the rest of the time they eat bread pudding. So when the 4th of July rolls around, when the girls are allowed to order all manner of sweets to celebrate, they end up ordering much more than usual. Rose Red takes this to the extreme and ends up very sick from eating so many sweets, to the point where she begs for people to only talk to her about sour things.
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  • When a 'stout' woman tries to sit next to Rose Red on the train, Rose insists that she needs the end seat in case she has fits, and starts rolling her eyes so wildly that the woman looks for a seat elsewhere.

In the High Valley

  • After being told off by Lionel for being only coldly polite to their new American neighbours, Imogen tries to break the ice at dinner by using some American expressions she just picked up. Everyone else laughs their heads off, and tells her that the phrases she used are only said as a joke, or written in the comic newspapers and dime novels.
    Lionel: Go on, Moggy. You're doing beautifully. Nothing like acquiring the native dialect to make a favorable impression in a new country. Oh, wherever did she learn 'catawampus'? I shall die of it.


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