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  • The Iron Master stereotype toward Storm Lords gives us an amusing case of confusion regarding prey:
  • One of the texts in the second edition book provides us with a werewolf named Teddy visiting a Wolf-Blooded's apartment, only to be disgusted by how dirty the place looks. Leading to this line:
    "You're supposed to have the blood of a wolf, not a pig."
    • Later in the text, while discussing with his Pack, learns the Wolf-Blooded in question, Louie, once put his hand "someplace it didn't belong" with his female packmate Dorothy. Which resulted in Dorothy almost breaking his hand. Teddy admits with a grin he would have loved to see that.
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    • In a later part, Teddy and Dorothy's foster brother, Ohta, are investigating on a Belishu murder in the sewers, and get approached by a detective who suspects them of the murder and tries to arrest them. The two werewolves give so little crap about him it's actually kind of hilarious.
    Detective: Put your hands on your head and kneel on the ground!
    Ohta (unfazed): I'm not kneeling in this place. I'm wearing shorts.
  • The Second Edition grants new abilities for some of the forms. The name for one of the Dalu's new abilities? "Badass Motherfucker".
  • Some of the Ghost Wolves stereotypes are pretty funny as well:
    "No, I take it back. These guys are psychotic."
    "Alpha-male macho bullshit? Pass."
    • But probably best is their stereotype toward Vampires:
  • As if to confirm the Ghost Wolves' opinion, the Hunters in Darkness' stereotype toward the Pure literally is just an Evil Laugh.
  • The opening fluff for the Rahu in second edition follows a Rahu werewolf near the end of a hunt for a spirit. During the struggle, she shifts into her near-human form. She waits for the spirit to charge her...and it doesn't. Then she realizes the problem-she's still in her near human form. She whispers an apology, saying she meant no disrespect, then shifts into her war-form (a full on man-wolf that is the Urathas favored battle-form) and the spirit charges. It's clearly meant to show the respect that can be shared between predator and prey, but just the image of the two of them just...pausing, in the middle of pitched combat because the Uratha isn't in the right form can inspire a chuckle or two.
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  • One of the sample Idigam provided in 2E, Lul'Aya (also known as "the False Father"), is obsessed with Father Wolf to the point he wants to essentially become him, even going as far as basing his appearance on him and actively trying to take Luna as his mate and the Uratha as his children. The whole thing is played for horror, insisting on how he essentially is just a grotesque parody of the real thing, but it is actually rather hilarious in that he makes such a poor impersonation he ends up suffering what is possibly the universe's most spectacular Pretender Diss: the Forsaken don't buy it for a minute and actively hunt him, the Pure feel so insulted he has become a walking Berserk Button for them and they are sometimes willing to do an Enemy Mine with the Forsaken against him, and Luna apparently is so horrified by his lust for her, his sole presence sends Moon Spirits into homicidal rage. And he still doesn't take the hints.
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  • Night Horrors: Shunned By The Moon has as its example Azlu the occult architect Ehlzahdha, who the book itself notes is unique among Spider Hosts for her interest in things other than safety and eating, and her extremely rational thought process. Once though, she was a normal Azlu, so what caused her enlightenment? Simple; around the turn of the twentieth century, she chose to hollow out a woman who happened to be The Stoner, and accidentally eating something that was in her bloodstream caused Ehlzahdha to go high as a kite. When she came to, Ehlzahdha was so floored by the ability to dream she promptly went Mad Scientist and even now experiments with designer drugs and hallucinogens in her free time. Admit it, you are now imagining a Giant Spider on LSD.

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