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  • Youji's attempts to tease Aya about his interest in Sakura are effectively blocked by Omi:
    Youji: So once a target, twice a target...
    Omi: So if we keep tabs on the victims, we might be able to find Yokoo.
    Ken: Aya must have known about it, so—
    Youji: [cutting him off, pointing a finger at his nose] There's no way he'd know that!
    [the door behind them opens, Aya's footsteps are heard on the stairs.]
    Youji: He's just a pervert.
    Omi: [nervous] Hey, Aya...
    Youji: [smirking] How was your date?
    Aya: [annoyed silence]
    Youji: You're going to get busted if you keep picking up high school girls young enough to be your little sister.
    Omi: Aya isn't like you, Youji.
    Youji: [getting nervous] Aya, isn't it my turn to look after her? You deal with the shop tomorrow!
    Omi: [smiling] Youji, we're closed tomorrow.
    [Cut to the next morning, a disgruntled Youji is watering flowers.]
    Youji: Why me?
    Omi: [leaving, with Aya following] You're the one who said we should open anyway.
    Aya: Take care of the shop.
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  • Ken's first meeting with Ruth, a plump former nun in late middle age, contains an episode of Marshmallow Hell that is almost as awkward for the audience as it is for Ken. And then it happens again five minutes later.
  • "Trane," for all its angst, has another one when Ken - who hasn't bothered to knock first - walks in on Youji and Neu after Neu has been seen by a doctor and sees her buttoning her shirt. His response is to blush, hyperventilate, flip the fuck out and flee the room. Omi then shows up to ask what's going on and Ken freaks out again, desperately telling him to stay out of Youji's room. Omi's response? 'You're a weirdo'. Harsh, but fair.

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