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Weasley Girl

  • Ronnie distracting the troll while under the Invisibility Cloak.
    "Er, I am your conscience! You are a bad troll! It is not nice to go hitting people who are smaller than you, and you should let that poor boy go at once! Remember what your dear old Mum told you about - AIIIEEE!"
  • Dumbledore reveals that he had an extra method of getting the Philosopher's Stone from the Mirror of Erised, that would only work for him, in case of emergencies. This method manages to be both CMOF and a bit of a Tear Jerker: He stands in front of the mirror and says "Ariana, I want you to know that I'm a barmy old codger." Whereupon Ariana gives the stone to him.

Weasley Girl: Secrets of the Past

  • Vernon Dursley thinking that Harry was starting a harem in his house when he finds out about Ronnie and Ginny.
  • Ronnie kicking Vernon Dursley in the balls.
  • Colin, after finding out Salazar could talk to Snakes, assumes that the other founders had similar powers with their house animals. It's funnier than it sounds.
    "So that's why Slytherin House has a snake as its symbol? Because Slytherin could talk to snakes?!" said Colin, sounding excited. "Does that mean Gryffindor could talk to lions?!"
    "Er —" Ronnie had to stop and think about this for a moment. Colin had the weirdest leaps of logic sometimes. "I don't think so," she finally said. "It's more symbolic, about lions being brave and all that, right?"
    "Oh." Colin looked disappointed for about a millisecond, and then he was back to his trademark irrepressible excitement: "What about Hufflepuff? Could Hufflepuff talk to badgers?"
    "No!" said Ronnie. "And before you ask, Ravenclaw couldn't talk to ravens —"
    "Eagles," Hermione corrected her, without even looking up from her own book. "Ravenclaw's symbol is an eagle, not a raven."
    Ronnie felt herself go pink with embarrassment. "Well, far as I know, Ravenclaw bloody couldn't talk to eagles or ravens or flamingos or Golden Snidgets or any kind of bird! Or other animal!"
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  • While discussing about Animagi, Colin, now considered the official Purveyor of Weird Ideas, wonders if there's such a thing as Plantmagi, while suggesting that Peter Pettigrew might have taken the form of a tree to hide from everyone else. Neville, who is fond of Herbology, is horrified by this idea.

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