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Chapter 3

  • Tatsu makes a perfect cheese croquette and looks shyly pleased as the class applauds, including Masa literally one panel before Masa flings off his apron to demand why he's doing this.

Chapter 7

  • Some of the characters' faces are drawn less realistically than others, which makes some of their expressions funny due to their strangely cartoonish and round faces. One example is the chairwoman who visits Tatsu's house.
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  • A mother decides to leave her son Ryouta in the care of Tatsu while she is busy with a PTA meeting. Tatsu offers to play with Ryouta but his face is so scary the mere suggestion sounds like a death threat.
  • Tatsu decides to play games with Ryouta, but being an ex-Yakuza all the games he knows are gambling ones.
  • A short while later, Ryouta plays with a Policure ranger doll and immediately trips while holding it. Tatsu notices that the doll has been broken and it just so happens to be one of Miku's favorites. Tatsu's first idea is obviously to yell at the inanimate object.
    "...Hey!! C'mon!! Pull yourself together, Policure blue ranger!!"
  • Tatsu acts as if Ryouta had just killed a man, so he decides to put the broken doll pieces in a container and bury the container as if he were burying a dead body.

Chapter 8

  • Masa, a yakuza member who used to be a part of Tatsu's gang, shouts at a group of rival yakuza despite being alone and vastly outnumbered. When he realises that he's outnumbered, he asks them to wait while he Googles something. Looking at his phone, he's googling "how many guys can 1 guy take [on in a fight]"
  • Tatsu is spouting advice from a DIY manual while being attacked by some thugs. Masa is impressed by Tatsu's knowledge, and comes to the conclusion that house husbands and yakuza thugs are just two sides of the same coin.

Chapter 9

  • Miku and Tatsu are doing shopping, with Tatsu telling her they already have some Coke at home so they won't bring more home because she'll drink too much of it then. Cut to Miku sneaking the bottle while Tatsu is looking away.
  • Miku tries to make Tatsu look cuter, turns out all the styles of clothing Tatsu likes (including an old-school yakuza kimono) just make him scarier. He settles for a Policure apron that she approves of.
    Miku: Okay, try saying "this is my long arm of the law."

Chapter 10

  • Tatsu goes to the gym with his middle-aged housewife friends. It starts with an aerobics class, and while the various poses he does are hilarious in and of themselves, the end where he has his usual Face of a Thug after being told to smile just completes it.
  • Tatsu apparently liked one of the outfits he tried in the previous chapter so much he actually bought it. He uses it for his workout clothes.
  • During the Yoga class, the teacher tells them to try to say what the poses remind them of. Tatsu's first answer is "After The Boss Smacks You Around With The Flat Edge Of The Blade To Teach You Some Manners" Pose, and it only gets better from there.
  • At the end of the chapter, after accidentally walking into the ladies' changing room, and without anyone but him raising a fuss, he voluntarily offers himself up for ritual execution.

Chapter 11

  • Everyone at the chairwoman's birthday party wearing Groucho glasses, including Tatsu.

Chapter 12

  • While selling some stuff he no longer uses at the neighbourhood flea market, Tatsu sees a group of Yakuza who are shaking the various sellers down for protection money... at a small, neighbourhood flea market. The person they're shaking down seems equal parts terrified and confused.
    • When Tatsu confronts them, and they decide to take this into an nearby alley, Tatsu tries to talk them down by offering to sell them various things. Cue the leader of the group misinterpreting his sales pitches as increasingly absurd threats, from thinking he's going to use a vegetable peeler to peel the skin from his bones, to thinking him trying to sell a small blender (which is smaller than a forearm) means he's going to turn them into mincemeat, and finally, thinking that Tatsu trying to sell them a rubber ducky is him threatening to drown them in the bay. With each pitch, the guy acts as if Tatsu has punched him, culminating in him flying backwards into a fence.

Chapter 13

  • Tatsu makes washing clothes look so badass, like he is cleaning up a crime scene.
  • The ending, where after Tatsu and Masa triumphantly hang all the laundry to dry, one of the shirts gets blown off its hanger and lands in a puddle in the street. The chapter simply ends with Tatsu and Masa staring blankly at it.

Chapter 14

  • One of Tatsu's Imagine Spots while doing a test drive is an old man pulling out a rocket launcher and firing it at him. The sheer fact this is something Tatsu actually expects to happen raises all sorts of questions about what his Yakuza life was like.

Chapter 15

  • Tatsu meets a fellow retired Yakuza, "Bareknuckle" Tora, a former rival who was said to be the only one who could match his legendary feats. The two of them come to blows, and decide to settle it with a duel... a cooking duel. What really sells it is that the winner is decided by who gets the most likes on an Instagram clone; Tatsu wins... thanks to getting a single like courtesy of Miku after the two of them sat around for two hours.

Chapter 17

  • The ominous conversations Tatsu has with all the shopkeepers of his regular stores, their expressions and their words making it seem like thinly-veiled code for crimes and messy Yakuza business, when it's actually exactly what they're talking about.
    • Tatsu gets a plushie for his wife and nonchalantly tells the shopkeeper how much he loves her, much to Miku's embarrassment. She slaps him for saying such things in public.

Chapter 18

  • Miku's parents visit the couple. Miku's father wants to relax with them but he is nervous about Tatsu. He remembers how he found Tatsu so intimidating when Miku first introduced him. What is funny is that Tatsu was just being nice to him. The chapter ends with the two of them playing catch.
    • While playing catch with Miku's father, Tatsu keeps running the ball back to him. Once Miku's father explains that he's supposed to throw the ball back, Tatsu throws the ball hard enough to send him flying into a tree.

Chapter 19

  • Tatsu and Miku freak out over a cockroach in their apartment. When it lands on Tatsu's chest, Miku is hesitant to squash it citing that she'll always remember doing so whenever she looks at his chest. Tatsu insists Miku do it anyway, only for her to accidentally hit him in the face instead. The scene is played exactly as if Tatsu were going to take an actual bullet for Miku's sake.
    • It's even better in some scanlations where, after Miku has hit Tatsu in the face hard enough to knock him over, the cockroach harmlessly hops away, leaving Miku to just quietly mutter "Sorry. I fucked up."

Chapter 20

  • Tatsu wears a Christmas themed apron and a Santa hat over his usual suit for tonight's Christmas party for children. He dubs the outfit "Immortal Santa". He then makes a Dynamic Entry at the party, sounding like a contraband supplier for the Yakuza. Turns out he brought many home-cooked dishes for the kids.

Chapter 23

  • Tatsu meets yet another retired Yakuza, Hibari Torii, former co-leader of the Torii clan, who's now a supermarket assistant... and brings the exact same yakuza attitude to working in a supermarket Tatsu does to being a house husband, with her former yakuza subordinates along for the ride.

Chapter 24

  • Tatsu volunteers for a Policure live drama. The villain gets lectured on the futile cycle of violence by Tatsu (an ex-Yakuza) of all people. In just a few seconds, Tatsu whips up a small tea ceremony and forces both heroes and villains to make peace.
    • What's more is that Tatsu's force of personality is so great, the live actors get caught up in his pace and just go with it.

Chapter 27

  • Miku and Masa's Epic Fail attempt at preparing Tatsu's birthday party.

Chapter 31

  • Tora and Tatsu treat tapioca as the latest drug to hit the street, tracking down a supply of their own, then mixing up some bubble milk tea.

Chapter 32

  • Tatsu does advertising-style before-and-afters, showing how people's lives are improved by household products from 100-yen stores... except the people whose lives are being improved are three unhappy yakuza.

Chapter 33

  • Tatsu tells a group of kids the story of Momotarō his way, recasting it as a yakuza clan fight.

Chapter 34

  • Tatsu's idea of Calling Your Attacks in a beach volleyball match: "Hoover Cyclone!", "Spray-On Odor Buster!", "Ceiling LED Light Installation!".

Chapter 35

  • Tatsu lays out the situation: the boss and his subordinates together make ten men. Seven of them get whacked, which is tragic, but... how many are left? Turns out he's helping Ryouta with his maths homework.

Chapter 36

  • Tatsu tells some of his housewife acquaintances a few stories from back when he was in the Yakuza. Thing is, they think he's talking about his current life with Miku, resulting in some hilarious Imagine Spots on their part.

Chapter 37

  • Miku tells Tatsu to relax while she's off on a work trip. However, Tatsu's idea of relaxing isn't kicking back and not doing any work, but instead taking shortcuts while doing the housework, treating it as if he's running wild.

Chapter 38

  • Tatsu gets into a freestyle rap battle with a yakuza out for revenge. At one point, he tells the other guy "You dress weird!", and the poor bastard sinks into a Corner of Woe, mumbling "No I don't..." Tatsu apologises, and urges him to go at it again.

Chapter 42

  • Tatsu visualises him getting the flu as yakuza flu viruses fighting his white blood cells (which all look like him)... then a goddess Miku shows up and drops grenades on all of them - which in the real world is her forcefeeding Tatsu an unholy drink she made by shoving some stuff she found in the fridge into a mixer, and throwing in some supplements too.
    • The real kicker? He actually feels better the morning after, and is pleasantly surprised, at that!

Chapter 44

  • Masu finds himself having to deal with everyone else after they get drunk, with Tora getting weepy, Miku finding everything hilarious, and Tatsu off in his own world. Masu then has to go throw up.
    • The way he carries himself during the whole affair is almost hilariously nonchalant, especially when compared to all the others falling apart comically.
      Masu: (completely calm) Ma'am, I believe I am about to puke.

Chapter 46

  • Miku's friend asks her for some help regarding managing her finances and housework better. Cue Tatsu giving her advice that ominously sounds like he is recruiting her as a new member of the yakuza, such as telling her body is a useful asset (meaning she should bike to nearby groceries) and if she has any experience doing "wet works" (meaning to utilize water-efficient techniques).

Chapter 47

  • The meeting of the Women's Association presidents is treated like a meeting of Yakuza family heads.

Chapter 48

  • Tatsu uses flower arranging to convey the feelings of Yakuza life, like crashing an excavator through a rival office's wall, or your brothers-in-arms' lives slipping away around you. The Women's Association presidents treat them like they're perfectly normal.

Chapter 49

  • Tatsu does the classic "need to remember something but get distracted" gag - in this case, a Policure catchphrase to get a special DVD - except Tatsu being Tatsu, when he tries remembering what he's supposed to say, it sounds like he's threatening the poor shop assistant.

Chapter 50

  • Tatsu when dog-sitting for an acquaintance runs into a rival Yakuza who happened to be walking his dog too, leading to the infamous scene when they intensely ask each other to pet the other's dog.
    • Then the rival Yakuza suddenly yells at his underlings to get the car and forcefully drags Tatsu into the car to have some "fun". Cue the next panel of Tatsu and the Yakuza playfully running alongside the dogs in a dog park.

Chapter 52

  • Masa's Freudian Excuse for avoiding the dentist? His mother once tricked him by saying they were going to get some candy, then took him to the dentist's instead. Tatsu's reaction is "Wait, that's it?"

Chapter 53

  • Tatsu tries to get to sleep by using various relaxation techniques... which all end up involving yakuza. Counting sheep is instead counting yakuza, and playing sounds of nature causes him to visualise yakuza in the scenery.

Chapter 54

  • Tatsu, Miku and Masa take on a mountain of bread, and lose. Twice.

Chapter 56

  • Tatsu decides to fight a typhoon.

Chapter 58

  • Tatsu makes collecting neighborhood association dues look like he's collecting protection money, complete with terrified "victims".

Chapter 59

  • Tatsu and Miku do a Policure skit for a little girl in the hospital... and the nurse offers a matter-of-fact critique taking it apart, as if she sees this kind of thing every day.

Chapter 60

  • Tatsu, his old boss, and a Yakuza subordinate try coaxing over the boss's dog with her birthday present, a dress, using cutesy pet talk. She ignores them, heading instead for Tatsu's housewife friends, who have a cake. The chapter closes out on the three men looking sad and disappointed.

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