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A number of funny moments have come up in their Top Ten lists:

  • In Top 10 Fighting Game Cliches, number 4 is "Cultural Stereotyping". After showing Zangief fighting bears and Dhalsim riding an elephant...
    Announcer: But at least we Canadians haven't been...
    Cut to Bear Hugger guzzling a pitcher of maple syrup, chopping down a tree, and sparring with a bear.
    Announcer:(sighs) Dammit. Really?
  • From Top 10 Mind Bending Modern Puzzle Games:
    Announcer: Number two, The Room.
    Johnny: You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
    Announcer: No, not that Room.
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  • From Top 5 DUMBEST Things In Metal Gear Survive:
    Announcer: Number five through one, this game exists!
    Then they pretend to end the video, only to give the actual top five.
  • Whenever a Top 10 list is narrated by Todd Haberkorn.
  • In Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2017, instead of giving a reason on #2, Star Wars: Battlefront II, the announcer just complains about the whole thing.
  • Normally, every Top 10 video has a witty remark on the subject in question. But on Top 10 Video Game Spiders:
  • The last few minutes from Top 10 Worst Movie Endings when they were dumbfounded about the The Devil Inside ending with a (now defunct) website link.
    Narrator: "A website link?!?!? Wow, I hoped you pirated this, not that we condone that."
  • Basically ALL OF Top 10 Things You Missed About The Sonic Movie Trailer. The video begins with Dave who is about to go insane as the video goes on until he regains his sanity when he is about to talk about "#7 Green Hills". So he decided to switch gears and make up his own list for the video being "#10-1 The Point... Paramount", in which he gives the studio some advice on not making the movie terrible.note 
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  • For their Top 10 Craziest Fan Theories About Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ashley trolls the audience by saying that #1 is "It’s a “Hop” Crossover!" until he tells them that "he's just messing with them" and show the actual #1 which is "Chaos Emeralds Will Be the Focus".
    Ashley: When you think about, it makes sense. What if Eggman kidnaps E.B. the Easter Bunny from “Hop” and puts him in a badnik?!
    Sally Acorn: You're dreaming again!"
    Ashley: What if Sonic sets out to save him, becoming the first Easter Hedgehog in the process?!
    Sonic: What!?
    Ashley: What if Robotnik turns the Easter egg factory into the Death Egg?!
    Dr. Evil: Right!
    Ashley: What if Tom was actually Fred O’Hare this whole time (cuts to Tom Wachowski screaming) and he was forced to go into witness protection after testifying against… (cuts to an image of Sonic with a smug look on his face while the "Game Over" theme plays)okay okay okay, we’re just messing with you all. #1 (FOR REAL): Chaos Emeralds Will Be the Focus.

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