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Funny / Watashi ni XX Shinasai!

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  • In Chapter 14, when Akira asks Yukina why it was Shigure who got to kiss her neck as a "mission" in an empty classroom (while Shigure and Mami are secretly hiding), Yukina states that as a "knight," Akira can't do it. Akira, understanding his role as Princess Lilia's "Knight Cain," asks Yukina if he can kiss the spot she received her "wound" and claims his kisses have "healing" abilities, and Yukina automatically agrees. Shigure, listening to the entire conversation without the context of the novel, is naturally confused and pissed.
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  • The second four-panel in Chapter 15.5:
    Shigure: The readers must be thinking I'm a bad guy, right? That's a huge misunderstanding...
    Yukina: Nope. There are others who view differently.
    Shigure: [happily] What is it? What is it?
    [Yukina shows Shigure the picture of him looking through her gym shorts on her cell phone from Chapter 3 with the words HENTAI in the background]
    [A pissed off Shigure chases after Yukina]
  • In Chapter 18, when Akira asks Yukina if he can drink some of her milk juice box, Shigure — not wanting Yukina and Akira to share an Indirect Kiss — slams his own milk box in front of them and tells Akira that he is drink his.


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