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Funny / Warrior Cats: Omen of the Stars

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  • In The Fourth Apprentice, when Snowdrop is scaring away all the prey.
    Snowdrop: "Whatever you're doing, you don't seem to be very good at it."
    • Jayfeather flipping out over Thornclaw taking his stick.
    • When the cats return to ShadowClan camp.
    Blackstar: "Welcome to my clan. Rest here and take your pick of the fresh-kill pile."
    Lionblaze: "Who are you and what have you done with Blackstar?"
  • In Fading Echoes, when Squirrelflight finds out a ShadowClan warrior died after becoming unable to move, she thinks it was because he couldn't get the fresh-kill pile.
    • Briarlight gets her own fanclub in Fading Echoes.
    • Tigerheart is about to tell Dovepaw everything- but then an elder shows up trying to make dirt.
  • In Night Whispers, the scene where Lionblaze and Cinderheart hook up.
    Lionblaze: "So we're more than friends?"
    Cinderheart: "Mousebrain."
    • Ivypaw being kitnapped by ShadowClan... and nicknamed Thundercat.
      • More Ivypaw in ShadowClan goodness:
      Kit: "Is it true ThunderClan cats can fly?"
      Ivypaw: "Oh yes. All ThunderClan cats can fly."
      • Ivypaw talks with Blackstar.
      Blackstar: "We're not going to throw you into the fresh-kill pile just yet."
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    • When Dovepaw is meeting with Tigerheart:
    Dovepaw: "Do you know Ivypaw?"
    Tigerheart: "You mean, have I met her in the forest at midnight and had her save my life?"
    • Yellowfang decides to become Jayfeather's Exposition Fairy. When Mothwing comes to talk about how separating the clans isn't right, this is what Yellowfang says:
    Yellowfang: "Mothwing was born an idiot. She'll die an idiot."
  • In The Last Hope, Firestar is taking a nap only to wake up and (jokingly) calls Graystripe fat.
    • "It's all fur."

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