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Funny / Warhammer 40000 Trouble

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  • Rito and Yui didn't have any idea what the hell Space Marine is, cue bird squeaking
  • Celine latched into Tauros' head, cue Heresy!, and then random ship crews going This! Is! SPARTA!!
  • BRICKLOAF (official name and printed all caps), is a bar-shaped loaf made of condensed nutrition enough to cover 12-hour expended energy inside a continuous battle (or heavy training). The name comes from its ridiculous density (a brick-sized piece weighs about the same as a real brick), and being saturated with fiber, somewhat hard to chew. It was available in 25 flavors, which lead to argument whether troops prefer pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, or octopus. It was decided that the 'plain tasted' BRICKLOAF accompanied by a pre-ordered flavor sauce was the best.
    Saibai: Real men eat pork, you know?
    Ryuga: Which isn't elegant at all, I prefer beef.
    Rito: What's matter with the taste?
    Rito: Make it bland then.
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  • The Talk: Uh, more like Virgin Men's conference.


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