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Due to wiki policy, moments pages contain unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

  • Early on, Shirou attempts to find loopholes in the Legendary Holy Sword's restrictions. He gets shocked by Jian due to it.
  • Every time Shirou thinks or says her banned word.
  • Shirou feeding Jian.
  • While training a still-unaware Rita in chapter nine, the fox-girl asks why, if he has amazing weapons like the spear he was given, Shirou continues to use his current plain swords.
    Jian: [PLAIN!]
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  • Lancer cursed Shirou to be hated by dogs due to being envious of his luck with women. It also applies to dog-type demihumans (except Kitsune). Evil Is Petty indeed.
  • Shirou interrogating one of the Queen's Shadows with Fragarach, degojaru.
  • While Shirou is telling Rita some stories about his world:
    Rita: So [Tohsaka] is your Sensei, not your lover?
    Shirou: It's complicated... I'm actually in a relationship with three women, and no, I'm not cheating. They all know about it."
    Rita: [Luminescent Blush] W-Well...great men have great desires, I suppose...
  • Shirou's solution when faced with Itsuki's It's All About Me tendencies? Giving him a spanking, in full view of the latter's party and the former's caravan.
    • There's even Fan Art of it, aptly titled "Educating a hero".
    • Later chapters reveal someone in there had a Recording Crystal handy and sold it, the Comedic Spanking footage eventually getting into Naofumi's hands. This prompted the Shield Hero to laugh himself sick for the first time in ages.
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    • Yami's mini-chapter later on reveals that the one who made Itsuki's humiliating Comedic Spanking moment go public actually has a name:
    As to my Queen's instructions, I recorded everything that Shirou and his party got involved in, as the sight of their training sections were a good reminder for the other countries of just what it was they had bought with their peace agreement. Naturally, this included his interactions with the other Heroes. It was the Queen's plan to copy the recordings of his interactions with the Spear and Bow and release them to the public. Something to draw power away from the Church as the people would begin to question the Heroes' divinity.

    Also, because Her Majesty was a bit of a Sadist.
  • When assigning Jobs to his party members, Jian chose "Chef" for Shirou as a joke to tease him and shocked him when he tried to change it.
  • If you think about it, Itsuki's claim that Shirou is an Optional Boss is technically true. Due him treating the world as a game, Itsuki doesn't realize that optional means You. Don't. Need. To. Fight. Him.
  • Naofumi tried to point out to Motoyasu that Midori was a guy not a girl. No one believes him. His solution? Lift up Midori's dress and expose his "gift".
    Motoyasu: ...AH! IT'S A TRAP!
    Background Characters: "Oh my god, is that a penis?!" "It's gigantic!" "I've never seen one that big before."
    Motoyasu: ...Why boner? Why?
  • Atla had a nightmare. So what does she do? Go look for Shirou at night when he's more than halfway across the city while wearing her Lion pajamas.
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  • There's a certain level of humour to be found at the fact that Itsuki, the Bow Hero, is rushing towards the boss during the Melromarc Wave. Shirou notes that Itsuki could have chosen to go to a good sniping area like where the Sword Hero is right now and attack the boss that way.
  • The post-Wave official celebration in Chapter 38 had several funny moments:
    • Naofumi notices that Raphtalia isn't eating anything and asks out of concern. Naofumi's monologue is hilarious.
      Naofumi: Aren't you going to have some?
      Raphtalia: Ah, no. I mean, I already ate a little. I don't want to eat too much or I'll end up gaining weight.
      Naofumi: "Gaining weight?"
      Naofumi: [internal monologue] Did Raphtalia think she was fat? This could be bad. Anorexia was a serious health hazard.
    • The conversation that directly follows the above has Rita expressing her sympathy at Naofumi's obliviousness is also funny. And Raphtalia's reaction to this is also hilarious since her and Naofumi's age gap is larger than Rita and Shirou's.
      Rita: [pats Raphtalia's back in commiseration] So Naofumi-sama is like that too. Sensei doesn't seem to get that I'm not a child anymore either....Or that I like him.
      Raphtalia: [covers mouth in shock] Huh, Rita-nee and Shirou-sama?
      Rita: [pouts] What's with that expression?
      Raphtalia: I...I'm sorry. It's just that he's so much older and...
    • Atla took upon herself to use her Aura Vision to screen people with "ill intentions" toward Shirou and scared them away before they could talk to him. Of course, lust from women with no other intentions that trying to bang the man of the hour definitively counted as "evil" to her too.
    • When the King requests a private meeting with the Sword Hero, Shirou first asks his party "how many do you notice?". Yami, one of the Queen's Shadows, instantly realizes he's asking about spies trying to listen in on them and points one out, but Atla shows her up by detecting another hiding behind a Bookcase Passage and a book magically reacting to sound that turns out to be the fantasy world equivalent of a hidden recording device. Shirou praises Atla, prompting the girl to puff out her chest with pride and Yami to all but sulk.
    • When Shirou returns to the party hall, he finds it mostly deserted as most of them went to watch the duel between the Spear Hero and the Shield Hero. The ones left are a few servants....and Firo and Azu. Not even a fight between the two heroes is enough to make them leave their table.
  • Yami's narration in her mini-chapter just oozes snark and a good deal of Tsundereness directed at Shirou, which is quite a sight to behold because she's a Consummate Professional Ninja in all but name except when the guy is involved.
  • Chapter 40 is serious chapter as a whole, but if you look closely, you can find some amusing snippets during Shirou's act as Avenger:
    • When Rita attacks Avenger to protect Raphtalia, she asks him if he has a good reason for doing this. Avenger replies that it's Necessarily Evil. Those who aren't in the know are puzzled at this, Rita herself is very angry but plays along.
    • Avenger tries to compare Motoyasu to a certain Lancer that was killed by a Yande-*zap*. Yeah, Jian's not going to let that slide even in a serious situation.
    • The Like an Old Married Couple exchange near the end of the chapter. Jian does not want to listen to Shirou's excuses on using other weapons. She was already bitter that the plan demanded him to use a shield, but she was absolutely livid at the fact that Shirou used a Traced KNIFE instead of her while he futilely tries to reason with her that a disposable weapon was necessary in order to absorb the cursed energies from Naofumi's Shield of Wrath rather than risking contaminating her with them.
    • Naofumi and Motoyasu's Teeth-Clenched Teamwork:
      Naofumi: [uses Air Strike Shield to protect Motoyasu from an incoming attack]
      Motoyasu: Thanks!
      Naofumi: Don't misunderstand. I need you if I am going to get out of this alive.
      Motoyasu: Geez, don't go all Tsundere on me.
      Naofumi: You're the one that tried to flirt with Midori!
      Motoyasu: You're the evil bastard who put him in a dress!
      Raphtalia: This really isn't the time!
    • One of the funniest things about the battle is what didn't happen during it and why. Namely, Sadeena was nowhere to be seen because she was passed out drunk after failing to outdrink Naofumi. Firo and Azu were a no-show too, likely because they preferred to keep helping themselves with the free buffet rather than following everybody else to the arena and watch a duel they didn't care about.
    • Just the fact that this chapter can be accurately summed up as Shirou acting as an Evil Is Hammy edgy chuunibyou in an actually sound attempt to manipulate Melromarc's socio-religious landscape for a good cause is worth a chuckle in itself.
  • Shirou's Xanatos Gambit is pretty brilliant, but it would have failed had one of the heroes remembered that they could just teleport away instead of fighting. Thankfully they all forgot about it.
  • Rita drags super-badass Mercenary Saint by the ear to have him explain what the hell he was thinking with his "Demon of the Sword" stunt. Naofumi, naturally, laughs out loud at the sight.
  • Sadeena wakes up in the inn after she drunk herself unconscious, missing the whole fight against Avenger. When Raphtalia tells her that the Sword Hero is actually a demon and was driven off by Shirou, she got extremely confused and said not to tease her while she's drunk.
  • Shirou has four consecutive failures on Tempering on a ninety percent chance of success. Being so frustrated at this, he literally threw money at the problem...only for it to actually work and unlock the Over Customize function.
  • Upon unlocking the Skill Point system and Jian pointing out the fact that it affects Shirou's Magecraft and making the smart decision to delay upgrading it to take advantage of the degraded projections' lowered level requirements Jian.....ignored all that and upgraded it herself.
    Shirou: [internal] ...Jian, why?
    Jian: [A Legendary Weapon wanted it.]
  • While Tyr's mini-chapter is a serious one narrating important parts of his past, there are some hilarious bits.
    • One of the previous Shield Heroes was a girl and was quite The Klutz on - and off the battlefield and a constant source of worry of her companions, including him.
    • He's not afraid of the Bird God...much.
    • He apparently lost control of himself that he made a Wacky Marriage Proposal to Rhea, Azu's would-be mother, that includes kidnapping her. Rhea scolded him not because he kidnapped her, but because he didn't give her time to explain to her parents where she was going.
    • He only realized why he accidentally started those wars all those years ago during one of Shirou's spiels about heroes and how they influence the people around them.
    • It turns out that he was listening to Shirou talking about his past in the embassy and realized that they are Not So Different. What does he think after hearing his story? This:
    • In the chapter's author's notes, he jokes that he may have set a bad precedent, as now every time he introduces a new, mysterious character, everyone assumes it to be Shirou and if the new mysterious character shown in the same room as Shirou, then everyone assumes one of them is probably Rita or Yami. It created a meme.
  • Shirou tried to dissuade Eclair from joining his party as she is technically a fugitive. She wouldn't budge, so Queen Mirellia had to intervene and told Shirou to let her (and Yami) join.
    • Upon learning that Shirou's Magecraft has similarities to the Peerless Transformation Style, she insisted on learning it even when Shirou bluntly told her that she had absolutely no talent for it, something that Shirou experienced firsthand.
  • Shirou tries to tell Yami that her "nondescript Adventurer" disguise actually makes her stand out more in their party since all the members are otherwise unique. She doesn't budge. He gave up after two or three times lest he trigger the Tsundere.
  • Shirou completely ignoring Tact's rant to everyone's dumbfounded shock.


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