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Funny / Walking Tall (2004)

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  • During Chris's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, he lunges at one of Hamilton's goons, who promptly turns around and runs full-tilt directly into a support column, knocking himself out.
  • Ray and Chris try some Perp Sweating by forcibly dismantling Booth's truck with a powersaw in order to search it for drugs. As a final insult, they are sitting in the cab of the mostly-destroyed truck eating their lunch and discussing that it's not working.
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  • After Chris is elected as the new sheriff, he arrives at the office for his first day on duty and is met at the door of the sheriff's office by the corrupt former sheriff who tries to convince Chris to retain all of his equally corrupt deputies.
    Former sheriff: Now Chris, you won the election fair and square, but we have a bit of professional courtesy here. Now, I can personally vouch for every last one of these men, they're good deputies.
    Chris: You're all fired.
  • "Casinos are all the same. Room full of fake boobs and real assholes."


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