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Funny / Walking in the Shadow of Dreams

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  • Chapter 1: After a kendo training:
    Shinji: "This is your idea of family counseling?" he asks.
    Gendo: "You're the one who keeps going for my groin."
    Shinji: "And you keep trying to hit me when I'm down!"
    • Later, after convincing Shinji to take the job.
    Shinji: I can't believe you talked me into this.
    Gendo: As do I. Considering our history, I thought you would just stop listening to me after some point.
  • Father/son conversations are pure comedic gold in this fic. In chapter 2, Shinji calls his father:
    Shinji: "I f_ing hate you."
    Gendo: "I see."
    Shinji: "No, I really need to explain it. I need to quantify it. I f_ing hate you, Father. I f_ing hate you so much I can feel it starting all the way from my feet. I swear to God, when I get home I am getting in Unit 01 and I am going to make you beg for death."
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  • Shinji's shameless and blatant abuse of the unlimited expense account Gendo gave him for his first job as NERV's Special Inspector, after he learns that the job is to recruit Asuka back into NERV, becomes a Running Gag through Chapters 2 and 3. This includes staying in the largest suite in the most expensive 4-star hotel in the city, buying himself an Armani suit, and renting a Lamborghini.
  • Rei reasons that wanting to shake her brother's "willow tree" is pretty tame compared with the crimes against God Yui Ikari committed.
  • The fourth chapter is a very serious chapter where basically Shinji and Asuka (and Asuka's Step-Sister) talk about Ariel, Asuka's daughter whose father is unknown, though it eventually is revealed that it's Kaworu, though not in the way you'd think. The seriousness is broken up with brief look at Rei Ayanami's "Penthouse Magazine Date With Kensuke. Aida."
    • These parts are made even more hilarious since they essentially amount to little more than WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA.
      • This is capped at the end with this:
      Finally, shakily, he raises a hand, closing it into a fist and pointing his thumb up.
      "Well, that settles it," he says, "There is a God."
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    • Also of note for the chapter is how Kensuke describes his career - he is a natural documentary filmmaker who frequently ends up running away from the animals he films, much like a certain other famous documentarian.
  • Misato and Asuka arguing how very, very wrong feels seeing Rei feeling maternal and acting like a Mama Bear.
  • Rei accompanies Kensuke on one of his documentary film trips, which results in her watching him get chased across Siberia by an angry polar bear. Then she gets bored and scares it off with nothing but a Death Glare.
  • Chapter 12 of the original fic:
    Asuka: "Stop that. I am going to hurt you if you quote the Commander during locker room sex!"
  • Chapter 13: "I believe your wife would also like to take the opportunity to talk with you."
  • Gendo Ikari's Random Facts.
    • "It is said that the AT Field is not for keeping the soul in. It is for keeping Commander Ikari out."
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  • After meeting Kaji, Ariel states he looks like Shinji. Asuka laughes at the irony.
  • In the rewrite, one of the theories about why the Kaijus showed up and started attacking Tokyo-3 is they are a form of divine punishment for the fact that Commander Ikari remarried.

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