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Funny / WWE Cruiserweight Classic

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  • During the second round match between Jack Gallagher and Akira Tozawa, Gallagher somehow managed to twist Tozawa's limbs into a straight jacket hold. End result? Tozawa stuck on the mat, rolled up into a ball, desperately trying to untie said limbs from the hold and getting angrier and angrier by the minute as he continues to struggle and fail to do so, all the while Gallagher watches from the sidelines. For the final punctuation mark, Gallagher breaks the hold... by giving Tozawa a literal kick in the ass.
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  • Another one courtesy of Akira Tozawa. During his quarterfinal match against Gran Metalik, the crowd had worked itself into a frenzy echoing his memetic screaming, until Tozawa himself yells out, "BE QUIET!" The crowd immediately complies.

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