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Funny / Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals

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Just like the main series, Illegals has plenty of funny moments too.

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    In General 
  • The running gag of Koichi getting misnamed as "the Hauler" or "the Cruller" or just about anything besides Crawler.
  • Knuckleduster's repeated use of All Might's "I am here" catchphrase in distinctly unheroic situations, like while he's laying in a pile of trash or just before hitting someone over the head with a brick.

    Volume 1 (Chapters 0-5) 
  • Chapter 0 has quite a few due the interactions between Aizawa, All Might, and the vigilantes.
    • Koichi's indignation at being called a criminal, which immediately gives way to a fan boy freak out at the sight of All Might.
    • Aizawa shoos away the vigilantes by pretending to call the police, after which he passive-aggressively calls out All Might in front of the whole crowd for inspiring so many copycat heroes.
  • The fact that Koichi gets pushed around so much he's made a special move out of groveling and dodging at the same time.
  • Knuckle Duster enters the story by leaping down from a rooftop... but rather than the traditional Three-Point Landing he lands in a pile of trashbags and delivers his dramatic introduction speech while still laying on his back in a mound of garbage.
  • The first time the vigilantes work together is to stop Knuckle Duster from beating up a businessman for having a figurine collection.
  • The first time Koichi sees Knuckle Duster and Pop☆Step out of costume is when they just start making themselves at home in his house.
    • Knuckle Duster was actually there (read: broke in through the window) before Koichi got home, causing him to freak out at the sight of a stranger sitting at his table eating his food.
    • Pop☆Step apparently had time to install an entire curtain in his main room so she could change.
    • Both then proceed to bicker about the rules for the shared space, completely ignoring Koichi's protests that it's his house.

    Volume 2 (Chapters 6-11) 
  • As considerate as it is for Koichi to avoid kinkshaming, it's also pretty funny to see him try and reason with a bunch of perverts into finding a legal alternative for their hobby.
  • This conversation between Midnight and Eraserhead in 6.5.
    Midnight: Where's Yamada today?
    Eraserhead: I'm not his babysitter you know.
    Midnight: Oh, I'm sorry. And? Where is he?
    Eraserhead: ... On sick leave.
    • Later in the conversation, Midnight looks at his hero costume and asks if he actually wore pajamas to a police meeting, to which he dodges the question without actually answering.
    • It also reveals how Eraserhead became a teacher: Midnight said she was going to join UA as a teacher and suggested he do the same to help shape new heroes, to which he scoffed and called the idea "the epitome of irrationality"... and then she recommended him to Nezu anyways.
  • 6.6 reveals how Detective Naomasa learned All Might's secret. He was just there to meet with Yagi Toshinori, All Might's secretary, only for their meeting to be interrupted by a purse snatcher. And a hit-and-run. And a construction site collapse, an attacking robot, a collapsing bridge, and a cat stuck up a tree, until a bedraggled Yagi with his shirt only half buttoned over his costume and still holding a cat literally begs Naomasa to keep his secret.
  • In a conversation with Ingenium, it becomes clear that hand chopping is hereditary in the Iida family.
  • Knuckle Duster expresses his dislike of Stendhal by saying people who start fights in their own sense of justice are just dangerous criminals. Koichi agrees while giving him a pointed look that he completely misses.
  • There's a group of yakuza bosses who are clearly based off the Avengers. For extra humor, the Captain America one uses manhole covers in place of a shield and has a habit of stealing them when drunk

    Volume 3 (Chapters 12-18) 
  • Just about everything involving Makoto polling the populace about the vigilantes.
    • The first people Kazuho interviews are a pair of students who know the Crawler's real identity as Koichi, all while Koichi is there himself as her cameraman.
    • The end results are pretty funny too. Almost every result about the Crawler says he's creepy, the single largest category by a wide margin for Pop☆Step is just "butt", and Knuckle Duster is just listed as "big fisted geezer."
    • At the end of the chapter Koichi and Pop are sniping at each other with selections from the interviews while Knuckle Duster is just sitting there with the biggest "done with this" expression.
  • Koichi's Butt-Monkey status actually manages to save his secret identity when someone with a polygraph quirk asks if he's the Hauler.
  • Koichi spends most of a chapter cleaning Captain Celebrity's signature off his All Might hoodie, only for C.C. to sign it again at the end of the chapter.
  • Apparently Captain Celebrity is so bad about keeping it in his pants that his wife has made a business out of the lawsuits.
  • The whole scene where Koichi's mother comes to visit.
    • She sees through his Fake Relationship with Makoto in a heartbeat, then does a 180 from scolding him to saying she'd be quite happy if it ended up becoming true.
    • Koichi and Pop panic when Knuckle Duster shows up, terrified that he'll be... well, Knuckle Duster. Instead he presents a perfect façade of a worker for a local non-profit organization, complete with business cards and a technically true spiel about the group.

    Volume 4 (Chapters 19-26) 
  • A villain appears that's a dead ringer for Gamera, causing one of the extras to cut off another before they can mention it for fear of a lawsuit.
  • Midnight continues to be humorous in her interactions with other heroes.
    Midnight: Shut up, Yamada.
    Present Mic: No no no - not Yamada. Please call me Mic. My name is Present Mic.
    Midnight: Oh. Sorry. So anyway, Yamada, where's Aizawa?
  • Eraserhead gets outright gleeful when a villain appears because it means he has an excuse to miss a public social gathering.

    Volume 5 (Chapters 27-35) 
  • Every facial expression after Desire shows up.
  • Over the past few chapters, Makoto apparently went from one of Captain Celebrity's cheerleaders to his boss and now he's utterly terrified of her.
  • Just about everything about Monika, an idol for a crab company. Later when she's revealed as an undercover cop you'd think it was just part of an act to keep her cover, but nope, she's really just like that.

    Chapters 36-TBA 
  • All Might is gifted some rose-scented bath salts he doesn't need, so he gives them to Naomasa thinking they might make a good gift for his sister Makoto. What actually ends up happening is Naomasa takes them back after she starts trying to interrogate him and stubbornly uses them himself, resulting in multiple people later on thinking he put on special cologne to hit on them.
  • Eraserhead's relationship with a pair of black market shopkeeps, which progresses from chasing them down to interrogate about Trigger to dropping by daily to have them make coffee and eventually having actual meetings with Detective Naomasa in their shop.
  • While Kirihito is fighting Octoid, the Hotta brothers cheer him on by saying its not a crime to cut off a few of its arms because it has so many.
  • One of the next-level villains is a Shout-Out to, of all things, Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • During the flashback to Aizawa's school days with young Present Mic and their friend Shirakumo, Midnight appears as a third-year student showing off her incredibly skimpy "Birthday Suit Style" outfit.
    Aizawa: The queen has no clothes... Some high-tech material that's invisible to idiots?
    Present Mic: Oh, self burn.
    Shirakumo: Hooray for being an idiot!
    • Midnight then explains that the sexiness is both functional with her Quirk (emitting sleeping gas from her body) and beautiful, and vows that in one year's time, she'll change the country's views on what is acceptable hero attire. This is immediately followed by a panel informing the reader that within a year of Midnight going pro, the "Hero Costume Skin Exposure Limitation Act" was passed, which is why she wears tights in the present day.

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