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    Kingdom Hearts 
  • While the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts fanfic, Reaching the Understanding, would count, there are several moments which stand out:
    • The running gag about Terra being far too trusting.
      "[insert someone here] paused for a moment. '... Yes.'"
    • Ventus's inability to swear.
    • Aqua's dirty, dirty mind.
      • Aqua: Seven men! Seven men!'
      "Agh? Zero Gravity?"
      "Aqua, what the hell!"
      "Sorry! That played out much better in my head!"
    • As well as Master Eraqus walking in on his students in a very compromising situation, getting exactly the wrong idea, and telling them a story from his youth with all of them taking it exactly the wrong way.
    • The rock-paper-scissors of DESTINY!
  • Binary, a Kingdom Hearts detective AU, has a few of them. To name a few examples:
    • Roxas being nicknamed "the cleaning fairy"
    • "I don't know any Roxas other than the one, so I have to remember him from somewhere. I know a lot of Cids, tho-"
  • Kingdom Hearts: The Short and Honest Version has one about every single chapter, due to the fact that everyone except Sora (sometimes) is a total asshole or an idiot of epic proportions.
    • Sora and Kairi being part of the Crips, and the fight against Chernabog.
      They fight that GARGOYLE DEMON MONSTER THING from that FANTASIA movie.
      Sora: This isn't so bad. All we have to do is not float in front of his mouth as he spews fire, and move away when he surrounds himself with flames from below.
  • Pain in the Axel. ALL OF IT. A few parts that stand out are Demyx leaping right up onto the ceiling light because he thinks his sitar is a demon and ate Axel, Marluxia cuddling his scythe like a teddy bear and singing songs from ''Oklahoma'', the results of Axel putting a sleeping Roxas on Larxene's bed, Marluxia having to wear Larxene's bathrobe, Axel and Roxas finding the Philosopher's Stone in Vexen's lab, Zexion screaming so loudly it literally shakes the castle when he sees his face has been drawn on, and Xemnas falling down every flight of stairs in the castle after slipping on the plastic honey bear Roxas threw out the window.
  • The Pillow Prank, in which Larxene stuffs a pillow under her robe to make Xemnas think she's gotten pregnant. Xemnas' reaction is priceless.
    Larxene: (laughing hysterically, but stops when she realizes what Xemnas said) Wait - HEY!
  • 11 Drunk Nobodies Play Slender, in which Xemnas and Saix have to go out for the night (due to the fact that Saix is a werewolf and Xemnas doesn't want any more supernatural shenanigans happening in his castle) and so the rest of Organization XIII decides to steal his supply of booze and play Slender. Drunken Hilarity Ensues.
    • Xaldin and Demyx play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who plays next. Neither of them use the right signs and it ends with Xaldin punching Demyx out.
    • When they find the first page:
    Roxas: No - hic! - eyes, always wat - hic! - watches. Creepy...hic!
    Demyx: Like Xigbar?
    Demyx: Shut up, angry pirate...
    • Luxord gets so hammered he becomes unable to talk coherently.
    • Demyx singing the "Secret Tunnel Song" from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Roxas' confidence going right out the window:
    Roxas: I CAN do this! I'm gonna beat the Slender Man!
    (One Gilligan Cut later)
    Roxas: (terrified) I can't do this! What made me think I could do this?!
    • When Xigbar suggests finding Marluxia and Larxene to help them, since they won't be afraid of Slender Man:
    Axel: Yeah, Larxene! That bitch isn't scared of anything! She'll kick Slender Man's ass!
    Demyx: (excitedly) Or maybe he'll eat her!
    • Larxene's reasoning for why the rest of the Organization hasn't figured out that she and Marluxia are a couple:
    Larxene: None of them suspect a thing about us being together: they all think you're gay anyway.
    • When Zexion and Roxas go out to find Marluxia and Larxene, they hear the two of them talking in a closet. Zexion opens the door... and finds them ass naked and starting to get it on. Then there's Zexion attempting to curb Larxene's Unstoppable Rage at being caught:
    Zexion: L-Listen, Larxene...w-w-we didn't mean to walk in on you...we just...(Larxene summons her lighting) The hell with it - Run, Roxas!
    Larxene: So, just how wasted are you guys?
    Demyx: Aaaah! The devil! (turns and runs smack into the window)
    Larxene: I'm going to take that as a "plastered off your asses."
    • When Marluxia brings up "the time we had to watch Xaldin and Demyx in Speedos, twerking to 'Shake That Ass, Bitch.'"
    Xaldin and Demyx: (snickering)
    Larxene: Shut it, you dickbags, that was a traumatic experience.
    • Demyx' response to Larxene's nickname for Marluxia.
    Demyx: You call him Lulu?
    Larxene: Yes...What about it?
    Demyx: So what does he call you, Lala?
    Larxene: (punches him across the room)
    • Demyx going Papa Wolf for his daughter from the future when Larxene insults her and Luxord's future self apparently got her stuck in the Time Vortex.
    • Zexion's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Xigbar when the latter annoys him one time too many. "ZEXION CHOP!"
    • When Vexen (hiding in the air vents to fuck with the other members) throws his voice and scares the shit out of everyone, they all start screaming, and there's one shrill scream that drowns out all the rest. Xaldin yells at Larxene to stop screaming, and she snaps back "That wasn't me!" and gestures to Marluxia.
    • Demyx's drunken rendition of the Spider-Man theme song on sitar:
    Slender Man, Slender Man
    Does whatever a Slender can
    Can he swing, from a web?
    I dunno, I'm way too drunk
    Look ouuuut, he is the Slender Maaaaan...


     Mass Effect 
  • The list 100 things Commander Shepherd's Crew'll Mutiny Over contains a lot of these while keeping the crew (at least mostly) in character.
    "5. Tali and her engineering minions WILL NOT make the Normandy into a giant transforming robot. No matter how many times you ask. Or how many crayon drawings you have Grunt make of it."
    "7. You are no longer allowed to throw soap bars into Jack's mouth. Gabby and Ken are tired of repairing the bulkheads."
    "24. Doctor Chakwas orders that you are to stop headbutting people. God gave you guns and fists for a reason.
    "63. You are not allowed to enter pics of Tali'zorah's posterior to Bootylicious Quarians Monthly.
    "69. No longer allowed to hit Garrus upside the head for his new catch phrase of "what the dealio." Unless he does it more than three times in one day. Then his ass is yours.
    "longer allowed to go on the TV Tropes extranet site unsupervised. Last time you went on there, it took seven hours to get you off.
    "89. Quit hogging the heavy weapons and start sharing.
    "90. Stop trying to get Grunt 'hooked on phonics.'"
    "91. Quit making fun of Jacobs pick up lines. It's cruel to torture the crippled.
    "95. The collector weapons and armor are useless, ugly, and icky. Toss 'em.
    "97. Not allowed to make fun of Tali's pet names for drones, Commander Plays-With-Toy-Ships."
  • This Mass Effect 2 fanfic, which is based around the concept of Shepard being a Slash Fic writer who ships everyone on the ship with everyone else, has more than a few gems. Jack's ClusterFBombs are taken to a new extreme, Jacob discovers an unsettling fic about him and Thane, and we find out Kelly may even worse:
    "So you mean Shepard's actually getting off on imagining us all having sex with each other?" Tali asked.
    "Apparently so." Miranda said, scowling. "Disgusting though the thought may be. I can just picture her sitting alone at night, coming up with all these perverted scenarios."
    "Yes," Kelly said. "She must be spending hours in her quarters, sitting at her terminal, probably naked. Touching herself as she writes. Her beautiful face illuminated only by the light from the screen as she brings herself to orgasm, her mind empty of everything but sex, sex, sex! Oh!" The Yeoman gasped. "I think I need to lie down."
    Tali gave the Yeoman a dubious look and decided it was just better to ignore her from now on.
    • Oh christ Jack's F-bombs are hilarious. Half the sentences are bleeped and the other half is Noodle Implements
      • And in the end, Thane comes in, Jacob nearly shoots him, and then a fight happens.
    • Grunt is somewhat confused by the whole thing (the tank's imprints don't mention mating rituals), gets bored halfway through, and starts randomly headbutting the walls.
    • And Garrus? "Oh, Pressly, my love! I miss you so much!" Garrus wailed. We always suspected.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Sonic Evil Reborn Zero has one during Episode 14, "Dance of The Dead" when Knuckles avoids a trap door in Eggman's base, mulls over Jynx, and winds up walking into the trap door.
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos has this gem:
    Chris: "Yeah, here's the problem. The words 'Satan' and "promise" don't go very well together."
    • Also in Episode 65 when Vector discusses his plan to get Tails and Cosmo together:
      Vector: "We gotta make sure Tails enjoys his time and has fun with her."
      Charmy: "You mean they're gonna have-"
      Vector: "Not THAT kind of fun!"
  • Tails' Special Bedtime Story, set in the Sonic Sat AM universe sees Sally cheer up a depressed Tails by reading him Little Red Riding Hood and the other characters acting it out - Bunnie is Red, Sonic is the Wolf, Rotor is the woodcutter and Antoine is the grandmother. The thing has a few laughs:
    • Antoine's clear dismay at being the grandmother, as Tails is incapable of keeping a straight face at seeing him in Sally's pink nightgown.
    • Sonic getting his fairytales mixed up, much to Tails' amusement:
    Sonic: I’ll Huff, And I’ll Puff, And I’ll...
    Sally: Wrong story!
    Sonic: Oh, my bad
    • Sonic and Antoine wrestling under the sheet:
    Sonic: Move your butt out of the way Ant!
    Antoine: Et ez your buttocks zat is not providing the room you feul!!
    ''Tails' sides hurt from laughing at the situation.
    • This bit:
    Bunnie: Gosh…. what big eyes you have.
    Sonic: All the better to see you with my dear.
    Bunnie: And what big ears you have.
    Sonic: All the better to hear you with my dear.
    Bunnie: And what a big head you have.
    Sonic: All the bet...HEY!
    Bunnie: Sorry sugar, I just had to do it.

     Other Games 
  • One So Okay, It's Average Zelda fic featuring Link on a dating show had this gem:
    "Third question! Where would you live with Link?" [...] "6?"
    " BOTTLE!" Contestant six note  blurted. Sheik stood there blinking.
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars explains why the lighting in Nod's buildings is always so poor and they've got perpetual mist hanging around at waist height. Officially, it is to remind the Brotherhood of Nod that their place is in darkness and in the shadows. In reality, Kane just likes hearing people bang their shins against consoles.
    • And after Rawne falls victim to the above, his reaction to Kane and Kilian Qatar.
      Deep down, Rawne envied Kane, if only for the fact that he was surrounded by so many leggy blondes who felt the need to fondle him.
    • Annual Black Hand Taco Fiesta. Half the humor comes from how it just comes out of nowhere.
    • LEGION being voiced by Tim Curry.
    • In Chapter 20:
      Corporal Peterson: Look, I'm just saying we've got this gigantic, trillion-dollar ion cannon array in orbit, tanks the size of flakking houses, supersonic jet fighters that can hit the stratosphere, and these crazy-calculus advanced proto-world-conquering super AIs, and here we are in out flakking recon with our flakking super cloak-piercing sensors and radar array and guided missile launchers and auto-loading mortars, and for some mystical, unfathomable reason, we don't flakking have working, flakking, AC! This is bullshit of the biggest, bisioniest order.
      Sergeant Hershey: Peterson?
      Corporal Peterson: Yeah, Sarge?
      Sergeant Hershey: Shut the flak up.
    • Any time Havoc arrives on the scene, really.
    Note pinned to a downed Avatar mech: Dear Kane: Merry Christmas. Your buddy, Havoc.


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