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Vaguely Recalling JoJo has a few funny moments, especially when forgets how the manga is supposed to go.

  • Kakyoin casually knocking Gray Fly with a karate chop to the back of the neck, which is funny because Gray Fly caused a ruckus in the original.
  • Jotaro spotting Forever the orangutan and beating Forever up before Forever gets to do anything. This is funny because Forever was a huge threat in the original manga.
    Forever: Uhu uhung!
    (Jotaro spots Forever running around on the freighter.)
    Jotaro: There's an orangutan! How suspicious! ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!
    (Star Platinum pummels Forever senseless.)
    Forever: Eugyaaaaeheeee!
    (Forever passes out and the freighter begins to rumble.)
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  • Jotaro discovering that the Fake Kakyoin is Rubber Soul. Unfortunately, he has to listen to Rubber Soul talk his mouth off, so he punches Rubber Soul in the face a few times.
    Kakyoin!Rubber Soul: I'm Rubber Soul!
    (Rubber Soul reveals himself.)
    Rubber Soul: And this is my real identity, Rubber Soul, Mr. Damn Handsome.
    Jotaro: What's with this guy? He's annoying.
    Rubber Soul: Huh? What was that? There's something on my face? What is it? Huh? Handsome? Hehaha! Handsome on my face. Huhuhuhu! Seriously?! Oh man! Hahaha, Handsome on it, oh man! Can wash that off. Nah, no way, it's Handsome after a...
    Jotaro: ORA!
    (Star Platinum decks Rubber Soul in the face.)
    Jotaro: You're pretty damn irritating!
    (Star Platinum pummels Rubber Soul some more.)
  • Jotaro "interrogating" Rubber Soul.
    Jotaro: Each time that you lie, an ORA is going to meet with you.
    Rubber Soul: That's scary.
    Jotaro: Do you know the guy with two right hands?
    Rubber Soul: Dunno.
    Jotaro: ORA!
    (Star Platinum punches Rubber Soul in the face.)
    Rubber Soul: Euwah! I know him!
    Jotaro: Then, him. What's his name?
    Rubber Soul: Tom Cruise.
    Jotaro: ORA!
    (Both of the Star Platinums punch Rubber Soul in the face.)
    Rubber Soul: Euwah! J. Geil!
    Jotaro: Ah, th..then where is he?
    Rubber Soul: Japan.
    (Star Platinum punches Rubber Soul in the face.)
    Rubber Soul: Ewahhh! I dunno!
    (Both of the Star Platinums punch Rubber Soul in the face.)
    Rubber Soul: I really don't know! Oww....
    Jotaro: Seems like you really don't know. Then I've no need of you! Orarararararararararara!
    (Star Platinum pummels Rubber Soul into oblivion.)
    Rubber Soul: Ahwaimygoblarnuuu!
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  • When Kakyoin and Polnareff are driving away after Hol Horse supposedly kills Avdol, Polnareff points out that Kakyoin shouldn't know how to drive, and Kakyoin states that he learned how to drive from playing F-Mega, a reference to the video game that he plays with Telence D'Arby. He almost immediately crashes the car by using the spinning trick he used in the game.
    Polnareff: Oh, by the way, I'm surprised you can drive even though you're a highschooler.
    Kakyoin: Yeah, I'm pretty decent at F-Mega.
    Polnareff: That's a Video Game! Hey, switch out with me!
  • Joseph accidentally shredding Nena's clothes by shocking her Empress Stand multiple times.
    (Since Empress got attacked by Joseph's Ripple and her synchronization with Empress, all of Nena's clothes except her boxers get torn off. Nena covers herself out of shame.)
    Nena: Nooooo....
    Polnareff: Woaaoaaaaahhhh! In the middle of the city... How hot! My french blood boils from within! ARMOR TAKE OFF!
    (Polnareff poses and his clothes also get shredded off. Ebony Devil shows up to cover up Polnareff's naughty parts.)
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  • Jotaro knowing that Enya Geil is up to something because she called him Jotaro.
    Jotaro: Now Granny, it's time for your favorite "by the way".
    Enya: Please, no more!
    Jotaro: You've been calling me Jotaro for a while now. Why do you know that name? Nobody called me that since we got here.
    Enya: W-what'd you say?
    Jotaro: Tell me. When I was a kid, I sure loves me that Columbo show. Couldn't sleep a wink thinking about it.
    Enya: No no no, it was in the hotel's ledger. You wrote it down, didn't you?! Your name!
    Jotaro: Hotel ledger? You mean this?
    (Jotaro shows Enya the hotel ledger. Turns out Jotaro used the alias of Sakuranbotaro.)
    Enya: Sakuranbo!
  • Joseph haggling with Steely Dan and pulling a victory. Which is funnier since Joseph got tricked in canon.
    Joseph Joestar: Just you guys watch! I'll show you what a man who was able to "whoa whoa" right in the SPW Foundation can do to barter.
    (Joseph greets the kebab salesman.)
    Joseph: Asalam! How much fer seven peeps worth?
    Kebab Salesman: Five bucks.
    Joseph: Five bucks?
    (Joseph laughs.)
    Joseph: How ridiculous can you be? You need to know who you're dealing with.
    Joseph Narration: Rule #1: Always appear as if you know how much it's worth. Flatter the guy.
    Kebab Salesman: How much are you buyin' for?
    Joseph Narration: Now they try to gauge how much the customer is willing to spend.
    This is your chance! Say a price you think is just a bit too "whoa".
    Joseph: Make it 7 peeps worth at a cent.
    Kebab Salesman: 4.50, I can't go lower than that!
    Joseph: Sell it for 1 cent. Begin the barter! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent!
    Kebab Salesman: 4.50! 4.50! 4.50!
    Joseph: 1 cent! 1 cent! 1 cent! If it's not 1 cent, I dun want it~ dun want it~
    Kebab Salesman: Fine, take it for 1 cent.
    Joseph Narration: Huzzah!
  • Kakyoin flipping out and trying to murder Mannish Boy even though everyone else doesn't think he's the stand user. It ends with Jotaro knocking his lights out with Star Platinum.
    Kakyoin: Geh... Nobody believes me. Time for brute force!
    (Kakyoin art shifts into a buff version of himself, which looks like Broly, and tries to kill Mannish Boy.)
    Polnareff: Chop!
    (Polnareff tries to knock Kakyoin out with a chop to the back of his neck, but he fails.)
    Kakyoin: You're naive, Polnareff! Come back in a 100 years when you're ready to use those skills on me!
    Jotaro: Chop!
    (Moe!Star Platinum punches Kakyoin in the face.)
    Kakyoin: Uguwah! Nobody believes me... This baby is a stand us...
    (Kakyoin passes out.)
  • Polnareff's hair growing to a massive size in Death 13's dream world, but Joseph and Jotaro finding it normal.
    Narrator: At that moment, Polnareff's hair went crazy.
    (Polnareff's hair grows to a ridiculously tall height.)
    Polnareff: Whoa, my hair got extremely long!
    Jotaro: It always does that.
    Joseph: It always happens.
    Polnareff: No, even so, this is different, look at this length! It's tall, taaalll!
    (Polnareff's hair reaches into the stratosphere.)
    Narrator: Po-polnareff's hair became really, really long but that didn't phase them.
  •'s impression of Norio Wakamoto as the Stand Judgement. It's definitely spot-on.
  • Dio Brando getting a beat down for kicking Danny, Jonathan's dog.
    Jonathan: Let me introduce you! This is Danny! He's a very smart d-
    (Dio kicks Danny.)
    Jonathan: DANNY! What are you doing?!
    Dio: Sorry, but I can't stand filthy mutts—
    Jonathan: Unforgivable!
    (Jonathan uppercuts Dio.)
    Jonathan: I won't...
    (Jonathan delivers a body blow to Dio)
    Jonathan: stop hitting you...
    (Jonathan clenches his fist.)
    Jonathan: until....
    (Jonathan delivers another body blow to Dio. Dio is now crying.)
    Jonathan: you cry!!
    (Jonathan uppercuts Dio again.)
    Dio: I'M SORRYYYY!
  • Dio Brando being called Debu note  by Jonathan Joestar.
    Dio Brando: It didn't cross my mind until now, but Jojo's a nickname, isn't it?
    Jonathan Joestar: Yup! It's a contraction of Jonathan Joestar.
    Dio: Hmm....
    Jonathan: What?
    Dio: Do I have a nickname, I wonder? The thought simply strikes me as comical.
    Jonathan: Ha, you want me to give you one?
    Dio: That's not what I had in mind...
    Jonathan: You do want me to!
    Dio: No, I don't...
    Jonathan: Dio Brando... Brando... Chanel!
    Dio: Chanel!?
    Jonathan: Well, if you contract Dio Brando, you get Debu.
    Dio: Debu?!
    Jonathan: Isn't this great? Now we match!
    Dio: I'm-I'm fine with Chanel—
    Jonathan: De-bu! De-bu!
  • Telence getting a beatdown. Telence asks Jotaro's soul whether he will punch with the left hand or the right hand. Turns out he wants Star Platinum to give him a massive beatdown.

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