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    Projekt Melody 
  • Melody attempts a Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter, but messes up the last word in a way that explodes with Hypocritical Humor... twice in a row.
    Melody: The other version is ... is packing a throbbing fanny pack cause he's ready for adventures. God, you people! Get your minds out of the peni- [Beat] ...dungeon! [laughs] ... gutter! [laughs even more]
    Melody: Couldn't think of a word for something under the ground!
  • There are some moments that are from Melody's "other site", but aren't necessarily about anything explicit:
    • Just for the sheer juxtaposition factor, a number of the conversations that have been noted would be more fitting for Twitch. Just imagine going onto a camgirl site, and finding Melody... seeking out advice for Persona 5 or Dungeons & Dragons.
    • "If you're gonna have a mimosa at 10:30 in the morning, it better go in your facehole and not your butt-hole. Mm hmm, no butt chug. It's bad. It's bad."
    • In Mel's one-year anniversary stream on the "other site", she unveils a new toy that she had been discussing for some time. As she's doing this, though, several VTubers in her circle, including Mouse, Nyanners, Silver, Snuffy, and Vei, were Tweeting comments about the stream and talking about buying the toy for themselves. Capped off when Mel took a break and was informed by chat about who all was watching in on her "ride", prompting a hilariously surprised and shy reaction.
  • In a cooking collab with Jeannie of MxR, Melody talks about going to the grocery store to get some thin bagels and bread, but pronounces the former as "bag-gul" (instead of the much more common "bay-gul"). Jeannie notices.
    Jeannie: No way... You say "bag-gul"?
    • Jeannie then asks if Mel likes sesame "bag-guls". Mel's response is adorable.
      "YES! That's my favorite! That's my favorite!"
  • One of her streams saw Melody bring in Mouse partway through for a chat. At one point, the subject turned toward the general attitude Mouse's mom has about her interests, and that she is aware of Melody. More specifically, how she came to be aware of Melody.
    Mouse: She walked in on me watching you one time!
    Melody: On Twitch?
    Mouse: No.
    Melody: Ohhhh...
  • In one stream that Melody holds with Lumi and Merryweatherey as guests, they get the idea to "prank call" people:
    • For the first impromptu addition, Merry discovers that Fredrik Knudsen happens to be available.
      • Bringing him into the call under the pretense that it was an emergency and they needed him to answer a very important question, Melody opens by asking him... what it would be like to be a Hot Pocket. To his credit, Fred pauses only briefly before giving an answer in a tone worthy of the show he's most known for, positing that it would be like perpetually feeling like one hasn't showered in ten days.
      • Apparently, when Merry brought Fred into the call, he neglected to mention that it was on Melody's stream at first, prompting a hilariously blindsided reaction when Merry lets that tidbit slip a little ways in:
        Fredrik: Well, I mean, the weirdest, most obscure rabbit hole is literally the video I'm making right now but I can't say that.
        Merry: You're only live to 4,000 people, you can say it.
        Fredrik: THIS IS LIVE!?!
        Melody: [as Merry and Lumi laugh] Uh... no.
      • At one point, Merry randomly asked Fred if it was possible for an immortality pill to be made available in their lifetimes. Fred suggests that it might be available conditionally, prompting this exchange:
        Merry: Can I have it?
        Fredrik: No.
    • The second extra guest is Takahata101, who answers in-character as his Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series portrayal of Dartz.
  • Some time after the stream above featuring Fredrik Knudsen, Fred appeared on another of Melody's streams to make good on his offer to do a commentary on his most recent video of Down the Rabbit Hole. While the video itself is anything but comedic, there are some good moments between Fred's added commentary and his interactions with Melly:
    • Fred brings back Mel's Hot Pocket question from her stream where they first met, and jokes about it being particularly profound, suggesting that it's the kind of question that one would ask their significant other in order to determine whether the relationship is worth pursuing further.
    • At one point, Fred breaks out a stunningly accurate impression of Meatwad.
    • One story Fred has about the K-Class submarines that wasn't mentioned in the video involves one of them accidentally colliding with a ship and heavily damaging its own hull (albeit not enough to put it in immediate danger). In a bid to avoid getting reprimanded for the mistake, the captain had his crew cover the hole in cardboard and paint it to look like the hull as if it were undamaged; as crazy as it sounds, the ploy actually worked. Combined with a tidbit Fred mentioned earlier about John Fisher's time as a captain, specifically how he required everyone who worked on his ship learn how to dance note , Fred jokingly posits that this captain had similarly required all of his submariners to learn how to paint, and realized that this situation was one that would allow that tendency to actually be useful.
    • In a bit of dark humor, after the video goes through the many, many issues of the K-Class submarines and the perils their own crews were subjected to, Mel stops the video to add even more ridiculous, over-the-top hazards of her own:
      Melody: ...and don’t get me started on the quicksand room. The quicksand room was more of an artistic choice; like, that's an aesthetic thing.
    • At one point, Melody points out an ominous-looking man lurking off on his own in a photograph of a submariner crew; Fred notes that he looks like an SCP, and promptly goes off on a tangent concocting a story for him and looking for a way to fit it into existing SCP lore.

  • Don't ever tell Mousey to not say "daddy".
  • "As a native speaker, the coño seems a little unnecessary and excessive, to be honest."
    Mouse: Oh, you don't like it when I say coño? Hello, coño. Como estas coño. What's up coño? Hi, my name is Ironmouse coño COÑITO coño COÑITO coño COÑITO coño COÑITO!
  • "Are you a neko?"
    Mouse: No, I'm a demon. I'm a semen de- [Beat] [gasps, whispering] Oh god... [zips away off screen] UWAAA! NOOOOOO!
  • This moment, also the first known sighting of Mamavale:
    Silvervale: OH MY GOD MY MOM IS IN CHAT!
    Mouse: Oh no, we gotta be nice! [...] Hello Mom, I- I- I- I- I-, I'm rated G.
  • Mousey reacts to old clips of herself.
    • The moment Mouse witnessed what she said back then left her freaking out, following by her wheezing hard from her exasperated laughter for quite a while.
      Mouse (Clip): "Can you sing Despacheeto?" You know that's my favorite song. That's my favorite song to get fucked to!
      Mouse: [shrieking] When did I say that?! [giggles] Oh my god! [wheezing laughter] Oh my god! What?! When did I say that?!
    • The comments on the video were pretty great, as was Mouse's reaction.
      Mouse: "What's with this sassy lost child? She's a good singer though!" [laughter]
    • Out of morbid curiosity, she tries to watch more of the video, which she regrets immediately.
      Mouse (Clip): Ola! Me llamo Dora! Can you say "Fuck Your Mom"?
      Mouse: [screams] Oh my god! Oh my god it gets worse!
    • The end of this very clip? Mouse claims to someone hosting her, "this is a Christian stream!"
  • In the stream debuting her new 2D model, she celebrated the occasion with a dedicated karaoke session. One song ended up being from Sword Art Online... except she doesn't sing the lyrics at all, instead choosing to roast the main character Kirito in tune with the song.
  • Her reaction to "Otoko No Uta" (The Song of Men) from Granblue Fantasy. Her voice and facial expressions were so over the top, and her Perverse Sexual Lust levels so off the charts, that she performed a "hand check" in order to assure her audience that she was not going on A Date with Rosie Palms while she was streaming.
  • Her Getting to Know interview with "Hey It's Joe" has many funny moments, but the highlight has to be around the 32-minute mark, when she mentions an unfortunate "mail-order incident". To put it as mildly as possible, since she can't get intimate with anybody due to her medical condition, she uses her "special friends" (which she has all named) to satisfy her urges. At some point a certain online store had a "special buy-one-get-one-free" offer, and she ended up ordering a lot of "special friends". What she didn't take into account was that due to her medical condition and the COVID-19 outbreak, her parents have to open up and sterilize all her deliveries before handing them over to her.
    Joe: You mean to tell me that your parents had to "Clorox" your "Bad Dragon"!?
    Mouse: Well, it's a Bad Dragon [...Beat...] My father refuses to look at me ever since.
  • Any time she and CDawgVA collaborate on a stream, one can pretty much expect hilarity to quickly ensue.
  • Mouse reads her tropes list on our VShojo Characters page, reacting to them with various amounts of agreement, incredulousness, confusion, and outrage - and flat-out refusing to read a few entries.
    Mouse: Can't Have Sex, Ever, FUCK YOU!
    Mouse: Erotic Asphyxiation!? HEY?! [reverb] HEY! WHEN THE FUCK DID I SAY THAT?! [...Beat...] Yesterday. [laughs]
  • During one of Melody's Just Chatting streams (the same one in Melody's folder above about how Mouse's mom found Mouse watching Melody on "that site"), Mouse mentions that, while she was in a hospital, her mom visited to tell her that they had (highly-Catholic) friends from church over and unknowingly played an unlabeled DVD. Said DVD happened to be Bible Black. This caused them to end their friendship and caused her father to throw holy water at her. Melody at this point is trying her damndest to hold back her laughter.
    Mouse: And it's like, you think about it. It's like, think about my parents. They're both very Catholic and this is about an evil sex cult.
    Melody: [about to completely lose it and slapping herself] What the They're like the perfect people to find it.
    [Mouse bursts out laughing]
  • Mouse going over updates to her TV Tropes character folder.
  • Her reaction to Flowmotion's video featuring her "waifu body-pillow". She really can't believe what she is watching.
    • And he did a follow-up video featuring her.
      Flowmotion: [in Spanish] Baby, if your beauty was a sin, you would never be forgiven by God.
  • "Ehlien please don't come for me, don't come for me~"
  • Her "reverse harem application form" shenanigans:
    • The very first question on the form: "Are you Connor/CDawgVA?" note 
    • This didn't stop him from submitting with an alias. As Mousey tells it, she knew it was him when he wrote that his goal "was to infiltrate the harem to make it his own" and screamed "rise up gamers" in all-caps.
    • And apparently a lot of people submitted they were Connor anyway.
    • Apparently having the only qualifiers "being over 18" and "not being CDawgVA" was not such a good idea. Mousey was flooded with submissions (over 5,000!) and had to disable the form just two days after it was launched.
  • During a hot tub stream with Nyanners, Mouse tells of how her mom once accidentally took a box she thought was medical waste that had to be disposed of to a medical waste facility. Said box was actually where Mouse kept her "toys". While the stunned silence from Mouse after her mom casually told her she threw it away is funny, the real kicker is the thought of someone at the facility having to sort out what they think is medical waste and instead finding a whole box of "special toys".
  • This clip, where Mouse says that her parents are old, and they wouldn’t hear her yelling. Then her door opens.
    Mouse: I gotta call! I gotta ca-
    [door opens in background]
    Mouse: Ah-oh... I mean, my parents are so young, an-and young! And amazing!
  • Mouse tells Haruka Karibu to watch out for the hole on the way to the exit door.
    Haruka: AHHHHH~!
    Mouse: Oh no... Dear God... [reverb] What have I done...?
    Haruka: [echoing] I can't get up! Where am I? Why is it so cold and dark?
    Mouse: Oh no, I don't have insurance.
    Mouse: No! I'm an American!
    Haruka: GODDAMMITTT~!!!
    Mouse: [breaks into laughter]
  • Mouse sings "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys, and when she learns it contains the lyric "Am I sexual?", she completely stops and refuses to sing any further.
  • Mouse singing Christmas songs (sometimes while highly medicated) usually devolves into her making the lyrics lewd, about her Vshojo/Vtuber friends, or both. She also likes to replace "Santa" with "Satan" and make the song about herself.
    Mouse: (singing) Saaa~tan is coming to town...Just kidding, I'm already here motherf*ckers!
    • "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, c*m is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in b*kkake wonderland..."
    • She also did a few Christmas medleys where she incorporated her friend's names into each song as it changed. And of course the chat was bugging her about Cdawg so...
    Mouse: You're a mean one...Connor. *laughs so hard she can't continue the song*
  • While discussing health in this clip with Connor, they get repeatedly sidetracked by people donating messages with funny names (all relating to Connor's teeth).
    ConnorsTeeth: Waterpik is not a replacement for flossing. It's like a bidet, it's an enhancement for flossing. Also other countries have worse teeth. Don't @ me Connor!
    ConnorsBlackMolar: He just said he has good teeth but why am I the only tooth that's the wrong color?
    Connor [reading chat]: "Hey man, fuck that molar. I think you're doing fantastic". Thank you. Thank you ConnorsPenis.
    (Mouse loses it)


  • Zen watches a clip of a dragon documentary, where one of the witnesses claims to have found a scorch mark left by a dragon. Zen, a dragon herself, closely examines said mark and offers her two cents on the matter.
    Zen: It's a motherfucking smudge!
  • The comedic timing of Zen's Reaction Shots are truly an art form, such as her reaction to fellow dragon Kiryu Coco claiming that the latter's tail is actually removable.
  • Speaking of timing, the absurdly perfect timing of Zen's chat with donation messages, soundboard clips, or a combination of the two.
    • In a November 2021 stream, Zen told her chat to be "normal" just for a minute. She was being serious, and got out a timer. It took a while.
  • Introduced on April Fools' Day 2021, Gecko Zen, a new model for her. There's not much else to say beyond being oddly cute, freaky, and everything in-between. Best of all, it's not a one-off April Fool's joke, as she continues to use this model on occasion.
  • When the chat was complaining about the music, she decided to play something else. But she accidentally played a clip of a little girl saying "oh yes, daddy", then a grown man clapping and saying "oh yes, daddy". Zen breaks down in complete hysterics, even having to turn her back to the camera because she couldn't stop laughing.
  • Perhaps one of the best chat trollings she's had was one donor who deployed the following:
    Donor: But first, a joke: Why did the skeleton cross the road? To scare the dragon!
    *Zen fixes the camera with a Disapproving Look*
    Donor: Oh, wait. Forgot the punchline. *blasts ear-bustingly loud Megalovania as Zen ducks for cover*

    Nyatasha Nyanners 


    Hime Hajime 


    Group Streams 
  • During a Fall Guys stream, Melody invites Papa John's to "touch my torta". Mouse completely loses it and starts laughing so hard she can't form coherent sentences for the next five minutes. note 
  • Mouse's birthday stream in January 2021, held primarily in VRChat with Mel, Nyanners, Zen, Silver, Vei, Snuffy (still a cat at this point), Bunny, and (briefly) Momo, was filled with silliness and random shenanigans.
    • The portion with the group in a lavish apartment overlooking a city at night feels very much like an IRL party stream, especially since Mouse was the only one of the group that was streaming that night and our viewpoint is her own first-person view. Multiple things seem to be happening across the apartment at any given moment, and Mouse ends up often being the straight man reacting to the weirdness going on around her.
      • Nyanners changes to a school swimsuit outfit while standing in the tub, explaining that "I'm gonna take a bath." Immediately afterward, the "Sexy Sax" sound from Mouse's soundboard plays due to a bit donation from chat.
      • Soon after that, Snuffy ends up partly in the wall, facing Nyanners.
        Snuffy: What are you doing, step-nyan?
        [Mouse loses it and quickly leaves the bathroom]
      • At one point, Snuffy has solid-black pupils and is poking Mouse repeatedly.
        Mouse: Are you high as fuck?
        Snuffy: I don't know where I am.
    • During the final portion, set at an amusement park:
      • Pretty much every time Nyanners is on a ride, she somehow flies off or out of it.
      • Silver's model ends up circling alongside the Ferris wheel, causing her to get progressively closer to Mouse with each loop. Much lewdness ensues, especially given the closeups of Silver's chest.
  • During the collab with Kizuna AI, the VShojo members note  are clearly a little starstruck at collabing with the one generally considered to have paved the way for not only all of them, but Virtual YouTubers in general. Which is shown most hilariously when Nyan, as an Impostor, takes advantage of an opportunity to kill Ai-chan - she spends several moments clearly in shock at what she just did, before repeatedly wailing "GOMENASAI!".
  • A drunken Froot's "dad joke" in this clip is not funny. The gremlin noise she makes in response to it, a sound that can best be described as an unholy auditory marvel, very much is.
  • The script reading stream that Nyan put together as one of the rewards from her birthday charity stream, in which she, Vei, Snuffy, Mel, Mouse, and Silver got together to read out The Room. Just the premise alone tells you it's going to be hilarious, but for some highlights:
    • Vei's impression of Tommy Wiseau/Johnny. Just her first line had everyone cracking up for a good while.
    • The steady Vocal Evolution of Nyan's rendition of Lisa, going from a female Chills to an over-the-top Valley Girl to Harley Quinn.
    • Mouse's absurdly whiny voice for Denny. Which she proceeds to add autotune to for his scene after Johnny's death.
    • Nyan adding in a football prop and moving it between the various avatars throughout the reading, as if they were throwing it around.
    • They had originally started reading the original script, until they realized that they had a choice between "Dragon Ball and Draculas"note  and "Denny and Fellatio"note . Melody wanted the former, but everyone else insisted on the latter, so they switched to a fan-made transcript of the finished movie.
      Silver: I just Control-F'ed "fellatio", and there is nothing!
    • Snuffy, as Mark, reciting his line "Sure baby, come on up, I want your body" invokes full-on Aroused by Their Voice from everyone else, who all try to get her to repeat the line again.
      Silver: Say you want our body again! Please, we need this!
    • When Johnny plays back the tape of Mark and Lisa's conversation, Silver takes the opportunity to play audio of Nyan yelling out her window from her birthday stream.
  • Zen organized a massive collab that not only included fellow members (Nyan, Mouse, Silver, Vei, and Froot), but also Elira, Finana, and Pomu of Nijisanji, Pikamee of VOMS Project, and indie talents Bao, Vienna, Haruka, and Scarra. To call it chaotic would be an understatement.
  • During a stream with Mouse and Nyanners, the former recalls a time she was stopped from driving a car due to someone mistaking her for a middle-schooler. This also led to Mouse revealing that she was also interrupted from doing basic adult tasks as well. This also causes Mouse to confide to Nyanners that, before becoming bedridden, she drove in her family truck, but because of how big the truck was in contrast to how short she was, she needed to sit on a cushion and wear platform shoes just to drive without problem. All of these stories were made even funnier thanks to Nyanners' increasing shock mixing with Mouse's embarrassment.
  • In October 2021, Nyanners hosts a Jackbox Party Pack 8 stream with Mouse, Veibae, Snuffy, and Haruka. The Job Job games they play, where they have to write goofy answers to interview questions and then use words from those questions and answers to craft responses to additional questions, become a big source of moments.
    • During the first game, Nyanners asks if the answers they give will be seen in some way. While they do show some responses at the end of the game, Nyan looks relieved... until Snuffy reads some of the unseen ones.
      Snuffy: Haruka also showed us, uhhh... "I take a shower and open up at least 30 tabs of Overwatch SFM porn and edge for at least two hours until I feel better."
      Nyanners: AHHHHHHHHH! NO! DON'T! DON'T!
      Haruka: Was that yours?
      Mouse: Oh my god, wait! Is that yours?
      Veibae: Oh my god.
    • After the realization that Nyanners provided the Overwatch SFM porn response, Mouse follows up.
      Mouse: Yeah, Nyan. Let me ask you a question. Who's your Overwatch main?
    • The highlights video collects some of the more hilarious responses.
      • What do you hope to find in the office recreation room?
        Veibae: A man with your wife.
        Snuffy: I wish John and Daenerys' baby.
      • Flora won't stop showing you pictures of her grandkids. What do you say to her?
        Haruka: baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby
        Nyanners (after reading Haruka's answer): Isn't that the Persona 3 song?
      • The CEO has just told you she is retiring and handing over the reins to you. How do you respond?
        Nyanners: adventures in the world of McDonald's
        Snuffy: God himself is my savior, everyone is cringe.
      • You notice a fellow coworker clearing out their desk midday. What do you do?
        Veibae: I would make them feel very little
      • Where would you like to go for the company retreat?
        Haruka: go to japan and buy hatsune miku
      • Carol wants to hang out after work. What's your excuse for bailing?
        Haruka: I fucked up someone's car, and I fucked the pacer test
        Veibae: I don't care much for you. you is shit
      • Final first impressions: I reject
        Nyanners: NOTHING. bitch
      • Final first impressions: I love
  • Mouse's Halloween 2021 party on VRChat, dear Lord (highlights)
    • Mouse officially revealing the 3D version of her Demon Queen model (after leaking it as usual a few days prior), resulting in a running gag of its breasts taking up a good portion of the screen whenever she looks down.
    • Much of the stream takes place in a Legend of Zelda-themed nightclub updated with Halloween-themed decorations. Cue Mouse trying to play an "Atacc-Man" arcade game only for it to be a mimic, and later luring Nyanners into the same trap.
    • The arrival of Snuffy (which prompts Nyanners to interrupt a discussion about Laffy Taffy mid-sentence to greet her with an inhuman gasp), who is dressed in a very adorable seal onesie.
    • Vei wearing a Sexy Police Officer costume, with whip.
    • Nyanners quickly becoming the Chew Toy, especially when her full-body tracking goes awry...
    • After Nyanners told her she had her "special Halloween panties" on, Mouse told her she had glow in the dark panties with skeletons on them (only to be disappointed she was allegedly wearing them in real life and not on her model)
    • Later on, the gang goes to a few Squid Game-themed worlds. Nyanners and Mouse's attempts at the glass bridge result in them repeatedly falling to their doom.
  • In the course of the usual hilarity that was Mario Party Superstars with Nyanners, Mouse, Vei, and Snuffy, one moment stands out, as Snuffy revealed her lack of knowledge of female anatomy. Nyanners in particular was horrified at the sheer ignorance displayed, and not even the girls were sure if Snuffy was just trolling them or not.
    Nyanners: What?!
  • A Minecraft collaboration stream between Melody and Kson On Air, with Mouse, Nyanners and CDawgVA joining in soon after was such a gem. With the expedition to the nether being a particular highlight.
    • Kson, having an angered Piglin targeting her, tries to fight back against it while on a makeshift bridge that CDawg made, and promptly hits him in the crossfire, knocking him into the lava as a result. As he angrily asks who's responsible for nearly killing him, Kson quickly claims to have not done so.
    • During their expedition, Kson drowns in lava, and Connor spends about 5 minutes trying to retrieve the head which houses her stuff. When she returns, she reveals that she didn't actually have any items, causing everyone to lose it.

  • This bit, from the highlights for Episode 10:
    Silver: [Twitch] banned the words "Simp", "Incel", and "Virgin".
    Plankton: What?
  • Episode 12. God, Episode 12:
    • For starters, rather than Melody, we have Malady, a model usually used by Mel when she's "tired", which leads to frequent misunderstandings and Accidental Misnaming as she tries putting sentences together.
    • At one point, Mouse says she wishes there was a Season 2 of No Game No Life, prompting Malady to say "flugelhorn" is her favorite character note .
      Mouse: A flugelhorn is like a trumpet.
      Malady: No. She's a strumpet.
    • And when she's told the name of the character she was talking about, she refers to her as "gerbilslut".
    • They then start talking about Laid-Back Camp.
      Malady: I thought it was the Nebraska one, but I was mistaken.
      Mouse: Antarctica?
      Malady: It's like the same letters, dude!

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