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Us And Them

  • Aeris being a bad liar.
    Aeris: I'm just...thinking about...chocobos.
    Ifalna: Chocobos? And what about chocobos?
    Aeris: Um, well...I was thinking that...when I grow up...I want to get chocobo.
    Ifalna: And that's been on your mind all evening since you came home?
    Aeris: Blue chocobos require a lot of thought.
  • Jessie repeatedly finding things she and Rufus Shinra have in common, such as video games.
    Jessie: You like anime too?
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  • Cait Sith finding Jessie in Rufus' room at the Golden Saucer.
    Cait Sith: Miss Jessie?! What are you doing getting dressed in Rufus' bedroom?
    Rufus: (grabbing Cait Sith) You'd better relay a message to Mr. Tuesti. He'd better program some goddamn boundaries into your system if he knows what's good for him. If it wasn't for the fact that you've got your uses, I'd rip out all your circuits right now.
    Cait Sith: I'll send him the memo ASAP, sir. Just don't hurt me, please?
  • As they're preparing for the final confrontation, Reno is begging Medea to let him try the Id's Death medicine. Why?
    Reno: Aeris looked like she was having the time of her life on that stuff.


Life Renewed, Love Renewed

  • Aeris accidentally setting her wheelchair to 'fast', nearly running into a store display, forcing Sephiroth to grab it and hold it in place until she manages to shut it off.
    Aeris: How many people are looking at us?
    Sephiroth: Too many...
    Aeris: This is all your fault.
    Ifalna: Oh, Honey, they're already arguing like we do.
  • Ifalna's reaction to what Aeris got at the bridal good store. She can't stop laughing as she pulls out lacy, sexy items while Aeris insists the sales ladies were sneaking them in.
  • Afterwards Aeris finds one pair of lacy black panties is missing and quickly realizes where it must have gone. "Eww."
  • Ifalna's absolute refusal to let herself be called "grandma".
  • Aeris trying to discipline her unborn child.
    Aeris: That's it, you're getting liver tonight! Wait, I hate liver! Agh! You're grounded! Yeah, never too early to start laying down the law.
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  • When Sephiroth informs them that the professor is being pushed back and forth by the crew in the ship's zero-gravity area, Ifalna laments that she married a child.
    Aeris: I wanna go in there too.
    Ifalna: My husband the man-child and my first-born daughter following in her father's footsteps.
  • When Rakael angrily throws herself on the ground and starts rolling around screaming, Prof. Gast and Ifalna look at each other with the reaction of long-suffering parents and say, "You deal with it!"

Welcome to the Machine

  • Reno and Rude speculating on what big important matter requires a meeting between Rufus, Lazard, Reeve, Cloud and Tifa, and Jessie, Biggs and Wedge. Then they find out it was actually a tabletop gaming session.

Side Stories

  • "One Step At a Time": Sephiroth, playing "Peek-a-boo".
  • "Discipline", which has an argument between Aeris and Sephiroth that ends in her shooting him with a squirt gun and him using a Confuse materia on her, resulting in her yelling at a tree.
  • Couple that with the way their kids just take it in stride.
    Remi: Where's Mom and Dad?
    Keter: They're in crazy mode again.
    Remi: Awwww, man!
  • "Man Cold": Seph desperately trying to get out of having to watch his two-year-old daughter's favorite tv show until Aeris tells him to man up and do it.
  • "D-List Celebrities":
    • Aeris letting Remi deal with an obnoxious network guy on the phone.
    Remi: What does enfant terrible mean?
    Aeris: Where did you hear that?
    Remi: The man called me one before demanding to speak to you.
    Sephiroth: It means you're doing a great job and keep going until he hangs up in frustration.
    • Seph trying to get a massage out of Aeris after spending the day doing paperwork.
    Sephiroth: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? (Aeris rolls her eyes and walks off) Tendonitis! I could get a crooked back hunched over all those forms!
  • "Pretty":
    • Sera dressing up their pet wolf Balthazar in a dress and Cloud's wig.
    • Sera later attempting to give a sleeping Sephiroth a similar makeover. Fortunately, Aeris stops her before she can do anything to him.

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