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Three Pigs And A Baby

  • Teen Lucky and Hamlet's "conversation":
    Lucky: You know what?
    Hamlet: Oh, man...
    Lucky: Sometimes...
    Hamlet: Yeah, my mom!
    Lucky: I mean, like...
    Hamlet: What you say!
    Lucky: Totally!
    Hamlet: Yeah!
    Lucky: (sighs) I wish I could talk to my dads like I talk to you.
  • Big Boss stopping Musical Wolf from playing his song by slamming the pano cover on his hands.

Tortoise Vs. Hare

  • The conniptions Murray experiences whenever he hears the words "slow and steady."
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  • The way Annette seems to interject into a conversation, only to be revealed to be talking to a client.

The Goldilocks and the Three Bears Show

  • This exchange:
    Goldilocks: Can Doodie be in the show too?
    Jay: Of course. Reality TV and "Doodie" go hand in hand!
  • Jay's Genre Savvy reaction to the finale:
    Jay: No, please! Not a surprise twist ending with a touching monologue from a lead character who'd just undergone an emotional transformation!

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