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Funny / Unity (Finmonster)

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  • Fred's dad makes a comment about the AVL having the most sophisticated equipment around, which is undercut by Dicker struggling with an old computer in the next scene.
  • Bob Parr meeting B.O.B.
  • Bob's initial reaction to Wayne's new job in general. He has a Jaw Drop when he sees Wayne on stage, who is then made aware of their presences after Megamind forces a cheer out for him.
    Megamind: Yeah! I love you Music Man!
    Metro Man: And I love you, random— (cue Oh, Crap! face)
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  • When Bob finds out about Metro Man's retirement, Megamind tries to slink away. Bob stops him cold with two words. Quickly descends into Tear Jerker with Bob confronting Metro Man on faking his death, however.
  • Hiro reveals that he and Stan have created mobile equipment pods to enable Big Hero 9 to suit up no matter where they are. When Tip questions what hers is for when she doesn't have any equipment beyond the van, it's revealed that her pod is used to transport Oh, who is left with motion sickness.
    • During the same scene, Violet watches the team get this high-tech Lock-and-Load Montage, and then awkwardly states that she's going to go duck behind a car and change into her own costume while they're doing that.
  • A shrunken Doctor Cockroach appears on Phantasma's shoulder and briefly tries to claim to be her conscience. When she just stares blankly at him, he sighs and notes that that would probably work better if he were part cricket.
  • Missing Link calls Balthazar Bratt "Freddie Mercury" and mocks everything about his fashion choices.


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