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  • In Underverse 0.2. Having run out of options and with Cross distracted, Sans decides he has no choice but to use his SPECIAL ATTACK. It's literally just him throwing his slipper at Cross. Everyone, even X-Event!Chara, can only stare at him in complete disbelief.
    Ink: Your slipper. Your special attack. Is your slipper.
  • The entire phone call Underfell!Sans has with his "boss".
    • Made funnier afterwards when Underfell!Papyrus realizes that Underfell!Frisk thinks his "chance"note  is too mean. His response?
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  • Underverse Stupid Short #1. No words can do it justice.
  • In Underverse Xtra Scene 2, during Error's dream sequence(?) When Ink teleports into Undernovela while Error's watching, in the background you can see Classic Sans with quite a large band-aid stuck over the spot where X-Event!Chara striked Sans and his ketchup bottle in Underverse 0.3 part 2.
  • In Underverse 0.4, we're introduced to Outertale Sans by having him pull the classic "Whoopee cushion in the Hand" trick on Classic Sans, but Classic Sans also has the same trick, thus leading to a 15-second-long, and very LOUD Whoopee cushion fart. And we do mean LOUD. So much so, it ruins the ambiance and EVERYONE from Outertale can hear it.
  • Jakei's 2019 April Fools' Day video. In it, XGaster happily announces that he is pregnant with a baby boy, who is shown in the next scene eating moss alongside a disgusted Chara and intrigued Frisk, all but confirming he is the X-Tale version of Kris.
  • In X-Tale VIII, we learn of how Mettaton was created. Once Mettaton wakes up, they immediately start chewing on the cables holding them up.
    • After a break, we cut to see Chara/Frisk struggling to get their HEART LOCKET out of Mettatons mouth.


  • XGaster in the main series? Terrifying, currently has the biggest contender for most evil person in the series. XGaster in the official blog? Absolutely hilarious. Jakei has a tendency to draw him with a ":3" expression on his face, adding to the hilarity.
    • Even better? According to a moment in this comic, it's his canon friendly face.
  • Speaking of, this comic. Basically, the creator of Undertale fan-comic "Epictale" made a comic of all the characters of XTale meeting their Epictale counterparts (A nod to the two fan works' Friendly Fandoms). XFrisk and Epic!Frisk are both being snarky to each other, Epic!Chara is amazed at XChara's height, Epic!Undyne gives XChara, Epic!Alphys, and even XAlphys a Horny Nosebleed, both Papyrus's are amazed at the situation, Epic!Mettaton's only reaction to XMettation is "Who made you and why?", XToriel and XAsgore can only comment on their Epictale counterparts' larger ears/horns, and predictably, XGaster and Epic!Gaster hate each other (Leading to Cross and Epic!Sans to not that this was a bad idea). Funny enough, but then Jakei made a response comic, leading to a trilogy of the characters playing a Try Not to Laugh game.
    • Cross calls the game "The Activity that will provide Entertainment in this Social Gathering", rather than just a "party game.
    • XChara tries to tell clever jokes to Epic!Gaster and Epic!Chara, who both refuse. He then yells out "Dude, your ████ is hanging out!" This disqualifies XFrisk. XChara himself then gets disqualified for just casually laughing.
    • Epic!Mettaton gets XMettaton to laugh by bribing him with a bag of marshmallows.
    • Epic!Chara is sandwich between the still fighting XGaster and Epic!Gaster, much to their discomfot.
    Epic!Chara: He-Hey guys... wanna hear a joke?
    Epic!Gaster: Is it about [XGaster's] unperfect universe?
    Cross: "Haha", indeed
    • Epic!Toriel and Epic!Asgore threaten to pull XUndyne and Epic!Undyne's fingers if they don't laugh on command. They decide they'd rather preserve their dignity than win the game.
    • XGaster and Epic!Gaster snap and threaten to destroy each other's universes using their respective weapons. Epic!Chara then tries to stop them.
    Epic!Chara: I-I, uh, s-s... s-stop fighting or I will tear you to pieces, uhh... I-I don't plan to hold... b-back.
    XGaster and Epic!Gaster: You? Ha!
    Epic!Sans: Aaand the two boomers are out! Thaaank heavens, bruh!!

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