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  • It's entertaining to see see Chara act snarky.
  • Warning: There will be many bad puns made by some of the cast, like by Frisk, Pacifist Anomaly, and especially by the Pungeon Master Sans. Expect to have fun seeing the Lame Pun Reaction by Chara, Papyrus, and Genocide Anomaly.

    Ruins Arc 
  • When Frisk and Chara first meet Flowey, Chara immediately gave Flowey a look that screamed the words "too suspicious".
  • Chara wasn't happy to know that Frisk makes worse jokes than Toriel.
    Frisk: "What is a ghost's favorite play? Romeo and Ghouliet!"
    Chara: "Ugh, seriously?! That's worse than Mom's jokes!"
  • As Frisk and Napstablook quickly become friends, you can see Chara in the background facepalming herself at the weird string of events that led to this.

    Snowdin Arc 
  • Sans entrance to the musical is filled with bad puns and Lame Pun Reactions.
    Chara: "Are you kidding me? ANOTHER person who makes bad puns?!"
  • A Black Comedy moment when Frisk accidentally became Innocently Insensitive when she said this while trying to become friends with Chara:
    Frisk: "Chara, why not give it a try? It won't kill you-"
    Chara: "HELLO?!"
    Frisk: "Oh, right..."
  • The whole chase sequence by the Guard Dogs.
    Chara: "What is with all these snow poffs?!"
    • Chara's solution to this problem? Throw a stick.
    • And as an added bonus, during the after-song intermission by the anomalies, they get interrupted by the Annoying Dog crashing the video.
      Pacifist Anomaly: "If you like dogs, you might want to click that Subscribe Button. Who knows when more will pop up."
  • Some people can't help but chuckle when Monster Kid and Chara lampshade how Snowdin Town's library is still spelled "Librarby".
  • Papyrus trying to look cool during his Boss Battle. It goes as well as you think.
    • The same can be said with Frisk's 'date' with Papyrus.

    Waterfall Arc 
  • During the fight against Mad Dummy in a bonus song, the dummy-possessed ghost claimed that he will make sure that the humans will be stuck fighting him forever... Only for Chara to point out that they could just simply walk away from this boss fight.
    • Why did the Mad Dummy attack Frisk and Chara in the first place? Because they ignored the ghost's cousin... Except Chara pointed out that she and Frisk never even MEET his cousin. It ended in the awkwardest way possible.
  • Seeing Frisk's and Chara's awkward reactions to watching Napstablook sing and dance the "Spooktune" song.
    • This becomes even funnier when you read this comment by The Creator Echo Flower Productions.
      Echo Flower Productions: "In case you're wondering why the Anomalies [didn't appear in the end of the video], think of it as they had the same speechlessness as Frisk and Chara. :)"

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