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  • In general, the group having no clue what to make of cards pertaining to the real/human world and making wildly off-base guesses, especially for the cards about horrific subjects (Undyne thinks Auschwitz is a kind of biscuit).
  • Asgore's reaction to "Giving Toriel an abortion" is "Too Soon". Meanwhile, Alphys goes into a fit of nervous stuttering, not really wanting to tell Papyrus what an abortion is.
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  • Papyrus of all people going into Crosses the Line Twice territory in the later videos:
    Asgore: "Yeah Palestine, give it a rest."
    Papyrus: "Give 'em a bomb!"
  • It happens again in the previous video!
    (As Toriel draws 'SJW is convinced that Frisk is an autistic pansexual wolfkin')
    Asriel: "We're going to insult a ton of people."
    Papyrus: "Fuck 'em!"
    (Whole cast erupts into complete laughter)
    Chara: "That's what I like to hear!"
  • Toriel and Asriel's reactions to "Toriel violently jamming Frisk up her uterus so she can relive Asriel's birth just once more.", "Facefucking kid Asriel.", "Masturbating to Toriel's death scene.", and "Reaching climax during Asriel's funeral."
    Toriel: Whoever played that card, shame on you!
  • Things get awkward when Mettaton asks how babies are made.
    Chara: How does one make a baby?
    Asriel: Yeah, Mom, how do babies come to be?
    Papyrus: Tell us, Toriel!
    Toriel: Magic! [nervous laughter] Yes, uh, magic! It's magic. When two monsters love each other very much, they smush their souls together and then they make a baby.
    Asriel: Is that how I was born?
    Toriel: Yes, it was.
    Mettaton: But what if we ask Asgore?
    Toriel: DO NOT ASK ASGORE.
    • Mettaton, naturally, asks Asgore. He very quickly regrets it. Poor Asriel...
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    • And after Asgore's explanation, Mettaton's card of the round (the above-mentioned "Reaching climax during Asriel's funeral" card) is picked.
    Toriel: "You really aren't getting any pie."
    Papyrus: "You perverted mother...fucker!"
    Toriel: "Oh, trust me, he is not a motherfucker."
  • How sexually frustrated Asgore is.
    Asgore: "Toriel always makes me cum". Yeah, boys! Now we're talking!
  • Chara is a good source of these, too.
    Papyrus: "What did Asgore eat for dinner?"
    Chara: "Pussy!"
    • Their Irish Accent counts, too.
      Chara: "Killing a fecking wee beastie with a jaffa cake!"
  • "R-Rawr, I'm a d-d-dargon!"
    • Yes, Dargon.
  • Flowey joins in on the fun in the later videosnote . And considering Flowey's personality...
  • Alphys being apparently rather fond of (and repeatedly referencing) what is, in-universe, Real-Person Fic... of people she knows... despite her denial of same.
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  • Asgore's reaction to Asriel playing a particular card... in the same round that he had misspelled a blank card.note 
    Asgore: "I don't know what's worse — my spelling or that card."
  • Mettaton's reaction to "Mettaton EX raping Mettaton NEO":
    Mettaton: Nothing gets me turned on like me having sex with myself!
  • Only Sane Man she may be, but Toriel can cross the line as well as anyone else:
    Asgore: Come on, Toriel!
    Toriel: You may not "come on Toriel". Go away.
  • One of Asgore's uninvited appearances is greeted by "Hi Dad." from Chara, Asriel, and Papyrus.
  • This bit in response to "Frisk Snapchatting dick pics to Toriel by accident":
    Toriel: I'm not even aware if they have one!
    Asriel: ... A Snapchat?
    Toriel: Um... Yes! Yes, a Snapchat!
  • When the white card "Drilling a dildo onto Mettaton's crotch" comes up...
    Mettaton: OHHH, YESSSSS!

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