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Funny / Unchained Blades

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  • The regal-like Tiana, having convinced her father to let her go and make a wish to Clunea, drops her manners and laughs merrily after tricking her father.
  • Lapis gets her wish fulfilled at Titan Darius. She then goes to test it out on Fang. After a moment of silence, she loses it and clings Fang into her boobs.
  • Hector builds up enough courage to talk to Mari because he thinks she's very special. But then she says that she admires Fang for his driven attitude and doesn't even seem to care about Hector. Shocked, Hector remains silent, and Mari walks away on him.
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  • Niko casually mentioning that she has to "mark her territory". Sylvie disagrees.
  • Fang's group starts to integrate Tiana's group one by one in chapter three. Sylvie says that they were separated so suddenly because they were chased around by horrible monsters. When you finally find Tiana, it turns out that the girls were so horrified of cockroaches.
    • Funnily enough, everyone but Fang is frightened of the monsters.
  • Having learned from her past mistakes with buttons, Niko decides to ask if she can push one. Picking the right option yields a praise from Tiana...but then Fang tells Niko not to listen to her. "Ooh! A Button! *PUSH*" indeed.
  • Sylvie can learn a passive skill that allows her to One-Hit KO a monster. If she manages to get a chance of unchaining a monster and you have her passive skill...there's a chance she'll end up killing it the next second.

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