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From Volume 1:

  • One of the cute scenes with Psylocke and X-23 is after Psylocke had just been revived in World's End. She and Laura have rejoined the captured X-Men and the Savage Land mutates, who are preparing to face the Hauk'ka. Psylocke is sitting on a branch, deftly braiding her hair while talking with Bishop. Laura is emulating her in the background, fighting with her hair, trying to get it to behave. A few pages later when the Hauk'ka arrive, Psylocke has moved on to helping Nightcrawler and Bishop un-lock their powers, perfect braid swaying behind her... and X-23 rushes out to fight Raina, with her hair in a messy bun, apparently having given up on it.
  • During Brubaker's run, thanks to Lady Mastermind, San Francisco gets turned into a pseudo-60s. Scott and Emma go to investigate, and find their outfits get turned hippie-ish. Emma is appalled, but Scott actually likes his look.

From the 2013 series:

  • The result of leaving a bunch of teenagers alone with no guidance in a school with a Danger Room.
  • Benjamin checking out Magik's ass as she walks away. Her response? "No, boy. I would break you."
  • Eva's attraction to Cyclops in Issue #5. Note the Death Glare from Emma.
  • The freakout in Issue #8 after Irma dyes and cuts her hair.
  • Also from that issue, the casual nature of the X-Men meeting Dazzler.
  • Goldballs still gets hit with his own attack after his moment of awesome in Issue #11.
  • Issue #14:
    • These exchanges
      Magik: Anyone else think having a teenage Jean Grey here is going to be hilarious?
      (cue "we are not amused" faces from Cyclops and Emma)
      Magik: Too soon?
    • Followed with:
      Cyclops: (after hitting Benjamin) Your Turn.
      Benjamin: What?
      Cyclops: Like you aren't dying to hit me.
      Benjamin: You're Scott Summers! Everyone's dying to hit you.
      Emma: Good one.
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    • Followed shortly by this one from Magik and Emma in Atlantic City.
      Magik: You're so patient all of a sudden.
      Emma: I'm growing as a person.
      Magik: Uh-huh. Do you want to rob this place?
      Emma: Maybe after.
  • Issue #15 is basically a slice of life take on the team.
    • Wherein the girls (including even teen Jean Grey) really seem to don't want Magik to judge them:
      Magik: Okay, all right, I told you, I'll go get whatever you need. Go make a list. (silence) What?
      Tempus: We don't want you to judge us.
      Magik: Judge?
      Phoebe: We're all X-Men.
      Celeste: Powerful women standing on our own two feet.
      Tempus: Standing up for what we believe in.
      Celeste: Standing up for all of mutantkind.
      Tempus: Strong—
      Irma: Independent women.
      Tempus: Yes. Exactly.
      Magik: And...?
      Tempus: We want to go shopping.
      Irma: Don't judge.
    • Magik falling asleep during meditation, and reacting like it was falling asleep in a lecture.
      Doctor Strange: Illyana? Are you asleep?
      Magik: Dasvidaniya, bitches...
      (Strange wakes Illyana up)
      Doctor Strange: Miss Rasputin, meditation time is not nap time.
      Magik: I am so sorry.
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    • Also, Emma's sleeping position. "Dressing like teenagers, sleeping like toddlers."
    • And the younger girls consider Magik is "nicer" than Emma.
  • Issue #17:
    • All the Completely Missing the Point.
    • Also, all the students commenting on Tempus' extremely obvious crush on Cyclops, and her trying to deny it.
    • Christopher screaming like a little girl because he saw a bug the size of his fist. Apparently he finds it more terrifying than Limbo.
  • Issue #18:
    • Emma thinks Hank and Kitty planned on bringing a Jean Grey to the present just to annoy her, and her revenge plan? Bring a kid Colossus.
    • In the same issue young Cyclops asks his older self for some advice about the future. Scott's response? Telling him to stay away from redheads... and blondes and psychics and just women in general.
  • Issue #19 has a few.
    • There seems to be something blocking mutant powers. Of course, Fabio reacts with "My balls are broken." When his powers come back...
      Fabio: Oh hey! My balls are working again.
      Emma: Wording!
    • When the X-Men travel to Chicago, the Cuckoos pick up that a man literally crapped his pants. Benjamin and Fabio think it's pretty lame, resulting in this.
      Benjamin: I swear to God, all the truly horrible things we have seen, I never once pooped myself.
      Fabio: Yeah, we went through Hell and kept it together.
      Christopher: Almost.
    • After Eva saves the team by jumping them ahead one minute in time, Christopher is not amused.
      Christopher: Have we learned nothing from recent events?! Mutants should not time travel! (Even a Minute's worth.}
      Benjamin: Whatever that means.
      Christopher: Really.
  • In Issue #20 we learn that Maria Hill has a crush on Cyclops.
  • Uncanny X-Men Special #1:
    • We have the epic Villain Decay of a guy who, when we first see him, is sipping wine and pondering things... then we meet the guy, and he's a complete pushover, being bullied by generic bounty hunters like it was high school.
    • Also, the complete nonchalant-ness of it all. Specifically, after Cyclops is kidnapped by aliens and the students call for help, Magik shows up striking a badass pose, and she sees the students with clueless expressions on their faces. All she can say is: "What'd you do?" with an expression that screams, "if you tell me now, I'll fix it, but it's totally okay if you don't" and/or "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."
  • Issue #22 has Hijack appear at the Jean Grey school and pull a Big Damn Heroes. Why was he there? Because he wanted to enrol.
  • Issue #24: Xavier's will; "I declare that I am married as of the date of this will and that my wife's name is Raven Darkholme". While everyone is shocked out of their mind, Emma is laughing her ass off.


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