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For a group of pre-teens, Scott and his friends can be hilarious.

    The Videos 
  • Whenever Scott is terrified in Five Nights at Freddy's 1 or 2.
    • He gets two in half a minute during part 6 of the first game.
    Scott: You never know when that sneaky chicken is going to strike...
    Scott: (after a long silence) What am I doing? I have the expression right now of a guy reading a newspaper.
  • Jared on the 100 subsciber Smash Bros. live stream.
  • Anytime Scott chokes on his own spit while talking or yelling.
    Scott: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NO! *random unintelligible spitting noises*
  • Pretty much every episode of Move or Die.
    • Clicker Heroes is this as well, aside from the first episode, which is more Heartwarming/Tear Jerker.
  • Though mainly terrifying, several moments of the Five Nights at Candy's 3 challenge count, especially the beginning.
    Scott: (holding Lucy) This is my stress relieving cat...who doesn't know what stress is...and also doesn't know what relieving means.
    Scott (hauling Lucy back into the darkness) Oh... Oh, you're gonna give me comfort, aren't you, Lulu...GIVE ME KISS!
    Scott (still holding Lucy) Happy face!...she looks like Grumpy Cat.
    • Anytime Lucy pummels Scott.
    Scott: (for some reason, still holding Lucy) So- Oof! Ow! Okay, don't hurt me!
    • And Lucy looks so pissed and DONE through the whole thing.
  • More recently, part of the first episode of Five Nights at Wario's 3 Scott did with his grandmother. Though quite terrifying for the rest of the video as Scott becomes more and more panicked and scared, the first jumpscare he receives prompts him to scream very high-pitched, and to quietly say "Jesus Christ". It's quite funny to see his reaction.
  • His "We Are Number One" parody's.
  • Scott trolling an adult League of Legends player after the player insulted his live stream.
    Scott: Thanks for giving me views, by the way! *player leaves stream*

  • On October 4th 2016, Scott posted this comment on a Five Nights at Freddy's 4 fan made video.
    Scott: Was watching this. Accidentally clicked full screen right before jumpscare. Spit pizza all over screen. Accidentally turned volume all the way up. Nearly knocked over water glass. Accidentally rewound to jumpscare AGAIN. Smashed face on desk. Began to question my existence. R.I.P Ultimate Gaming Scott, 2004-2016.

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