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    Prologue: A Taste of Despairadise 
  • In "Prologue, Chapter 3", when Soshun asked if everyone discovered the secret message in their invitations, almost everyone gave a brief yes. The only ones who didn't was Akira, who didn't discover the secret message, and a Motor Mouth Aya whose talk went to an unnecessarily long explanation of everything that she thought and did until a very impatient and short-tempered Yasuke had to snap at her to wrap it up.
  • In "Prologue, Chapter 3", some of the cast members did something ridiculous during their introductions:
    • The students reaction to Yasuke admitting to having an interest in manga.
    • Nodaka and her negativity towards everyone, to the point that even Yasuke becomes fearful.
    • The look on Akira's and Jonathan's faces when they saw that Jose had literally wrote EVERYTHING that happened seconds ago in his journal.
    • Cam suddenly proposes to Chihiro (whom Cam didn't know is a boy) because he fell in love with Chihiro the moment the former saw the latter's programming work. It got so out of hand that Yasuke had to step in and knock Cam unconscious just to shut him up.
    • Keiko's strong anger towards Taeko Yasuhiro/Celeste Ludenburg.
    • Aya Kisaragi and her Motor Mouth towards to sea creatures, especially the sea sponges... Seriously, don't ask her to name them, she will list down more than 400 different species in alphabetical order, without stop.
    • Beigoma blushes when she was about to ask Akira something important, which Yasuke (to his irritation) interpreted to be another proposal. But nope, Beigoma just wanted Akira to be her big brother. Of course almost everyone would laugh their heads off if they saw something as ridiculous as that happened right in front of their eyes. The only ones who didn't find that funny was Akira, who was completely at a lost on how and why that happened, and Mukuro, who is very sensitive with her own sisterly relationship.
    • Jonathan's reaction when he realized that Sawa is walking barefooted.
    • What in the world was Nate thinking when he didn't think anyone would panic when he introduced to them as the "Ultimate Assassin"?
  • You have to admit, in "Prologue, Part 4", Yasuke and Monokuma's version of a 'Tom and Jerry fight' is pretty funny to read and imagine.
  • In "Prologue, Part 7", Akira misunderstanding combined with Azami hiding her evidence inside her undergarments because her skirt doesn't have any pockets.
  • In "Prologue, Part 7", you can't help but wonder what was going through Akira's head when he witnessed Jose losing his mind when Monokuma messed up the book arrangements of the library and fanboying over archive files.
  • In "Prologue, Part 8", Beigoma just appears out of nowhere and drags Akira into doing karaoke in the middle of their investigations... Seriously...?
    • And let's not forget that later on the same chapter, Beigoma hugs Akira and refuses to let go even when everybody is appearing and watching them. What made it even funnier is that Beigoma's hold on Akira is so strong, Nate (the Ultimate Assassin) couldn't pull her off of Akira. It ended up nearly strangling Akira to death!
  • For "Prologue, Part 9", let's be honest. As awesome and heartwarming as Akira successfully performing a Get A Hold Of Yourself Woman on Mukuro, we burst out laughing when Mukuro returned the favor by punching Akira in the guts and almost breaking at least five of his ribs. That's what he get for slapping her and shouting at her.
  • During "Prologue, Part 10", as the students were trying to figure out who Mukuro gave her survival knife to (because they suspected the killer used that knife to commit murder), Chihiro proceeds to suspect Makoto Naegi because of the recent revelation that Mukuro likes Makoto. And he asked it in a rather playful tone...
    Chihiro: (playful tone) "Ikusaba-san, this special friend of yours...? Their name wouldn't happen to be Makoto Naegi, would it?"
    Mukuro: (blushes) N-No it's n-not Makoto!
  • In addition, "Prologue, Part 10" sure knew how to end its chapter by having Izuru make the Mastermind and their army of Monokuma Units bring '''the entire final destination museum''' to the Class Trial. The Mastermind was NOT happy...
    The Mastermind: (via Monokuma) "You've got a lot of fucking nerve, ordering me around like a damn pack mule!"
  • In "Prologue, Part 11", Jose admits to bluffing his beliefs that Aoi Asahina is the one who murdered Hajime Hinata just to test everyone. Jonathan did not take it very well.
    Jonathan: "Are you telling me all that was just a dumb little act to confuse the hell out of us?!"
    Jose: "Pretty much, yeah. It was effective though, right?"
    Jonathan: "You're insufferable."
  • In "Prologue, Part 11", just imagine everyone's reaction to Cam when he burst out laughing from seeing a picture Byakuya Twogami. And, of course, their reaction to seeing the said picture itself.
    Nodaka: "What...?"
    Akira: "The...?"
    Yasuke: "Hell...?"
  • In "Prologue, Part 12", no one expected Soshun to go into Super Mode, completed with a glowing golden aura & eyes and spiky hair, right after everyone else was about to give up and choose to let themselves be executed.
  • What a better way to end "Prologue, Part 13" than having Maestro Infinite being forced to allow the Mastermind/Monokuma to end the Prologue in the middle of the first Class Trial or else the latter will spoil who is the first victim from the Extracurricular Course is?
    The Mastermind: "Listen up, the person who becomes the first victim is..."
    Maestro Infinite: "Cut to black! Cut to black! I don't care anymore just no more spoilers!"

    Chapter 1: Love Hurts 
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 1", it's hilarious to see Nodaka's embarrassing Tsundere moment. It's so hilarious, it can only be expressed by quoting it:
    Nodaka: "You're amazing Akira, I could just kiss you!"
    Everyone: "..."
    Akira: (teasing) "Are you sure? Because I swear I heard..."
    Nodaka: "You heard nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Absolutely nothing! You jerk! You pervert! You moron! You numbskull! You cute idiot!"
    (Nodaka realizes what her last phrase was and immediately clasped her hands over her mouth).
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 2", you cannot help but imagine everyone's reactions were when Akira and Jonathan declared this important yet ridiculous piece of evidence:
    Akira and Jonathan: "Ahoge!"
    Everyone Else: "Eh?"
  • Those Ship Tease moments between Connie and Keiko in "Chapter 1, Part 3".
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 3", Azami surprised everyone by pulling a piece of evidence from her undergarments (again). But it got worse when Azami told everyone that she did the same thing to Akira earlier during the investigations. Cue everyone staring at Akira, especially the girls.
    • And Akira... why did you have to make that Suspiciously Specific Denial of seeing Azami's undergarments earlier? Now every girl's Death Glare is directed at you with even more intensely. Only Azami didn't do it because she's an Innocent Fanservice Girl. And no, Chihiro's pity towards Akira doesn't count since Chihiro is a boy who crossdresses as a girl.
    • And let's not forget how the other boys just abandoned Akira when the girls (except clueless Azami) were directing all their anger at him. Can't really blame them when they don't want to be the target of the girls' rage (especially with people like Mukuro and Nodaka in that group).
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 4", Junko points out Yasuke is staring at her bust. Cue Yasuke looking away blushing and the Ultimate Deva saying he can relate.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 4", just imagine Jose's frustration when he realized that someone like Beigoma discovered something important before he did.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 4", there's the real Hajime's admittance to wanting to thank Nagito for all the problems he caused in "Super Danganronpa 2" that helped expose the truth, right after Hajime beats up Nagito.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 6", everyone was understandably shocked when they learned that Mukuro forced a kiss on Akira in order to force a conversation between Akira and Nodaka. But among the reactions of the group, it is Beigoma's reaction that sold it when she made this comment:
    Beigoma: "Kira Onii-chan and Mukuro Onee-chan kissed?! No, not incest! It's with the wrong sister to begin with too!"
    • What made the scene even funnier is when Mukuro realized in horror that she may have stolen Akira's first kiss away from Nodaka.
      Mukuro: "Oh God, Hoshi might end up killing me by the end of this."
      • And if things couldn't get even more hilarious, this conversation is followed by Keiko admitting to liking the kiss she received from Junko Enoshima.
        Jonathan: "Predatorial lez."
  • Also in "Chapter 1, Part 6", it must have been very awkward for everyone when they develop a sense of fear and suspicion towards Shiro's attitude towards puzzles, since it reminds them of Jigsaw from "Saw".
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 7", as heartwarming and a tearjerker most of the chapter is, it ended in a hilarious note when Chihiro and Cam walked into the room while Akira and Nodaka were in the middle of kissing.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 8", it was funny to see Jose's reaction when he learned that Book Dumb Beigoma and Tsundere Nodaka are suppose to be older than him.
    Jose: "Oh my God, my sen-senpai are tot-tal m-morons! My ko-kohai lea-learning experience is do-doomed!"
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 9", let's not focus on how Chihiro's username is something as childish as "chi_hirothehero", but rather on how Akira experienced a Nose Bleed upon seeing how cute Alter Ego is.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 9", it was funny to see Beigoma and Nodaka fight over Akira, much to the boy's dismay.
    Akira: (Inner Thoughts) 'Kill me now', I thought to myself. I don't care what anyone says, a harem is not a male fantasy. It is utter hell!
    • And then there's the whole sleeping Azami and "Connie Chop" scenarios between Connie and Keiko.
  • And in "Chapter 1, Part 9", let's not forget how ridiculous everyone feels when Beigoma discovers a loophole in the Mastermind's rules WITHOUT realizing it.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 10", we have Monokuma trying to handle The Stoic Mr. or Mrs. Other Protagonist, who is taking all the craziness and strangeness so casually.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 11", we are treated to a Keiko obsessed with trying to get a kiss from Connie right after a long conversation in French. And nobody else but Akira understood the conversation because Akira could see the subtitles. Of course nobody would believe you if you said you understood an entire conversation in a foreign language because you could see subtitles for the said conversation!
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 12", which is funnier? Miaya's appearance after doing that introduction straight out of "The Outer Limits" or Usami making her appearance by crashing into the ground from the sky like a pink comet?
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 13", Usami suffers the disappointment of seeing almost everyone throwing away the Usami keychains she gave to the students... again.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 13", we are treated an introduction by Halokuma and Diablokuma, who pretty much copied the introduction of Team Rocket from "Pokemon". The students' reaction to this was priceless.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 14", we get Cam and Connie fangirling like geeks during the appearance of the Monobeasts combining together to form a gigantic robot called "Monobeast King Fighter Supreme", when everyone else was panicking like headless chickens. Understandably, both Monokuma and the other Extracurricular Course Students were pissed that Cam and Connie are too busy going Squee! over the robots when they should be terrified like the other students over the idea of being killed by the said robots. Seriously, you two, now's not the time for a Skewed Priorities moment...
    The Mastermind: "What you think I just engineered the Monobeasts to become a Megazord and dressed up as a Power Ranger for a gag?"
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 16", Nodaka made the embarrassing comment of liking the smell of Akira more than the smell of perfume (because she hates perfume). Nodaka gets embarrassed and proceed to punch Akira in the guts with one hand while the other was still covering her nose because they were standing near a bunch of perfumes in display.
  • In "Chapter 1, Part 16", Akira was looking at Monokuma while feeling sorry for the Mastermind. But Akira's stares crept the Mastermind out and they told him to stare at Nodaka instead since the boy makes her dress up as a maid. Akira denies this continues to do so until the Mastermind made this witty remark:
    The Mastermind: "Then look me in the eyes and tell me you don't like that outfit on her."
    Akira: "..."
    The Mastermind: "That's what I though. Seeyah!"
    (Monokuma leaves the scene.)
    Akira: "Dammit, I can't believe I actually pities that asshole."

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