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Funny / Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na!

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Chapter 2

  • When confronted by the plant women, the JGSDF soldiers put up all of two seconds of resistance before 'giving in' and having sex with them!
    • Followed by Clara's reaction when she arrives to fight the plant monster and sees an orgy going on instead:
    Athena: (watching from N.U.D.E. HQ) "Clara! You avert your eyes THIS INSTANT!"

Chapter 8

  • Seeing Athena put Clara across her knees and spank her at the end of their battle. Made funnier since she's still sore by the beginning of the next chapter.

Chapter 15

  • The reunion between Clara and her father, B.M. the Shooter, who turns out to be Point Blank, who was her age only days prior and had also traumatized her not long ago. Not only does she not take it well, his attempts to explain that they're no longer the same age only makes things worse; causing Athena to facepalm in exasperation.

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