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Some of the extreme cases of the over-the-top humor of the series.

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  • Tsubame doing something creepy. Also falls under Nightmare Fuel.
  • Tsubame smashing through doors, usually when she thought Misha was threatened.
  • The opening is rife with several moments the most hilarious of which involves Misha and Tsubame riding on a large heart.
    • The ending is a montage of Misha and Tsubame exercising ending with Tsubame pulling Misha with a tire wrapped around her torso.

  • Episode 1:
    • Tsubame asking a job interviewer if there were any jobs where she could have little white girls wear dresses she made. She later calls the same interviewer back telling him that she found a job.
    • In a flashback, Tsubame becomes so enamored with a young Misha, she collapses on the ground and doesn't move even when snow began to pile on her.
    • Misha reacting in sheer disbelief at how ripped Tsubame was.
    • Tsubame sniffing her hand after failing to persuade her to allow her to wash her hair.
    • Tsubame tries to lure Misha out of the room with curry. After Misha's insistence of staying in her room, Tsubame becomes sad, stating that she wanted to see Misha's mouth get dirtied from the curry. Misha swiftly calls her out for being perverted.
    • After Misha tells Tsubame she wasn't interested in her, we are treated to a flashback of a girl confessing to Tsubame and asking her out. Tsubame turns her down, stating she prefers girls who hadn't begun to menstruate.
    • The first episode starts on the right foot with Misha walking towards the window only to see Tsubame glaring back at her from a light post. This leads to a hilarious scene of Misha frantically running down the stairs.

  • Episode 2:
    • While exercising, Tsubame apparently forgets to breathe, lamenting on how she probably wouldn't show her legs for the summer.
    • As soon as Tsubame decides to look at Misha's username as a last resort, a doorbell goes offnote  and the text on-screen seems to call out Tsubame:
    • Tsubame receives several messages from child predators and wastes no time to report several of them.

  • Episode 3:
    • Misha deciding to go to school solely so she could get away from her maid.
    • Misha learns that her homeroom teacher had placed the two hamsters together in the same cage because she thought they were lonely. Then, of course came the babies.
    • Tsubame tries to pass herself off as a student, explaining that she hadn't been to school in a few years.
    • Tsubame breaking the door to the roof the school due to her carelessness, and this is shortly alluded to with Tsubame being forced to repair the door only to accidentally smash through it.

  • Episode 4:
    • Tsubame walks in on Misha unchanging shortly after trying to coerce Misha into allowing her to wash her hair. Tsubame then informs Misha that she was going to take a bath next...but also states that she was going to keep the door cracked slightly if Misha was interested. Afterwards, Tsubame fawns over the thought of Misha's scent soaking into her pores, and then proclaims that it could be one of the most famous hot springs out there.
    • While Misha was playing video games, Tsubame sneaks into her room and quickly goes under the bedsheets. After being kicked out, Tsubame laments how she wanted to share Misha's breath.
    • The scenarios that Misha imagines will happen to her friend Mimika. The first involves Tsubame creepily squeeing at the small girl, the other is Tsubame attacking Mimika with a sword, accusing her of trying to take "milady" from her. Ironically, the last imaginary scenario does hit on some level as Tsubame subconsciously admits on seeing Mimika as a rival.
    • Tsubame nearly dying over the cuteness of Mimika and Misha talking to each other.

  • Episode 5:
    • Tsubame in a bee costume. That is all.
    • Tsubame is offended by Misha's branding of her as a criminal...only to not only give a young girl a balloon, but also her LIME messenger and phone number.
    • Yui's despair of having a miniscule allowance in comparison to Misha's.
    • Yui becoming infatuated with Tsubame and fondly referring to her as "Master of Cuteness."
    • Everything about Low-Angle Uncle. He promptly gets arrested for messaging hundreds of young girls for lower-shot angles afterwards.
    • After Yui sprains her ankle, Tsubame takes her place. She is clearly above the other players in terms of skill, and when she is told that she was making playing unfair, Tsubame resorts to having her arms tied up, but she uses her other body parts instead.

  • Episode 6:
    • When Ukai first meets Misha, the young girl wastes no time with alerting the police with her alarm. After getting arrested, Ukai somehow escapes the police and tries to get some answers about Tsubame's whereabouts from Mimika… only to come to the same result.
    • Feeling that she was being watched, Misha goes to her window, expecting Tsubame to be on the light post. Upon seeing that it was Ukai instead, Misha reacts in a fashion similar to how she reacted to first meeting Tsubame right down to running away from the window only to slip on something. The only difference is that as she was sprinting towards the door, Tsubame smashes down the door again.
      • When they decide to conspire to get Tsubame out of the house, Midori finds a maid outfit in the trash, and goes to undress...when the police arrive to arrest her, she tries to tell them that they were getting the wrong idea, her top falls down, exposing her (censored) breasts.
      • The reference to To Catch a Predator is also humorous.
    • As a means of trying to get Ukai to help in her plan of getting Tsubame out of her house, Misha uses one of the treats that Tsubame had made for her and laces it to a fishing rod. Ukai ends up taking the bait.
    • Just the sheer fact that Ukai was one of the few people that genuinely disturbed Tsubame is funny in itself.
    • Ukai fell in love with Tsubame to begin with because of the aura she emitted whenever she was around the dogs. This would result in her acting like one of the dogs so she could be lectured by Tsubame, and even in things like karate, Ukai would deliberately set herself up to be beaten by Tsubame.

  • Episode 7:
    • After leaving the Takanashi household upon being fired by Misha, Tsubame reveals that she planned the whole thing solely so she could have a drone ready with a camera to catch Misha admitting that she wanted her back.
    • The most important task that Tsubame performs in the morning? Sneaking into Misha's room to watch her sleep for five minutes before waking her up. As such, she is naturally distraught to find Misha already awake.
    • Tsubame makes a habit out of collecting Misha's hair so she could make a doll with them. Even Midori tells her that was disgusting.
      • The hypocrisy of Tsubame saying that if she were to receive a doll from Midori, she'd throw it on the ground immediately. Never mind the fact that she was intending on doing the same for Misha.
    • Tsubame temporarily becoming a teacher when educating Midori on what clothing and girls she liked. She even wears glasses for it.

  • Episode 8:
    • We learn that Midori's preferences were so bizarre, her parents decided to transfer the inheritance to their baby son even though there was a six-year difference between the two.
    • Midori believed that she was switched at birth due to not loving luxurious things. Her tastes even revolve around her trying to sleep on the floor, eating cold foods such as Vienna sausages, or doing military training by weighing herself down in a pool and nearly drowning.
    • Midori challenging an emperor penguin to a fight.
    • Midori's nose frequently bleeds whenever she would be around Tsubame.
    • Midori finds her dream job: being cleaning up houses, which appeals to her sadomasochistic tendencies.
    • When Misha's panties go missing, Tsubame naturally is the primary suspect. As it would turn out, due to a mishap with carrying a package, Tsubame placed Misha's panties in her pocket. Cue Misha coercing Midori to call the police.
      • Tsubame's panties are "stolen" next, and she explains that she'd be embarrassed if she went commando, never mind how she wore several strange outfits previously. As it would turn out, the hamsters had stolen her pair of panties.
      • Misha suggests that Midori was the likely culprit to steal Tsubame's panties, but Tsubame assures her she knew it wasn't her, because Midori would've worn her panties to further humiliate herself. Midori even offers to allow Tsubame to wear her panties as a replacement which Tsubame declines.

  • Episode 9:
    • Kumagoro being petrified of going to the doctor so much, he jumps out the upper window and narrowly avoids colliding with a bench.
    • When Yui's sister is revealed to have found Kumagoro, Tsubame sweeps the young girl off her feet, and rationalizes that since she picked her up off the streets, that technically meant that she was hers now.
    • Kumagoro reuniting with Misha...only to then get reminded that he was going to the vet.
    • Misha point blanketly asking Mimika if she had gotten fatter the last time she had seen her.
    • Yui opts to wear not-winter-appropriate clothing so that she could stand out.
    • Tsubame as a snowman. That is all.

  • Episode 10:
    • Kumagoro and the hamsters turning out to be terrified of Midori. Seems like she finally had someone follow her demands.
    • While the show had always played Tsubame's pedophilic tendencies for laughs, in this episode, they throw in slow motion to emphasize how disturbing the situation was.
    • Misha tries to climb up a tree as a means of getting high enough to see the inn only to slide back down.
    • Misha realizes that the supposed panda bear was actually just a discolored brown bear cub.
    • Tsubame stands up to the bear's mother, but apparently, the mother was so disturbed by Tsubame's "declaration of love" towards Misha, she instead walks off, coercing her cub to accompany her.

  • Episode 11:
    • Tsubame finally gets Misha to wear clothing she made. She is so overjoyed by this, her pulse stops, and we are presented with a "the end." Misha then punches it away, saying that they weren't over yet.
    • Tsubame nearly going to Heaven again whilst overhearing the girls having a pillow fight.
    • Midori hanging upside down on the toilet.
    • Tsubame imaging Misha and Mimika teasing her, so much so, her good eye starts to bleed.
    • Misha imagining Tsubame jumping into the bathtub with her, Mimika, and Yui.


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