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Funny / U.S. Marshals

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  • Gerard, forced to wear that nasty looking purple jacket, eck!
  • Tommy Lee Jones in a chicken suit!
    • Regular or extra crispy?
  • While there is no mention of Kimble, it seems that Gerard learned from his last mistake of underestimating a man with his back turned to him. As soon as Sheridan has his back turned prepared to jump, Gerard demands he turns around to face him.
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  • Gerard and Royce (Robert Downey Jr.) are chasing Sheridan (Snipes) through the hallway of a boat. An employee unwittingly opens a door, and Royce faceplants into the door. This would be a funny moment on its own, but note the scene happens after it's revealed to the audience (but not Gerard yet) that Royce is the mole. Not only is it a moment that can make you laugh, it can make you cheer.


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