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    Episode Introductions 
  • Episode 2: "RDR8 Cast Advice"
    Trixie: I'm Marketwoman of the Serengeti, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 8: "Drag Names"
    Trixie: I'm the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 13: "Flirting Pt. 1"
    Trixie: I'm your dad's fuccboi, Trixie Mattel.
    Katya: And I'm the bird woman of Alcatraz, Katya.
  • Episode 16: "Health and Fitness Pt. 2"
    Trixie: Have you ever wanted the body you've always wanted, but you were too scared to ask?
    Katya: Have you ever dreamed of getting the body of your dreams?
  • Episode 23: "Twitter Questions"
    Katya: I'm the visual depiction of untreated mental illness, Katya.
  • Episode 24: "Getting Older"
    Trixie: I'm Halle Berry in the first 15 minutes of Losing Isaiah, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 25: "Beauty Tips Pt. 1"
    Trixie: I'm Morgan Freeman's freckle that's getting a little bit bigger! Making him kinda nervous! Trixie Mattel.
    Katya: And I'm the violent tendency in your life that you are desperately trying to avoid and suppress, Katya.
  • Episode 27: "Dreams Pt. 1"
    Katya: That's not scientifically possible! And I'm the—
    Katya: [mortified] And you think I'm disgusting?!
    Trixie: That's just possible!
  • Episode 29: "Halloweenie"
    Katya: You're gonna die up there. I'm Katya.
  • Episode 33: "Childhood"
    Trixie: I'm the Big Gulp you get behind the 7-Eleven, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 34: "Kids and Parenthood"
    Trixie: I'm the chemical burn from the spiral perm, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 35: "Hollywood"
    Katya: I'm Betsey Johnson in the straight-to-video soon-to-be-classic movie Goth Busters, Katya.
  • Episode 37: "New Year New You"
    Trixie: I'm the fine line between a cleft chin and a bullet hole, Trixie Mattel.
    Katya: And I'm the only surefire way to disengage your temporomandibular joint, Doctor Bitchcraft! [laughing] I don't know what— Let's Party! Katya.
  • Episode 45: "Music"
    Trixie: I'm the star of the softcore Iraqi porn "Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place", Trixie Mattel.
    • Then there's Katya while Trixie is saying this, slowly realizing what the punchline is going to be.
  • Episode 64: "Time"
    Trixie: I'm the thick, faux-leather wrist band with the gold stitch that reminds you that you like girls, Trixie Mattel.
    Katya: And I'm the seven tentacled anus monster that came through the sky in the movie Arrival. *Trixie stares silently at Katya as the name appears behind them*
  • Episode 67: "The Last Random"
    Trixie: I'm that house in your neighborhood that gives away pennies instead of candy, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 71: "Censorship"
    Trixie: I'm the illegal pedicurist who got ingrown nailed by the fuzz, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 75: "Online Dating Pt. 1"
    Trixie: I'm the piercing salon that also has open mic, Lisa's Lobes, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 80: "Apologies"
    Katya: I'm the 99 people in the room who don't believe in you, Katya.
  • Episode 83: "Roommates Pt. 2"
    • Of course what truly makes the moment work is a combination of the edit slowly and excruciatingly downpitching the usual intro music, and Trixie's increasingly concerned and bewildered expression.
  • Episode 84: "Return of the Random"
    Katya: I have some clams I'd love to unload. Do you need some... cla—[laughing]

    Katya: I have a lot of stuff that I need help moving into this van? Would you help me?
    Trixie: ... do you have a name?

    Katya: I don't like my neck. [beat] Katya.
  • Episode 85: "Driving"
    Trixie: I'm Trixie Mattel, Trixie Mattel.
  • Episode 87: "Doctors"
    • A whole slew of puns, in fact:
    Trixie: I'm the British lady who hates time, a fucking clock destroyer, Trixie Mattel.
    Katya: [through laughter] I'm gonna be the lady that can't stand slow cooking, the crock destroyer
    Trixie: I'm that bitch in your room cutting up your dresses at night, the fucking frock destroyer.

  • In the episode on censorship:
    Pete: [to Trixie] What is your favorite curse word?
    Trixie: Okay, my favorite curse word? Honey, sale rack. Ugh!
    Katya: [faux gags]
  • At the end of the Global Warming episode:
    Trixie: Fool me once, shame on you. Melting ice caps, drown my babies? Oops.
  • During the food episode in general, Trixie eagerly plows through the food, whereas Katya can barely stomach anything.
  • In the hygiene episode, Trixie's long, drawn-out description of Katya in drag in her twenties having just cleaned up and looking for a trick:
    Trixie: I picture you, bony limbs with a turbie twist, and I think the song that's playing is "Nothing Compares to You" by Sinéad O'Connor. And I think you're sitting cross-legged with a coffee cup with nothing in it at a Dell HP desktop computer, [imitating Windows 7 startup sound] like, "You've Got Mail!". And you're sifting through headless torsos of people's dads in Boston.
    • This is immediately followed up by Katya admitting that showering up in drag once (because as Trixie explained earlier, it's a quick and lazy way to clean your outfit), she put her hair in a banana clip despite her wig not even being attached. Why? Because she felt like a girl.
  • Also in the hygiene episode, Trixie and Katya sharing their feelings on anilingus—in particular, Trixie's... evocative descriptions of her preferences:
    Trixie: I don't want any visitors, but I—
    Katya: —?! ... turds?
    Trixie: Yeah! But I'd like a little... [beat] I like to be able to take a sample. I'd like to be able to identify a body.
  • Same episode again, Katya talking about an old bartender she knew telling her that guys would say her butthole tasted like a penny, and Trixie's response:
    Trixie: That means blood. That means blood! Pennies mean blood. Please welcome to the stage, Pennies Mean Blood.
  • Katya admitting to "pulling the padge" behind the wheel in the driving episode, and Trixie's immediate response.
    Trixie: What street was sexy to you?
  • The process of the first shopping episode becoming a conversation on pooping, culminating in Katya detailing how she clogged the toilet at her work once (which, incidentally, happened to be a retail job).
  • "The 90s": Katya being outlandishly amazed by the flying dolls.
  • "Driving": Trixie describing her body as a car:
    Trixie: When people look at my body, they think "Prius".
    Katya: It's odd shaped.
    Trixie: It can seat 4.

    Ron & Chris via the Editing 
  • At the beginning of Ep. 83, Katya's response to Trixie asking her if she's ever had a roommate is punctuated by a blink-and-you-miss-it picture of Ann Coulter.
  • Trixie talking about a specific incident in Ep. 86 where a fan got her phone number and pretended to be Adore Delano. The anecdote itself is more creepy than funny, but the editors, playing their usual background text shenanigans, changed "Adore" to "a door", making it sound for a solid half-minute as if Trixie was talking about a fan who was texting her pretending to be... a door.

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