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  • "Cookies, Ookies, Blookies":
    • "Fudgey scout cookies!"
      Girl scout: Yeah, yeah! Just open the door this time!
      Big Dog: Open the door! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW!!
    • Little Dog is on fire. Big Dog tells him to "stop, drop, and roll", but it's not working. So Big Dog tries to put the fire out with a broom, but the fire burned it and only made it bigger. Then he used a carpet, only made the fire even bigger. Little Dog screams in agony until Big Dog sprays water on him.
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    • Little Dog tries to open the door by nailing a woodsaw onto it.
  • "At the Drive-in":
    • When the dogs enter the drive-in, they only pay for one ticket because Big Dog is hidden inside the car trunk. Because Little Dog also wants to get inside without having to pay, he enters the trunk and gets Big Dog to drive out and then get back in and buy another ticket.
    • The dancing snacks. The soda and the popcorn eat the hotdog after covering himself with mustard and chili.
    • "Well, we have Poopoo Nuggets, Deeders, Wagger-Baggers, and Corny Pue Clusters."
    • As one might expect, nearly every other car at the drive-in is bouncing vigorously. At one point, Big Dog manages to accidentally set the car next to them on fire. A few seconds later, the burned-out car starts rocking again.
  • "Stunt Dogs":
    • Trying to find the right door.
      Little Dog: Which one? Which one?
      Big Dog: Which... one?
      Little Dog: One? Are you sure?
      Big Dog: No.
      Little Dog: Okay!
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    • "Now wasn't that cute? BUT IT'S—" "Food!"
  • "Substitute Teacher":
    Little Dog: I thought Lincoln was shot.
  • From "Trash Day":
    • "I want the toilet seat!"
    • Little Dog attempts to get Big Dog to let him have the toilet seat by making up a sob story about his father giving him a toilet seat when he was younger that he ended up losing in a flood. Big Dog simply replies by flatly saying "Me, too".
  • From "Seeing Eye Dogs"
    • Seven words: "I know a shortcut! Shortcut's this way!"
    • And four words that went with it: "Am I HOOOOOOOOME yet?"
    • "U... P. U P. Sounds perfect."
  • "Family Values":
    • "Why are we mowing Astro-Turf?"
    • The father burning his finger while checking on the hot dogs.
    • Pretty much all of the Non Sequitur lessons the children say they learned when asked what they learned by the mother.
  • Hollywood's Catchphrase of "Isn't that cute? BUT IT'S WROOOOONG!!!
  • "Spooks-A-Poppin":
    • While mourning Pipi the monkey, Hollywood mentions that Pipi could poop on command.
    • Hollywood overhears Big Dog and mistakes his casual statements to be spoken by Pipi from beyond the grave.
  • The majority of the episode "Love" from musical loving cats to a Disco Dan Hollywood averting (then lampshading the fact) his catchphrase
    Big Dog: I have a hole in my heart that screams her name! (realizes he doesn't know the hamster's name) Uh...
  • Pretty much everything about "Cartoon Canines", where Big Dog and Little Dog are shanghaied into some sort of training camp for cartoon characters:
  • In the episode 'Las Pelotas' the little dog claims he always wanted a tattoo and the Big Dog thinks it is painful but the little dog claims he is a man. However we are then shown the little dog getting a tattoo by a thug and it is pretty clear he is scared of getting one and his cries of pain are heard off-screen.
  • In "Vegas Buffet", a random background character refers to an attractive woman as his future ex-wife, which means that either they're married and he plans to divorce her or that he plans to marry her and then divorce her. Either interpretation is rather hilarious.
  • "A Quarter" has a scene where the dogs try to get money by passing a psychiatric examination so they can get jobs. During the word association, Little Dog answers every word with "Ball" while Big Dog answers every word with "Food". When they move on to ink blots, they answer the same way, but are ironically stumped when the psychiatrist actually shows them a picture of food and a ball.
  • "Return of Red":
    • Red mistaking the wolf that ate Granny, a hanging potted plant, a toilet, and a washing machine for Granny or parts of her anatomy.
    • When Granny notices the two dogs, she demands that they do something to the wolf. "Bite him, scratch him, pee on him, anything!"
    • The ending, where Red, the two dogs, the wolf, and Granny all sit down to eat dog food while informing the audience that they lived happily ever after.
  • "Cat":
    • Little Dog attempts to lure the cat away by hiding behind some cardboard boxes and using a cat hand puppet to tell the cat that there's some food in the next alley. Little Dog inexplicably falls for his own trick and runs to the alley. When he finds no food in the alley, he angrily calls the cat puppet a liar, forgetting that it was his own lie to try and deceive the cat.
    • During the training montage, instead of eating raw eggs, Little Dog eats the eggshells.
  • When the Little Dog thinks of how to get across the canyon in the episode "Jerk", we cut to inside his head, where we see his brain bent over with an "Out of order" sign on it while a construction worker sitting beside the brain bemoans his inability to fix it before bursting into tears.
  • In the episode "Post Office", Little Dog asks Big Dog for his name so he can fill out a form. Before saying "I dunno", which Little Dog misinterprets as "Ida Know", Big Dog trolls Little Dog by claiming that his name is Weenie Pants, then Booger, then Stinky.
  • In the beginning of "The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog", Little Dog orders a homeless guy to leave him alone or he'll cite him for improper spelling. The scene then pans out to reveal that the homeless guy's card reads "Will fork for wood".

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