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    Variety Shows 
  • In "Dream Hire", a parody of Dream High, Taecyeon need to prove that he is the real Taecyeon.
    Taecyeon: Drag shoes. Drag shoes. Kneel down. Drag shoes.
    Taecyeon: Floor, floor, floor, floor. Floor, floor. Floor, floor, floor, floor. Turn. Floor.
  • In Gag Concert's 'Discoveries in Life' segment, 2PM had to win Bora's affection by doing various things.
    • Jun. K decided to sing for her, which she cuts off, saying he must have sung that to other women in the past. Jun. K runs away.
    Jun. K: How did she know?
    • Chansung volunteers to do a cartwheel. Bora is impressed, but Chansung dumps her for no reason after she gave him compliments.
    • Since the setting was a Thai restaurant, Nichkhun spoke Thai as he ordered food. The waiter, played by Kim Kiri, says something to him, which they ask Nichkhun to translate.
    Nichkhun: "You can't do that here."
    • Taecyeon decides that it's time to unleash his special talent. He goes to the front of the stage, and rips his shirt.
    Taecyeon: I'M RIP TAECYEON!
    • Bora and Taecyeon then dance to "My Ear's Candy". The waiter, after delivering the food Nichkhun ordered, shouts in Taecyeon's ear.
    Kiri: You can't do that here!
    • The boys who were dumped come back to the front of the stage. Wooyoung asks Bora to "listen to this song and come back to me". 2PM suddenly starts performing the chorus of "Come Back When You Hear This Song".
    Jungeun: Stop! Separate! Stop promoting your song!
    • Bora then asks the boys why they are so clingy. Nichkhun responds "because we think of you all day long" before turning around to perform "A.D.T.O.Y.".
    Jungeun: Stop it already! All you want to do is promote your song!
    Jun. K: That's it!
    Chansung: How did you know?
  • The Haha and Mong episode where they visit 2PM and become their mothers for a day is really funny.
    • When they enter Junho’s room, he suddenly moves in his sleep. Mong immediately falls to the floor. As the cameraman sneaks in to take a close-up of Junho’s sleeping face, he suddenly opens his eyes and the cameraman backs away in surprise. The blanket Junho uses while sleeping even has the members of 2PM’s faces on it.
    • When they enter Nichkhun’s room, Mong lies down next to Nichkhun, trying to cuddle him. Nichkhun wakes up, shocked to find someone next to him, and immediately moves away.
    • Haha and Mong wake up the other boys by making noise using pans.
      • Wooyoung got up, looking like he’s ready to scream “what?!” but his expression turns into confusion. Chansung wakes up and the both of them fix themselves up immediately.
      • Nichkhun sits up but lowers his head, ready to sleep again.
      • Jun. K just covers his face while Taecyeon refuses to wake up.
      • Junho, who was already awake, laughs as he gets up.
    “I can come out now, right?”
    • The “mothers” force the boys to do some morning exercise: dancing to some of their iconic songs. The boys, having just woken up, don’t really want to dance: Taecyeon scratches his head and stretches, Chansung rolls on the floor, Jun. K is being forced to join, Nichkhun and Wooyoung don’t do anything, while Junho dances reluctantly. Footage of one of their live performances is compared to their current state.
    • Haha washing Taecyeon’s hair.
    The screen says ‘Water Torture’.
    Haha: Good job. Hurry up and tell the fans that you’re okay.
    Taecyeon: I’m not okay!!
    Upon seeing Haha’s way of shampooing, Wooyoung hurriedly runs out of the bathroom.
    • After the torture they’ve received from the mothers, the boys take revenge by giving them the same treatment.
    Haha: You were caught by them?
    Mong: These kids are really cavemen!
    • Upon entering Jun. K and Taecyeon’s room, Jun. K is on the computer while Taecyeon is playing guitar. While the attention is all on Junsu,
    Haha: Hold on, Taecyeon was playing guitar before. He was about to do something.
    Since he can’t catch their interest… Taking out his guitar without being asked
    • They find a photo of Taecyeon in his childhood, wearing a suit and a cap.
    Mong: He dressed well back then! I see now, you just got worse as you got older.
    • They find Nichkhun’s passport and make fun of his hairstyle when he was seventeen years old.
    Mong: Is this Dragonball Z or something? Isn’t this Super Saiyan? Did you transform?
    • They also find out that Nichkhun has been keeping movie tickets and immediately assume that he went on dates.
    Nichkhun: These are movies I’ve seen with the other members or different friends.
    Mong: Yeah, it’d be a lot of pressure going alone with her…
    Nichkhun: That’s right… Ah!!!
    • Haha finds someone’s photo inside a box, saying it has to be censored. Turns out it was a naked picture of Chansung when he was a baby.
    Mong: Chansung was a really healthy child!
    Haha: He must have been really wealthy when he was young!
    • A cute entry from Junho’s diary from when he was in elementary school.
    I have 76 Pogs now. If I get 24 more, I’ll have 100. There’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and even a King of Pogs. I will try my best to get 100 Pogs!
    • A bar is attached to their door, which is revealed to be used for chin-ups. Junho and Nichkhun demonstrate. Wooyoung, after saying he’ll do one with the best posture, does one chin-up and stops. After Taecyeon and Nichkhun compete against each other to see who can do more chin-ups, Wooyoung gets ready to retry, but immediately hits his head on the bar really hard.
    How about trying for the next gagman test?
  • In episode nine of I Can See Your Voice Season 3, Nichkhun, Jun. K, and Wooyoung were the guests. From the start of the show, they answered “tone-deaf” for four consecutive times, and all of their answers were wrong.
    One of the M Cs: (referring to Nichkhun) He says he went here to enjoy, but he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it at all.
    Nichkhun: I’ll go home.
    • Their reactions every time they find out they chose the wrong answers are priceless.
    • Nichkhun trying to see if they did the worst in ICSYV history.
    Nichkhun: Were there guests who did worse than us?
    One of the M Cs: Wonder Girls.
    • The episode also had “Jang Wooyoung’s First Love” as a contestant, making Wooyoung wonder who she is. She constantly had her back facing the camera so when she was going to lip sync, she was asked to turn around. After much suspense on her identity, upon seeing her, Wooyoung’s reaction:
    Wooyoung: Who are you?
    • One of the contestants was apparently recommended by Jun. K’s close friend from high school, Lee Wooryul. Jun. K, deciding to trust his friend, did not eliminate him. Said contestant participated in a special performance of “I’ll Be Back” with Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and Jun. K at the end of the show.
    (Before the performance)
    One of the M Cs: In case that he’s tone-deaf, you have to sing until the end.
    One of the M Cs: There shouldn’t be a crack in your friendship.
    (During the performance)
    A cut where Jun. K says ‘Lee Wooryul, I trust you’ is shown before revealing that the contestant is tone-deaf
    Some of the cast members get off their chairs, Nichkhun falls on his knees, Wooyoung walks away, and Jun. K is too shocked to continue singing
    (At the end of the performance)
    The caption says ‘Amazing tone-deaf power that made 2PM lose their minds!’
    • Nichkhun’s loss of friends.
    Nichkhun: Why don’t I have any friends on this show?
    One of the M Cs: Because all of your friends are in Thailand.
  • They’ve been frequent guests in Running Man.
    • During the Avengers episode where Taecyeon and Chansung were the guests.
    Gary (who was escaping from them): Behind you!
    Taecyeon and Chansung look behind them at the same time. Gary successfully escapes.
    Taecyeon & Chansung: We really are easy to fool, aren’t we…
    • During the King of Idols episode featuring Chansung and Wooyoung, whenever their team is about to win, they (unintentionally) do something that makes them drop to last place.
    Wooyoung: Should we just keep trying to look good?
    Suk Jin: Since we’re already in last place… Instead of coming in at ambiguous 4th place or 5th place, let’s just go for last place.
    Wooyoung: Let’s go for it then.
    • During the “Come Over To My Place” episode,
      • In the first mission, Nichkhun’s shirt gets ripped off along with his nametag. Taecyeon asks Jin Hee, the female guest, if she wore something underneath her shirt in case the same thing happens to her, which earns violent reactions from the members of the Running Man team. During the game, Chansung accidentally rips off Jin Hee’s shirt while trying to get the nametag, and gets beaten up by the Running Man team.
      • In the last mission, which involved wrestling in a muddy field, Taecyeon gets eliminated first and his role is reduced to holding the umbrella for the members of the 2PM team.
  • During an appearance in Star King, the boys were asked to dance.
    • Wooyoung started off dancing to a popular dance song, then Nichkhun was asked to continue. After a few dance steps, the song abruptly changed to "Careless Whisper", surprising everyone.
    • Taecyeon continued after Nichkhun by dancing sexily behind the girls and bowing down to the staff members. After rolling down the piano bench, he borrows a camera which he uses to film himself while dancing.
    • During Junho's turn, the song changed into an upbeat one, and he started doing stunts. After cartwheeling off a piano bench, he lands on a stage light. Everyone decided to do an on-the-spot news report about saving the stage light's life, where the 2PM members excluding Junho were in (fake) panic, and Junho was just laughing at them.

    We Got Married 
  • Nichkhun invited Wooyoung and Junho over to spend time with him and Victoria in a karaoke place. The moment they arrived, Nichkhun immediately passed the microphones to them. Junho, though he was initially shocked, suddenly starts singing, while Wooyoung stays surprised.
  • Wooyoung tells the couple that they’ve been featured in news articles online.
    Victoria: What kind of news articles?
    Wooyoung: Articles about the two of you, of course! What else? It’s not like Junho and I will be in an article!
  • Junho and Wooyoung remember that Nichkhun and Victoria are foreigners. The boys tell tell the couple to turn themselves over to the police.
  • Upon seeing Nichkhun feeding Victoria, a jealous Wooyoung stands up and says he’ll be going.
    Wooyoung: I’m going now... Wait, no one’s holding me back?
  • Junho exposing Nichkhun’s choice of songs.
    Junho: Did you sing “Nothing Better”?
    Nichkhun: Yeah.
    Junho: I knew you would. He sings “Nothing Better” whenever he’s seducing girls. Sister-in-law, did you know? He sings that to seduce girls.

    • Junho later clarifies that it was in front of a lot of people during a concert.
  • The boys sing a ‘voice-cracking song’, JYP’s “I’m Going Back”, as their congratulatory song. Nichkhun keeps looking at Victoria while singing. At the side, Junho and Wooyoung are sulking, jealous of the atmosphere.
    • Eventually, as they reach the song’s climax, the boys’ voices do crack.
    Wooyoung: (to Nichkhun) Sir, are you sick?
    Nichkhun: (to Victoria) In case you misunderstand, we’re just showing it to you.
    Victoria: Did the fans cheer for you?
    Wooyoung: Nope, “Boo!!!”

  • Nichkhun lured all of the other members to attend their wedding by saying that the other f(x) members would come too, so the members excitedly went to the wedding. However, from f(x), only Amber was able to come. The boys were all disappointed.
  • Taecyeon participated in "Global We Got Married" with Taecyeon, but when asked about her favorite member in 2PM, she answers Nichkhun.
    • She even asks Taecyeon if Nichkhun is going to come to their wedding photoshoot. Taecyeon then decides not to invite anyone from 2PM to their photoshoot.
    • Because Guigui was shy during the wedding photoshoot, the photographer asks her to think of Nichkhun. Her mood immediately brightens up.
    Photographer: That flower’s name is Nichkhun flower.
    Guigui: Oh Nichkhun!
    (Taecyeon angrily throws the flowers)
    • In front of Seulong (2AM), G.O. (MBLAQ), and Kwanghee (ZE:A), Taecyeon asks Guigui who her favorite Korean idol is. Without hesitation, she chooses Nichkhun. Seulong immediately burst into a mixture of laughter and shock while Taecyeon just sighs heavily.
    • During their housewarming party, Taecyeon is inviting his friends. He calls Wooyoung and tells him to bring all the members except Nichkhun over. Upon hearing "Nichkhun", Guigui, who wasn’t participating in the conversation, immediately goes "Nichkhun annyeonghaseyo!"
    • Junho, Nichkhun, and Wooyoung come to Taecyeon and Guigui's housewarming party. Upon seeing Nichkhun, Guigui starts acting shy and hides behind Taecyeon. Wooyoung notices that she likes Nichkhun.
    Guigui: Before, I like Nichkhun, but right now, we [Guigui and Taecyeon] are married. So Nichkhun is just-
    Junho: So if it wasnt’ for the marriage, she was going to be more nice to Nichkhun.
  • While cooking food for the housewarming party, no one seems to know that the English equivalent of “woo-eong” (우엉) is burdock. G.O. then tells Guigui that they’re using 2PM Wooyoung (우영) as an ingredient. Guigui is surprised at the mention of 2PM, while Taecyeon points to the burdock saying it’s a member of 2PM.
    • During Wooyoung and Guigui’s first meeting, she exclaims “2PM Wooyoung!” while pointing to the dish that they cooked.
  • During the housewarming party, Taecyeon searches "Guigui" on Youtube. Videos of her Chinese actor Aaron Yang pop up. It's funnier because they're all screaming in English.
    Wooyoung: Guigui!!! Boyfriend?!?! Second marriage???
    Nichkhun: She kisses another person!!! Who's Aaron Yang?!
    Taecyeon: Who's Aaron Yang?!
    Wooyoung: KISS????

    • At the side, Junho is more devastated than Taecyeon.
    • Taecyeon's interview after the shoot:
    Taecyeon: She's cute. Except for the fact that she's outright kissing another dude.

  • In one of the “We Got Married” episodes, Nichkhun brings a large, white teddy bear to 2PM’s waiting room. Junho claims that it is his and places it next to him, slightly hinting that he might be the next participant, but then he reads the mission card.
    Junho: We’re in trouble! We have to send one person away…
  • Turns out it was actually Wooyoung who will participate in “We Got Married”. Before finding out who the wife is, the boys make a bet whether the wife is older or younger than Wooyoung, with the losers becoming the bridesmaids. Junho, who was present for both Nichkhun’s and Taecyeon’s gatherings in the past, complains that he really doesn’t want to go again.
    Junho: I don’t want an empty housewarming party!
    • During the wedding reception party, Seyoung does actually bring her friends over. They talk about the problems that Wooyoung and Seyoung have encountered in their relationship, and instead of helping Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung (who came to the reception) took Seyoung's side most of the time.
  • While talking about the bet…
    Wooyoung: This is marriage, not dating. I can’t joke around!
    Jun. K: Ah, is dating a joke for you?! It’s a joke, isn’t it?!
  • They decide to help Wooyoung practice for his first meeting with his virtual wife, with Jun. K acting as the wife (speaking a squeaky female voice through the teddy bear).
    Wooyoung: For starters, the voice is not my style!!!
    Wooyoung: (after a while) Get out!! Get out!!


  • From the 2014 HOTTEST JP Fanmeeting: the mere existence of Channana.
  • From the 2PM of 2PM Arena Tour:
    • Taecyeon was supposed to finish the song “10 Points out of 10 Points” with acrobatic stunts, but failed to finish. Jun. K, not noticing this, immediately prompts for “Hands Up”. In the background, everyone, even the background dancers, are shown laughing at Taecyeon as he bows down to apologize. Chansung even laughs and pats Taecyeon’s back before immediately singing the first line of the next song.
  • From 2PM House Party in Seoul:
    • Jun. K announces that they should do the choreography of “10 Points out of 10 Points” as if it was their debut stage during the song's intro, and everyone seems to do it as he says... but end up playing around with the song.
    • Taecyeon manages to do the backflip at the end of the song. Jun. K praises him before saying that it would be better if he did one more, but Chansung shouts that they're filming for the DVD: the lift was supposed to bring them down at the end of the song. Jun. K then says that they got it wrong because of Taecyeon and that they might have to do the song again.
    (as the lift brings them down)
    Chansung: Please make it faster!
    Jun. K: It's so embarrasing! Please lower it down faster!
    Wooyoung: I want to go home!
    Junho: We need a cool exit, so please lower the lift.
    Jun. K: Actually, this is the end. We have an encore. Please wait for a bit. Please shout for an encore.
  • During Six Higher Days in 2016, Junho imitates the pets from Ya Zoo. His imitation of Channana was very funny, which Chansung even corrects.
  • Junho tweets about his mother being cute, while Taecyeon replies "Why aren't you replying to her messages??"
  • Taecyeon is a beastly idol, but on social media he is just a cute dork. Holy magickarp!
  • Junho posts an photo saying he'll shower the cat with luxury if they become friends. Jun. K comments "shower us with luxury".
  • Taecyeon promotes the other members' solo activities but doesn't really listen to their songs when they come out, always coming up with reasons why he doesn't know anything beyond the song title.
  • During Junho's 28th birthday:
    Jun. K: Happy birthday~ It Nuneo~ Is it 30 or 29, which one is it? Let me know when you decide~ If anything, go with 20~ ㅋㅋ
    Chansung: He's going to be 30 together with me
    Jun. K: Junho says he's 17 though..
  • Nichkhun's responses to fan's questions:
    Fan: Why aren't you following Wooyoung on Instagram?
    Nichkhun: I'm playing hard to get

    Fan: When will you introduce me to your mom?
    Nichkhun: My mom is busy

    Fan: 1 + 1 is not 2, but 1 + 1 = us
    Nichkhun: Go study Math again

    Fan: Can you breathe?
    Nichkhun: Uuuughhhh

  • Taecyeon’s "Fashion Terrorist" days, especially at times when he doesn't understand what's wrong with his style.
    • He's called the "human traffic light" for a reason.
    • Changmin remarks that at their first meeting, he thought Taecyeon was just a random jogger who stopped by the company.
  • Jun. K’s sudden bursts into poetic expressions/deep song lyrics.
  • Chansung laughing. Actually, everyone laughing.
  • There was one time Nichkhun was helping Wooyoung learning English.
    Nichkhun: (talking in English about the earthquake in Japan)
    Wooyoung just stares at him blankly.
    Nichkhun: You don't understand, right? Get out.
  • Junho’s self-introduction in English: "Hi, my name is 2PM."
  • Their parodies of different drama series, especially the ones where cross-dressing is involved.
  • During the interview for “Republic of 2PM”, Jun. K was asked what the charm of the 2PM Republic is.
    Jun. K: Our hot, charming voices…
  • The Okcat version of the “Go Crazy!” music video.
  • Taecyeon imitating the rabbit from “My House”.
  • Nichkhun talks about the balcony scene from “My House”, only to be cut off by Taecyeon.
    Taecyeon: The balcony scene represents Rapunz-
    Nichkhun & Jun. K: It’s Romeo and Juliet.
    Taecyeon: It’s Romeo and Juliet? Not Rapunzel?
    Junho: Time, time, you need to do your homework!
  • Their dance practice video for “Go Crazy!” starts off serious, then suddenly turned silly as they start playing around instead of dancing/lip syncing.
  • A lot of their behind-the-scenes videos feature them looking all manly, but then when the camera goes off, they transform into goofballs.
  • During a LINE LIVE broadcast for Junho's "Winter Sleep", the host tells him that the album must be named "Winter Sleep" because it's what Junho needs the most right now.

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