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     Naruto: The Broken Bond 
  • Woolie decides that as this LP was made for him to suffer, he is gonna spoil parts of the story before they happen, such as Choji's death—or rather the cop out of the clear death scene.
  • Pat, as in Soma, advocates immortality at all costs when Orochimaru explains his soul transfer process.
    Pat: I want that jutsu so bad.
    Woolie: Murdering kids so you can have their body?
    Pat: Yeah
  • Woolie explaining a plot point he heard about turning the moon into a sharingan.
    Matt: No, all of you stop talking.
  • Multiple comparisons of Naruto's shadow clones and Mr Meeseeks.
  • A discussion of the worst filler episodes, with the discussion about Naruto's shadow clones turning on him while on a boat coming to the above.
  • Matt delivering his best deapan line yet. Woolie can only sigh in response.
    Pat: What day is White Day?.
    Matt: Every day.
  • When a mission to hook Jiraiya up with a girl leads to beating up the girl's brother, it escalates from Matt saying how dumb it would be to ask the brother to be cool with it, to Woolie saying the brother is jealous that Jiraiya got in first.
  • After multiple pleas from Woolie to decelerate after having Naruto diarrhea on a baby, he makes the above incest joke, which triggers a good twenty seconds of Matt and Pat pointing out his hypocrisy.
  • Amid the discussion of all the terrible things that teenagers would do with jutsus, Matt quietly points out that Neji can see through walls.
  • The game starts with the end of the Chunin Exam and leads directly into Jiraiya and Naruto going to find Tsunade. This leads to the friends being disappointed that the game is supposedly skipping Itachi showing up to the Leaf Village. As a result, when Itachi suddenly appears in front of Naruto in the hotel at the end of part 3, they collectively freak the fuck out.
  • Pat's incredulous reaction to learning that Naruto used the sexy no jutsu to defeat the first hokage
  • Woolie shoots down Pat when he is about to pull out his manifesto on why Evangelion 3.33 is a horrible movie.
    Woolie: Are you just taking your Twitter conversation into LP?
    Pat: Noooooooo. Don't blow up my spot!
  • While doing a mission with Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kiba, Woolie uses ramen to heal up the damage that the group took from a fight earlier in the video. He uses this right on the edge of a cliff, and when everyone sits down to have a bowl of ramen Naruto slips and falls into the water.
  • After returning to the Leaf Village, Woolie decides to have a friendly spar with Shikamaru. Then he hits him with the Rasengan.
    Matt: "What the fuck?!" Like imagine him, he's like "What technique is this?!"
    Pat: WHYYYYY?
    Matt: (as Shikamaru) It's so rough!
    Woolie: (also as Shikamaru) Where did you learn that?! Why did you—
    The Rasengan KO's Shikamaru, causing him to explode into loot.
    Pat: He's dead! He's fucking dead!
  • Potato Chip Ninjas.
    Matt: It's like, "WE BEAT OROCHIMARU!"
    Pat: Yeah, I know you beat Orochimaru, and now you're fighting the dastardly Potato Chip Ninjas.
    Matt: That's the strongest clan.
  • Full graphic art of Mr. Snip Snip, with the screentip reading:
    Mr. Snip Snip: I see you went on a thirty minute racist tirade. Would you like to change that?
  • Pat spending half of Part 17 drawing comparisons between The Wire and Naruto characters.
  • In part 18, Woolie realizes that the latest mission in a string of filler missions is actually based on a filler arc from the show; they then spend the next significant portion of the video substituting "filler" for random words in whatever they say.
    Woolie: Man, the worst arc is about that stupid sword!
    Matt: (laughing) Really?
    Woolie: Fuck!
    Pat: And now we're in the worst arc based off of the worst arc.
    Woolie: Filler to the filler!
  • Also in Part 18, the group cracking up as two random NPCs awkwardly watch Sasuke knock out Sakura as he leaves the village.
  • Pats self proclaimed death in part 19
  • In part 20, while they're doing the mushroom hunt Matt start going through his phone and looking up the crazy promotional stunts game companies (mostly Acclaim) pulled back in the day to advertise their games. Including the one where you legally name your newborn baby Turok for a year, or when they basically encouraged people in the UK to break the speed limit.
    Matt: Watch as there's this Acclaim uber-fan who names his baby Turok while he has his grandpa's grave-
    Pat: And he's...he's putting the baby Turok in the car and telling it to speed on October 11th, and then the baby will end up dying and put the fucking Shadow Man on it.
    Matt: I'll get all three games!
  • In part 22, Pat's disappointment in the game's depiction of the Sasuke retrieval arc reaches a head at the fight between Shikamaru and Tayuya. When Tayuya's Jutsu ends up amounting to a rhythm game with really janky animations, all he can do in response is start laughing uncontrollably.

     Metal Wolf Chaos 

     Odallus: The Dark Call 
  • Matt and Liam end part one discovering a statue with a familiar phrase on the plaque: "Fire walk with me"

     NBA2k16 Livin' Da Dream 
  • Pat and Liam compare the introductory cutscene to Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden.
    Liam: (Referring to Steph Curry) Is that Hoopz?
    Pat: Is it Vince Carter, Vinceborg 3000?
  • When Woolie goes to customize Rage's shoes, he refers to them as kicks, prompting an epiphany from Pat.
    "Oh, kicks means shoes. Oh, that makes way more sense. It seems so obvious in hindsight."
  • Pat compares the story to a discount San Andreas; Woolie responds that Cee Cee is too likable and needs to be in a cancer ward. This prompts riotous laughter from Pat and a lengthy discussion of how that point would change the story.
  • Starring the Rage of Africa, the only giant black basketball player on the field.
    • Woolie and Pat joke about how Rage's name would make commentators uncomfortable.
    Pat: The Rage of Africa seems to be dominating basketball!
    • Because the game often refer to players by last name, Rage is often labeled in-game as just "of Africa".
  • Pat watching the cutscene's humor and whispering to Woolie: "Did Spike Lee go crazy?"
  • After selecting a university for Rage, Liam remarks "The world refused to change", prompting a discussion of a plot where you have to time travel and pick different universities to get the best timeline.
  • The college recruiters that come to the main character are so blatantly scummy that the Zaibatsu see an older white one and say "He still has slaves."
  • Their reaction when the opposite star players are shown. As it remind them of Shadow of Mordor
    Liam: You! You burned my face!
  • When the agent Dom Pagnotti talks about how Vic can be a bad association.
    Pat: You're gonna have to kill Vic. You should kill Vic, no matter your choice
    Woolie: I think Dom is getting prepped up to do it himself.
    • Pat's reaction to seeing Dom for the first time is to ask if he works for the Mob.
  • The discussion about mascots having to do their yiff as custom after a match.
    Liam: You mean the chaos emerald?
    Pat: (losing it) No, no no...
  • In Part 6, Their reactions when they see Spike Lee insert himself into his own story by interviewing Cee-Cee as himself and driving her to end the interview with his tough, accusing questions. Pat is legitimately disgusted, declaring it beneath even David Cage to do.
    Pat: There's a word for this, and its not a word I often use because it's misunderstood too easily, but this is tripe.
  • Everyone has a vocal dislike for Rage's girlfriend, especially and creepy-looking character model.
    Liam: NPC face is generous, her face look like a ditch.
  • Their entire reaction to the ending, which features the ghost of Vic giving a 7-minute long monologue about his life. With the fact that Vic dying from driving while drunk offscreen happened not too long before the ending, they quickly recognize the game's attempt at forcing a Tearjerker moment with this sequence, and have nothing but very vocal consternation for it, considering Vic's been nothing but a massive prick until literally this moment where it tries to make Vic a sympathetic character with deep issues. As the monologue continues and Vic talks about how his childhood with an abusive father messed him up, but then turns around and talks about how thankful he was that Freq and his sister treated him like a brother, and that their loving parents practically raised him as if he was their own son when his father didn't, they start to talk about how it's actively making Vic less sympathetic, because this reveals that he knew how selfless and good Rage and his family was to him, and yet he still used them for everything, abused his friendship of Freq when he got famous for his own selfish desires, and had the nerve to try and guilt trip him when Freq tried to call him out on doing all of this.
    • Pat even makes the comparison of Vic to DIO in that both try giving this sob story about how they ended up bad because they had a shitty abusive father, but the fact that they were mostly raised by a loving surrogate family who treated them like their own makes that excuse bullshit.
    • Pat talking about how bullshit it is to have the ghost having a ghost-notepad to read the prepared text.
    • The monologue ends with them hoping a bunch of NYPD officers in white will appear to take Vic down.
  • Everyone is shocked by the live-action video conclusion with Spike Lee as it is even more self-indulgent than David Cage's self-insertions.
  • During the characters celebration of Freq's free agency Pat summed their hype by saying "We are all rich".
  • Liam calling the Italian stereotype agent Fetuccini Revolution.

     XCOM2 Ironman 
  • In episode one, the rules of the playthrough are established, being somewhat similar to the Nuzlocke run: whoever dies, dies permanently, and unlike the non Ironman mode Save Scumming isn't possible. It doesn't start well.
    One of Pat's soldiers is shot and killed almost immediately.
    Pat: *Hysterical laughter*
    Woolie: What was her name?!
    Pat & Liam: Who cares?
    Two of Pat's soldiers become panicked, causing them to begin acting at random.
    Pat: *Laughing* Oh god damn it!
    Liam: Fuck! Shit!
  • Woolie, unfamiliar with XCOM's story, tries to find the upside to the whole alien invasion thing and ends up sounding like a collaborator.
    • Pat sums up Woolie's reaction to alien occupation as follows: "Slavery, but jetpacks!"
  • Liam and Pat explaining why taking a 54% chance of success in hacking a tower is a bad move.
    Liam: That's awful, Woolie! I'm gonna flip a coin, and if it's tails four guys with guns will all appear behind the couch.
    Woolie: But if it's heads, you get some cool shit!
    Pat: You get twenty dollars, Woolie.
    Liam: You get a box of Cheetos and twenty bucks, exactly.
    Woolie: But you really like Cheetos!
  • The first Retaliation Mission has Pat once again forget to put the weapon upgrades on his guns, forcing him to, after having gotten to the mission site, fly back to the Avenger because, in lore terms, the team forgot their guns.
  • Liam's unfailing optimism in Pat's soldiers regardless of how ridiculously, obviously impossible the missions get.
  • Part 5 features two soldiers, at point blank range with a sectoid. Somehow Pat only has 45% accuracy. They both MISS. The second one literally has the rifle in the alien's mouth before firing.
    Liam: Now Greta, you shoot this fucking alien in the face!
    Greta misses, completely aiming her rifle away while doing so. Cue mass Corpsing.
  • Also in Part 5, the introduction of the Avatar Project.
    Pat begins laughing crazily.
    Woolie: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what is happening?
  • Everything Woolie has to say about the Vipers. Everything.
    Woolie: I do believe they're called "Snek", and I am all about Snek. Can we get a good look at it? Snek. Please.
    Woolie: C'mooooooooooooooooon, Reptilian Titties!
  • In Part 6, everything goes wrong.
    Pat: This is my monthly thing of suppl- *Red vignetting appears on the screen* what the fuck is that? What the fuck is that?!
    Woolie laughs like a crazy person.
    Liam: Operation Buried Misery.
    Everyone starts laughing.
    • Woolie's reaction to the Hidden Event.
      Woolie: WHAT IS THAT!? WHAT ARE YOU!?
    • And right after a domino effect of bad news just makes the situation look more and more hopeless. It gets so bad that Woolie starts thinking of new ways the game could possibly screw them over, finally declaring the aliens can now summon the sun itself onto the battlefield as a unit. The game takes his words as a challenge and the announcement of "ALIEN VICTORY IMMINENT" shows up on the screen, followed by an ominous countdown timer, and the notice that the aliens can now SHOOT POISON from their guns.
      Pat: Oh, great! They're putting viper poison into their guns!
      Woolie starts laughing his ass off.
    • Pat becomes literally unable to actually do any missions or prevent Advent from doing anything after all of his soldiers die.
      The Resistance Council sends Pat a new mission.
      Liam: Wait, what happens if you launch?
      Pat: Let's see!
      When Pat launches the mission, the game zooms in on an empty hangar.
      Woolie: Yep.
    • Operation Brutal Sky's complete and utter failure being started by one of Pat's soldiers running in front of a window, revealing everyone to Advent.
      • At the end of the mission, it's revealed that no one on Pat's team dealt any damage throughout the whole mission.
        Pat: *looking at the end of mission screen* Wow. Wow. WOW.
        Woolie: Have you ever seen that?
    • Bradford's closing words as Project AVATAR nears completion:
      Bradford: Commander, we have no more soldiers to deploy!
    • In the comments section of the video, PlagueofGripes has this to say about Pat's failed campaign:
      Plague: "Wow, that loss was as total and complete as any Advent could have imagined. If you'll excuse me, I'll be in the Snek Chamber."

     Deus Ex Human Revolution 
  • Matt mentions that during his year and a half of testing this game, one of the most noticable issues in the beta is everyone in the beginning walking sequence having completely rubbery faces just stretched over their heads instead of the faces in the retail release.
  • Matt reveals he was on dildo duty for the game, meaning he had to note down all the dildos in the game so they could be removed for the Japanese release.
    Pat: "We discovered and defeated the dildos."
    Matt: Japan hates them.
    Pat: They hate them.
    Matt: "Why can't they use good, old-fashioned tentacles?" said Japan.
  • Part 6 has them finally spotting Leticia. Pat makes a conscious effort to avoid talking to her.
  • In part 7 the friends gain access to Jack O'Malley's stash, rigged with fragmentation mines. At first Pat is going slow and easy, but when he picks up a cardboard box, the mines blow up in his face. Then he forgets about subtlety and gets blown up again.
    • The pair comparing Adam's rather nonchalant death-groans upon being blown up to someone taking a shit.
  • part 8 "We're going to knock them out, non-lethally."
  • In part 9 Pat going full ghetto Luke Skywalker from the revelation that Naruto is a better fighting game than Street Fighter V.
  • Pat becomes extremely uncomfortable at the realization that the vast majority of people he's been randomly killing have been black. He ends up far more hesitant about killing people until he can confirm their race. This culminates in him going into the Hive, raising his gun to shoot a woman for being a bad dancer, then quickly putting his gun away on the assumption she's black. He then realizes she's Chinese and gleefully shoots her in the face.
  • After a break between Parts 22 and 23, Pat immediately starts screwing up, accidentally activating his TYPHOON system right off the bat and then confuses the lens flare of the sun as a flashlight he can't turn off.
  • Pat gets into the habit of punching people out, looting them, and executing them if they have nothing useful. He does this to at least six Tai Yong scientists before Matt informs him that civilians never have any loot.
  • Pat's save-scumming is ridiculous. He never overwrites or deletes an old save, and is so compulsive that he will often create a new save and create another new one ten seconds later, without actually having done anything. Halfway through the game he runs out of save slots, and gets into the habit of scrolling down to the oldest save and overwriting it. By the time he got back from China and Picus, he had overwritten 37 saves, and hit the limit again about midway through his rampage in Rifleman Bank Station.
  • Pat believes that there is no need to use any gun besides the silenced pistol. This makes some sense given his usual stealth-focused play style, since it's perfect for lining up a shot around a corner and popping out of cover to headshot a guard. But this all gets thrown out the window when they reach the Missing Link DLC, where Pat can't draw on his memory to speed up the stealth, doesn't have all of his stealth augments, and is unwilling to take the time to cautiously explore the area. This results in him getting in a lot of firefights, and getting killed a lot because the pistol is not appropriate for outright combat. What makes it worse is that throughout the game, he stockpiles an enormous amount of ammo for the heavy rifle, and it never, ever occurs to him to use it (he claims to be saving it for boss battles, but winds up just Typhooning bosses to death).
  • Part 41. Pat has Jensen use several bottles of painkillers. It leads to this:
    Matt (as Jensen): (slurred voice) I'M READY TO FIGHT! I'M READY TO GO!
    Pat (also as Jensen): Who wants some of this?! I'm so low right now!
    Matt: AAAWH GOD!
    Matt: AAAAAAAGH!
    Pat: ...but I do have The Rumbler.
  • Episode 42 features a discussion about how Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be a Third-Option Adaptation that renders all of Human Revolution's Multiple Endings non-canon. As a result, the final episode sees Pat not only killing David Sarif and William Taggart after they each try to convince him to alter the confession broadcast, but also systematically killing every civilian unfortunate enough to be in the same room as them; because it ultimately doesn't matter.
    Pat: Alright, so like I said, this run is explicitly non-canon.
    (Immediately impales David with extreme prejudice, before casually gunning down the cowering civilians nearby.)
    • He then jokingly justifies killing the harmless civilians by declaring they were either part of the Illuminati or were driven insane by the Brown Note.
      Pat: The important thing is that I stopped them.
      Matt: I'm not sure if they're-
    • They also spend most of the scenic ride down to the center of Panchea watching random items bounce up and down on the elevator due to a Good Bad Bug and giggling like children.
    Pat: Wheee~!

     Minecraft: Story Mode 
  • Pat and Woolie paying absolutely zero attention to the game itself, to the point that the first video just becomes an extended discussion of Dark Souls lore.
  • The core concept of the LP is that it's a "Fail-through", basically Pat and Woolie are intentionally trying to figure out how little effort they can put into the game and still finish it. There's multiple points were the videos stall for a few seconds because Pat has put the controller down and forgotten about it.
  • The opening title card, which is just the game logo over a flaming dumpster.
  • Part 2 has them giving the real reason behind the LP which they refer to as just a podcast at this point.
    Woolie: Let's be real alright...
    Pat: We're assholes.
    Woolie: It is a really dick move of us to do.
    Pat: Super dick move.
    Woolie: But we uh we looked at the calendar and we (laughs)...
    Pat: And we're like... shit.
    Woolie: We need some slots.
  • Part 3 makes their apathy to the game clearer than ever, when Pat starts explaining butt chugging to Woolie. In the middle of his explanation, he stops for a second to see what the characters are talking about in-game, before stating he doesn't care and resuming his explanation.
  • Their apathy reaches new heights when Pat jokes the LP is just becoming a podcast, with Woolie pretending he's bringing out email questions.... followed by Pat actually checking twitter questions.
  • Woolie starts to have an existential crisis about the LP.
    Woolie: I don't think we can actually publish this.
    Woolie: We have never phoned it in so hard.
    Pat: I think its hilarious, personally.
    Woolie: I do too, but you know what else was hilarious?
    Woolie: BlazBlue!
  • In the Playthrough of Episode 2, Pat and Woolie are discussing the idea that almost nobody would be actually watching the video, instead just listening to them rant from a minimized window. Then Pat muses that he really hopes that YouTube never implements a feature where views wouldn't count if the window wasn't maximized, and they both conclude that they'd be dead if that happened.
    • About three quarters into the video, Pat ends up Suddenly Shouting at the game because of a "Magnus will remember that" pop-up happening when he hadn't even touched the controller.
  • In part 6, while discussing sleep paralysis and selling one's soul for a Super Nintendo, Woolie regrets a poor choice of words:
    Woolie: So, something that I really didn't like was when someone in the family got a job... and was like, uh...
    Pat: Yeah, jeez. You can't have that.
    Woolie: Oh. Oh, god. Aw, Jesus fuckin' Christ. Oh, my God.
    Pat: *Losing it* Why did you phrase it that way? Why did you say it like that?
    • In the same part, they discuss a point 8 years prior when all of them and Billy are on a long drive, all tired. Only Billy can drive, and he's starting to fall asleep at the wheel, so he starts blasting Smash Bros. music and driving 30 kph over the speed limit to make the drive shorter while everyone else in the car agrees it's a good idea.
    • Woolie exclaims that they've finally found a use for this particular LP: After he and Pat spend a sleepless night and return to the office, Woolie suggests that they pop in Minecraft as the one LP to do when they feel like doing absolutely nothing.
  • In part 7, in a discussion about why Patton Oswalt would be in the game;
    Woolie: Pat, the point I'm getting at is that you're sitting here for the same reason Patton Oswalt is in this game.
    Pat: No, I'm not... I have my dignity
    • They both fall silent for a moment before laughing for around 30 seconds straight.
  • Part 9 has a riveting discussion about Pat's mom's superstition over birds in the house being an omen of death, which devolves into a discussion about who would die if a bird flew into a house who's ownership was changing hands before Woolie excuses from the room to take a call.

     The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 
  • Their mistreatment of Colin.
    Matt: Colin says "I want to be like you when I grow up" and Link kills himself on the spot.
    Liam: Just to send a message.
  • In Part 4, Woolie expresses a distaste for dowsing rods, utterly confusing Matt in the process.
    Woolie: If you're gonna make some magic bullshit at least make it complex. Just these two sticks that point? I'm not buying that!
    Matt: "What, the Earth is round!? I'm not buying that!"
  • Their reaction to Ooccoo and Link's face when he grabs her.
    Matt: That's one of those times where Nintendo Japan sends a code for a build to Nintendo of America and the marketing guy just rubs his fucking temples — "What am I supposed to do with this shit?!"
  • Their edits of Malo's reaction shot of Colin's "death".
  • In Part 7, Woolie "sings" the Granadan national anthem.
  • Continuing with the Colin-hating, Part 8 brings us Link finally reuniting with the children of Ordon village. Colin sees him first...and then he's pushed away and down by the other children and lays face-down in the dirt while Malo calmly walks by and gives him a judging glance. Matt loses it.
    Matt: *Gasping for air* I wasn't prepared for that!
  • Matt joking about how Woolie and Liam were teased as a couple back in their old job, Woolie is sour but Liam doesn't seem to pay attention.
    Woolie: Did you hear them making fun of us?
    Liam: Who, Nintendo?
  • Making up stories about Colin being a thief and wanting to destroy the Tri-Force.
  • Woolie and Liam listing off the various Hot Springs Episode cliches.
    Matt: Man, it seems like you guys might have wrote some of these scenarios.
  • Their admiration of Malo making a hostile takeover and making Malo Mart.
    Matt: These deals were done behind closed doors.
  • The end of part 16 has a Jojo "to be continued", complete with Roundabout, when Zant shows up at the end of the water temple.
  • Woolie asking fans to send live video of people twerking on the Groose theme saying he will make sure this is real and not putting a different music by observing if the twerk match the Groose's beat.
  • Part 23 has Link imitating Woolie's reaction to Greek mythology.
  • Liam's continuous botches in Snowpoint Temple, culminating in him firing a cannonball in the opposite direction to his instant regret and frustration.
  • Part 27 has Matt complaining about his mailman deliberately timing things to fail deliveries of items for the show, which the others immediately replace with dildos with names such as "The Goliath". As the conversation continues the dildo evolves, culminating the Spiral Nemesis. The video closes out with an advert for one!
  • The entire conversation about the hilariously edgy nerdy T-shirts from The TShirt Collection in Part 31.
    Matt: Live if you can. Die if I let you. Kupo!
  • Their various jokes about the clawshots are all comedy gold, particularly the bit in Part 35 where Matt suggests a Stand with the power of a clawshot, but quickly realises that its probably already been done.
    • Another good one is Woolie proposing the idea of a pair of clawshot glasses, that when you use them, you immediately hang yourself and die.
  • In part 36 they predict that Malo will grow up to be the Zelda equivalent of Dio.
  • In the final confrontation with Ganondorf, Liam decides to make use of the fishing rod strategy. This completely shocks Woolie who thought that trick was made up.
    Woolie: I was gonna throw in Space Chimps, but we need to move on.
  • After the whole Running Gag of "Pay Me", after Midna goes back to her original Twili self, Link smiles and Woolie says this:
    Woolie: Pay you?

     The Punisher 
  • The opening monologue indirectly acknowledges that the version of Hell's Kitchen portrayed in The Punisher is pretty much totally outdated. Pat puts it in much blunter terms.
    Pat: He's basically saying, like, "Yeah, my comic background is in Hell's Kitchen, that's now been, like, a gentrified area. But guess what? It's still a shithole, deep in its heart."
    Matt: I'm coming for you, Giuliani!
  • A bunch of mooks knowingly mock the Punisher, which leaves the Best Friends absolutely baffled.
  • The friends start wondering what the Punisher would do if he eliminated all violent crime. They wonder if he'd start Punishing other crimes, like cheating on taxes or jaywalking.
    • They also wonder if he has a Stand which causes criminals to appear wherever he is; if he left Hell's Kitchen it would probably be crime-free.
  • The best friends wonder what the Punisher would do in low crime country like Finland. Their bet is that he goes in the pool.
  • An attempt to execute one gang member by defenestration results in the body breaking the glass, but lying on the floor with only the head barely through the threshold.
  • Pat can't help but laugh every time Matt tells a story about Garth Ennis Punisher.
    Matt: That's where the villain dig up the Punisher's family and piss on their corpses.
    Pat: *Maniacal Laugh*
    • In episode 3, Matt describing a particularly gory moment of the Slavers arc, Pat and Woolie are bracing themselves when it starts with "so he drugs the guy". After Matt finishes the story, Pat bursts into another bout of laughter, capped off with "Like, that level of violence makes me uncomfortable".
  • Episode 3 includes them making fun of the menu screens, particularly the newspaper headlines (their most recent mission even having a date of December 34), and "Is that a rice cooker down there?" Pat is left in stitches.
    Pat: (giggling uncontrollably) You loosened me up with your violence, and now I'm weak to your spelling errors!
  • Woolie's reaction to Bushwacker.
    Woolie: What if Bushwacker gives up? Is he allowed to surrender?
  • Part 4: Frank has a fun night out at the zoo. Hilarity Ensues!
    Woolie: *as a developer* Alright, stand-up meeting; Can anyone animate a deer?
    Pat: No!
    Woolie: Alright then, the bad guys shot all the deer.
    Pat: Alright! Next step: remove all the red cars from the game...
  • In Part 5, in addition to having a field causing violent crime to be committed around him, they speculate the Punisher also emits a field that turns all fences nearby to be topped with spikes.
  • When Frank starts getting low on health, Matt decides to test "Punish Mode" to see if he regains health during it. When it turns out he does, the Best Friends start wondering what would happen if Frank had a healing factor that was powered by his PTSD, and activated whenever he thought about his family. The discussion concludes with the realization that such a healing factor would make the Punisher invincible.
  • Part 6 has Matt show off a great Good Bad Bug. Normally, there's an interrogation sequence involving a fireplace in the Gnucci Mansion. Instead, Matt uses one of the generic interrogation methods where Frank points a gun at a mook's head right in front of it. This pushes the mook towards the fireplace, which creates the scene of Frank Castle trying to interrogate a guy by jamming a submachine gun in his face after setting him on fire.
  • By Part 7 the jokes regarding Frank's Shut Up, Hannibal! mechanic have reached nonsense level.
    Pat: "There's a hidden thing in the pantry!" Pantry, pantry, pantry...
    Matt (as Frank): I had a pantry.
    Woolie (as Frank): I used paprika on my food...
  • In Part 8, upon finding Black Widow, Pat immediately states that he was just about to ask why she was speaking with a Russian accent, because Scarlett Johansson didn't.
    • Matt starts talking about the Punisher's female partner in Greg Rucka's run, only for Woolie to interject, saying he hated that run. Both Matt and Pat are confused, thinking he meant the in-game run animation. Bonus points for Woolie getting his story arcs confused, and not actually being mad at that run (he was thinking of the "Man of Stone" arc by Garth Ennis, and his complaint makes no sense even then).
  • The gang start discussing the Punisher's mental state, leading to Woolie to say that the fact Frank at one point had a loving family implies he "must have been human, sort of...ish." Pat loses it at the phrasing.
    Woolie: Because- Science has proven that, like, when the brain goes through extreme trauma-
    Pat: Your healing factor removes your memories!
  • Before using a crane to destroy a cargo tanker, Matt exclaims that it's one of the most ridiculous parts of the game, which both Pat and Woolie express disbelief, as the game is pretty over-the-top. Then he grabs the crane.
    Woolie: Are you trying to interrogate the boat?
    (after the boat is destroyed) Matt: The boat talked... The boat's like "No, I'm married...married...married".
    • The news clipping reads "Foreign Dockworkers Slaughtered by Punisher; Unions Rejoices".
  • In Part 9, they are interrogating a Russian Goon and he gets a comeback so devastating that Matt, Woolie, and Pat are all amazed.
    Punisher: What do you got to share with me?
    Goon: Your Wife!!!
  • In Part 11, Matt activates Frank's so-called 'PTSD Mode' causing a nearby bottle to shatter.
    Woolie: Why did Frank's Rage of the Gods blow up that bottle?
    Matt: Because it felt it!
    Pat: That bottle killed my family, family, family!
    Matt: It's a bottle, bottle, bottle!
    Pat (as Frank): My wife and I used to drink out of bottles... She really liked Coke Classic out of the bottle, bottle, bottle!
  • Part 11 also brings us their rematch with The Russian, who spends the first half of the fight trying to throw lit oil drums at Frank only to have them blasted out of his hands to his frustration. When one of them sets him on fire, he shows absolutely no sign he's in any pain and just jumps down to beat the shit out of Frank.
    Pat(As The Russian): I don't even fucking care.
    • The fight during the second phase gets even sillier thanks to good old fashioned pathing issues, with Matt having to shoot The Russian to jog his pathfinding AI back on track.
    Matt: Look at this video game!
    • To crown the fight, they end up setting one of The Russian's support mooks on fire and send him running and screaming, only for him to suddenly appear dead on the ground with no animation.
  • At the end of Part 12, just as Frank finishes talking about his assault on the Kingpin's tower, suddenly "Roundabout" starts playing, and who do you think enters the room? Matt Murdock!
    • Followed by the start of Part 13, in which Murdock is bluntly dismissed and sent packing by Frank no more than thirty seconds after arriving. You can taste the trio's satisfaction.
  • In Part 13, Pat follows up a question about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with something that seems highly Out of Character:
    Pat: Hey, let me ask you a Superman related question! It's important to me.
    Woolie: That can't be true. *corpses*
  • In Part 14, Woolie talks about the Jojo's adventure novels' additions to the lore, namely that there is something beyond a stand, which elicits a "shut up" from Pat. When he says they are literally called "Beyonds", both Pat and Matt yell at him to "SHUT UP".
  • In Part 15, Pat researches the collective for a group of tigers (Matt freaks out because tigers are solitary and says "You made up an impossible premise from the very start!") The first, which he calls lame, is a 'streak'.
    Pat: However, an alternate name for a group of tigers is an ambush.
    Matt and Woolie: WHOOOAAA!
  • Woolie declares Bullseye to be the worst boss fight they've ever done on the channel. When Matt and Pat argue that he's exaggerating, Woolie points out that none of the phases of the three-phase boss fight have worked properly, instantly convincing them.
  • Their reactions to the poor mook who yells out "it's my first day!" Even several parts later they still hearken back to it.
  • In a few instances, Matt has the Punisher use the flamethrower melee attack where Frank takes the gas tank off his back and smashes a criminal's spine with itnote . Woolie simply called it bullshit.
  • The final episode begins with a very special version of the normal intro. Midway through, Matt reveals that Phil, the artist who created the series' awesome intro, had sent that version to him first before even showing him the real one as a prank.

     Dark Souls 3 
  • Part 1: The Best Friends discover a line of at least 10 bloodstains from players who died to the ronin-esque enemy behind Firelink Shrine.
    Woolie: Happy times are here again!
    Matt and Pat: Party Cliff!
  • Moments later, after a skirmish that leaves Pat with no Estus Flask and low health, he finishes off the Master by going to the bonfire — the Master falls to his death while chasing Pat, and no one realizes it until they return to find his item drops.
  • Matt and Woolie notice that the knight Pat is playing uses the Uchigatana exactly as intended instead of relying on a European style of fencing.
    Woolie: Western knight has never seen a katana before, picks it up... "I am Miyamoto Musashi!"
  • After getting the longbow in Episode 2, Pat has to take off his helmet in order to stop "fat-rolling." His character's blood-stained face confuses him.
    Pat: Why am I black?
    Woolie: What's your problem? What's your fuckin' beef?
    Matt: No wonder everyone attacks you.
    Woolie: Problem?
    Pat: (defensively) If you woke up as a white person tomorrow, you'd be fuckin' freaked out, man!
    Woolie: The first thing I'd do would be to instinctually look in my pants.
  • Pat comes across the first treasure chest in the game. It's a mimic.
  • Their invention of Lucky Ted, a theoretical Player Character whose stat increases only go into luck, allowing him to triumph over the Lords of Cinder—because the Lords accidentally fell on their own swords.
    • At one point, Ted receives two level-ups for the price of one due to a clerical error.
    • In a similar vein, Part 6 introduces Casual Balrog and Eager Eddy.
  • A new (well, in Dark Souls 3, considering it's a Black Knight from the original Dark Souls) knight enemy gives Pat trouble at first, but he quickly learns he can dispatch them easily by backstabbing them, then doing a charged attack while they're getting up.
    Pat: These guys have gone from "nightmare" to—
    (He fucks up the charged attack, letting a knight stab him and take off three quarters of his health)
    Pat: Oh, fuck off!
    Woolie: To "totally capable of killing you in two attacks"?
    Pat: Yeah.
  • Pat's reaction to finding out how many souls it would take to heal his Dark Sigil: 75,572 souls
  • In Episode 9, while searching for a path to get an item, the path above them glitches out. While observing this phenomenon, this takes place.
    Matt: Look, it's all fucked up.
    Pat: There should be a whole floor here.
    Woolie: No floor.
    (As if on cue, they fall through a hole in the floor and are immediately set upon by a Lycanthrope)
  • As they battle the first Crystal Sage in the Road of Sacrifices, they pick up a "Crystal Gem" and begin singing a Dark Souls version of the Steven Universe theme song, with Pat-Tron 4000 (their character) Lucky Ted, and Solaire.
  • When they get the Nameless Knight outfit, Matt quips that his name was Carl and Woolie further claims that he didn't like it, so he called himself the Nameless instead.
  • In Part 11, after getting enough souls and titanite, Pat decides he wants to upgrade his Sellsword Twinblades. He ends up upgrading the less powerful Bandit Twin-Daggers by mistake. After buying more titanite to get the right upgrades, he goes back to Andre only to discovered that he has spent all his souls.
  • After a hard battle and only one Estus charge left, Pat finally takes down the Abyss Watchers only to realize that was just the first form.
    Pat: I beat a Lord of Cinder on my first attempt!
    *As the Abyss Watchers move into the second phase*
    Woolie: Nah, son. Nah, son! This is the Royal Rumble! Everyone goes over the ropes!
  • In the Cathedral of the Deep, Pat finds himself on top of a gate with no way to get down. He decides to jump anyway and ends up killing himself, realizing immediately after he could have just used a Homeward Bone.
  • In Part 14, they reach the Catacombs of Carthus, an entire area dedicated to skeletons. The Skeleton Warriors theme ensues.
    • Pat briefly tries to jump on the bandwagon, culminating in this exchange:
    Pat (after attempting to sing the theme) Oh, I can't get in on that?
    Woolie: No. You're not allowed.
    Pat: I've actually never watched Skeleton Warriors.
    Matt: (completely deadpan) Well, stop trying to front then.
    (Woolie guffaws; Pat cracks up)
    • Followed by Pat dying to the Skeleton Ball. Three times. In a row.
      • To elaborate: the first time is simply being caught off guard by something so absurd. The second time, Pat tries to roll out of the way, only to get bounced off the edge by it. The third time, he figures out how to dodge it both going down and up the stairs, and while he's out of the way tries to attack it, only to bounce off of it again and die.
  • In Part 15, they encounter Frank Castle as a summon. They are so flabbergasted that the summon vanishes before they can call him.
  • In Part 18, Pat's continued accidental Sequence Breaking is revealed during his return to Firelink Shrine.
    Woolie: [quietly] Why is this happening now?
    [Pat begins to laugh]
    Woolie: Why is this happening now? I'm so fucking confused by this game!
    Pat: Woolie, you had one job!
    Woolie: Okay, well, whatever, it's still fine.
    Pat: Is it happening early?
    Woolie: Yes! It's still fine. Play the game.
    [Pat begins to laugh again]
    Woolie: Holy fuck. What do you want?
    Pat: This is the best! This is the best benefit of a blind [playthrough] I've ever seen, because Woolie [is] having a meltdown over having a book full of spoilers in front of him.

  • When fighting Pontiff Sulyvahn, Matt equates the boss's second stage as "sending out a Stand of himself". Cue Pat and Woolie utterly losing their shit, speaking in high-pitched, excited voices for the entirety of the fight.
  • In Part 22, Pat encounters an enemy, specifically a Jailer, that uses a spell that reduces his total HP, rather than just damaging him. Pat's reaction is sheer horror as he watches his once ginormous life bar get reduced by half. Pat's shock and anger boils over as it readies the attack a second time. He closes the distance and...
    Pat: (while attacking wildly) You stop it! YOU STOP IT! YOU STOP IT! YOU STOP IT!
    • In that same episode Pat has to leave for a minute and asks Matt and Woolie to fill some time while he's gone. Their initial reaction of sandbagging him aside, they immediately start changing his armor to the most ridiculous thing they can think of, causing Pat to have a mini freakout when he returns.
      • Actually, Pat was not freaking out due to the costume change. When he picked up his controller, he accidentally does a full double stab. Feet away from several important, killable allies.
  • Also from the start of part 22, Everything about Gross Mart
  • In Part 23, they examine the Tailbone Spear and muse on the phrase "failed prisoners."
    • Also from Part 23, Pat encounters a group of Jailers. Matt and Woolie waste no time joking at his expense.
    Jailer!Woolie: Hello there friend. I heard that you had a lifebar.
    Jailer!Matt: Would you like to not?
    Jailer!Woolie: Could I perhaps interest you-
    Jailer!Matt: In not?
  • The scene where the Nameless King is forced to stab his beloved mount in order to power himself up is completely ruined by the trio declaring that the game has gone "anime".
  • After getting poisoned and nearly group-tackled by a horde of spider-like bony monstrosities, Pat manages to climb up a ladder out of their reach... only to succumb to the poison and have his character abruptly keel over mid-climb, falling off the ladder into the mosh pit of abominations at the bottom.
  • A somewhat meta one regarding Matt's continued pushing to have Pat level up Luck and Lucky Ted in general. The preferred speedrunning build for Dark Souls III is based around applying a bleed effect to Anri's Straight Sword. Anri's Straight Sword scales with luck and bleed's chances of occurring also increase with luck.
  • What is Pat's greatest foe? Is it the Nameless King? Pontiff Sulyvahn? Jailers that removes his huge life bar? Nope, it's the rock lizards, Pat can't spot them and can't deal when they rolled him into a corner.
    Pat (in a worried tone): How can you defeat an enemy like this?
  • Their reaction to the phrase "Pus of Man".
  • Their return to the game for the Ashes of Ariandel DLC gets the ball rolling before it even starts. Accessing the DLC requires speaking to an NPC who can be found prostrating himself before an altar, muttering in despair about how doom has come to his world and scant hope remains. Pat, ever the sympathetic type, shows his concern by positioning his character beside the NPC and performing the Stretch Out gesture, making it appear as though the NPC is burying his face in Pat’s character’s crotch.
  • Woolie tells a (debunked) origin story about clinking glass to make sure they weren't poison which makes Matt wonders of there is not another really specific salute to show you're not wearing a cat'o nine tails.
  • There's some great moments in the last video of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC:
    • At their third attempt at beating Ariandel and Friede, Pat decides to keep stunlocking the latter. This results in the former squishing him "like a mosquito", provoking an hilarious fit of laughter from the group.
    • Later, there's their surprised and excited reaction to Blackflame Friede's command grab. Screaming ensues.
  • At one point during their stream of the Ringed City DLC, Pat goes into the staircase that leads (eventually) to Midir and other areas. However, after Lapp is revealed to actually be an amnesiatic Patches, he gets lost. Cue spending at least twenty minutes of Pat getting lost going endlessly up and down the staircase, driving the chat mad and eventually making Woolie crack up and make a joke about how Pat is stuck on the infinite staircase from Super Mario 64, saying "You'll never get to Bowser until you get 70 stars!"

     Chasing Dead 
  • Matt finds yet another broken Shovelware game, decides to make an LP out of it, and drags Liam along for the ride. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Every video description is formatted as a scathing bug report due to the game's Obvious Beta quality. Several times throughout the playthrough they bring up their playtesting experience and how any QA tester, no matter how untrained, would have spotted issues.
    Intended Behavior - The player doesn't fall through the world during a boss fight.
    Actual Behavior - The player fell the fuck through the floor.
  • Liam (who doesn't know what's in store for him) asks if they can do an LP of a different game after they finish this one. Matt tells him that after this, he might actually quit.
  • The game takes any assumptions of hidden quality, throws them to the floor and stomps them to dust within seconds of the start. The duo are treated to a live action cut scene of a pretty woman who has about as much acting ability as a wet sponge reading an in-game news report with subtitles so far off the mark, they might as well be for a little league game in Cleveland. Then they get thrown into a game with such poor graphical quality, Matt compares it to something you'd see on a Nintendo 64.
  • The helicopter spinning out of control before blowing out in a janky fashion.
  • Part 2 introduces human soldiers (Russians? Maybe?) whose arms clip into their torsos, at times disappearing completely inside of them. It left such an impression on Matt, he makes mention of it in the video's description.
  • On finding a vehicle the two get hyped and try desperately to escape the level geometry while cheering "Big Rig!" They find an invisible wall at every turn but remain amused by how poorly the vehicle behaves on hitting it. Liam eventually finds a way through.
  • One of the boss is a giant which while cool is too ambitious for the game as the giant start clipping through houses.
  • Part 6 has one of the dumbest unintentional Kaizo Trap set: To move to the next level you need to open a gate that starts a cutscene but the enemies are attacking during the cutscene so at first they plan on clearing the zone but this looks like an infinite wave section. Liam decides to activate the Super Mode before activating the cutscene so the enemies are slowed down and can't kill him in time. He used a Super Mode to go through a cutscene.
    • Foreshadowed earlier in part 5 when the game hard crashed on an end-level cutscene, causing Matt and Liam to break out laughing. Another run of the cutscene saw it almost crash again, causing the voice over playing during the cutscene to skip. Between this, the aforementioned killer cutscene, features of the landscape (including an entire natural archway and a small village) popping in and out of existence at random and Liam falling through the level geometry, parts 5 and 6 are just chock full of quality gameplay.
  • "Is that a fucking ghost?"
  • This comment from Part 6:
    This LP is killing Liam and Matt on the inside. The Reboot LP and by extension, the Heavy Rain Stream made Woolie lose hope and hollow out. What's killing Pat? Nothing, he has no soul to kill.
  • In Part 7 Liam is desperate to escape the level geometry and complete it from outside of the game world.
    • When the game ends on a sequel hook and "To Be Continued" the two are somewhere between shocked and enraged. They then proceed to fill the last bit of the video laughing at the reviews, most of which are suspiciously praise-filled and focused solely on the FMVs having hot chicks.
  • Part 7 features another fight with a helicopter. When it's defeated, Liam watches its death throes for some hilarity, but it lands on top of him before exploding. He is helicopter jumped above the cloud level and lands through a building while he and Matt laugh hysterically.

     Starfox Zero 
  • Woolie voicing his displeasure of Slippy only for Matt and Liam to twist his words.
    Liam: Woolie he is in a fucking spaceship saving the galaxy and you're sitting on the couch scratching your balls, complaining about heroes on the war front.
    Woolie: Slippy is not a hero.
    Liam: Fuck soldiers.
  • The group push forward the theory that General Pepper is the only person in the Star Fox universe who isn't anthropomorphized and is just a normal dog in silly clothing communicating in barks.

  • Pat's disappointment when there is only three save slots, stopping his save rotation.
  • The casual reveal that the sun never sets in Nier leaves Pat shocked into silence for fifteen seconds.
  • In Part 9 Pat struggles massively when faced with a room where running or using magic will reset his progress.
    Pat: [with one trap left] I'm the fucking best.
    Liam: You're the king.
    Pat: [runs a step forward and resets] Damn it!
    [much later]
    Liam: You did it now just walk slowly to the objective. [Pat casts a spell] No magic!
    Pat: [resets] There's no ma-shi-goddammit!
  • In Part 10 Pat is enraged when an NPC performs a Zelda-esque item-get animation. Even after the reason for the item's importance is explained, he remains pissed about it.
  • During the "text adventure" sequence in Part 11, Pat spends so much time reading the text aloud that his English begins to fail him.
  • Part 12 starts with them declaring they're done with the "text adventure" part of the game, unlike Team Four Star. even funnier is that it's Tempting Fate.
    • Rust is a game where your wiener is decided by your Steam ID and, if you don't have one, it becomes very angry, sexist, and racist fast.
    • When Yonah starts talking about her friend they decide she's farming gold in WoW in the back room and leave her with a warning of only "outer sex" until she's thirteen.
  • In Part 13 they compare Kaine to Big Boss in a shirt thanks to her superhuman ability to adventure without pants.
    • While discussing how they're approaching the B part of the game and it's the last chance to hit up side quests, Pat and Liam begin discussing the obvious Doomed Hometown setup.
      Pat: Like immediately. Before this town explodes.
      Liam: Oh, look at this new cutscene of the town we've never seen before. It's almost like something could happen.
      Pat: It's almost... It's like... it's been a while since I played an RPG in which a town had the word "FUCKED" written on it so big.
      Liam: From the very beginning.
    • Pat is not a fan of the grindy tedious side quests. One collection side quest they claim to have cut away for six hours, during which Pat took a small nap. They eventually decide not to follow one of the lengthier ones that offers a nice song at the end.
      Liam: You know, we could just fuck off of this quest.
      Pat: Looks like it.
      Liam: It's a good song, but like...
      Pat: Looks like we've completely failed. And we did it for nothing.
      Liam: It's the quality you expect.
      • After discussing how good the song is and telling people to just look it up on YouTube, Pat muses they're just shitting all over their own LP.
    • When a side quest ends with everyone dead but together in heaven, Pat declares it horrible and Liam says it's pretty much how all the side quests go. This leads to every quest objective dying, even the porn.
    • They admit they slacked for three hours, chitchatting with Pat's girlfriend about random stuff and the Brexit, before starting the recording. It was nearly postponed they waited so long.
      Liam: Lackadaisical does not being to explain it...
    • When the Shade attack begins, Pat declares it's "Time to throw down and lose" as he fully expects the town to be destroyed due to his failure. He's suspicious of the initial waves until the boss arrives.
  • The appearance of the Shadowlord in Part 14 leaves Pat sputtering for several seconds.
    • Pat is thrilled that Kaine is trying to bring Weiss out of his trance with the "power of shit-talk". He also thinks that Weiss's arrogance being what lets him break free is fantastic.
    • Kaine holding the door for the entire fight is compared to the events of Persona 3, at which point Pat expresses his disgust with that plot element. "The Answer is not worth it."
    • The cutscene after the second part of the game kicks in leaves Pat in shock at the changes and especially the five year Time Skip. He then becomes very happy when he finds out how his new sword handles.
  • In Part 15, Pat's complete and utter shock at the sudden change to a Diablo-esque isometric point-of-view in the Underground Research Lab.
    Pat: ...or...this is more recent than would be exp-WHAT THE FUCK!
    Liam: Welcome to Die-ab-lo. Did you want to play Die-ab-lo today? You're playing Die-ab-lo now.
    Pat: What the fuck is this!?
  • Pat's reaction to Emil's transformation.
    Emil: But my body.
    Pat: I'm not gonna lie, it's not great.
    Liam: It's kinda neat, though.
    Pat: It's real fuckin' Nito.
  • Part 17 sees Kaine being mocked for her complete failure when it comes to ladders when the inevitable happens.
    Pat: Not the smartest tool in the shed. [chuckling] "Not the smartest tool in the shed". Yeah, that's what I meant to say.
    • Pat is enraged when Kaine is impaled by a boss and the resulting scene. He does however chuckle at them asking if she's alright. He then goes straight back to pissed when Kaine transforms.
    Pat: Emil you better pull some shit out of your ass.
  • In Part 18 while watching a scene Pat starts to say what would make the scene perfect only for it to happen before he can finish. He's dead silent before giving three thumbs up: Two thumbs and his penis.
    Pat: Fucking triple thumbs up on that, that's amazing.
    Liam: I didn't know your penis was a thumb.
    Pat: It's a big thumb. The nail's a little weird on it, though.
    • Pat plans to skip some grinding - he needs to save up his energy for the Monster Hunter release.
    • Pat and Liam start debating whether video game protagonists are lucky for surviving all the shit they go through or unlucky for having it happen to them at all.
    • Plesioth has "big birthing hips". Pat does a double-take at this description since fish don't give birth.
    • Liam hints at future developments with the sword crafting and then tells Pat not to think about it. Pat is aggravated at the tidbit.
  • Part 19 has Pat's sheer joy over the Iron Will being the heaviest and slowest two-handed sword in the game, and his musings that he wishes he could have the sword be even SLOWER.
    • When the episode starts with a return to the "text adventure" portion Pat curses at Liam for lying about this being done.
    • In the middle of the episode, Pat and Liam get into a weirdly heated discussion on whether muffins are cakes or not, which culminates in Pat's girlfriend chiming in and Pat being dubbed "The Cakelord".
    Pat: Oh, you stupid FUCK!
    • At the very end of the episode, Pat's TV turns off, suddenly cutting off the game footage.
    Pat: ...What the fuck was that?
  • Part 20 starts with a brief explanation of the TV shutting off due to the laptop's battery dying before Liam promptly segues into the muffin vs. cake discussion once again to Pat's frustration.
    • The two had apparently spent several hours talking with their girlfriends about it the night before. Pat's girlfriend chimes in asking if pancakes are bread.
      Liam: Sheeple wake up! Batter is not dough.
      Pat: "Cakes can't melt steel beams", is that where we're headed!?
    • Talking about Iron Will Pat comments that the new Berserk anime is horrible. Liam admits he watched it with his girlfriend to Pat's shock.
    • After his second death on a boss fight Liam starts clapping and says they'll need to do a little editing. Pat agrees and tells him to shut up so he can get a clean timeline for the edited version.
    • Pat wants F-1 races on regulation roads, like downtown streets or highways, and watch the carnage. Whoever makes it to the finish line is the winner.
  • Part 21 has Pat getting depressed after he misreads a map and goes completely the wrong way to find an NPC. He then tells Liam to not cheer him up, which leads into Liam offering to get him a rubber fist and Pat complaining the one he does have has an odd smell.
    • After Kaine goes down to one hit in a cutscene Pat is annoyed at her varying levels of durability.
    • When Pat starts charging his spear attack while the weak spot is covered, he and Liam end up jawing while they wait with Liam once again bringing up muffins and sheeple. Pat refuses to engage.
    • Pat is absolutely thrilled when it turns out he has to go out of the usual boss arena and physically get behind the boss. He compares it to hitting Cell in the back while Gohan distracts him with a Kamehameha.
    • Pat points out the upside of Emil killing the entire village is rather dark given everything else.
      Pat: [sarcastically] Good job, team, we got the key!
    • Pat summing up Nier's character flaw: Doesn't have the best big picture skills.
  • Part 22 has Pat expressing his disgust with the story about the Earl of Sandwich and his friends being such filthy slobs that they needed to invent a new way of eating to not cover themselves in bits of half-eaten food.
    • While talking with the King of Facade about his upcoming marriage, Pat figures a younger version of Nier would have been much more awkward. Then he starts complaining about the anime trope of younger sisters saying they'll marry their brothers only for undertones of this to continue after growing up.
    • Pat assures Emil that there are plenty of women who would be into his big, round skeleton head.
    • The idea that a kingdom's problem with wolves is so bad that it can be referred to as a "quarrel" leaves Pat bemused.
    • Pat's annoyed that more people in media don't explode into blood when thrown into walls.
    • Considering how the back end of the game is a complete disaster, Pat theorizes the game's twist is that post-ending he can go back and Set Right What Once Went Wrong. This leads to Liam and Pat debating whether the "Groundhog Day" Loop episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Stargate SG-1 was better.
    • Distracted arguing with Liam about handhelds, the Vita's battery life, and #FE, this results.
      Liam: 'K, where the fuck are you going?
      Pat: [not changing tone] I literally went in a circle. Damn it. Damn you, Vita.
    • Pat points out the fact that the Masked Men only have about twelve people to commit to their "war" against the wolves. "That's not a war, that's barely a skirmish." He's then stunned by the wolves having their own door.
  • In Part 23, when two doves begin asking Nier questions.
    Pat: What up, birds?
    Doves: To whom does the true voice speak?
    Pat: ...Didn't expect that.
    Liam: Nope.
    • Emil voicing his shock over the birds talking.
      Emil: can talk!
    • After answering the birds' questions correctly, Pat goes through the large double doors to find Devola and Popola.
      Grimoire Weiss: It's...It's the twins from your village.
      Pat: Oh, FUCK OFF!
    • Finding where to go at the boatman leaves Pat and Liam a bit confused as it keeps telling them to go to the village despite being done there. Liam works out they do need to head to the shrine and asks what you can do about the gap; Pat responds give it a 6 out of 10.
  • In Part 24, Pat's continued shock at everything that's happening in the last part of the game.
    Pat: Man, I love that the weird quotient started to go up faster and faster.
    • Pat's opinion of a boar shade boss is that the whole thing reeks of the developers realizing they have the model and could use it again.
    • Pat's stunned observation of the fact that the Shadowlord's castle uses electrical lighting.
    • Pat entering a room and finding Devola and Popola again, sitting in large fancy chairs in what appears to be a run down modern boardroom.
      Pat: [incoherent sputtering] Fucking WHAT?!
      • Pat then begins rubbing his face with his full hand in confusion.
    • Pat sits in silence for almost 10 seconds after learning that no one in the room is actually human.
      • Pat then emphatically shouts "shut up" upon learning that the true humans are actually the Shades that he's been killing the whole time.
      • Pat and Liam's amusement at the name "Lucky Ted" appearing on the Apocalyptic Logs they obtain.
    • Devola getting completely stun-locked by Pat when she's wedged between a chair and wall.
    • Pat declares he thinks Kaine is cool and then starts laughing at the idea of her being the final boss in the upcoming sequel.
  • In Part 25 Pat is told that to save Yonah he needs to recall their pleasant memories together and prove their existence.
    Pat: "How do I smash it?" No. No, Ted...
    • Immediately after he's terrified that the final step of the game may be a quiz of facts about Yonah.
      • Doubles as heartwarming, when the game asks the player "Who do I (Yonah) love more than anyone?", Pat writes "Lucky Ted". Then he says "No", and replaces it with "Dad ". It's not the right answer, but still.
    • As a flashback begins, Pat yells "SHUT UP!" thinking he's already been sent back to restart the story for the next ending.
  • Part 26 has Pat baffled by the sheer amount of text he has to grind through, Liam having failed to convince him to wait before diving right in. He does fully approve of Kaine's grandmother, bringing up fond memories of his grandmother throwing a man down a set of stairs.
  • At the start of Part 27 Pat and Liam finally watch the intro. Pat is amazed how much it gives away.
    Pat: That's fine, that's fine, that's might not be fine [...] oh the Final Boss just show off the final boss, Aierie blowing up oh boy.
    • Pat entirely approves of the gimmick of the second playthrough letting him hear the dialogue of the bosses. He specifically holds back just to hear as much as he can, leading to this revelation.
      Pat: Man, I'm a huge jerkass.
    • The muffin vs. cake discussion returns, this time on how there is a third category of baked goods between cake and breads: Quick breads.
  • In part 28 where they see the story of Kalil he is simply pissed at how nothing was his fault and he even feels sad about Jacob dying.
    Pat: What? Really, they are sympathetic! Oh fuck this!
    • The episode starts with them joking about how Kaine surviving is a "spoiler", despite having seen it already. Liam points out this might be the case for anyone just joining in... Part 28... in which case, fuck you.
    • Pat fucking up multiple times with the boar-drifting has the guys claiming it's intentional to create longer episodes. This segues into a discussion about other LPers relying on short episodes to just get the basic ad revenue.
    • Pat eats a "quick bread" while explaining that his girlfriend hates him using them. However she's out of town at the moment so it's consequence free to his great delight.
  • Part 29 has Pat commenting that Nier Automata looks terrible and that if Square Enix flub it plus the next Final Fantasy and Deus Ex they'll burn the entire industry down. He admits if Automata ends up as bad as he fears he'll need to take off his Platinum-fanboy glasses.
    • Much complaining ensues as Pat and Liam discuss the ridiculous amount of time he sank into trying to get weapon upgrade materials and the fact that he couldn't get an egg after five hours. Later Liam realizes Pat forgot to equip the rune that increases item drop rate.
    • Pat walks past a ladder he needs to climb and stubbornly declares he's good at video games. Liam nettles him by bringing up an episode of the Bloodborne playthrough where he walked the completely wrong way.
    • A woman pleads with Nier to spare her husband who has become a Shade - Pat and Liam resolve to fix the problem. By putting him in the ground.
    • They muse that Popola was trying really hard to fix things using Nier as her intermediary but he kept screwing things up by not dying when he should.
    • Pat gives the history of why English has vastly different linguistic roots for different meats and sums up the whole thing by saying language is "fucking stupid and cobbled together nonsense".
  • In Part 30 Liam makes a joke about Emil finding somebody he'd like to bone. Pat acknowledges the joke and then refuses any further response while Liam pokes at it.
    • Pat dismisses Fyra's death stating he cared the first time. As the scene continues he admits his desire for a death scene where a small animal, such as a wolf, leaps through the target's chest but gets stuck midway and starts barking happily.
      Pat: Boy, we're really not giving the gravitas to these scenes the second time around.
      • He then admits to looking up dog videos on his phone while the drama plays out. His farewell with the King is fast-forwarded with Pat blatantly dismissing the drama.
      • With regards to his desire to see a dog caught halfway through a person's chest, this happens to his animated self in the Shitstorm 5 outro - except it's Zach.
    • "Bark bark, dead wolfy. What are you gonna do about it?" This leads to him admitting one of his favorite newspaper titles: Quote from Man Stabbed: "What Are You Gonna Do, Stab Me?"
    • Pat speculates that with the way things are going it's going to turn out the Boar boss is actually Gandhi.
    • Pat finally realizes that Kaine can understand the Shades and is baffled by how much of a piece of garbage that makes her.
    • "Rest in peace, five year old!" "Die five year old's best friend!"
  • Part 31 has Liam and Pat debating how there's a lot of good in the game which is counter-weighed by a lot of bad.
    • They spend more time talking about the oddities of the shrine and then trying to look outside the game world than focusing on the fights themselves.
    • Pat muses that his reaction to Nier is understated compared to Liam's due to having heard how good it was from Liam for so long. He then decides to call it Undertale syndrome due to Matt and Woolie experiencing a similar letdown due to all the positive things they heard about it.
    • The Masked People showing up gets called the "Genocide Crew" thanks to the incident with the wolves.
    • The Boar Boss has babies strapped all over his body and is trying to protect them all while fighting.
  • In part 32, Pat is slackjawed when he sees the King killing the Boar and is willing to let Emil's death being rolled back slide since most of the characters died so it's nice to have one uplifting note.
    • His response as the scene plays out is dead silence before erupting into a pleased "That's awesome!"
    • Pat burns down some mobs just with his shield and levels up, commenting he definitely needed to be stronger. Liam advises he use his strength boosts during the last fight too.
      Pat: Break it like a Super Nintendo game.
    • Pat says the proper response to robots not wanting people to take their bodies is to wipe their memory first. Liam does not refute him.
    • Given how weak the Shadowlord's hits are on the second playthrough, Pat gives some unconvincing wails when he's hit.
    • The attempts of everyone in the game to do what they think is right resulting in everything going wrong is compared to Evangelion by Pat. He starts throwing out spoilers and then explains there's no issue with it - people won't believe spoilers about that series.
    • The appearance of all the bosses behind the Shadowlord gets a big "WHOA!" from Pat. They debate whether he knew all of them or if it was just to emphasize how much he screwed everything up.
      Pat: Well Lucky Ted, you're a dirtbag.
  • In the finale they really play up the "editing magic" of skipping most of the fighting.
    • Anyone who knows what's happening will find it amusing how Liam very delicately steps around the fact that Ending D will cause Lucky Ted's entire save file to be erased.
    • Pat is not happy when he realizes the decision is about killing Kaine.
      Pat: Oh fuck this decision! Fuck this decision! This is trash! ...This is garbage.
    • Pat gets wrecked having paid so little attention to his health due to overleveling the standard gameplay that he's taken by surprise when Kaine's shade attacks, killing him.
    • Pat thinks the second option of saving Kaine sounds interesting, but is vastly amused by how overkill Nier is when taking the other option.
      Pat: Wow, Nier, you really went for it.
      Liam: Gotta go whole hog.
    • Pissed by the Downer Ending of C, Pat admits he cried at the end of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    • Pat wants the final ending to have a shot of the world exploding and a message that there will not be a sequel, signed by the creator. All in response to how the game has such good closure but got a sequel anyway.
    • They want to know where Yonah went during the final fight, wondering whether she ran past the dangerous boss or just jumped out a window.
    • Liam points out they'll never load their final save game ever again after the final ending. Given it'll delete their save profile... When Pat finds out, he's thrilled.
    • Pat declares he's certain there will be a lot of people who are glad he played through the game so they didn't have to.

     Trials of the Blood Dragon 
  • The group's reaction to the revelation that Dr. Darling was actually a Blood Dragon in human form.

     Street Fighter V: Shadow Falls 
  • Every time they squee at a moment like seeing Ed, the Dolls or Urien showing up.
  • Pat seriously declaring: I'm never gonna let Birdie go hungry.
    Pat: My food bitch, my food!
  • Part 2 starts with Pat shouting in shock at just how thin the strap across Cammy's crotch is.
  • Part 3 introduces us to Cammy versus... Peter. The policeman. Naturally the best friends can't wait to see what incredible powers he possesses... and then they notice how little health he has and how little damage he does.
  • Ibuki straight up killing one of Bison's henchmen shocks the group.
  • Part 4 has Pat realizing, upon hearing Abel's French accent, that he could be the one to properly imitate Jean-Claude Van Damme's infamous speech as Guile in Street Fighter: The Movie.
    Matt: Gonna keek that sonoffabeech-
    Pat & Woolie: Bison's ass SO HOARD!
  • When Ryu is struggling with Satsui no Hado, the best friends are all giving him moral support and cheering him to reach his nothingness power.
    • Pat marking the fuck out as Ryu punches Necalli with the Power of Nothingness.
  • Woolie becoming a believer of the power that is MUSCLE.
  • Pat laughing like crazy when he sees that Bison's survived Nash's Senseless Sacrifice. It only intensifies when Bison pettily takes a moment to step on the now deceased Nash's dogtags.
    Liam: But the world refused to change.

  • "Remember, you're Japanese."
  • Part 1 starts with Matt declaring it the best Persona game. As Woolie explains, Persona is for high school students and neonates faced with the pressure of eventually needing to go into the adult world; Catherine is the adult answer to it.
    • Moses is noted to have been a powerful Persona character, with great normals and fantastic summons.
    • Matt wouldn't want to be condemned to Tartarus, but he would be interested in a tour.
    • The immediate comparison of Vincent to Danny Sexbang.
  • Part 2 reveals Matt and Woolie's deep-seated loathing of sheep eyes.
    • When confronted with the question if life beings or ends with marriage, Matt immediately says begins and tells a hesitant Woolie he didn't hesitate. Both then point out it's a bullshit question because the other option is an obvious trap.
    • Matt says he thought of ankhs when he saw the Enigma coins and compares them to the girl Woolie had a crush on in school who had an ankh necklace. When Woolie says she existed Matt starts laughing as he was shooting in the dark.
    • Both crack up imagining the bell ringing and "Edge" whispers from the game playing during the "romantic times".
    • Given the lack of swearing in most Japanese games, Woolie proposes how strange it'd be if the PC cursed in front of Nanako. Cue impressions of Nanako parroting nasty curses.
  • Part 3 has Matt saying Catherine left running because she saw Vincent had a copy of Persona 5.
    • Their reaction to Erica: No one cares, still best girl.
    • Woolie points out if it weren't for a few things you wouldn't be able to tell it was a Japanese game. He and Matt then proceed to list at least a dozen features which mark it as Japanese.
    • After meeting up with Katherine after waking up in bed with Catherine, Matt advocates Vincent lying everyday for the rest of his life to hide what happened. The fact that there's no "Tell Katherine" option irritates both Matt and Woolie as it's the simplest and best option.
  • In part 8 Matt mentions his wife criticizing him and his friends for knowing next to nothing of each other which Matt said he tried denying until conceding.
    Matt: "Hey Woolie is going to a con, what con is he going?" Before I knew I'm like, "You know ... Woolie... You know, fair point."
  • In part 9 Matt asks Woolie if he'd sleep with Wendy (the Wendy's mascot). Woolie declines. Matt then asks him what he'd do if she offered him a burger. Woolie immediately reconsiders.
  • In Part 14 Woolie struggles through the end of one puzzle, wishing he'd get some form of warning when he screws up rather than only finding out later. Matt compares it to somebody making a mistake in an orgy. All it takes is one person at the bottom of the pile and five hours later things go wrong.
  • Prior to Part 15 Woolie discovered that, while he is not sure if Matt's wife is watching, he knows his own girlfriend is.
    • Vincent is asked what his response would be if his girlfriend had a "horrifyingly unsexy" kink. They conclude it would be a relationship ender after deciding this could be the sort of kink involving tarp, power tools, and David Cage.
  • Matt and Woolie starting singing the Kirk vs. Spock theme when Catherine and Katherine meet.
  • Woolie says that, even though Katherine appears as the moral choice, she rushed for a knife first. Matt gets what he is saying, but he brings up that she clearly rushed second since Catherine had the knife on her already.
  • When Katherine shows up at Vincent's apartment saying that she needs to tell him something important, Matt guesses that it's going to be that she lied about her pregnancy to "make things more interesting". Woolie cracks up.
  • Matt's declaration of "OH MY GOD, THIS IS ABOUT JAPAN!" when it's revealed that Boss' motive for Catherine's existence and the nightmares is about the game's in-universe dwindling population.
  • The tension of Vincent's friends coming back to the bar as he's threatening Boss is summarized thusly:
    Matt: Haha, it's all fun and games here at the Stray Sheep!
    Woolie: Y'all ever hear of "Shank Lucifer"?
    • And before that, Woolie's indignation at Erica's shock when Vincent threatens him
    Erica: *Gasp* Vincent!
    Woolie: He's Satan! Erika! He is Beelzebub!

  • Matt and Woolie repeatedly marvel over the Kid's strength, quickly nicknaming him "Beastkid".
    • Matt adds other nicknames into the mix, including "Beef McLargeHuge" and "Steel McStrongDick".
  • Woolie's immediate love for the bathosphere.
  • And his hate for "Frog Child".
    Woolie: Like, you are not being mind controled. You are just a freak!
  • When Matt and Woolie become the Blob Monster made of flesh, Matt immediately ruins the terror of the subsequent rampage by singing the main theme of Katamari Damacy.

     Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven 
  • The Intro. It starts with a spoiler warning telling people to "WRYYYYYYYD The Manga", then it follows with an animated bit where Matt & Liam battle with their Stands Star Patinum and The Woold. Liam defeats Matt with his Creepy Anime Bullshit, only for Matt to appear behind him and declare he likes Creepy Anime Bullshit too (SUGEE~)note , and the two sit down to play Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 while their Stands decide to play Eyes of Heaven, which Woolie declares to be their way of "redeeming" themselves after their failed All-Star Battle video.
  • Woolie and Pat's complete glee when Speedwagon slides in.
  • In the first real battle of the game, one of the first things Woolie does is jump, only to get hit by a projectile and fall into a pit.
  • Woolie jokes that the Jojo version of Jesus was almost enough to get him "back in", which quickly leads Pat and Woolie to start comparing the bible to manga.
    Woolie: Its like every week a new chapter comes out...
    Pat: We're to the Paul arc.
    Woolie: And sometimes you gotta tap out because it gets predictable and the writing sucks-
    (Pat cracks up)
  • Woolie's disgusted realization that Joseph slept with someone younger than his own daughter.
  • Pat expresses his wish that Jonathan is the last Joestar the party encounters. Woolie thinks Pat wants to see Jonathan freak out over how huge his family gets, but Pat corrects him: he wants Jonathan to freak out over Dio still causing trouble for his family hundreds of years later (making Jonathan's last battle with him pointless).
    • Becomes even funnier when you consider that Pat wants the party to encounter Jonathan right after his final battle with Dio, where he lays dying while cradling Dio's still living head. This means that (1) this would happen right when Jonathan has peacefully accepted death, thus completely ruining the moment; and (2) Dio would also be there to witness Jonathan freaking out.
  • At the beginning of part 6, Woolie takes the time to correct some Jojo facts he'd gotten wrong in previous parts; the amendments Woolie makes only serve to confuse Pat even further.
  • Discussing Dio becoming DIO:
    Woolie: Did you know that if you disappear for a while but then reenter the story, your name is in all-caps? And it means you're better?
    Pat: I did.
    Together: PAT!
  • Pat losing it at the mere mention of the pocket dimension turtle being named Coco Jumbo.
  • Woolie describing in detail the full extent of Chariot Requiem's abilities (puts everyone in a wide radius to sleep, switches people's souls at random, creates new stands from this soul switch, forces a stand to attack its user). Pat can barely process what he's hearing.
  • Trish's battle quote in part 6 causing Pat to do a double take and a Flat "What", and Woolie to burst into uncontrollable laughter and refuse to offer context.
    Trish: I MADE IT SOFTER!
    Woolie: You sure did, Trish. You SURE did.
  • Pat getting irritated at Woolie talking about the concept of "Chads" and the comparison to the Pillar Men
    Woolie: The Chad Men.
  • In Part 10, the two laughing at how massively inappropriate it's gonna be when Joseph starts trying to gross out the undoubtedly Roman Catholic Caesar with the Holy Corpse parts.
  • In Part 12, they swiftly adjust to the surprisingly in-depth poker minigame against Darby the Elder for Jolyne's soul, and find it incredibly fun.
    Woolie: Yo, after I get Jolyne back, I'm gonna keep playing.
    Pat: I want your soul, bitch.
  • Also in Part 12, Woolie points out the fact that Johnathan Joestar is looking at his family and wants them to have some nice family bonding while saving the world. Pat tells him to remember who his family is and goes on to describe each of the Jojo's.
    Pat: Jotaro is a robot. Joseph is an old asshole. Josuke has family problems and why would he give a fuck about his Joestar great-great-grandfather?
    Woolie: Giorno is like my dad is your enemy.
    Pat!Giorno: The only reason I'm even technically related to you is because my dad used your great grandpa's dick to fuck my mom.
    Pat:...and Jolyne's like you guys are losers.
  • In Part 13 Pat and Woolie start to talk about how the entire series is weird enough that to someone who has never read or watched Jojo at all would think that the person describing it to them was talking about a crazy nightmare they had.
  • Before that they discuss the logistics of Pillar Man sex and how it most likely resembles the finale of Inside.
  • Part 14 has Pat's reaction to learning why Gyro was in the Steel Ball Run to begin with, and how the boy he fought so hard to save is offhandedly mentioned to have died of a cold after being acquitted during the epilogue, rendering Gyro's struggles and death pointless.
  • Part 14 also has Woolie giving an example of Gyro's jokes to Pat, leaving him laughing hysterically while he exclaims how little sense the joke makes.
  • When the Jojolion chapter begins Pat remarks on Josuke 8's design and how it relates to the entire series being a reflection of Araki's evolving tastes in homoeroticism.
    Woolie: We're watching a man discover himself sexually.
    Pat: Over the course of thirty years?
  • Their reaction to the introduction to Yoshikage Kira and his fighting partner Yoshikage Kira.
  • The whole conversation about how awkward it would be for Joseph to have to explain to Jotaro why he hangs out with Stroheim.
  • In Part 17, they witness Josuke 8 and Joshuu's Dual Heat Attack for the first time. As they haven't caught up on Part 8 yet, they are absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that Josuke 8's stand Soft & Wet can remove the concept of friction from the ground. They immediately freak out and laugh about how this fact means that Soft & Wet's ability is so broad that it can easily be a Story-Breaker Power.
    Woolie: Hold on a minute! Wait, what!? Not just from people!?
    Pat: *muffled* Oh, That's so overpowered!!
    Woolie: That's so strong!
    Pat: "I stole the concept of breathabilty from the air!!"
  • In Part 18, Pat, being Pat, spends a good chunk of the Yukako fight arguing with Woolie about whether or not Koichi and Yukako's relationship is good or bad. His entire argument boils down to shouting about "True Love" and that Woolie just doesn't get it.
    • The best part is how Woolie can't gather up a decent argument either, just repeating that it's hormones and they're teenagers. At one point Pat's repeated shouts of "True Love" start audibly wearing Woolie down.
    Pat: But that's LOVE!
    Woolie: Oh my god. I can't do this. I can't fucking do this.
    • When Woolie asks if Joseph would gouge his eyes out for his true love, Pat says that he'd pretend to do it and then go have sex with his mistress.
  • Pat admitting that he would rat out anyone if they're evil and he is a terrible choice to ask for help hiding bodies.
    Pat: Mom. Dad. You .
  • Near the end of the episode, after witnessing a conversation between Heaven DIO and Pucci, Woolie and Pat discuss Pucci and DIO's Ho Yay laden relationship. Specifically which one is the Seme, and which one is the Uke. They determine that DIO is a Power Bottom.
  • After Enrico Pucci commits suicide by impaling himself on the Goddess of Love statue in the Joestar mansion, replicating Dio's "death" in the Phantom Blood arc, Pat immediately states what he thinks Jonathan is probably thinking right now...
  • Their reaction to Dio Gone to Heaven's timestop teleport IN REAL TIME
  • Woolie makes the most absurdly blatant lie in the history of TBFP.
    Pat: Come on, videogames. Don't shit on us.
    Woolie: We never shit on you.
    Pat: WHAT. (Woolie starts laughing.) That is the big— you've never lied harder! Ever! EVER! Ever! If you had a Stand that made what you said true, you would cease to exist upon uttering that statement!
  • Their incredulity at Jotaro using Star Platinum: The World Over Heaven to re-write reality and bring Kakyoin, Avdol, and Iggy back to life, and how much that screws up the timeline.
    Pat: Half the people you meet won't exist now!
    Woolie: Jotaro, what the fuck?!

     Disaster Report 
  • Matt believing Karen is colluding with the earthquake.
  • Liam turning his drinkable water into sea water, only to throw it later, suggesting Keith drank it.
  • Upon learning that the game has Multiple Endings, they decide to just be a jerk for the rest of the game. Pat theorizes that one of the endings involves drowning a bunch of school children and escaping by using their bodies as stepping stones.
  • Early on, they equip sunglasses to push Keith closer to a Rummage Sale Reject. However, the screen darkens whenever they enter first person perspective. Thus begins a multiple part Running Gag where Pat realizes they need to take it off because they can't see anything, and Liam refusing because sunglasses make him look cool.
  • Karen asks to see the map. The three respond by saying "No" all at once.
  • Pat points out the subtitle issue with a character's names.
    Pat: When did her name changed to Kelly?
    Matt: What. The. Actual. Fuck?
    • Then, in the next part, Greg's name suddenly changes to Man.
      Liam: He's regressing in our minds!
      Matt: Deep down, we're all Man.
  • Liam deciding to help Karen so they can be more of an asshole to her later.
  • As Liam gathers materials to build a raft, they suddenly get into a discussion about breast milk.
  • They speculate that Karen's dog has some sort of offensive name such as Hitler Did Nothing Wrong, Griffith, or The Final Solution.
    Liam: He's a pug, he was bred to die.
    • This becomes a Brick Joke when they eventually meet Karen's dog, Gen.
      Pat: Hey, Gen...eral Hitler? Noooooo!
      Matt: What a great little Final Solution you are! You're so cute!
  • Their reaction to Zoe's Tales' plot where the protagonist decides to remove lunchtime because she forgot her lunch.
    Pat: Hey Pat, you get three wishes, do you wish to be tall? No I wish everyone to be short.
  • Liam's response to coming across a gasoline spill is going into his backpack and attempting to use the lighter.
  • The asshole run ending in part 7. You lie to a boatman about being the only one around after splitting from the group, which cuts to a cutscene where Keith remorsefully leaves the island with the boatman as we see Karen running behind. The best friends are just laughing the whole credit.
    Matt: We really are the Disaster Reports.
    Pat: Kids, did grandpa ever tell you the time I was the biggest hero in the world that I had the courage to leave my friends behind on that island?
    • Made even funnier by Matt and Pat's reactions to it. They both start off gasping, then Pat starts squealing as Liam actually chooses to leave Karen behind.
  • In part 8, Liam decides to pick Kelly while Greg take Karen.
    Pat: Hey Kelly, I know we just met but I discussed with Greg that I would trade Karen for you.
  • Their reaction to the fire hose in part 9, which can destroy debris and yet only causes Kelly to scream.
    • Kickstarted by theirfirst reaction to it:
      Matt: *As the camera goes into a first-person perspective* WHOA, this isn't what I expected-
      *As Liam turns the camera, Kelly comes into view*
      Matt & Pat: *Incredibly excited* SPRAY HER! SPRAY HER! SPRAY HER!
      *Liam sprays Kelly with the fire hose, to Matt's uprous laughter*
      Pat: You need to wash, bitch!
  • Pat jokingly says that changing companions also exchanges resources, which would be localized as Keith trading party members for candy.
    Pat: I'll trade you Karen for Kelly and a Snickers bar.
    Matt: What? A Snickers bar? You need to give me your Twix! I'm not giving up my Twix for Kelly.
    Pat: Fuck you! I am not giving you that fucking Twix! I'll give you one of the Twix.
    Liam: Do you know how many women I've traded for this Twix bar?
  • Liam recalls the time where he went to EB Games to pick up Street Fighter X Tekken and being mocked by another guy who subsequently bought Mass Effect 3. Overall, Liam says that he got the better deal.
  • The Best Friends find the Big Bad in a bathroom stall talking on his phone, and they promptly try to drag him out of there to beat him up.
  • Pat, after watching the film version of It, realizes that a lot of conflicts in fiction could be resolved a lot quicker if The Hero just immediately started beating up the villain.
    • But then Matt and Liam decide to make fun of him for it by bringing up cases were a solution like that would NEVER work and then sarcastically agreeing with him.
  • In part 10, after spending a majority of the video just running in-between areas aimlessly, Liam realizes that all he had to do was climb over some inconspicuous looking boxes.
  • When Terry reveals why he sank the island, revenge for the government overlooking an accident that killed his family 10 years ago, Matt thinks he could simply get his revenge by not paying his taxes and Pat points out the government is ever changing so it's not even the responsible who are in charge right now.
  • In Part 11, the Zaibatsu assume that for the other characters Keith must look like some time traveler with his clothes and recordings of all the events.
  • During the river chase in part 11, Liam spams the Holler Button, resulting in Keith shouting, "HEY!" over the dramatic music and sound effects.
    • And during said chase, after it's revealed that a tsunami is about to hit the island, we get this gem from Matt:
    Matt: We have a feeling that the tsunami will team up with a fire-storm to create the Song of Fire and Ice!
  • Liam mistakenly says that the tsunami is 200 kilometers high, when it's actually 200 feet high in-game. To put that in perspective, 200 kilometers in height would mean that the wave would rise way beyond the earth's atmosphere.
  • In part 12, as per Zaibatsu's tradition, Woolie is getting thrown under the bus. Matt drops the not-so-subtle allusion and outright say Woolie can't read.
  • Pat's teacup story. Basically, he went to an amusement park with a friend of his named Chris, who happened to be a football player. When they rode the teacups, Chris spun his and Pat's teacup so hard that Pat was pushed up against his seat due to the G's and ended up getting a bloody nose.
  • In part 14, Pat and Liam mentions the Folger's coffee commercial where the siblings seems to be lusting for each other Matt decided to read a comedic summary of it.
    Matt: "And then she gives him that look" yes that look is not great.
  • Pat wishing games with Action Survivor like Keith had an option where the protagonist begs for his life to the point he'll suck the Big Bad's dick

     Omikron: The Nomad Soul  
  • The description of each video is a "David Cage Trope", calling out one of the many complaints they've made about all of his previous games.
    • Part 13 stops for a moment just to be completely incredulous at some of the people watching.
      David Cage Trope #46:
      One of the main pillars of making people think you're a competent game maker— FUCK! Okay, no, gonna take a break just to remind you that at the start of this playthrough people were DEFENDING this game. Just letting you know.
    • By part 19 onwards, they've given up on the descriptions altogether, due to running out of individual gripes and potentially the will to live:
      David Cage Trope #77
      I don't think there's even enough aspects of David Cage games to keep making these descriptions with... and also because I'm slowly slipping into the dregs of madness playing this schlock.
    • They return for Part 28:
      David Cage Trope #122
      Design your game to be so obtuse and annoying that a group of friends will literally start screaming at each other for no reason!
    • As of Episode 30, they aren't even insults anymore. They're the insane ravings of a man driven mad, and they get worse with each passing episode.
      David Cage Trope #988
      Today we play the Omikorn for good views, please cheeer us on. Subscribes go!
      dAVID caged thing;
      please stop!@ Have to solve pain
      burn the skin
      —->need supplies
      to fight satan
      so tired
      does it have to be like this
      you can't do this to me
      it cannot die
    • It even starts infecting the titles and Matt's twitter.
      toniGHTS Mokiron epissode MAY Be a bit lat—e
      SO TIRED
  • Part 1:
    • The first spoken words of the LP are Matt whimpering out a Big "NO!" upon seeing the Quantic Dream Vanity Plate during the game's startup. Thus begins the deepest suffering the Zaibatsu has ever faced.
    • It doesn't take them long to note that, somehow, Cage convinced David Bowie to do the soundtrack for the game.
      • Another joke throughout the playthrough is pointing out some bizarre element of the setting or poor design feature only to claim that's the reason David Bowie got so into the game.
    • Continuing with the Running Gag and a Call-Back to their Indigo Prophecy LP, the boys enter in their profile name as "Sadman". And just like with Indigo Prophecy, they forget they named the profile like this only to rediscover it later.
    • Pat starts a countdown for when the game goes crazy and times it exactly at the moment where a giant monster drops in out of nowhere and kills the main character.
    • The episode ends with a female character with short brown hair wearing white underwear, as seen in every David Cage game, kissing the protagonist.
  • In part 2 your character has sex with her minutes after saying he has amnesia and is actually someone else possessing Kayl's body. She is the one who starts it, too.
    Pat: Next level cuckolding is fucking a dude's wife-
    Matt and Woolie: With his own BODY!
    Pat: -with his own dick.
  • Woolie encourages Matt to play the game as if he was David Cage, and repeatedly tells him to "Embrace the Cage".
  • The unusual discussion opening Part 3, where it is revealed that Pat had no idea Liv Tyler was related to Steven Tyler, and Matt declares he would fuck either of them.
    • In the same part, they observe the eatery sign (which displays an amazing assortment of food - generic images of a candy bar, cookie, burger and a glass of orange juice) where the developers apparently stopped caring and didn't even bother giving them titles in the game's difficult to read in-game script, instead opting for complete gibberish. Omikron Cafe: where you can stop by and have a bite of some delicious "4ghfht".
    • The idea of aging games based on how long since David Cage entered the field pops up, with games before him being BC (Before Cage) and UC (Until Cage). Pat cracks up as it occurs to him that Cage released his first game in 1998, the same year as well-regarded titles such as Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and StarCraft I, so there's a good argument that Cage did make the medium worse!
  • In part 4, "Sadman" is tasked with saving some hostages from terrorists holed up in an convenience store. Matt promptly dies due to horrible shooting controls, and is instantly resurrected by a doctor in the middle of the store-turned-battlefield. They end up running around the store a bit, before decided this is a bug. Woolie then narrates what sounds like a full bug report of what just happened, as if he was submitting it as a QA tester. "Fix immediately."
    • When the guys are trying to figure out why the controls are so bad, which does happen when playing an old pc game with a controller. Pat finds the solution almost right away when Matt gives him the controller.
    Pat: Use the right analog stick, dipshit.
    • In a bar fight that ensues after the above situation, Matt gets shot instantly and dies, while the doctor appears again.
  • Part 6: Pat and Woolie deciding that being in this game is David Bowie look-alike Yoshikage Kira's punishment for being a serial killer.
    • Pat's utter bafflement that the player character, who is from our world, isn't freaking out that he's seeing a performance by someone who totally looks and sounds like David Bowie, and realizing that nobody from Kay'l's world is reacting, either, because their future is so weird and artsy that David Bowie doesn't stand out at all.
  • In Part 7, their confused, incredulous reaction to a scene where Kay'l, despite entering a room with only one entrance and exit, somehow manages to fail to get a good look at a murderer as they run past him, almost simultaneously. What makes it even better is that it takes Matt a few minutes to realize that Pat and Woolie aren't just mistaken or "being idiots", because the idea that someone could escape unseen that way just sounded too stupid to be believable.
  • In Part 8 Woolie pauses the menu looking for an item only to find an entire line of motorcyclists stuck behind Kay'l due to poor pathing. Matt continues to muck about with the motorcyclists and it takes being told that he's just prolonging the amount of time spent on the game to get him to stop.
  • Part 9 takes the gang's increasing exhaustion and loopy bafflement to the next level. In just one video, they enter a fight club to get money, replay hours of progress after the game crashed, start fighting amongst themselves about what to do, and buy items from a racist stereotype. Just when Pat starts feeling good about making progress, the item that's supposed to make them move forward doesn't work.... and then the pause button stops working.
    Matt: He just kinda forgets about what he's doing...
    Pat: (in hysterics) Woolie can- you seeing this?!
    • The situation involving the fight club is so bizarre it becomes funny in and of itself. The game's horrible fighting mechanics see them lose constantly. But even when he loses, Kay'l gets a pittance of prize money. Eventually, it gets to the point that the boys simply decide to "fail their way to victory" and just have a police officer get repeatedly smacked around for about ten sektets a beating.
  • Part 10 doesn't breaks the fourth wall so much as shatter it when a character says that you, the video gamer, is trapped in Omikron, and invokes The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You in the most awkward way possible by saying that the game was created as a means for demons to harvests the souls of its players.
    Pat: Why would you say no to five dollars and yes to a dollar?
    • Earlier in a continuing breakdown over the technical difficulties, Pat descends into gibbering giggles over the difficulties. The other two remain completely deadpan.
  • Part 11 continues the descent into madness. Not even the description can figure out what the fuck is happening.
    Description: David Cage Trope #4... One of the-wait, no, fuck these descriptions. What the fuck is fucking happening now?
  • Part 12 starts with a shocking revelation: Koopy Sandwiches are made of lizards.
    • Matt recounts waking from a nightmare and rushing to the computer because he never checked how long a playthrough takes. It's only seven hours but he was horrified at the thought it might take twenty-five.
    • Their discovery that not only is the "Control Rod" they get in this part not even slightly rod-shaped, looking more like something out of the Klingon arsenal, its in-game model is also broken.
    • The guys attempt to save, but are stunned to find out that they somehow don't have ANY rings to use at all. Why? Because while saving costs one ring...reading advice costs FIVE. Every time you read advice, it takes five rings. Pat, who asked them to continuously check for advice even when it's pointless, is slightly apologetic.
  • Part 13 consists largely of a search to find a magic ring, so that they can save the game and stop. Meanwhile, Pat asks the audience who is more responsible for breaking the LP by using up all the magic rings by asking them to put a 1 in the comments if it was Pat's fault, 2 if it was kinda-sorta' Pat's fault but David Cage is more at fault. So far at the time of writing, the top relevant comment on YouTube is a 1 with over a hundred and fifty likes.
    Throughout the game there are countless amounts of them. My tip: only use them when you are leaving the computer but do this before you finish Den's apartment. Why? Because its impossible to die. I honestly don't see how you can run out as I finish the game with way over 50+.
  • As the game continues, and the Best Friends continue their insane quest to complete this game, they seem to be actively dragging the commenters down into madness with them. Only half the comments are actually about the game at this point, the rest are disbelief that this exists.
    • As of part 26, the Suffering seems to have somehow increased tenfold. Mentions of suicide, perverse lust for suffering, being dragged back in kicking and screaming, and for some reason versions of the Donkey Kong rap about David Cage, now fill the comments.
  • Part 14 is just one immense challenge after another:
    • Once again, a demon comes out of nowhere and forces the Best Friends to engage in another terrible fight sequence, but they lack Magical Rings to prevent a Game Over when they lose. With no other choice, they hunker down and struggle to beat the demon, getting soundly trounced three times in a row... but on the fourth attempt, they not only defeat the demon, but manage to do so without taking any damage whatsoever.
      • During the fights, the demon employs a ridiculous kicking attack that involves doing a handstand while flailing its legs at the player.
    • After abruptly entering Hell and experiencing a brief Plot Dump, the Best Friends begin to explore their new environment... Only to recoil in horror as it suddenly transforms into a shooting segment.
      Matt, Pat and Woolie (simultaneously): Oooh my goood!
    • Fighting their way through dozens of zombies while struggling with the terrible controls, the crowning jewel of the episode is revealed - A Boss Fight in the shooting segment. The boss can kill them in minutes if they hold still, the arena is speckled with hazardous lava streams, an instant-death lava pit is in the center, and the boss can only be damaged by shooting a small weak spot under its chin. The Best Friends enter this battle with eleven respawn rings, and by the time it ends they've burned through eighteen. Half of those because they thought they needed to shoot the boss through a portal instead of slightly below the face.
      • The Unexpected Genre Change convinces Matt this must be the Final Boss. It's not even close. Upon discovering this, Pat lets out a cry of anguish.
      • What has them thinking that this is the final boss? When you die in the shooting segment, it uses up a magic ring whenever you respawn. And who else but Quantic Dream would be dumb enough to have a game mechanic where you use up save tokens in a boss fight before the final boss?
      • At one point, Pat dies and immediately respawns directly in the path of the same projectile stream that had killed him before, causing him to die again while Matt breaks into laughter.
      • Woolie brings up the game's FAQ for a guide on how to defeat the boss, and it's incredibly condescending:
        Woolie: "I beat this in less than a minute," says the FAQ, "but it may take you first-timers a few shots."
        Matt: You fuckin' Omikron noobs!
      • ...And the advice itself is enough to send Pat into a brief rage, due to the broken controls making the tactic extremely difficult to performnote :
        Woolie (Reading the FAQ): "Immediately run left into the passage you came from, and hide there for a while. Strafe out when he's visible-"
      • Towards the end of the battle, when victory is in sight, Pat's frantic Angrish as he evades the boss's attacks causes his voice to become so high-pitched that it cracks.
    • The moment they return to the city and a save point is finally in front of them, Pat immediately bellows for Matt to save the game so they can finally stop playing. When Matt momentarily hovers over the wrong option in the menu instead of saving, Woolie quickly threatens him for it:
      Woolie: Don't go for 'Advice'! I will fucking choke you out, right here, right now!
    • As if the game wants to completely hammer home how it is barely holding together at the seams, an NPC they meet when they return to the city suddenly starts sounding like she's talking through a fan, thanks to more audio issues.
  • Part 15 has the friends trying to find the next concert, only to get lost by shitty directions, this leads to more in-fighting and the group breaking down with in the first five minutes.
    • At the start of the episode, the Best Friends discuss how the day started, with Pat describing the events leading up to himself realizing they were about to play Omikron again:
      Pat: So, Woolie and Matt are, like, fuckin' shootin' the shit about Killer Instinct stuff when I come in, and I'm like "Hey guys, what's up?", and we gabbed about some bullshit, then we sit down and Woolie's gettin' the stuff ready and getting audio set up, and I'm like "Man, I can't wait to start doing my job that- OH, FUCK! TODAY'S AN OMIKRON DAY!! GOD DAMN IT!!"
    • Pat and Matt argue over how close they are to being done, with Matt clinging to the 7 hours he found earlier while Pat points out the FAQ says they're only half-way through. It's going to come down to which of them dies first, with Woolie being the most likely.
      • Pat later requests a ticker in the corner of the video counting off the number of times one of them voices a desire to die.
    • Pat tries to play off his earlier failure again by saying they could totally cheese the Advice option with Save Scumming. He also points out the auto-complete for Omikron searches includes "ran out of rings".
    • Laughter ensues as they first possess a body and later pick up an item only to minutes later have Woolie read advice in the FAQ telling them to leave it for the end-game.
  • Part 16 has Pat losing his shit when a message pops up informing them that a potion in no longer in effect. This potion being one that they had used while possessing a different body.
    Pat: What potion?! WHAT FUCKING POTION!?
    • Matt having to play the Only Sane Man when Woolie and Pat are arguing, because he needs their direction.
      Matt: Focus up, children.
  • Part 17:
    • While exploring, the Best Friends decide to go swim in a river that heads under the bridge they're meant to be destroying. Unfortunately, this leads to close upskirt shots of their current, thug-like body due to the camera angle and swimming animation.
      Pat: Oh my god, you can see everything. You can see it all.
    • Another shooting section starts up, accompanied by an action-y soundtrack that Woolie immediately dubs the "Theme of Espionage". He and Matt immediately start humming themes from Metal Gear Solid.
      • Pat dies and starts laughing, which quickly degrades into brief, pitiful sobbing.
      • Pat attempts to activate a switch, but instead just fires his gun into the wall, hurting himself with slight Splash Damage to his own surprise.
      • Wounded, Pat seeks a health pickup to replenish his HP:
        Matt: Yeah, just shove those health pyramids into your ass; that's how that's done.
        (The pickup is acquired, and it surprisingly heals 100 points and brings Pat up to roughly 80% life. Everyone groans in relief.)
        Pat: Yeah, right in my ass!
        Matt: That's fine, feels good. I thought it'd feel bad, but it's actually not too bad.
    • After saving the game, Pat takes a few steps into the newly-opened path and instantly falls through a small gap between two platforms that he didn't notice. The camera freaks out a bit as they enter the water, zooming right into the player's barely-covered ass as it jitters. Pat breaks down with laughter, and the Best Friends unanimously decide that they've probably been playing long enough for one night.
  • Part 18:
    • The episode starts off brilliantly with Matt tiredly explaining they keep playing despite everything because they have "cero miedo" - while failing to pick up rings because the camera keeps changing angles as he moves toward them.
    • Pat laments that the ONLY purpose of Part 17's horrible shooting segment was to activate a switch he already swam to and tried to activate BEFORE entering the shooting segment. Matt proceeds to struggle jumping across 5 boxes to the base of the bridge because the Nomad Soul couldn't lower a rope and climb down the bridge or something.
      • His voice sounds like he's about to cry while directing Matt to the lever and then like he's experiencing physical pain after being proved correct.
    • The best friends are screaming at each other since they can't find the exit (Woolie and Pat are trying to guide Matt with the FAQ but they are bad at it) when Woolie mentions that this is what happens when you don't take five, Pat reveals they have only been recording for eleven minutes.
    • The sheer, utter disbelief the Best Friends have when they discover that they've had a map of the world the entire game.
  • Part 19:
    • A new shooting segment, this time taking place on a series of thin roofs with no guard rails overseeing narrow alleyways.
      • The theme for this segment is a loud, eastern-y remix of the game's main theme, which Woolie identifies as "Pillar Men music".
      • The bad controls rear their head yet again. Pat tentatively ventures out of the starting zone and falls off a roof within a minute. He then encounters two enemies and spends a good thirty seconds wildly shooting around them while they blast away at him at close range.
        Matt: (Reading the character's injury prompts in a deadpan) I'm hurt, I'm hurt, I'm wounded, I'm losing blood.
      • Woolie brings up the FAQ in order to handhold Pat through the confusing level. The FAQ labels each rooftop by a number, but the winding path ends up getting Pat confused.
        Woolie: (Reading) You have to descend to the ground and climb up Five, but Five is not where you think it is, hold on.
        Matt: No, yeah, don't think it's where you think it is.
        Pat: (Stressful) Oh my god...
        Woolie: Five is- Okay, look towards the corner from Three. Remember Three?
        Pat: No!?
        Woolie: The platform you were just on?
        Pat: This one!?
      • It eventually turns out that the bulk of the FAQ's instructions were on how to leave the level after completing the main objective, which was to activate an antenna, and the exit ladder cannot be used until then. After wandering around the map and dying repeatedly, trying to find the objective, Woolie checks the FAQ and discovers that the antenna was apparently 45 degrees to the right of where they started the level, they just hadn't seen it because it was outside the game's render distance.
        Woolie: So, all he says about where the antenna is... it's in the direction you start (the level) facing, for about 45 degrees right.
        Pat: (Sputtering) Str- Fr- From what!?
        Woolie: From where you start.
        Pat: From where I START!? Like, the whole ga- mission!?
        Matt: The whole game!
        Pat: How is the antenna not visible!?
        Matt: 'Cause of the fog of war!
      • Immediately during this, Pat loses focus and falls off a thin bridge to his death, while Matt laughs. Cue Smash Cut to the episode endcard.
    • As of this episode, commenters have begun to write poems about how much this LP is making the best friends and the viewers suffer. The Sadness is all too real.
  • Part 20:
    • At several points during the continued shooting segment, Pat sounds like he's either in physical pain or about to cry. Meanwhile Matt is bemused at how bad the gameplay is, noting that there are plenty of shooters before this one that prove it could have been done right.
    • Pat dies, losing his last save ring, and the lengthy Game Over cutscene starts to play. Pat demands to skip the cutscene, and Matt retorts that its unskippable. Pat's response is to simply pause the game and select 'Quit' to return to the main menu, where he can simply load a save.
    • They finally reach the antenna and activate it, upon which a message from a man with a blue head and a hollow body made entirely of thin gold plates starts playing on a public broadcast. This leaves the Best Friends bewildered, and they can only assume that this strange, otherworldly entity is David Bowie's character.
    • They report back to Namtar, and the player character delivers a line that sounds pretty bizarre without context, causing the Best Friends to crack up.
      The Nomad Soul: I would prefer not to go back to Kayl's apartment. The police or the demons are surely waiting for me there.
      Woolie: Screenshot that.
    • Pat looks away from the screen to wail for a bit when Woolie says the FAQ's poor writing indicates the mission he just struggled through was optional.
      • Matt mused early on that most bad games have at least two or three FAQs; the fact that there's only a single poorly-written one is a failure of... everyone.
    • Trying to find their new hideout very nearly causes the friends to come to blows, with Matt especially aggrieved as they keep telling him he's doing it wrong while they have no idea where it actually is. They're more excited to actually find their way to the door than they have been at any point in the playthrough only to erupt in belly-busting laughter when the door is locked.
      Woolie: [trying not to laugh] I'm so happy. I'm so happy it was locked. ...Dude, like, joy.
  • As of Part 21, the series is now named "Super Best Friends Suffer Through: Omikron the Nomad Soul".
    David Cage Trope #9563
    David Cage sleeps nude in an oxygen tent which he believes makes him a good game director.
    It doesn’t.
    • In order to place an object into a keyhole, the player character needs to crawl on top of an altar:
      Pat: Can I pray for death now?
    • More than half of the episode is spent working on an insanely obtuse puzzle while referencing the equally obtuse FAQ. Pat varies between groaning, laughing, crying, and wanting to die. Eventually they're working in a grim silence.
      Pat: Man, this awkward silence is perfect for this LP.
    • Woolie realizes how to do it, and the reason why it took so long to figure out.
      Matt: This is far beyond a puzzle where there's a logical thing.
      Woolie: It actually is logical, but it's the worst... it's the worst video game I've ever experienced.
      • Even worst is when Woolie realized the first ten minutes was him just reading the legend of each symbol instead of the answers.
    • As a tired Pat orders Matt to save so they can quit, he declares he can't wait for somebody to defend that puzzle.
  • Part 22. There isn't even a video description anymore.
    • Perhaps as a testament to the black hole of shite in this game, the audio desyncs early in the video.
    • Pat speaks in a dead monotone throughout the video, several times begging with Matt and Woolie to let him die.
    • The player character wearing blackface becomes a Running Gag throughout the episode. A significant chunk of their discussion in the later part of the video completely ignores the game in favor of discussing people who use blackface and why it's only the face.
    • Near the end of the episode, the player character delivers yet another screenshot-worthy line that causes the Best Friends to crack up with laughter.
      The Nomad Soul: Am I a sorcerer now?
  • Part 23 begins with an argument over whether or not their character, who appears to be wearing some sort of facepaint or mask, is wearing blackface. After a Beat, Pat wonders if any of them ever anticipated that this sort of argument would come up while they were playing a David Cage game. Woolie remarks that he was banking on it. Then Pat suggests that in order to settle the issue, they paint Matt's face like that of the character's and see if anyone gets offended.
    • Matt wants to know why he has to do it. Pat says it's because he's not going to and offers him twenty bucks.
    • David could make a great Saturday morning anime series as he absolutely burns through villains.
    • Using a dev tool screenshot for an in-game "map" enrages Matt, due to both the inherent laziness and the fact it doesn't help at all.
  • Part 24's first half involves the player getting beaten up by showering guards who can perform a Dragon Punch several times.
  • Part 25 sees the crew come dangerously close to a Rage Quit for the ENTIRE Let's Play, as they encounter a Game-Breaking Bug which causes repeated deaths to... nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. Going over a specific geometry boundary within the level caused repeated instant, inexplicable death (without actually costing the player additional lives even more bizarrely) completing blocking all progress. High on the list of worst bugs they've ever encountered. They spend the last ten minutes of the episode trying multiple FAQ and forum suggestions to no avail and have to quit mere moments from the end of the level. The suffering continues.
    Pat: That's a bug!
    Matt: Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I like where this is going. I like this energy.
    Pat: That's a bug, man! [ten seconds later] That's a fucking. Bug, man!
  • Part 26 was played in advance after they finally figured out a strategy to bypass the bug and did the voiceover later on. Most of the episode's beginning is just them complaining about the game and the fact that viewers are apparently torn evenly on whether the Best Friends should stop or continue the Suffering. The fact they get past the bug on their first try was distressing.
    • Pat was certain during the actual gameplay that Woolie was looking up porn on his phone.
    • If things had gone truly wrong, Matt was going to fire Pat and Woolie before he was fired as well. Not by himself but by the God who oversees their LPs. The next episode would have just been Liam feeling really awkward.
    • Matt is stunned when they complete the current section and they see an entirely new set of assets.
      Matt: What!? Why is it a snowboarding game!? [Pat cackles maniacally] Why is it snowboard!?
      Woolie: Oh, you thought assets were finished? No, we have more maps for you. Enjoy the new level.
  • Part 27:
    • The escape plan for Jenna is to possess a security guard and pretend he is doing a prisoner transfer. Except the game makes Jenna rush with her hands behind her back while the player can't move.
    Matt: Wait for me prisoner.
    • The escape itself has some of the laziest dialogue tree, where you can simply say of course I have my orders without even showing it. They then get in the car and go back to the hideout.
      Pat: Oh my God, you just fucking leave!
  • Part 28: Perhaps inevitably, the Best Friends begin their own version of Lord of the Flies, as Pat and Woolie tear into each other other over the location of Mesnk'n; A story progressing NPC sealed behind an unlabeled, locked door, with no indication given that a randomly found screwdriver was needed to progress beyond that point. They waste ten minutes finding him, the rest of the session furious all the while.
    • Worse is had Woolie mentioned the locked door they would have found the door under a minute, as it was the second door they tried.
      • Even worse is that within MOMENTS of Pat reading the guide, they figure out that the door is locked. Woolie desperately tries to justify withholding the information, only for Pat to destroy every argument he makes.
      • Woolie's defense? That he was trying not to overwhelm Pat with details and was going to get to the part about the locked door when they got to it. He then sarcastically declares if Pat wants to know everything, he'll just read the entire walkthrough right now.
    • Matt tries to calm down the two by pointing out they found a dead body in the game, when that fails all he can do is jump around asking Woolie and Pat to look at his jumps.
    • Woolie idly wonders if couples in Omikron swap souls in order to "keep things fresh". Pat comments that it seems pretty fresh. Perhaps too fresh for most people.
      Pat: I have enough trouble with my own body.
  • Early in Part 29, the beginning of another long Exposition Dump has Boz, the Virtual Being, state to the player that "you are not the first video game player to get your soul trapped in this dimension, but you are certainly the first to stay alive so long." Then the guys joke that Boz is referring to other Let's Players who canceled their playthroughs.
    Pat: Nobody's ever made it this far through Omikron. Never.
    Matt: Not even that coward Jesse Cox.
    • On the reveal the creator of the game Astaroth made it to capture and devour souls, the friends decide it's David Cage admitting he is the devil.
      Matt: How prophetic is this that literally every David Cage game we play we feel our souls being sucked out at some point?
      • Pat argues the proper solution to the dilemma of their soul being devoured by the game is to stop playing. Sadly the Suffering goes on.
    • At the end of the info dump the FAQ starts listing off all the relevant facts they learned from Boz... most of which Pat argues they didn't learn at all. Notably, Woolie corrects himself and replaces all instances of "Astaroth" in the text with "David Cage".
      Woolie: The only way to save your soul is to kill David Cage; no-one knows how to do that or where he is.
    • Pat comments his ability to interact with human beings is decreasing in direct proportion to time spent playing Omikron.
    • Matt walks over the edge of a balcony and survives the fall with just a sliver of life. Pat erupts into maddened cackles as Matt complains there are plenty of places where invisible walls wouldn't allow that. Woolie meanwhile is told not to move his mic, just yawn into it.
    • After an exhausting research section they give up partway through due to controller issues and go to save. Pat says they'll resume once they're out of things to kill themselves for while Matt wants to wait until they run out of things to kill themselves with.
  • As of Part 30, they no longer have the energy to even run the animated intro and ending, replacing them with black screens that read "WE CONTINUE PLAY OF OMIKRON NOW" and "omkiron end for today"
    • The episode summary is "Today we play the Omikorn for good views, please cheeer us on. Subscribes go!"
    • They start the gameplay recounting how their recording program was having an error recording - the program was telling them to stop playing.
    • Pat acts stunned when Woolie mentions some people lie on the internet. "But Woolie, I bought those pills."
    • The gang discusses how the mythology the game centers around is a hodgepodge of various cultures leading to Pat drawing an analogy with Mortal Kombat being "Idiot Metal Japan for Ed Boon". David Cage's work is "That, but for everything and no metal". Matt says "Yeah" before quietly adding "Mortal Kombat's cool though".
  • Before you even watch Part 31, you'll notice that the thumbnail has Matt's head superimposed over the digital man's face on the left. The expression on his face is indicative of the trio's attitude to the game at that point.
    • Pat's opinion on giving pity to rich people when they experience hardships.
      Pat: Rich people don't get to be pitied. Give me your money, Kanye. If I become rich, I want everyone to hate me.
      Matt: I hate you now.
      Pat: Ah, I'm halfway there then!
    • Matt renames their current location Fucktar which causes Pat to bring up Reptar.
    • Woolie tries to guide an increasingly recalcitrant Matt through the puzzle using an FAQ that, rather than spelling out the solution, gives them hints. Matt scathingly compares the entire thing to the Triforce Quest, only way shittier.
      Woolie: The obfuscation only gets exponential... Blah-blah, shut the fuck up!
  • The intro of Part 32 is once again replaced with a black screen and big white text, though this time it says "MORE MOKIRON TODAY".
    • Part 32 changes the thumbnail again, this time to with a picture of a very depressed-looking Woolie (with another picture of the blue guy attached to his forehead) on the left.
    • After solving two puzzles that require a detailed FAQ and the three of their brains combined, the boys then face a near insurmountable challenge; trying to get on an elevator. This takes nearly ten minutes of work, trading the controller between the three of them, completely confounding Matt and Woolie to the point babbling confusion to overcome a problem caused by pure programming ineptitude. Then it turns out that all they had to do was run straight at it.
    • Just when things can't get any more obtuse, Woolie reads this gem regarding a puzzle in the next room which involves searching over a dozen caskets for a jewel.
    Woolie: (reading from an FAQ) "Make sure you have the right (jewel), you won't know it's the wrong one until you are miles away."
    (Everyone cracks up)
    Woolie: This game rules.
    Pat: Woolie, you're getting punked by the guide.
  • By Part 33, The Sanity Slippage in the description has infected the episode titles, with Part 33 labeled "Supe R Best Friends suffer Threwgh Omikron"
    • Part 33 has a new thumbnail. It's of a sobbing woman next to David Cage's smiling face. Kind of sums the whole thing up, really. Not to mention the actual episode starts off with five seconds of footage from The Ring. It's safe to say that the boys have officially hit the Despair Event Horizon.
    • The FAQ advises them to do some stocking up before continuing to the end game. They proceed to spend nearly the entire episode trying to find the required store, thanks to the vague instructions from the FAQ.
    • Another point that shows how the game is really taking its toll on them: For most of the episode, one of the items on their list to get is a new body, as they don't like the look of the guy they've been forced to get to escape the super-prison. They decide to go for a lady named Iman, but due to it having been so long they'd forgotten that they'd already possessed and left her during an earlier mission, even after Woolie brought up a picture of her (they don't realize it until seeing a picture of her the second time, right before they find the store they've been trying to get to this whole episode.)
    • Pat explains that in response to constantly being called out for being wrong about their game knowledge claims, he and Woolie have changed their behavior to minimize their liability when talking. Pat refers to his method as the "guilty murderer on the stand" where he never fully commits to any claim, instead vaguely claiming he "can't recall".
      • Woolie mistakenly identified a voice actor in one game and Pat got called out on Twitter for making the mistake.
    • Pat suggests punching Iman in the back of the head and Matt ups it by suggesting they punch her in the throat. Matt tries to dodge responsibility by claiming group pressure from Pat, who proceeds to declare it one of their darkest conversations.
    • Due to the number of recordings in one day, Matt bluntly declares they're not cutting anything. Pat takes this as permission to doze off without repercussions only for Woolie to warn him that grants permission for them to draw dicks on his face.
    Pat: Woolie, I will sit here awake and let you draw a penis on my forehead with permanent marker if it lets me leave.
    • Woolie is glad their Omikron playthough is so well-received because if it weren't he would die even more on the inside.
  • Part 34: The group is still hunting for items only for Pat to finally take the guide and find them in a few minutes.
    Woolie: You can't Ctrl+F a piece of paper.
    • The episode ends with Matt calling a slider, which is modeled like every other vehicles in the area, after three failed attempt a slider runs him over and take half his health bar. Matt is pissed.
    • The episode starts with creepy footage of a cymbal playing monkey robot in a dark room. The outro has an incredibly creepy 80's girl doll laughing. Some comments cite the opening as the scariest thing to appear on the site.
    • After having long issues tracking down Drops of Shadow, Pat tells Woolie the method to getting them is to shove his head up his ass until he dies.
    • Matt is enraged when the "examine" option at a store just lets him look at the item's model, not tell him what it does.
    • Pat really wants a combo of several really bad gaming mechanics in the ending; Woolie really wants to die.
    • Pat deciding that the rest of them should just beat up Liam when he gets to the office, just for catharsis.
  • Episode 35 replaces Pat's depressed face with Kuato and starts with a black screen bearing one word: "please". More disturbing footage plays before the video begins where the last one left off. A few seconds into the video some footage is missing, replaced with more of the distorted audio and bizarre film of a child being splashed.
    • Matt finally gets a slider only to accidentally get out and it immediately drives off to his anguish and Woolie's suspicion.
    • Pat tells Matt he can believes Matt can get through a gameplay section and then immediately declares he does not believe in Matt.
    • Reaching a park is a major milestone for them, as it has taken them over an hour to do basic errands around town. Patt is nearly hysterical as he orders Matt to save.
    • Pat's rage grows as the guide's writer yet again walks them through the "thought" process they used to solve a puzzle only to much later give the solution. The loss of an inventory slot as a result leaves him very salty.
      • Soon enough all three are salty over the idiotic puzzle design, obtuse instructions, and poor controls. Their struggles are eventually accompanied by Woolie humming "Yackety Sax".
    • Pat finally gives up and goes to the bathroom mid-video. From the bathroom: "I'M BLEEDING FROM MY FUCKING FACE!"
    • Woolie later notes that he can be heard cackling in the distance.
      Woolie: Did you have a good cackle-shit, Pat?
      Pat: I pissed.
    • Woolie hands Pat the guide upside down and then drops it; he promptly decalres it belongs on the ground.
    • They finally resurrect the mummy who demands why they did so; Matt agrees that's a damn good question as they were only doing it because the guide ordered them to.
    • Their reaction to the mummy's voice:
      Matt: He's nailing something.
      Woolie: Perhaps his dick to the wall?
    • Matt nearly drowns during a long swimming section, at least partly due to crappy animation screwing him over.
  • In Part 36 the Nomad Soul crosses the Moral Event Horizon by killing his host with poison only to possess another who is too hard for the resurrection spell alone and move a rock. Despite the fact that if the Nomad Soul weren't an idiot he could just ask his victim to move the very basic obstacle for him. Pat reading the guide also foreshadows it.
    Pat: We may have the stupidest puzzle solutions upcoming in about 5 minutes. It blows my fucking mind, and it's also sick and immoral
    • The title card no longer has any text, David Cage's face, or even background; it's just a poorly-cropped in-game face on a black background and the number 36. The video itself starts with a scene from a horror movie and the on-screen words "hurts now".
    • Matt's already lacking enthusiasm fades even more as Woolie exults over the obvious platforming sequence that he doesn't have to play.
      • Pat looking at the guide declares it the worst guide he's ever used as even the physical setup of the pages makes finding information difficult.
      • Woolie even suggests that maybe they should've just stuck with the GameFAQs guide.
    • Woolie falls into full despair at one point, mumbling how they are destined to suffer together for all eternity.
    • Their reaction to the disturbing facial expressions of Soyinka, the Goddess-Queen.
      Woolie: This game is why eyes should never be textures.
    • The introduction of an entirely new race and villain so near to the end of the game baffles Pat while Woolie begins to yell they're going full Indigo. Then as it becomes clear they have no idea what's happening in the plot, Woolie declares it is the longest he's gone without understanding what is going on in any game.
    • Matt editing the fight music to the Night Battle music from Sonic Unleashed.
    • After Woolie completes the fighting section, Pat sees that the next section is a shooting section and reacts appropriately. The game immediately then decides to crash.
      Woolie: Yeah baby! I got my turn! I did my fucking time!
  • Part 37 is just now simply called "suffering omikron."
    • Woolie has fallen into such despair that he's darkly muttering to himself throughout the entire beginning of the video.
      Woolie: I'm gonna kill everybody and then myself. They'll thank me.
    • Pat suspects Matt is trolling himself harder than the other players with his choices of LPing Omikron and Sonic Unleashed. Matt takes offense, claiming he never suggested Unleashed.
    • Half-way through the shooting section, they encounter a book on a stone slab altar which summons a giant floating head made out of what appears to be ancient parchment that proceeds to drop not only more plot on them, but a new MacGuffin and a legendary warrior out of nowhere, most of which the Best Friends skip over. The head is then clearly supposed to look like it is falling back into the book, but the camera angles make it obvious that it just collapses into a puddle behind the altar. During all this, the Best Friends suddenly bring up the beginning of the game, when the plot was about cops investigating a serial killer.
      Matt: No! I refuse this cutscene!
      • Woolie points out that while the seven day long battle of legend should sound cool, they need to imagine this in terms of Omikron fighting.
    • "Remember when this was a cool thing-" "No. No!"
    • The guide is even worse than usual, going so far as to include the phrase "woe unto you".
    • Matt wants to have a four-way with the three "sexy" girl ghosts, while Woolie says they have to despite the protests of characters in-game.
      Woolie: You can't no-clip a ghost and have sex with it.
    • The friends start creating slash fanfiction about Astaroth and Kushulainn, revising their battle to seven days and nights of sex.
    • Matt finally hits his Rage Breaking Point when he witnesses the zero effort animation for picking up the Sword of Plot Advancement.
      Matt He picked it up with his fucking wrist! Why is he holding it like that!? Oh my god! Like, it's just a basic pick-up animation, spend more than two minutes on it!
  • Part 38, which is simply titled "END OF OMIKRON", opens up with video of a panel featuring David Cage and David Bowie. The footage consists of Bowie explaining his contributions. Namely, that he did a bit of music and he wanted to make sure the developers made his character look 24.
    Woolie: What better ending?
    Pat: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We're not doing this. This is not an edit.
    • They continue to play by randomly pressing buttons with the video frozen, Woolie declaring they can never top this for the rest of their LPing career nor can any other game in the industry. "This is the peak of all video games. Right here, right now!"
      Pat: This is the worst moment of our careers.
      Woolie: This is the best moment of our careers.
    • After finally being forced to quit due to the video never resuming, the video then swaps to their next boss attempt where Astaroth vanishes through a wall and never comes back forcing another restart. Pat is really pushing for them to just cheat their way through this.
      Matt: So we're gonna give this a good old college try. And we're all really, really excited to have to cheat.
      • After yet another death, Pat reveals the cheats didn't work so they went with the easiest cheat: Lowering the difficulty level.
    • Woolie proposes they all deserve a hot tub dip after this, even if it violates the Best Friend bylaws. They don't have one at the moment though, just a creepy bathtub Liam sometimes goes in.
    • Pat decides to just kill himself so he can fix the wireless keyboard only for Astaroth to glitch out, spinning in place constantly.
    • "The strafe controls are crazy busted." "Crazy busted good?" "No."
    • "Aliens controlled the demons that controlled the computer that's an AI. David Cage still can't pick a source of evil."
      • As the ending progresses it becomes increasingly clear they remember nothing about the plot as they don't recognize half of the plot elements or characters being thrown at them.
      Pat: There's like a whole civil war that happened off-screen!
    • A character warns that staying in Omikron too long will drive the Nomad Soul insane. Pat agrees and Matt points out they obviously stayed too long since it was supposed to be seven hours, not twenty-two!
    • Matt erupts into laughter when "The End" appears on-screen... off-center. Pat then points out during the credits how David Cage's name is much larger than any other text.
    • As Woolie points out, they effectively murdered the fuck out of everyone they possessed.
    • Woolie and Pat walk away from the mic while Matt starts thanking the audience, only for the others to yell at him to walk away.

     Megaman X: Command Mission 
  • At the start, Liam admits that he's only played a few Mega Man X games, but says he's heard Mega Man X7 (notoriously considered a massive Dork Age) is where the series gets really good. This causes Woolie to laugh so hard that he actually chokes.
  • During the first episode when Woolie introduces the characters he refers to Shadow as "Red Shirt First Ensign Chavez", suspecting that since he's an elaborate original design that isn't Axl that he's either going to die or betray the hell out of them and be a boss later on. He's right about the second one.
  • Throughout the whole LP so far Woolie has shown a drastic misunderstanding of how Reploids work, assuming them to be robots who were programmed to do specific things. This has led to a Running Gag of him proclaiming some variant of "You were programmed/built to have X" whenever he sees a nameless NPC that's described by their traits. This varies from the insensitive to the hilarious.
    Woolie: (Upon seeing an NPC labeled "Cowardly Boy") Once again, built to be cowardly. Y'know it all falls apart when you stop thinking about them as people.
  • Also throughout the playthrough they comment on how confusing having the opposing sides being called the Rebellion and the Resistance is. And that's before Liam points out there's a third group that is also referred to as the Rebellion.
    Woolie: I wanna see the Resist Rebellion.. and the Rebel Resistance. I already forgot which is which. I'm dead serious, too.
    [Liam starts to talk, laughs]
    Woolie: Do you, do you know? 'cause I don't think you do.
    Liam: No? I forgot.
  • Liam remarks that the Duel Disks of Yu-Gi-Oh! are impractical for a multitude of reasons, like not having enough hands to properly use the device and the players being too far away to properly view the whole playfield.
  • They find a password figure machine and Liam decides to look for a password to input.
    Liam: 19837556
    (Woolie inputs 19837555)
    Liam: Are you for real right now!?
    Woolie: I panicked! I'm sorry!
  • Woolie largely prefers the Japanese versions of names for various characters and games. Even then, he concedes that localization worked for the better when it comes to Mega Man X3, where the name of one boss in the Japanese version is "Shining Tigerd".
  • "The sequel to Malcom X is Malcom ZX Advent."
  • Woolie wanting to use Hyper Mode at the slightest provocation.
    • In Part 9, Woolie's misunderstanding of how Hyper Mode works is revealed and it's Entertainingly Wrong. He thinks it recharges between fights. In Part 15, Woolie is unable to find a solution online, and he's still confused even when he finds the "Number of Hyper Rounds" counter in the menu.
  • By Part 4, Liam thinks he's finally worked out how to tell whether a door will lead to an area transition or not and is proven wrong almost immediately.
    Liam: That- that's a nothing door 'cause it doesn't have the big- The big triangles? That's where you're gonna warp to a different-
    (Woolie goes through a "Big Triangle" door which is just part of the stage)
    Liam: ...Fuck! There's no consistency! There's no goddamn consistency to these doors! (Woolie starts laughing) Shit! I thought I finally had something...
  • During the flashing panel puzzle, Nana goes into a detailed description of how they have to be hit in the order they light up, and the characters make a semi-big deal about it. What's the solution to the first puzzle? The blue switch, then the red switch, lighting up so agonizingly slow you'd have to be an idiot to fail. They both completely lose their composure laughing at the game treating them like three year olds. Meta wise it's also hilarious given that the Best Friends laughing at an easy puzzle when they are abysmal at puzzle solving. Woolie later hopes for a massive Difficulty Spike with the next puzzle having 100 steps, flashing quickly.
  • In Part 15, Woolie learns there is a way to change X's scarf color. Woolie of course wants a green scarf, so he heads right up, ignores Liam's taunts, gets super anxious and learns he hasn't unlocked the green one yet, to Liam's joy.
  • Woolie's dismay in Part 16 when one of the generic enemies surrenders and even heals the party, yet the game still requires him to kill it.
    • This one gets funnier/more frustrating when you learn that you don't have to kill it. If you wait until it's next turn it runs away.
    • Much of the episode involves them debating the horror of the "brasher" David Cage found in Omikron and how his trailers always trick people despite them knowing what they will find in the game. Then they decide Cage's next game is just his take on Mega Man, and potentially a shot-for-shot remake of this game.
  • The two's increasing levels of hype as the last three party members join.
    • When Axl joins, they are glad to see a familiar face, but they become really excited when they use his Action Trigger and see the numerous options he gets and just how much better his commands play out.
    • Woolie and Liam's Memetic Badass treatment of Cinnamon. She's the White Magician Girl of the group and starts off at level 1 when everyone else is in the mid teens. Liam doesn't want to put her in battle because she's underleveled. Woolie thinks she'll undergo Magikarp Power and begins to hype her up. When they finally use her in battle, they see what she's capable of and put her out as often as possible. It gets to the point where he begins using his permanent stat boosts on her and when Zero shows up, he boots X out entirely, leaving Zero, Axl and Cinnamon as the dream team.
    • Their excitement for Zero begins when they first see signs of him in a cinematic.
  • When they see that one of the FMG unlock requirements is to play a certain number of hours, they have the idea to just end their play session there and let the game idle.
  • Part 17 features the Lightning Bruiser Zero joining the team, and the fight against the Wake-Up Call Boss Mach Jentra. It's an hour long comedy of errors:
    • Woolie removes Zero's Heat Haze immediately, replacing it with subweapons he doesn't use. He also thinks Zero will never miss, even though he knows he will fight an air boss soon and ground attackers have huge accuracy penalties.
    • X is only brought in to Analyze the boss, even though his Action Trigger could deal immense damage to all enemies and he has better armor than Axl.
    • Zero's Action Trigger lets him choose from several attacks, each with different damage output. Woolie doesn't know which ones do what (the game doesn't make it clear unless you look for it) so damage output varies wildly.
    • Entertainingly Wrong about Weapon Energy, Woolie waits for 100% charge because he thinks a 100% Action Trigger will deal more damage (only true for X and Zero.)
  • Part 33 has Liam saying that despite Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian now being out on PS4, all he wants to play is Death Stranding. This leads into a discussion where Liam speculates the baby from the trailer is Mike Tyson, who dies at the end of Mike Tyson Mysteries and reincarnates into the game.
  • In Part 40 they completely lose it when they finally understand a hint about a plot twist.

     Castlevania: Lament of Innocence 

     Silent Hill 3 
  • Pat declares the penis monsters represent two things: Fear of intercourse and fear of giant penis monsters.
  • In Part 1 Pat muses that they've been playing the series completely ass-backwards in terms of quality, working their way from worst to best.
  • In Part 3, Matt laughs maniacally after the chlorine gas scares Heather.
    • As Pat whispers in shock at a "barbecue dog", Matt's shocked since this isn't Chinatown. What really sells it is Pat's exasperated sighing.
  • In Part 5 Pat offers Matt advice on how to deal with a monster encounter.
    Pat: Run, Matt. Be the coward you were always meant to be. I am a huge coward and I can teach you!
    • Matt questions the game logic of getting onto a trapped subway train; Pat admits he has no fucking clue why they're doing any of this.
    • When Matt asks if there's a dog ending this ensues.
      Matt: Is there an ending where Claudia's in a room flipping switches and pushing levers?
      Pat: No.
      Matt: That sucks.
      Pat: That's the main ending. [Matt cackles] That's the canon ending. She pulls her head off and it's a shiba.
    • Pat brings up a joke about Woolie and helmets Matt had made only for Matt to have no memory of it, despite making it that day.
    • Matt comes across an Insane Cancer in the subway. Pat insists that they're so slow that Matt could just back up and shoot it until it dies without any issues. As Matt begins shooting at it, it sprints directly at him.
    Matt: [shooting as fast as he can] YOU SAID HE WAS SLOW!
    • Immediately after the Insane Cancer fight, Pat admits that he didn't remember that they could run.
  • Part 6 has the duo relentlessly mock St. Anger, lament that James Hetfield almost getting himself blown up on stage ruined pyrotechnics in Montreal for decades and sees Pat come to the epiphany that the only thing they've mocked more than St. Anger is Woolie.
    • Pat lets Matt get killed by a puzzle room so they can watch a special cutscene for the event then tells Matt that if he uses his brain he can figure out which items are needed to solve the puzzle. Matt responds he's not good at using his brain, so he'll just jam random items at places until it works.
  • Part 7 has Pat continue to dispense sage advice on dealing with monsters.
    Pat: Shoot him right in the back like John Wayne woulda done!
    Matt: Like Batman woulda done.
  • Part 9 has Matt expressing his confusion over the game's logic.
    Matt: That still really confuses me.
    Pat: What, what part?
    Matt: Aside from everything...
  • Part 11: Pat expresses some of his deep, inner feelings and Matt reciprocates, including how these feelings extend to the rest of their friends.
    Pat: Who hasn't wanted to kill a loved one at some point?
    Matt: You know what? Not with choking. That's an intimate form of murder.
    Pat: There are times when you look over at your intimate other as they're asleep, and they're like dead asleep, "Boy, that pillow... would be sooo easy."
  • Part 12: About twenty minutes in Pat once again neglects to share some critical information about an enemy. This time, it's the fact that some of the Bobblehead Nurses have firearms. He finds this out only after Heather gets shot. Pat's response implies that he just plain forgot to mention it.
    Matt: WHAT?!
    Pat: Oh yeah, they have guns.
    Matt: Fucking bullshit! What nurses don't—that's not regular nurse, like, equipment!
  • In Part 13, the duo round a corner and find a wheelchair resting on its side in a large pool of blood, its wheel still spinning as if something had just pushed it. Matt has an interesting idea about what happened.
    Matt: What I'd hoped happened here was a miracle, but I bet it wasn't.
    Pat: What's that?
    Matt: That someone just got up from their wheelchair and said, "I don't need it anymore."
    Pat: ... As they shat blood everywhere.
    • Pat randomly starts talking with a lisp only to cut himself off and demand what the hell he's doing. He actually starts looking around the room out of concern a gas is being released into the room.
    • In light of Heather's amazing katana-wielding skills, the boys briefly discuss an alternate timeline where James and Heather not only know each other, but where Heather constantly talks shit about James for being less capable than she is.
    Pat (as Heather): While you were looking for your wife, James, I was studying the blade.
  • Part 14: Matt thinks most of the things he says makes sense, which Pat immediately disagrees with.
    • Pat reassures Matt there are no invisibile enemies in the game, only for Matt to feel no comfort from this due to how often Pat has been absolutely wrong thus far.
    • Matt immediately compares Valtiel to the shiba inu; Pat presumes it has a mask and underneath is the dog.
    • When Matt starts using a weird voice that sounds vaguely like Bill Clinton, Patt demands to know who he's trying to imitate. Matt admits he has no idea himself.
    • "Woolie-esque horror".
    • Pat once again exhorts Matt to embrace his inner coward and run away as fast as he can.
      Pat: Good job. Your cowardice was powerful.
      Matt: I feel it's getting stronger as time goes on.
      Pat: It sure is, Matt. It sure is.
    • While Pat is talking about "Mr. Bucket", Matt gets jumped by an enemy and declares it's trying to suck his dick. Pat idly comments that is a "bucket of fun".
    • The two agree the hospital they're going through is really shitty.
  • Part 15: Pat didn't setup for the video before Matt arrived because he was too busy trying to figure out every hidden clue in the new Death Stranding trailer.
    • Every year Matt sends his sister a birthday card saying she's fifty years old. Pat chuckles at how fucked up that is.
    • Pat compares the Pyramid Head killing itself to fake John Cena... or real John Cena.
  • Matt screaming when the dead body falls from the ceiling in the haunted house in Part 16. As Patt notes, it's a haunted house, the place where he should be expecting this sort of cheap scare.
    • In light of their objective being killing Claudia, Matt wants her to drive past their motel in a car and flash a Silent Hill gang sign. Pat wants to put her face on a fifty cent coin.
    • Matt beats Pat to comparing the smell of a rabbit costume interior to Woolie and then destroys him by calling Woolie a "big, blow-up doll idiot".
  • Part 17: Matt brings up the joke about punching fortune tellers in the face and asking why they didn't see it coming. Pat adds that most fortune tellers wish people would stop doing this; most people wish fortune tellers would stop ripping people off.
    • As Matt slowly kills his way through horses on the carousel, they wonder why Heather is killing all these poor animals. Pat personally feels uncomfortable about the katana being destroyed due to all the rough handling, segueing into his complaint that people admiring katanas for the lengthy folding was in part due to the poor quality of steel involved.
    • Matt objects to the boss having a machine gun. And a pristine one at that! Pat in contrast is very hype at the idea of Matt destroying his own memory.
  • Part 18: Matt aimed a "spotlight" at the back of Pat's head, earning several complaints from him about it burning him while Matt cals it soothing.
    • Matt is stunned when they manage to move a painting without a specialized painting mover.
    • Pat brings up how confusing he finds the Holy Trinity as it implies god fucked himself to create himself...? Matt points out for most gods, the only person good enough for Him is Himself. Unless you're Zeus, in which case anyone is good enough.
    • Discussion about tarot cards brings up JoJo and the inevitable King Crimson mention. Pat decides to pass on editing the video to make it confusing.
  • Part 19: The two really get into the well-composed rhyme, which Pat reads aloud like a hip-hop song.
    • Matt knows he's making progress because things are getting fucked up - the monsters obviously don't like whatever he's doing.
    • Needing to heal, Matt is hesitant to eat the thirty-five pieces of beef jerky that would be needed. He's not Woolie after all.
    • Vincent's scam is intended to get rare Pokemon, and he doesn't want god back because she doesn't care about Pokemon.
    • Pat stumbles over the similarity of "invisible" and "invincible" then proceeds to rant about how much he hates doing that.
  • Part 20: Matt's one-liner for killing god? "Sermon's over."
    • Pat encourages Matt to try multiple attacks during the boss's vulnerable state if he's ballsy, only for Matt to protest he only has many little balls. Nonetheless, Pat praises him on the effectiveness of his cowardice.
    • When Matt says Homecoming failed at two things, Pat points out it failed at three. The third was game. And the fourth was combat.
    • "Oh, fuck me! EVERYTHING'S STUPID!"

     Killer Instinct Shadow Lords 
  • All of the episode descriptions are unflattering retellings of the team's origins. Orchid's description however propels her straight to OP levels.
  • Matt jokes that a Shadow Lord is the evolved form of an edgelord.
    Matt: But what's beyond Shadow Lord?
    Woolie: Shadow Gods? Edge Gods?
    Matt: Shadow Gods, Edge G- NUUUU! ShadowEdgeGods!
  • They unlock the "Sleepy Black People" dossier.
  • Woolie gets disappointed when Matt reveals that Thunder's backstory involved him having a regular upbringing and life. Woolie expected a Magical Native American.
  • The Running Gag of the scared-looking wolf statue in Jago's stage's loading screen.
  • Matt corpses when Kan-Ra comments on Mimic Shadow Jago's Department of Redundancy Department.
  • They encounter an old lady selling a map. Comparisons to Stardust Crusaders are drawn.
    Woolie: "TJ Combo, you should come stay in my hotel!" "Who's TJ Combo? I wrote down BJ Combo."
  • Matt thinks it'd be cool if TJ Combo's theme had character-specific lyrics, leading to Woolie imagining Omega Sparx desperately trying to match the lyrics to Killer Instinct's crazy cast.
    Matt: "Find Jago, you know he's back, 'cuz you gotta beat him with the firecat!"
  • Matt and Woolie joke on the idea that Mimics don't know how the world works, including a lengthy riff on the idea of Mimic TJ Combo serving as a Jehovah's Witness-style evangelist for Gargos, aggravating Hisako.
  • Hisako loses a match, requiring that they revive her. When they use a resurrection scroll, they realize how assholish it is to "bring her back to life", but keep her in a form useful to them instead of making her a living woman again.
  • Matt relates how one day he noticed Woolie had a copy of the Killer Instinct comic book, and relates their conversation in full. "I see you have a copy of the Killer Instinct comic, my friend." "I do..."
  • After one "bald bat" comment from Thunder too many, they imagine he's like a dad trying to impress his kids with lame jokes. They also note that Thunder's only repeated the line so many times because he's always team leader when they fight the Omens, and Woolie muses on what Hisako might say.
  • A priest has an emotional reaction to Woolie rudely rejecting him for his previous rudeness. Woolie loses it when he reads it.
  • Matt mocks Thunder for saying "this creature carries an evil spirit within" while looking at the sickly-green mimic of Kan-Ra.
    Matt (while Woolie chants 'Ha-Satan'): There still might be a shred of humanity left in this mimic mummy that has Fury 2 and Vampirism.
    Woolie: "I am not so sure".
  • After beating the mode by fighting the Omens (thereby preventing Gargos from having the full amount of buffs that he would have otherwise had), they repeat the mode on a higher difficulty without fighting the Omens. Gargos proceeds to stomp the entire party flat. The Friends claim moral victory.

     Sonic Unleashed 
  • The reason behind the LP: Liam has been dodging a lot of shit games lately so he must suffer through this, as it is the only game he doesn't like. Woolie thinks it's light but Matt says it's the only game Liam doesn't like.
    Liam: I played half of Vampire Rain to see if we could make a LP out of it.
  • Watching the intro, they comment that Sonic might've been better off just becoming a series of CGI movies instead of games by this point.
  • Liam's complete disdain for the game is just hilarious.
    Liam: I don't like how these characters look, I don't like this rabbi!
  • When Woolie and Liam start talking about how terrible the music in Sonic Chronicles is, Matt states that it can't be much worse than the music in Unleashed. Woolie and Liam can only react with outrage.
  • Episode 5 has a conversation about how even though Liam hates this game, his suffering is still comparatively light compared to the other friends'. They say this is because Sonic Unleashed actually has some enjoyable gameplay, while others like Omikron and Reboot do not. At one point, Matt wonder if they could call up an old friend of Liam's just to get some dirt on his gaming past.
    • This conversation continues through several suggestions that shows just how low Liam's tolerance for So Bad, It's Horrible games are, eventually the inevitable jabs at the Reboot LP come up, to a completely incensed rant from Woolie.
    • Matt suggests Super Smash Bros. 4, but that gets shot down quickly because at the end of the day, Liam would still be playing Smash Bros. Woolie agrees by saying that forcing him to play Street Fighter EX means he still gets to play Street Fighter.
    Woolie: We're not playing 06
    Liam: I'll be fine with playing 06
    Woolie: That's the problem.
    • Matt loses it when Sonic leaps away so Amy doesn't see him as the Werehog.
    Liam: That's fucking angsty right there!
    Matt: That was the dumbest shit I've ever seen!
  • In episode 7, Liam has trouble with a daytime level and keeps falling off to his death due to trying to hang it's sharp turns by drifting as the help ring suggests. After over ten minutes of trying, a good chunk of which was sped up, they discover a way to clear the level. Don't go fast, and don't drift.
    • This results them in finally getting an E Rank and hearing the glorious failure music. Woolie is ecstatic.
    • The episode starts with Woolie reading the valid linguistic gripes that a "werehog" is either a person who turns into a hedgehog-like creature or a person who turns into an actual hog. Sonic is a werewolf. Matt cracks up when the idea that Sonic being a werehog could mean him turning into a double-hedgehog is floated.
  • Episode 8 has the genesis of the word 'Spaggo' (referring to the inhabitants of the Italy stand-in).
    Matt: Oh man, that sounds so fucking racist (...) It's so bad, I feel uncomfortable!
    Liam: You saying you're a fucking Spaggo sympathizer?!
    Matt: No, I'm not a SPAG! *everyone laughs*
    Woolie: Okay, now we're gettin' close...
    • Then Episode 10 has Matt and Woolie debating whether 'Shams' or 'Sham-heads' is worse (while Liam is more focused on the oddly long-faced proportions of the NPCs in question).
    • They take long enough in one segment that special "Hurry up" dialogue plays, leading Woolie to remember Dormin doing something similar. "Oh my god! Just climb up his back and stab him!"
      • "Shadow of the Hedgehog Colossus".
    • "Fuck a peacock". Woolie creates a new shirt.
  • Episode 9 starts with Liam and Matt declaring Woolie's not here today as they turn off his mic. They have to backtrack fast as Woolie is more than willing to take the out they just offered and leave.
    • Matt takes Woolie's setup for a joke and makes a scat joke out of it. Woolie is stunned as he was setting up a makeout joke at worst.
      Woolie: That's an escalation I wasn't ready for.
  • After Liam states he's still enjoying the playthrough overall in episode 10, Woolie starts speculating on what it would take to cause Liam to truly hate a playthrough. He eventually decides it'd have to render him sterile.

     Titanfall 2 
  • Part 1 starts with Pat nearly groaning about how much he enjoys this game, and that he doesn't care how many people claim he's shilling. He actually wishes he got paid for promoting this game as it would just make having to play it that much sweeter.
    • Later Pat gives another reason why he wants people to buy the game: so he can have people to play multiplayer with.
      Pat: Respawn Entertainment presents possibly the worst release date of all time.
      • Episode "descriptions" consist of Pat begging people to play the game so he can have more people in multiplayer.
  • Part 2 has Woolie asking what fictional AI HK-47 compares to best. Pat choose Bender.
    • Pat and Woolie both agree that making AI is a horrible, horrible idea... unless you can fuck the robots, in which case it's all good.
      Pat: "In news today, fifty years ago the first sex robot was created. People are now overseeing the recovery of Japanese artifacts from the destroyed society."
    • "Tittyfall" leads to giggles as they imagine it's one of the slowest falls of all time. It's not the sort of thing you want to happen fast.
    • Pat admits to being that kid, who backtalks his mom and gets away with it. Woolie groans in agony, just wanting to see a black granddad reenact the belt lending scene from Boondocks.
    • Woolie is horrified by the idea of Russian dogs being trained to suicide-bomb tanks, ignoring the comedy of them being trained to do this with Russian tanks. Not by the idea itself, but the logistics of how many dogs could they actually train to do this over a war? He thinks strapping a minigun on their backs would be smarter... until Pat points out the idiocy of that as they'd be crushed.
  • In Part 3, Woolie mentions that if robots—specifically mecha—went on the Dow-Jones, he'd be day trading. Pat makes a crack about the "Wooliebot" getting into a sex scandal, to which Woolie replies "no, I want the ones that are too big to fuck."
    Pat: Think...Of how stupid what you just said was.
    Woolie: I want the ones you pi—
    Pat: NOTHING, NO robot is too big to fuck for SOMEONE out there!
    • Woolie complains about stabbing people in the face... because the neck is so much softer and easier to stab. Pat is rather bemused by his seeming savvy regarding where to stab.
  • Part 4 has Woolie advise that if anybody starts building something like the time machine in the game - even if it's Elon Musk - stop them.
    • When the player starts to get time warping abilities, Woolie asks if they've become Dio yet.
  • In Part 5, Pat experiments with the different ways you can teabag a corpse; the standard mash crouch over the corpse's face, high jumping then landing into a crouch over the corpse's face, and finally going for a running start into a slide, sliding his balls into the corpse's face Dynamic Entry style.
    Woolie: How long is too long after after to teabag? ...Like if it's just a pile of bones does it count as a teabag?
    • When Pat nearly tries to go through a timeline filled with fire, Woolie has to instruct him on the difference between fire and lasers.
    • "What time period did I park my robot?"
  • Part 6 has Pat absolutely in love with the webcomic where the Nazis had to drastically up Hitler's protective detail because time travelers keep trying to kill him and how it makes them think.
    • Pat admits he would go on a rampage if he ever visited Westworld, then declares he'd probably be a "battle coward" there. Woolie complains you can't just put "battle" in front of something to make it a viable combat role.
    • Pat defends Sword Art Online on video... because Kirito's sister has big boobs.
  • Part 7 has Pat pointing out how transparently the video descriptions were in plugging the game and how they wound up on Origin due to the good press. He and Woolie find this ironic given how many times they have bashed Origin, which they do in the video now linked on Origin.
    • They list off the ridiculously lengthy list of groups a convention does not want bashed, including anime fans and people who are bad at fighting games. Pat can only assume some Melty Blood fans got beaten and styled all over so bad that the con had to write them into the rules.
    • "It has been determined by humans that getting burned alive is a bad way to go." Pat also points out, as science has pointed out, the Doom rocket launcher is over kill because just the projectile itself will kill with blunt force trauma. Weirder ways to die continue until this wisdom is dropped.
      Woolie: It's a good thing that humans have such short life bars.
      Pat: ...That's a weird sentence, bro.
    • Pat gets into a scene where he and a bunch of soldiers wall-jump along a flying ship to get further up on the main ship... and fucks up the jump, plummeting to his death. Woolie is delighted and the ridiculous animation of the body only makes it better.
      Woolie: "Hey, bunch of huge, cool badasses, you want to join my team?" "Sure." "Alright, let's do the cool thing." "Oh, no."
    • After beating Viper, Pat goes for a sliding teabag on the corpse only to go off the edge of the ship. Woolie is delighted and only disappointed that Pat managed to recover before death.
  • Part 8 has Pat baffled by how bad of an idea it is to grab the Ark, feeling it's almost certainly a singularity and he should be spaghettified just by opening the protective shell around it.
    • The smart pistol they gain in the final portion thrills Pat, who wonders why the soldiers don't use it all the time. Woolie posits just a few shots of it costs billions of dollars.
      Woolie: An army that has all SERE Kits isn't an army; it's a force of nature.
    • Pat and Woolie both didn't want to get out of their Titan on reaching a narrow hallway only for the game to tell them to crouch. Woolie has a slightly different reaction as Pat muses how mean it is unleashing a Titan-mounted gatling gun on footsoldiers.
      Woolie: I saw this hallway and I was like "I don't want to get out of my Legion".
      Pat: And they tell you to crouch.
      Woolie: And they tell you "You don't have to, bro". "I love you, Titanfall".
    • Pat does not like Slone's emergency teleport ability, especially when he was certain the next shot was going to kill her.
    • Pat has issues with the final wall-running section, with Woolie especially enjoying his minor freakout when the game tricks him by destroying the obvious next platform.
    • The last ditch plan to nuke the Ark with a Titan's self-destruct leaves Pat worried they're going to destroy time itself. Woolie claims it's fine since it'll save the planet, only for Pat to point out the timeline is kind of important too.
    • After a narrow Hyperspeed Escape from the Ark into space, the visibly destroyed area seems smaller than Pat expected.
      Pat: Okay, I was about to say something like that would have like planetary— [planet explodes]oh yeah, okay! Yeah, would have planetary ramifications.
      Woolie: Sonic Unleashed, cue the music.
    • During the credits, Pat triples down on Origin mockery, then quadruples down by declaring it killed his babies.

     Dark Souls 
  • Between this playthrough and them posting a proper fisticuffs of BlazBlue just the day before, Pat says the channel's loose ends are essentially tied up, and jokes he's free to kill himself. He escalates to saying he'll do so in the middle of the recording, and Woolie says he'd only make the most token of efforts to stop him.
    Woolie: I'm not going to stop you, but I might put my hand out a little bit, like a little bit of a gesture to go "Uhh." But I'm not moving my ass off the couch or anything.
    • Pat starts the episode, uploaded on December 25, by attempting to say Merry Christmas only for Woolie to quickly stop his attempts of passing the LP off as a Christmas gift.
  • In character creation, Woolie decides to name his character "Woolington" for the mother of all reasons: he was originally named "Darlington" as a baby, with "Woolie" coming later.
  • When Woolie is dealing with a undead knight and two undead spearmen on his way to the first boss, he funnels them down a stairway, backing further down as the fight goes on. All the while Pat is almost completely silent. After Woolie defeats his opponents, Pat asks him to turn around and look at what he would have triggered if he had taken just a few more steps back: A Black Knight. You can just hear the color draining from Woolie's face as Pat loses it.
  • Part 5: The first thing Woolie says when he meets Solaire of Astora for the first time? "Are you Solaire? You have a lot to live up too, motherfucker. I need to know why t-shirts exist of your fucking shit." This prompts a laugh from Pat and a short exchange about Solaire's impact on the Souls fandom.
    Woolie: The only thing I can't do is temper my expectations of him.
    Pat: It's impossible.
    Woolie: It's impossible.
    Pat: He's been built up into the biggest meme lord ever.
    Woolie: There's too much at this point.
  • Part 6 features the return of Lucky Ted. It starts with Woolington somehow backstabbing the first Maneater Boar for a one hit kill, despite the fact he was both attacking an entirely different enemy and not even facing it, to Pat's complete incredulity. Later on, while fighting Balder Knights in the church, the conjurer that sits on the balcony sniping with magic falls down just as Woolie finishes off the last one, leaving himself open to be picked off with no threat and causing Pat to absolutely and completely lose his mind at the sheer luck.
  • In something of an inversion of the previous episode, Part 7 involves Woolie being plagued by a run of bad luck that sees him repeatedly fail to the Bell Gargoyles or get mobbed by hollows on his way to the fight. Deciding his problem is a lack of defense, he chooses to forego two-handing the Drake Sword in favor of a shield and mace combo. After getting used to consistently one or two-shotting every normal enemy, he encounters a Balder Knight which takes him eight sloppy hits to take down. He immediately and wordlessly switches back to the Drake Sword while Pat loses it.
  • Part 8 opens up with Woolie having just defeated the Gargoyles but still salty about his performance in the previous episode. As he and Pat discuss what went wrong, Woolie apparently gets shaken out of his funk when he catches his first sight of Oswald of Carim.
    Woolie: When I see a mob, I don’t know where the holes are, because sometimes I roll through the col- woooooOOOH?
  • Part 13 has Woolie meet the companions of Petrus of Thorolund (A.K.A Haircut), Vince, Nico and their charge, Reah. Their Jerkass tendencies disgust Woolie so thoroughly, he re-christens the party "Haircut, Bitch-Boy and Doofus" and bemoans the fact that he's in their Covenant.
    Woolie: Fuck this entire Covenant. Get me out. Get me out.
  • Part 14: Woolie re-explores the Undead Asylum and gets a Black Knight shield from the one guarding the player's starting position. Pat is livid.
  • In Part 20, Woolie's epic battle against the Blowdart Sniper takes place. First, Woolie tries to shoot the Sniper with a bow, destroying pieces of environment that blocked the Sniper's shots. After that, Woolie misses most of its shots, getting hit with Toxic damage in the process. After that, instead of healing, Woolie uses an item to remove the Toxic damage - only to get hit with it again two seconds later.
  • Around the halfway point of Part 23, Pat shows Woolie one of the best shortcuts in the game which enables him to access Blighttown from the New Londo Ruins and by proxy, Firelink Shrine. Woolie's in high spirits, gushing about the shortcut and how much sense it actually makes spacewise and the like, when he sees an item drop where Anastacia should be which brings the revelry to a screeching halt. Pat then bursts into chuckles as Woolie cusses out Lautrec, reading the description of the Black Eye Orb through clenched teeth. And just when you thought Woolie couldn't get any angrier, he finds out that Lautrec killing the Fire Keeper means that the Firelink Bonfire was snuffed out. Woolie spends just about the rest of the episode seething in rage and expressing a Guts-Esque desire to murder the hell out of Lautrec, even more so considering that it'll take a while before he gets the chance to fight him.
    Pat: Lautrec annihilates the hub.
  • Woolie's absurd luck with drops continues in part 24 when he casually obtains the balder side sword offscreen without even needing to grind for it. Pat is clearly salty about this fact.
    Pat: You're a bast... Your luck with drops and shit in this has been disgusting.
    Woolie: Toothpick of luck and pluck my friend.
    • During the battle with Chaos Witch Quelaag, Woolie delivers this gem:
    Woolie: I'm stuck inside of her, but I think I can take it.
    • Immediately followed by this from Pat, as he tries to talk about Quelaag's fanart:
    Pat: Considering this game came out in 2007, alongside BioShock, they've had, like, nine years for the fanart to come out. Ever since 2005. note 
  • Part 28 continues the misadventures in Sen's Funhouse as Woolie and Pat stumble upon a floor where the basic enemies are replaced with titanite demons. After running their way back after a death, Pat and Woolie make the mistake of throwing caution to the wind and get one-shot by a titanite demon's jumping attack, which causes the duo to cry out in pure astonishment.
    Pat: That was amazing! Your health is so specifically tuned to that shit!
    Pat: You OK bro? You OK? *laughs*
    Woolie: IT WAS FOR NOTHING?!
  • Part 29 has them get invaded by a player named TheWoolieWatcher after a few minutes. Their reactions, especially when they see that the player has given them 39 Humanity, are priceless.
    • Near the end, they walk into the Iron Golem battle with Black Iron Tarkus. Pat knows what to expect, but Woolie is clueless and expects a difficult fight. Tarkus proceeds to kill the Golem in three attacks and dump it off the side of the tower. Woolie's commentary for the next few minutes is nothing but shocked amazement and Tarkus worship, as are almost all of the comments on the video.
    • The conversation leading up to the big moment is golden too.
    Pat: Y-you don't need to do anything.
    Woolie: What?
    Pat: Just take a look. Tarkus! Tarkus! Tarkus! Tarkus! Tarkus!
    Woolie: No! No way! Wait, C'mon really?
    (Woolie starts losing his shit as Tarkus knocks the Iron Golem off of the tower in three hits)
  • Part 35 has Woolie's reaction to seeing that, after suffering through the infamous Anor Londo archers, Solaire beat him to the inside of the City of the Gods.
  • Woolie's luck reaches maximum capacity in Episode 36, after they meet their first Silver Knight with a spear. Pat even comments that Woolie would really like their weapon, and it just happens to be the very first drop they get. For the record, the droprate of the Silver Knight Spear is 2%.
    Woolie: I picked up a Silver Knight's Spear, though!
    Pat: You got it the first... What is-
    Woolie: What are the odds on that?!
    Pat: No, seriously Woolie, this is- I'm...
    Woolie: What are the odds on that?
    Pat: I'm mad.
  • Woolie's reaction in Part 40 to finding Lautrec's armor. He takes some liberties in his reading of the Helm of Favor's description.
    Woolie: Helm of the fuck that killed my Fire Keeper. During his solitude he forsook everything, for he believed in the path of being a bitch.
  • In Part 43, Woolie gets the black knight greataxe off of a black knight in the catacombs, continuing his ABSURD run of luck. Pat seems to hollow out slightly in response to this.
    Woolie: Okay, Pat's holding his head in his hands right now.
    • Woolie's "fight" with Pinwheel aka the boss Woolie's not allowed to die to.
    Woolie: That was the most pathetic thing I'd ever seen.
  • Part 45: Pat’s response to Woolie’s musing about the lack of enemies in the first part of the Great Hollow perfectly articulates the process of navigating that area in a way only he can say.
    Woolie: No enemies so far.
    Pat: No, this is you and the world get to have an argument as to how gravity works.
    • Woolie takes his first steps into Ash Lake, and the logistics of its placement within the larger context of Lordran leave him struggling for words.
    Pat: I just want you to take a second and think "Woolie, where are you right now?"
  • Part 47 has Woolie's absurd luck continue. Upon exiting Drake Valley to Darkroot Basin, Woolie encounters and kills the Black Knight by the bonfire. Then the black knight halberd drops. Pat nearly hollows out.
    Pat: Holy shit! GODDAMMIT! HOW DO YOU GET THEM EVERY TIME?! You've gotten every single one!
    • This is followed up by Woolie asking if there's something else at play.
    Woolie: Pat...Okay, now's the time where I stop and I ask you, is there a possibility that something about DSFix effects the luck?
    Pat: No, no.
    Woolie: Is there anyway that there's any...
    Pat: NO! No. You are just absurdly lucky.
  • Part 48: Woolie slowly works his way through a non-respawning mob of Taurus Demons over the course of about three lives in order to clear the way to some items. The following exchange between him and Pat perfectly encapsulates the average treasure-hunting process in a Souls game.
    Woolie: I hope those items are great.
    Pat: They’re pretty good. They’re alright. They’re okay, I guess. They’re trash. They’re awful. Give up.
    • The next item rests on a small inlet of rock surrounded on three sides by lava that must be jumped. Woolie makes a commendable effort to sprint through, but perishes from getting caught up on bad geometry. Cue attempt number two, with Woolie attempting a running jump, hitting an invisible wall and the exact same thing happening again.
    • Woolie scans his surroundings, discovers an overhanging crop of rock directly over the item and decides to negate the lava entirely by dropping down onto it. Even when Pat cheats with GameFAQs and informs Woolie that it’s just a soul packet and points out the absurd height of the drop, Woolie remains committed. After about a minute of hesitation and lining himself up, Woolie finally takes the plunge.
    Pat: You can do it. C’mon, I believe in you.
    The instant Woolie inches his way off the edge, his character disintegrates and YOU DIED appears, all before his character even touches the ground.
    [They both laugh hysterically]
    Pat: Oh, man! That’s the best!
    [video ends]
  • Part 51 has Woolie defeating an enemy who he was previously told drops titanite slabs at an extremely rare rate. He checks an item drop for a titanite chunk, and starts cackling before having to be reminded what the rare drop really was.
    • On his second attempt to challenge the Four Kings, Woolie just barely manages to complete a run from the Firelink bonfire to the fog wall with a sliver of health remaining and a Darkwraith and ghost in hot pursuit. No sooner does he manage to regain control of his character after he passes through the fog wall does the Darkwraith’s sword clip through the environment and kill him. And the ghost very clearly passes through the fog wall with no impediment as Woolie’s death animation plays just to add insult to injury.
    • As Woolie’s second fight with the Four Kings winds down, he learns the hard way that a fifth King will spawn if you take too long on the fourth. Woolie is so baffled and enraged by the game’s blatant breach of conduct that he spends the better part of an entire minute struggling to properly articulate himself.
  • Part 55 sees Woolie kill Shiva of the East's bodyguard for the Dark Wood Grain Ring, thus alienating the Forest Hunter Covenant for the ability to perform sick back flips. However, Woolie's heavy armor build means that he can only properly utilize the ring if he strips down to everything but his helmet. Thus making the betrayal of the Forest Hunters and the ensuing bloodbath All for Nothing except for a test run that amounts to flipping around shirtless in a cave while wearing Ornstein's big, golden lion helmet for about one minute.
    Woolie: How many people had to die for that moment?
  • Part 68: Woolie and Pat purchase some items from the unnamed female undead merchant in the Undead Burg, and Woolie is impressed with how surprisingly lucid she is for someone visibly toeing the line of going hollow. They determine that the cause of her continued sapience is that she is obsessed with something simple (collecting and selling moss), and that forming irrational obsessions is probably the best defense against going completely hollow:
    Woolie: I hope if I hollow out, I have an obsession that is like strong enough to—
    Pat: To keep you going forever, because its unobtainable?
    Woolie: To not make me Bleeeeeegh, you know?
    Pat: It's like "Woolie, you've going to have to win EVO." "Oh, man, I guess I just get to live forever."
  • The final video kicks off with Woolie seeing another player wearing the Ornstein Armor Set when Woolington offers souls to the Lordvessel. Woolie reacts with extreme glee, as it was the same armor set he'd worn previously during the Artorias The Abysswalker DLC.
    Woolie:: Hey, cooool! Oooooh, that was awesome!! The spirit of what I once was!
    Pat:: It's behind you.
    Woolie: Ornstein is there!