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  • Mercedes Stealth Hi-ing every time Schmidt and Maya are having a moment.
  • Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, regarding The Reveal of Maya being Captain Dickson's daughter.
    • The brunch that follows the reveal, with Dickson giving Schmidt a Death Glare the entire time, before heading to the buffet and promptly destroying it.
    • Schmidt trying to make small talk during the meal:
    Schmidt: So... do you like weather...?
    • This exchange:
    Dickson: This is bullshit! It's fu—! Waiter! What can a black man do get some water around here?!
    Schmidt: Give the fucking guy some water! He's black! He's been through a lot!
    • Dickson's menacing texts to Schmidt when both Jenko and Schmidt are chasing the Ghost in an already hilarious action sequence.
    • When Jenko & Schmidt meet Dickson at Jump Street for the first time afterwards, Schmidt's wearing Kevlar and Dickson's sidearm is on the desk, pointing at Schmidt. Jenko's Eureka Moment and reaction - he takes roughly a minute to put two and two together, accompanied by the sound of a timer going off when he does. He then bursts into hysterical laughter, and proceeds to run around Jump Street for several minutes telling everybody, then singing "Schmidt fucked the Captain's daughter!", before returning to the office and pointing out that not only did Schmidt brag about banging the Captain's daughter to his face but Dickson had already high-fived him for sleeping with his daughter before he knew it. Jenko finally shuts up when Dickson silently reaches over, and points his gun at Jenko instead of Schmidt.
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    • Dickson happily tazing Schmidt in the balls as revenge.
  • The entire Unresolved Sexual Tension filled fight between Schmidt and Mercedes.
  • The entirety of the end credits sequence, especially Seth Rogen Other Darrin-ing Jonah Hill.
    • Not to mention the fact that they got Richard Grieco and Steven Williams to reprise their roles as Booker and Adam Fuller for 33 Jump Street: Generations.
    • The movie posters start out widely varied, with some somewhat fresh takes on the series, then it goes into a complacent Dork Age where the layout and styling of each poster becomes indistinguishable from the next, and the hook of each film only differing in which outlandish kind of school they go undercover in. It's perfect.
  • Schmidt and Jenko tripping out on Why Phy is both meaningful and hilarious. The trip is shown in split-screen, with Schmidt's half being full of dark, moody, jagged rocks and lava and sad music, while Jenko's half looks like it's been ripped straight out of Yo Gabba Gabba!.
    • Jenko dancing with a giant smiling football to the tune of "Ass-N-Titties". Schmidt is moping around to Creed's "Higher".
      • The way Schmidt decides to just sit down due to his legs being tired.
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  • All the meta-jokes about sequels not being as good as the original and spending twice as much on the budget.
    • "FUCK YOU, DOVES!"
  • The history teacher's whole rant (played by none than Patton Oswalt in a hilarious cameo) about finding yourself in college and saying whatever you want, prompting him to admit that he's sleeping with two of his students.
  • The student that immediately picks Schmidt out as an undercover cop, tricking him by saying his badge is showing, Schmidt looks down and is made fun of by the student.
  • Schmidt doing the walk of shame. Twice.
    Schmidt: (seeing a familiar face on the walk) Hey Lauren! I just want to lay in bed all day and watch Friends.
  • The car chase across the college campus. Particularly when they drive in front of The Benjamin Hill Film Studies School.
    • The Zapf C Helvetica Memorial Student Union.
  • Schmidt and Jenko placing cameras in the Zeta house. Jenko drills several unnecessary holes and asking for another camera. Schmidt tells him he doesn't have anymore and said so five times.
  • Jenko inadvertently revealing his love for The Golden Girls.
  • Jenko and Schmidt pretending to be Hispanics during the beginning. Jenko uses names from Dora the Explorer to explain a story.
    • And let's not forget, "you look like the Mexican Wolverine!"
    • "My name is Jeff." Jenko saying it in his dumbest voice and a deadpan face.
  • Schmidt's attempt to literally take the bullet for Jenko.
    Schmidt: It's the thought that counts, right?
    Jenko: No, what counts is actually taking the bullet!
  • Schmidt and Jenko visiting the previous film's Big Bad, Mr. Walters, in prison seeking help to track down the WHYPHY distributors. He has become transexual and uses Eric as his sex toy.
    • In The Stinger: "Eric... I'm late." With poor Eric moving his lips like he is about to cry.

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