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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • While it's dark, the graffiti in the stairwell that says "The end is extremely fucking nigh!" is too honest not to laugh at at least a little.
  • During the climax, after Jim kills Mitchell, Jim and Selena kiss while the former is covered in blood. Stoned Hannah interrupts by hitting Jim over the head with a bottle, since she thought he was biting her.
    Selena: Hannah, it's okay!
    Hannah: I thought he was biting you!
    Jim: Kissing! I was kissing her! (looks at her face) Are you stoned?!
    • Stoned Hannah emotionlessly telling one of the soldiers that all his comrades are probably dead, "and you'll be next." Made more hilarious by the fact that she ends up indirectly killing Major West.
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    • When Mailer breaks through a window and begins mauling a soldier, through the screaming, shouting, and crashing about you can hear Hannah give a faint, deadpan "Whoa."
  • The whole bit in the grocery store, particularly Frank eying the one section of apples that hasn't gone rotten and saying, "Mmmm... irradiated."
  • Jones fighting the infected in a frilly pink apron can really make you giggle.
  • Jim encouraging Frank to let his daughter take a sleeping pill:
    "Come on, let her live a little."
  • Jim's wordless "DAMN!!!" facial expression when Selena leaves the room after kissing him.
  • When the cab drives away from the tunnel, one of the infected tries to chase it anyway for a while before slowing down and slouching. You can practically hear them thinking "Aw, man..." Maybe next time, buddy!
  • Jim jumping at the sound of a car alarm.
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  • While the soldiers are defending the house from the infected:
    Jones: "Mitch, I fucking got one!"
    Mitchell: "What, you want a fucking sweetie? Keep shooting, you cunt!"
  • Considering the eerie silence of the scene up to that point, Jim belching as he leaves the hospital makes you smirk a little bit.
  • Jim smacking the first infected he sees (which happens to be a priest) in the face with a bag full of soda cans. And then freaking out and muttering "I should not have done that!" after realizing that he just smacked a priest in the face.
  • In the outtakes, Selena does a pretty humourous bit as a Cockney cab driver.
  • In the commentary for the alternate ending where Jim dies, Danny Boyle notes that he's essentially replaced in the scene by a chicken.