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  • In "The Thirteenth House", when Senneth is worried that Amalie is going to be harassed by lordlings, Kirra sets up a situation where one of them will harass Amalie so that Senneth can make a point:
    "Then I'd kiss her." Then he kissed her. Then he caught on fire.
  • Also, when Senneth and Tayse talk about class divisions in "Reader and Raelynx".
  • Kirra's reaction and comment to Senneth after Will and Casserah's conversation and casual agreement to get married.
    "Well. No wonder you and I have had such tumultuous love lives. We have expected so much more—passion—and mystery—and agony. If only we'd spoken more plainly about what mattered to us and what we thought we could bring to the table! Think how much simpler our lives would have been!"


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