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Since it's an abridged series, it's not surprising that Tsubasa abridged has these:

Episode 1


Episode 2

  • Yuuko explaining how the group's wishes are "the same". Syaoran... doesn't quite get it.
  • The entire sequence where Yuuko does her Equivalent Exchange thing:
    • After Yuuko asks for Kurogane to give her his sword and he refuses, she accuses him of "Compensating for Something".
    • Yuuko taking Fai's tattoo.
      Yuuko: From you, I want your tattoo.
      Fai: Wouldn't you rather have this expensive looking staff? Think of all the booze you could buy from hocking this thing!
      Yuuko: No.
      Fai: Okay, fine. But if we all die I'm coming back to haunt you!
    • Syaoran: I can pay with this lovely Princess Sakura! She's almost like new, except for a little bit of brain damage... Or not.
    • Syaoran mistaking Yuuko's request for lolicon.
      Syaoran: Keep your pedophilic lesbian hands off her!
    • Mokona: You aren't going to lock me in the basement again are you?
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    • Yuuko: Now, all of you, get off my lawn. I'm sick of looking at you!
  • The Twilight Zone music playing when the group is transported between the worlds.
  • "My name is Fai and I'm a compulsive liar! That cloak looks simply fabulous on you by the way."
    • Fai calling Kurogane "Mr. Hotpants Frownyface" and Kurogane's reaction:
      Kurogane: Are you hitting on me or insulting me?
  • "Flashback Count: 1"
  • The West Side Story joke.
  • "There was a feather stuck to me this entire time? How very convenient and not at all suspicious!" "Thank God Syaoran's never read the manga..."
  • "Boom." "Oooh the irony..."
  • "Look boss! A pedestrian!" "Let's shoot him! Because killing bystanders is fun!"
  • PWNED (by a rock)
  • "FLAME ON!"
    • "And I thought you were flaming...

Episode 3

  • "Are we having flashbacks to things that haven't even happened yet?"
  • Shogo's Squirtle.
  • Syaoran trying to give Sakura's feather back.
    Fay: Syaoran, I don't think shoving it in her mouth is going to work. More importantly, I'd like to know how that kid over there reproduced asexually.
  • Sorata telling the group that if they fail to pay rent he'll have to break their legs.
    Mokona: Break 'em good!
  • Memory playing when Syaoran has another flashback.
    • "Damn, she looks good walking away!"
  • "I must never let them know that I'm scared of the dark."
  • The curse Tomoyo put on Kurogane
    Tomoyo: That is a curse that will make every slightly effeminate bishonen in the area hit on you relentlessly...and you will subconsciously like it!
    Kurogane: Damn you!!!
  • "What do you think, Sexy Back?" "Stop calling me that!" "Sure thing, Hot Cakes."
  • This gem:
    Syaoran: (after Kurogane runs off) Should we follow him?
    Fay: Maybe we should keep him on a leash...with a spiked collar...and leather straps...and by "we" I mean "I".
  • "Everyone's abandoning us. I think it's your fault."
  • The gang leader asking Kurogane out.
  • The end credits with Kurogane lip-synching to Sexy Back. Fay popping in every now and again for the background vocals just makes it funnier.
  • Sakura waking up in The Stinger.

Episode 4

  • "Yeah, that dead girl you had in your room? I kinda lost her..."
    • "How do you lose a comatose?"
  • "Oh well, back to pedophilia!"
  • Sakura's response when Shogo asks if she wants to ride his big, strong...Squirtle.
    Sakura: Didn't my parents tell me not to go for rides with strangers? Oh right I have amnesia!
  • This:
    Sakura: Oh, for the love of God! You were not in the X1999 manga! They only wrote you into the movie because they hadn't come up with Kakyo yet.
    Shogo: I was too!
    Sakura: That's it, I'm jumping. I'd rather kill myself than listen to more of you talk!
  • Sakura's reaction when she starts flying. Or not.
  • "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "No! It's Princess Sakura!"
  • "I'm glad I took all those princess grabbing classes!"
  • Mokona and the kid who was following the group getting kidnapped by Primela. And no one cares.
    • And Mokona singing what sounds suspiciously like Hakuna Matata.
      • Primela forgetting to send the ransom note.
  • Primela declaring herself the "world's leading female popstar". Syaoran's never heard of her.
  • "It feels like every brain cell in my head is turning on the one next to it and they're all setting each other on fire..."
  • Mokona: Who said I wanted to be rescued by you chumps?
  • This exchange:
    Fay: Or what? You'll dye our hair unnatural colors?
  • Fay shouting every action he does when Primera throws an attack at him, like "Dodge!", "Running and Jumping!" etc.
  • When Fay gets into an...interesting position with Primela:
    Kurogane: Oh my God, is he actually straight!?
    Fay: How about some Barbara Streisand instead?
    Kurogane: Never mind.

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