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Episode 1 - Pilot

  • The oft-parodied reference to the Rangers receiving their powers for the first time.
    Kim: Do we have to?
  • Zach's reaction to Zordon's introduction.
    Zach: This is an Elephant.
    Zordon: No, it's a Mastodon. I said "dinosaurs".
    Trini: Cats aren't dinosaurs.
    Zordon: Look, these were the only giant robots I had.
    Zach: And why am I the black one? You're racist.
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  • The first morph:
    Jason: BELT BUCKLE!

Episode 2 - Cancellation

  • Scarab attacking with the Chicken Dance.
  • The Rangers summoning the Megazord without explanation or extended summoning sequence.

Episode 3 - Gaining Manhood

  • Alpha reacting to the Rangers' newly-instilled "attitude".
  • Rita confronting the Rangers.
    Rita: And now to take you twits on one-on-one for the first and only time all series!
  • Tommy's entire first battle.

Episode 4 - The Abridged Mini-Series

  • Dropping "The Circle of Life" in a surprising yet appropriate place.

Episode 5 - Wax Pathetic

  • The morph call.
  • The Monster-Matic waking Rita up.
    Rita: What?! Sounds like someone's making a turtle named Peitouche in there!
  • The lines right after Peitouche zaps Trini with the yellow light.
    Trini: What, focus? This ain't so bad... I guess! TO MEXICO!!!
    Kim: That's definitely north!
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  • Zordon commenting on a rampaging Peitouche.
    Zordon: As you can see, Peitouche is having an invisible boxing match.
  • Baboo commenting on Jason's idiocy.
    Baboo: Do they have reverse lobotomy procedures? That guy needs one bad!

Episode 6 - A Myster?ous Occurrence

  • The Rangers deliver a Take That! to the added visuals of Disney's reversioning of the show:
    Jason: Really...
    Trini: ...tacky...
    Billy: ...unnecessary...

Episode 7 - Jason David Frankenstein

  • In the real episode, Jason David Frank doubled as the actor portraying Frankenstein's monster in the U.S. footage. Much of the humor in the episode stems from this.

Episode 8 - Let's Hear It for the Toy

  • Any of Titanus' lines.
  • Jason pointing out the difference with Tommy's shield in the footage:
    Jason: Go put on your "real" shield, doofus!
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  • When Jason finds the Star Slingers:
    Jason: All right, the Star Slingers! I can't wait to use them over and over and over! Hey Tommy, what does "Zyuranger" mean?
  • From the original version, since taken down:
    Rita: [pointing to the subtitles] Squatt, I thought I told you to get rid of those random words!
    Squatt: I thought they left in episode 3.

Episode 9 - Big Things & Little Packages

  • After giving the Rangers their communicators back:
    Rita: Crap, I forgot to make them face their fears and stuff! Dammit!
  • Bulk and Skull trying to do the Mario.

Episode 10 - Chase Figure

Titanus: Sorry, I was busy reading a story to the kids. Oh, we're fighting now? SERIOUS FACE IS ON!

Episode 11 - America's Natinal Pastime

  • Rita's complaints about RPM's place in the timeline.
    Rita: That's it! I'm tired of arguing when RPM takes place on Rangerboard!
    Goldar: My empress, we both know it's between SPD and Time Force.
    Rita: But the apocalypse!

Episode 12 - The Rangers Lose a Member

  • Goldar saying no one could be stupid enough to enter the Dark Dimension on their own... and then Jason does.
    • Zack follows not long after.
Titanus: [singing]: It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple Wonder Weasel! One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple Wonder Weasel! One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple Wonder Weasel! Sure looks strange to me! SO LET'S KILL THE BASTARD!

Episode 15 - Doppelgangbang

  • The dialogue between the Rangers and their respective clones.

Episode 15.5 - Now with Recipes for Some Reason

  • The entire thing talking about how most rangers wearing glasses are usually screwed over at one point, with Billy leaving Earth to marry a fish, Kendrix flat-out dying, and Danny, who no one wants to be, not even Danny himself. They strangely skip over Cam, who in one episode, turns into a giant bug.

Episode 19 - Testing One's Gourd

  • During the commercial fadeout as the Rangers get the pumpkins stuck on their heads:
    Jason: [camera fades out] Oh no, I can't see! [camera fades back in] Oh wait, it's better now.

Episode 20 - There's No 'U' in Winner

  • Tommy and Ernie practicing football.

Episode 23 - From A to Zedd

  • Lord Zedd arrives and proclaims that he will be far more successful than Rita and her disturbingly-vaginal monsters. His first creation? The Deflowering Monster (Bloom of Doom), who appears strangely vaginal...

Episode 24 - Daytime Emmy Bait

  • The Simian Censor doing his impressions of the Rangers.
  • Jason getting him back:
    Jason: I'm really amused that your character traits mimic those of Sam the Eagle.
    The Simian Censor: Oh no, my influence is showing!

    The Simian Censor: By the time I'm done with this show, it'll look like Teletubbies.
    Jason: I thought you wanted to make it less gay!
  • Trini trying to convince the team that the other Yellow Ranger is the Simian Censor.
    Trini: Come on, would Zordon really hire two Yellow Rangers!?
    Jason: Don't pin this on Zordon!
    Zack: True that, he can only do so much with what the Sentai season provides!

Episode 25 - Random Access Monster

  • The crowners in this episode deal with the ridiculousness of the real episode's plot.
    Zordon: "Now for the audience's sake, the Sword of Power is the most powerful weapon in all of existence; so powerful we're only gonna use it this one episode."


Episode 26 - No Need to Fret

  • Bulk and Skull trying to cosplay as Princess Peach and Bowser for E3.
  • So much of Ron Wasserman's dialogue.

Episode 28 - Magenta

  • Jason incessantly calling out attacks in the Dark Dimension.

Episode 29 - The New Guy Sucks

  • Adam takes over for the narrator. No one likes him.
  • Much of the dialogue regarding Sauron's "background change attack".

Episode 33 - There's a Wedding in Here Somewhere

  • Rita lampshading Zedd's softer demeanor,
    Rita: Zedd, parents are complaining that you're too scary. Apparently, it's better to be a bad husband than an evil sorcerer.
  • The announcer getting fed up with Alpha's stalling.
    Announcer: Next week on RECORD YOUR DAMN LINES, ALPHA!
  • The wedding and the subsequent reception.

Episode 36 - Grimdorks

  • The entire episode is a pretty vicious takedown of a fan-film project.
  • Dex's attempts to remain serious in the midst of a children's show.
    Dex: Uncontrollable fisting!

Episode 45 - Infiltrate

  • The extended sequence in which the author walks to a psychiatrist to soothe his mental state. The doctor responds by admitting he wasn't listening and immediately returning to his game of tic-tac-toe.

Episode 47 - Prescience

  • After the moon begins experiencing seismic activity thanks to Master Vile looking for the Orb of Doom:
    Alpha: ...should we be concerned about all that seismic activity on the moon the scanners picked up?"
    Zordon: Why? We don't know anyone up on the mo-OHHHH CRAP.

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