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  • When Beck and Cutler are fighting Paige at the docks, they throw their discs to cut the lines of the shipping container they're riding. When the discs come back, they catch each others' discs, leading to an awkward moment where they have to trade back mid-battle.
  • In "The Renegade, Part 2", when Cutler forfeits after defeating Beck in the Games, Tesler is at a complete loss, having to ask Pavel if he heard right, stating Cutler can't make such a decision, prompting Pavel to point out Cutler just did, earning himself a glare from Tesler. The exchange is rather hilarious as it comes from Tesler.
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  • In the same episode, Zed attempts to distract Able to buy Beck time to repair Able's Encom 786 Light Cycle. Zed tells Able a joke he's been telling other programs earlier, a joke said-programs failed to find amusing. Not only is Able's deadpan expression a humorous sight, when Zed assumes Able already heard the joke, Able tells Zed he was the one who taught Zed about the joke in the first place!
  • Zed booting Hopper out of the car in "The Reward". After Beck (under his Renegade guise) saves Zed, Mara and Hopper from being executed in public, Hopper cheers at being saved, but then realizes he's being saved by the Renegade, and that as a member of Paige's taskforce, it's his job to capture the Renegade, which he attempts. It's then that Zed promptly kicks Hopper out of the car.
  • Paige making Pavel smack his face into a windshield during "Scars, Part 1".
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  • The Disney XD previews for the next episode that air during the credits frequently turn Beck into the Butt-Monkey.
  • "Grounded". Beck's reaction to Tesler bringing a BFG to their fight.
  • Beck and Tron observe the graffiti artists' work in "Tagged."
    Beck: My fanclub strikes again.
  • Beck insists to Tron that his meeting up with Paige in "Rendezvous" is not a date, but merely him gathering intel on the enemy. He does this whilst checking his reflection to make sure his hair is presentable. Tron naturally, doesn't buy it for a second. The entire dialogue is just hilarious:
    Beck: This isn't what it looks like. I was just... gauging my opponent.
    Tron: And what did you learn?
    Beck: That she wants to kill me.
    Tron: Then you probably shouldn't have agreed to go on that 'date' with her.
    Beck: It's not a date. Paige is a commander in the enemy's army, I'm gathering intel. (Beat) For the good of the Uprising.
    Tron: Your hair looks fine. It's your stance that's all over the place.
    Beck: I'm not trying to recruit Paige because I like her!
    Tron: Since when were you recruiting her? I thought you were just gathering intel?
    • After that, on their first date, there's this.
    Paige: Bet this is your first time taking a nose dive out of a helicopter.
    Beck: *Aside Glance* note 
  • It's Black Comedy to a degree, but when Mara tells Zed the renegade should walk in and say he killed Able himself, Beck chooses that exact moment to walk in and announce his opinion.

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