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  • What usually happens when Calcetin-con-rombos-man note  appears:
    Someone: Oh look, it's Calcetin-con-rombos-man! *Turu, ruru!*
    Calcetin-con-rombos-man: Yes, it's me, Calcetin-con-rombos-man! *Turu, ruru!*
  • This exchange from 'El secreto de Policarpo' happens after Tulio wants to buy everything Tío Pelado is selling.
    Juan Carlos Bodoque: Tulio, Tulio, what are you doing? He is Tío Pelado, the most famous swindler of Titirilquén. He is famous for taking advantage of fool and brain weak people.
    Tulio Triviño: But, why he wants to swindle me?
    Juan Carlos Bodoque: (giving an Aside Glance to the audience) I'll explain later to you, Tulio.
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  • In 'Por el Señor Manguera", after the Fan Kidnappers's hideout was found, this exchange happens:
    Mario Hugo: And what we are waiting to get in?!
    Fan Brigade Agent: I can't get in without an order
    Mario Hugo: Get In! It's an order!
    Fan Brigade Agent: Oh! It's an order! (gets immediately, with Mario Hugo and the rest of the Fan Brigade agents into the hideout)
  • In 'La Monalisa', the "Call & Win" late night TV show segment where Tulio, Bodoque and Juanín were the hosts. ALL of it.
    • The same goes for the ending of that episode, where they must return to host that show, and the only call they received was just a recording of a politician asking to be voted.
  • The footage of Tulio before he had plastic surgery in "El fin del mundo".
    • Thinking that the world is going to end, Tulio decides to give away his money, only for the others to point out how pointless this is.
  • In "Cirugía" when the image advisor of the program, Cosimo Gianni dismiss Balón von Bola, he says that he only has to leave with dignity. The rest of the cast indicates what worthy is this. But he does not do anything.
    Raúl Guantecillo: Balón, you forgot leave with dignity!
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  • Other exchange from the Green Note from "El secreto de Policarpo", when the native "Friday" teaches Bodoque the different species of ferns in Island of Juán Fernandez:
    Friday: This is a climbing fern.
    Juan Carlos Bodoque: And why is it called climber fern?
    Friday: Because he climbs. DUUUH!
  • Everything Juan Carlos Bodoque says during his depressed state in "Bodoque deprimido*
    • For english viewers (or those that understand english), the initinals of the school where Calcetin-con-rombos-man attended Academia Superior de Superheroes (A.S.S.)
  • "What's it's you name, THING?".

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