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Despite the game being about treating patients and dealing with man-made illnesses, the series has a ton of amusing scenes to lighten up the mood.

Under the Knife and Second Opinion

  • One of the operations in Under the Knife and Second Opinion has a very special "patient": a time bomb. Its description states:
    It's a bomb. Blindly cutting at it would be extremely... bad. Cross your fingers and listen to Dr. Myers.
    • The briefing in Second Opinion even goes out of the way to give Derek a new voice line for this.
      Derek: L-let's... begin dismantling the bomb...
  • The various medical briefings in Under the Knife and Second Opinion usually involve the characters summarizing the aims of the procedure before beginning. But come to the first Pempti operation:
    Victor: I'd say you have one main objective: - Do everything I tell you to.
    Derek: ...What kind of objective is that?!
    Victor: There's no known treatment yet. Would YOU like to think one up? I'm the one with all the research, so just listen to me.
  • Victor makes you complete puzzles in order to help research a Pempti treatment. After finishing the last one, you're informed that your efforts only contributed to one percent of the research.
    • Spend enough time on the puzzles, and various characters will come in to comment their concern or condescension as if they were poking their head over Derek's desk to see how much he is struggling with the puzzle:
    Angie: You're not very good at puzzles, are you, Doctor...?
    Tyler: ...Dude, are you STILL working on that? I could just tell you the answer...
    Leslie: Hm... I though nerd guys like you'd be good at puzzles and things.
    Sidney: It looks like there are problems your Healing Touch can't solve.
    Angie: ...Doctor, would you like me to help...? ...Actually, that would really defeat the purpose of this puzzle.
    Tyler: You've always been bad at these things, Stiles...
    Victor: I can't believe it's taking you this long... Very amusing.
    • In the second puzzle, after finishing the first one, Angie will remind you that it is only the first part, and giving you a teasingly cheerful smile that has to be seen to be believed.
  • At the end of the second failed attempt to cure Pempti, Victor lets out a voiced "DAMMIT!" twice in a row.
  • When Dr. Hoffman gets accepted as the new executive director of Caduceus, he states who he is, as if he needs an introduction, when the room is full of nobody but people he's known for years.
  • Chapter 5-6 of Under the Knife/Second Opinion gives us a lovely gem from the ladies: there's an emergency in Caduceus... and the conversation shifts towards martial arts somehow.
    Myers: Slow down there, Tarzan— I used to be a cop, remember?
    Angie: *deadpan* I have studied Aikido.
    Derek: ...You have?!
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  • Clearing all of the X operations in Second Opinion results in a congratulatory message. note  Said message reminds you that you're not a trained doctor and therefore shouldn't dive straight into performing real-life operations... then tells you that if you are a real doctor, you probably shouldn't tell your patients how much you struggled at a surgery simulation game.
  • During Second Opinion's X-2 mission dealing with Deftera, Derek's rather blunt response to Adam's pre-operation Motive Rant:


New Blood

  • In the very first mission in New Blood, you have to treat a patient that suffered from broken bones and lacerations. How did the patient get into this state? One of the members from the rescue team stated he tussled with a grizzly bear despite being warned by a tour guide.
  • One operation in New Blood has a very particular patient: A rich 11-year old boy who complains his appendix operation isn't expensive enough. He learned his friend had received a $40,000 surgery, and he doesn't want to be outdone. Though this Spoiled Brat is a godsend in retrospect, as it enables Markus and Valerie to save the life of a boy whose family can't afford the surgery.
  • There is also Valerie's comment about the very annoying announcer during Miracle Surgery, as well as Markus responding with a Facepalm.
    Valerie: I'd love to suture his mouth shut!
    • After the above event is over, Valerie makes a live declaration about how Caduceus operates and warns the viewers about the Stigma outbreak. In the background, Markus is seen slouching over in embarrassment.

Under the Knife 2

  • Director Hoffman taking care of Greg's baby while everyone is off treating patients.
  • At one point, Derek tries to practice his Healing Touch again after it fails when he tries to operate on Adel, something that came as the result of losing Emilio to GUILT. He keeps failing, to the point where the game issues out a fake "Operation Failed" screen. This would be pretty heartbreaking, but the slogan above the "Operation Failed" logo still reads "The Medical Board will be notified." The implication is that Derek is going to get in trouble for private, informal training that doesn't even hurt anybody!
  • Mary and Cybil obviously trying to set up Derek and Angie together in Chapter 4-6.

Trauma Team

  • The choices in the Forensics section of Trauma Team generally has one choice that is obviously wrong but ends up sounding hilarious. Case in point - one of the choices on figuring out why the murderer did was "that's just how he rolls!" and "That's not blood at all!"
    • This is subverted in the optional Medal challenges that gives you a bunch of false yet seemingly plausible answers.
  • CR-S01's bonus scene, unlocked after beating the game, has him struggle with trying to smile.
  • Anything involving an exchange between Gabe and RONI applies.
    • "Proud One" is probably one of the funniest missions in the entire game, at least until the end.
      • When you choose to examine Trumbull's rather toned arms:
      Gabe: I'm no vet, but those pythons are sick!
      • "I would love to do that. Meaningless, friendly observation: Muscle Pains."
    • At one point, Gabe makes a particularly... odd connection. When RONI asks about it, Gabe tells her that sometimes you just have to say, "To Hell with it." RONI proceeds to save that as a subroutine. The best part? She actually reuses it to help Gabe finish his fourth diagnosis!
    • "Oh ROOONIII! We have a bad image here!"
    • Gabe's bonus scene involves him using RONI to help make scrambled eggs, and RONI being rigidly uncooperative.
  • If you try to examine Shelly Brooks', um, "bazookas" while her shirt is up:
    Gabe: Focus, Cunningham... Don't do anything stupid in front of the robot.
  • Examining Jacob Tillman's chest gives you this gem:
    Gabe: This is not the most pleasant thing I've looked at recently...
  • Hanzou suddenly warping into the high class airplane the doctors were riding back home. Gabe falls down to the floor, and he and the chief start freaking out how the hell he did that if said airplane was already hundreds of feet away from the ground and he was way down below.
  • During one Forensics case in Trauma Team, you have to send a broken guitar to Little Guy to have it analyzed. His reaction when he finds out that it's worth $100,000 is just priceless.
    • It's not that it's just worth that much, it's that it belonged to a musical legend that Little Guy is obviously a huge fan of. At that point, he literally states that now It's Personal for the destruction of this precious relic of the past.
  • In the second bonus quiz in the Forensics stage that you will need to answer in order to unlock Naomi's Medals, it will be all about trivia relating to real-life surgeries. With one the the question being on how to correctly handle blood vessels when suturing them together. If you have played any of the other games in the Trauma Center series, your experience will actually be turned against you, since the correct answer will be 'Don't use the forceps on membranes'... e.g EXACTLY what you have been doing for the past 4 games whenever you treated a patient with aneurysm! Lampshaded by the game as well, since Naomi would wonder out loud on how 'he' (a reference to Derek from Under the Knife and Second Opinion) would do in this quiz.


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