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  • Suwako becoming the first casualty of EWI-based danmaku at the end of "Faith is for the Transient People."
  • Momizi raising her shield to block Aya's danmaku while running along and trying to keep up with her at the same time in "The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain."
  • "Higan Retour ~ Riverside View" has several:
    • Komachi is watching the nameless ghost play the EWI, then promptly snatches it to continue the song. The ghost tries to wordlessly ask for the EWI back, but backs off. Fortunately, Nitori is there to give it another one.
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    • Speaking of Nitori, she's swimming in the water to collect the coin danmaku that Komachi is firing off during her playing.
    • The ending, where Komachi is dancing around as the scene goes dark and everyone but her retreats in time to avoid Shikieiki's wrath.
    • Also finding out that the ghost that had been playing the song with Komachi was actually Youmu's ghost half.
  • During "Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple," Youmu's popularity is growing while poor Yuyuko is left at home waiting for her dinner and getting upset.
  • During "Necrofantasia," Keine begins bandaging Mokou's wounds and ends up going overboard, mummifying her completely. Mokou bursts free in a fit of anger and appears fully healed.
  • Cirno is sleeping on the ground in "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter" until an EWI drops from the sky and hits her square in the face. She then tries a few notes on it and suddenly can play her own song perfectly.
    • Karma catches up with Cirno at the end too when she's eaten by a frog.
  • In "Septette for the Dead Princess," Patchouli eventually passes out from playing the accompaniment but Koakuma is on hand with an oxygen tank.
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  • In "The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field," when Kanako attempts to make Suwako's new iron rings rust and they're revealed to now be stainless steel. It's even funnier in that Suwako isn't the one excited about her attack getting through, but Nitori is.
  • In "Plain Asia," Keine manages to finish her song in one long breath but passes out afterwards.
  • "A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe:"
    • Alice has to step away for a while. While she's gone, Patchouli steps over to be closer to Marisa.
    • Once Yuugi's danmaku starts appearing, Yukari pulls out her umbrella to block it.
    • At the end, all of the audience except Yukari are taken out and Rin is on hand to collect the P items.
  • While Satori is dressed as Suika during "Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye," her EWI is replaced by Suika's sake bottle and her face is going more and more red until the next costume change.
    • Utsuho is responsible for Satori's costume changes, but messes one up and from what little we can see before she notices, she apprently left Satori naked by accident. This is accompanied by two big, red "!" and a huge Sweat Drop.
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  • Reimu and Marisa's battle in "Alice Maestra" ending with both of them getting curb-stomped by Yuuka's Double Spark when their noise had interrupted her sleeping.

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